Sinead and Mick had gone out with each other for a while but now the relationship had ended. They were both in the twentties. Before they split up Mick lent Sinead some money who promised to give it back to at the end of the month. Unfortunately when the time came she didn’t have the money.

Mick said to her, ‘You can always pay me back in kind’. ‘What do you have in mind’, she replied. ‘How about a blow job’, Mick said half jokingly and half serious.

Sinead has long black hair, very sexy and large tits. And I still fancied her.

She replied, ‘Don’t worry, I’ll get your money for you’.

That night Sinead went home and asked her mother, ‘Can you lend me some money that I need to pay back a loan’.

Her mother Mary replied, ‘I’m sorry, I’m completely broke, in fact I’m in debt too, I really can’t help you’.

During the evening Sinead gave a lot of thought to paying off her debt. She was really thankful to Mick for lending the money but in reality she had no way of paying it back.

Sinead was deep in thought and her mother asked what was bothering her. She said, ‘I’ve got no way of paying this debt, I really don’t know what to do’. Then jokingly she told her mother about Mick’s offer.

Her mother was shocked at first, thinking it was disgusting that someone should ask her daughter to do something like this. But as the evening wore on she started thinking that it was only a blow job he wanted and it was a very quick way to pay off a debt.

Her mother Mary said, Look, Sinead, I think you should do it. It’ll only take a few minutes and it’ll pay off your debt, you might even enjoy it.’

Sinead looked at her mother and said, ‘The trouble is I’ve never given one before, I don’t know what to do’.

Mary thought for a moment and said, ‘I’ve given plenty, there’s nothing to it, I’ll show you’.

Mary got up and went upstairs. She returned with one of her many vibrators. Sinead was shocked that her mother would have anything like it. They sat together on the sofa and Mary, very shyly, opened her mouth and started sucking on it. She then took long slow licks of it and then put it all the way in her mouth and then slowly withdrew it. Sinead looked in amazement as she watched her mother give a blow job to the vibrator. Sinead was also very surprised when she realised she was getting moist between the legs. Watching her mother suck it was exciting her.

It was also having a very similar effect on Mary. This was how Mary started when she was playing with herself in the privacy of her own bedroom. She would suck on the vibrator and lick it before starting to tease her clitoris with it and before she plunged it deep inside her pussy.

Mary realised she had to stop. There was no way she could let her daughter know she was getting sexually aroused by sucking on a vibrator. She took it out of her mouth and handed it to Sinead.

Sinead opened her mouth wide and copied her mothers actions, sucking on it and then slowly moving her mouth up and down the long black shaft. Both mother and daughter were now very sexually aroused but were ashamed to admit it. Mary desperately wanted to go up to her bedroom and sexually abuse herself until she bought herself to one of her many thundering orgasms. As she watched her daughter practice her oral technique on her vibrator, Mary realised it had been about three days since she had cum and she made up her mind right then that she was going to do so again tonight.

Sinead was clearly enjoying herself and getting very turned on. Although she had played with herself only that morning. she also knew was going to have a repeat performance that evening.

Mary said, ‘I think you’ve got the hang of that, are you going to agree to Mick’s proposal’.

‘Yes, I think so, I’ll speak to him tomorrow’, she replied.

Mary said, ‘If you’re still a little worried about it, I could come along with you and if you chicken out at the last minute I could take over, I’m sure he wouldn’t object, particularly if my lips were clamped tight around the end of his cock’.

Mary and Sinead both went to their own beds. It wasn’t long before Sinead had her fingers deep inside her pussy and she sucked on one of her fingers imagining it was Mick’s cock she had instead. Mary, on the other hand, was lying on the bed with two vibrators. The one she and Sinead had been using was embedded deep inside her pussy while the other smaller one she used to tease her clitoris. It had been quite a while since she sucked a cock and she really hoped she would be able to join her daughter in doing so.

Mary’s orgasm was soon on her and as she came she imagined she was sucking Mick’s cock and swallowing a mouthful of his hot cum. She decided that whatever happened she had to join Sinead.

Sinead, in the other room, was being a little more gentle. She had the light off and the beclothes over her, but her fingers were soon coaxing her clitoris to the orgasm she so badly needed.

