Mother-In-Law #2I sat her down on the bed and told her to lay back. I knelt down in front of her and put my hands on her knees. She must have known what I wanted to do and relaxed her legs so that I could part them. Then I saw her pussy properly for the first time. It was wet and juicy from our fuck and I could see my cum dribbling out and into her arse crack. I leant forward and put my tongue to her clit. It was still hard so I flicked my tongue over it. Sarah let out a quite sigh and spread her legs a little more. I’d been down on women before but never straight after cumming inside them. They always seem to do it in porn films so I wanted to try. I continued flicking my tongue over her clit for a while. Then I moved my tongue further down to her lips and lapped at her pussy entrance. It was really wet and slippery, and tasted salty rather than the usual taste. I moved my hands so that I could spread her lips apart more to let my probe my tongue inside. Sarah was making cooing noises and had put her hands onto my head, trying to push me in deeper. My nose was pushing against her clit so I started moving my head slightly from side to side. This sent her over the illegal bahis edge. She started bucking and thrusting her hips forward while groaning and saying, “Yes! Yes!” I thought I was going to suffocate but managed to gasp for breath between her thrusts, so I stayed down there lapping away. Then she finished with a shudder, her pussy spasmed around my tongue and actually leaked more juices out for me to lick up. Then she stopped.She just lay there, stroking my head and catching her breath back. I slowed down my licking and then gave her clit a final suck before getting up and lying on the bed next to her.”That was fantastic.” Sarah said, still slightly breathless, “Nobody has ever done that to me before, not that I haven’t wanted them to. I thought you said it was something you’d never tried before, you seemed to know what you were doing.””I have, many times. I’ve never done it straight after cumming inside someone though.” I replied.”I see. So was it any different?” she asked.”A lot wetter and a slightly different taste. Going down on a woman is something I really enjoy doing. I could stay down there for ages.” I said to her.There was a silence for a few illegal bahis siteleri minutes. We were lying next to each other staring at the ceiling. I let my hand wander over to rest on her pussy mound and she copied me and put her hand over to my erect cock. We lay there gently stroking each other.”Would you like me to go down on you?” Sarah suddenly said, a-matter-of-factly.The question flashed through my mind and I waited a few seconds before answering. Of course I’d love her to but I thought that it would look like I only went down on her to get the same back.”I’d love you to but I think we should maybe get cleaned up and dressed again. We’ve still got over four hours until Jane comes to pick me up. Shall we have some lunch and a rest and see what we feel like doing after that?””OK. You wait here. I’ll go and have a quick dip back in the bath to freshen up a bit and then you can do the same. While you’re getting dressed I’ll get something for lunch ready.” She said sitting up, still stroking my cock.”OK Sarah. That’ll be great.” I said stroking her back right down to her bottom, where she stood up and walked out the room keeping her legs close together canlı bahis siteleri (probably trying not to leak on the carpet).I lay there listening to her get into the bath and wash herself. She only took a few minutes and then I heard her get out of the bath. I waited until she came back into the bedroom a few minutes later.”It’s all yours. You might want to add a bit of hot water, it’s cooled down a bit since we were in there.” She said drying herself off with a towel, not worrying about showing herself off nor seeming embarrassed that I was still laying on her bed stark naked. I got up and went into the bathroom to clean up.While I was soaking I heard Sarah go downstairs and then listened to her preparing some lunch for the both of us. I took my time in the bath, thinking about what we had started. I asked myself things like, “How long could we do this for?”, “Would she get scared and decide to stop after today?”, “Would we be able to act normally around my wife and the rest of the family?”, “Would she want to try anal sex?”.As you can probably tell, I’m a big fan of anal sex. I’d only ever done it once with an old girlfriend years before and my wife was totally against the idea. It happened during one of the best ever sex sessions I’d ever had and I’d waited years to try it again. I’d have to wait and see whether Sarah would be up for it.I finished my soak in the bath and got dried and dressed.



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