Mary and Sinead had breakfast together and halkalı eve gelen escort neither of them spoke about last night. But just as Sinead was about to leave for work, Mary said, ‘Don’t forget to speak to Mick and I’m more than happy to join in with you. Even suggest a threesome if you like’.

As soon as Sinead was out of the door, Mary went upstairs to her room. She had hardly slept imagining what she hoped to get up to with Sinead and Mick. She tore her dressing gown off and lay on the bed. She grabbed the two vibrators she had used on herself last night. She didn’t care she hadn’t washed them. She didn’t care that they still had traces of her pussy juices on them. All Mary needed was fucking.

Mary wasn’t going to be gentle and subtle about this. She opened her mouth wide and sucked on the hard black cock substitute. The taste of her own juices only excited her even more. Her legs were wide apart and the other vibrator slipped inside her wet pussy easily.

All through her marriage to John, Mary had masturbated and fantasised. Now she hoped to make a fantasy come true. Young men and boys had always been a strong fantasy of hers and now with a little luck it was going to come true.

She knew Mick was 22 years old. She knew he was young enough to be her son and this was one off her fantasies. Although Mary didn’t have a son of her own, she fantasised that she did have one and that they regularly fucked each other. It started early on in her marriage when she was still breast feeding Sinead. Her husband John would often suck her milk laden tits and Mary would fantasise that it was a teenage son of hers that was doing it.

Now she was almost at the point of making her fantasy happen as she plunged both vibrators deep inside her mouth and pussy. Her orgasm was almost instantaneous and hugely satisfying. She lay recovering on the bed. One vibrator still embedded deep inside her. She couldn’t stop thinking about Mick. She hoped that Sinead would not be able to give him the blow job he wanted. She hoped that Sinead would phone her and say, ‘Mum, you’ve got to help me out. I can’t go through with it’.

Then Mary would meet Mick at a local hotel and he would fuck her in the mouth. He would fuck her in the cunt. He would fuck her in the arse and each time he would leave a deposit of hot thick cum inside her. Mary switched the vibrator on again and lay back and enjoyed her lovely toy buzzing away inside her pussy. The other vibrator she ran across her nipples. They hardened immediately. She closed her eyes and now she imagined Mick licking her pussy. Then he was behind her fucking her in the arse as orgasm after orgasm flooded through her body.

Mary drifted off to sleep again, but was woken by the ring off the telephone. She rang and picked it up. ‘Hi, Mum’, said Sinead. ‘I’ve spoken to Mick and he’s up for it. I told him I had not given a blow job before and asked him if I could bring a friend with me. I didn’t say you were my mum, I didn’t know how he would react, but I know that when he meets you he’ll be so up for it that he won’t mind at all. He’s booked a hotel room for tonight after work. Dress your sexiest and see what happens’.

Mary was delighted and told Sinead so. Sinead and Mick would be at the hotel at 5.15 and would meet Mary in the bar shortly afterwards. They wished each good luck and put the phone down.

Mary just couldn’t wait. She was sexually excited again but now had to save herself for later. In her mind she wanted Mick to make her cum lots of times and decided she really had to save herself for later.

The evening was on her mind all day. Her pussy had never been so wet. She kept putting a finger inside and licking her juices off it. At about 3 o’clock she had a bath. She lay there thinking about what to wear. The first thing she decided was that she definitely wasn’t going to wear any underwear. She decided on a low cut top that would show the top of her tits, a skirt with a long slit up the side, hold up stockings and high heel shoes. In short she was going to dress like a tart.

Her husband John often liked her dress like this. It would turn him on and when she was dressed like this he would use her for his satisfaction. This was what Mary wanted. She wanted this 22 year old young man to use her as a tart. She finished bathing and dressed as she had decided.

She sat in front of the dressing mirror and put on her make up. If she was going to dress and act like a tart she had to have her face made up like a tart. Her husband John always liked her to wear deep red lipstick in bed. He liked to watch his cock pumping in and out her bright red lips and loved the look of his cum dribbling out over them.

Mary applied a deep greeny blue eyeshadow and mascara and then the crimson red lipstick followed by some lipgloss. Mary looked at herself and admire the result. She brushed her short highlighted hair. She popped her 2 vibrators into her handbag and was ready to go. She just halkalı grup yapan escort hoped that Mick would like what he saw.

Sinead and Mick had already arrived at the hotel and were sitting at the end of the hotel bar having a drink. Mick had registered and had the room key in his pocket. Both of them were feeling horny and Sinead was slightly anxious about giving someone her first blow job. Two glasses of wine relaxed them quite a bit.

Mary soon arrived and saw them sitting at the bar. Sinead was facing the door and waved to her mother. She was surprised how she looked. She certainly looked sexy. Sinead had never seen her mother like this.

Mary walked over and Sinead introduced her to Mick. He stood and kissed her on the cheek. He was surprised. She was much older than he expected. When Sinead said she was bringing a friend he expected someone the same age as her. Mick at first was disappointed.

Mary pulled up a bar stool and sat next to Sinead facing Mick. As she sat down her skirt fell open exposing an enormous amount of thigh. Her stocking top was clearly showing and Mick had trouble taking his eyes of it. Micks disappointment was disappearing fast.

Mary felt herself getting wetter. She thought she could even smell her own pussy juices. She glanced down and saw her nipples clearly hardening against her top. Mick bought her a glass of wine and they continued chatting. They were the only ones in the bar and were obviously enjoying each others company. Sinead was feeling very relaxed and getting hornier herself. Mick felt his erection growing and as he sat on the bar stool it could be clearly seen through his tight trousers.

They said they would finish their drinks and go to their room. Sinead had seen Mick’s erection through his trousers and was rubbing her fingers along it.

Mary then asked, ‘Does anyone mind if I have a cigarette’. Sinead was slightly surprised as she only rarely saw her mother smoke.

Mary took a cigarette and put it between her lips. Her bright red crimson lips. She handed the lighter to Mick to light it. As he raised the lighter Mary held his hand and looked into his eyes. He held the lighter to the cigarette. Mary inhaled deeply and without taking her eyes off him, exhaled a plume of blue smoke.

Mick was mesmerised by this extremely sexy sight. He loved the sight of this long white cigarette clamped between her deep red crimson lips. Mick immediately imagined his cock there instead of the cigarette. Although Mick was talking to Sinead he couldn’t avert his gaze away from Mary. Each time she inhaled he had to watch her as she pursed her lips and sucked deeply on the cigarette. Mary looked straight into Mick’s eyes as she blew a long plume of blue smoke out through her lovely red lips.

Mary took another deep inhale and opened her mouth wide. Mick could see the smoke swirling around inside her mouth. Mary really shocked her daughter when she said to Mick, ‘Just imagine, that could be your white hot cum in my mouth’.

Sinead was feeling Mick’s cock growing ever larger through his trousers as he watched her mother sexily smoke and talk dirty to him.

Soon she finished smoking and stood up ready to go to the room. The others stood up and they walked out towards the room. Mick walked between Sinead and Mary and Mary soon felt his hand go through the slit in her skirt and rub her thigh. As he moved his hand higher he quickly realised she wasn’t wearing any knickers.

Mick had not now forgotten how much older Mary was. All he knew was that he wanted to fuck her and for her to suck his cock.

Mick opened the door and they walked in. He made sure to lock the door. He walked over to Sinead and they kissed passionately. Her mouth opened and his tongue slipped inside. Her hands went to his cock as she stroked it through his trousers. Mick slipped one hand up her skirt and stroked her pussy through her knickers. He could feel she was already very wet.

Mary wasn’t going to be left out. She removed her top and slid her skirt off. She stood there with only her stockings and high heels on. Her nipples were erect and standing out. Her pussy was so wet her juices made her hairs wet . She walked behind Mick and started unbuckling his trousers. She slipped them down along with his underpants and Mick’s fully erect 7” cock sprung to attention. Sinead immediately grabbed it and started rubbing it. Then it was Sineads turn. Mary went and unzipped her daughter’s skirt and let it fall to the floor, then she eased her knickers down. Sinead parted her legs and Mick eased a finger inside her wet pussy.

Mary then took her daughters top and blouse off. This was the first time Mary had seen Sineads tits for a long time. She liked the look of her erect nipples and while she was engrossed with Mick, took the opportunity to caress her daughters nipples.

Mick and Sinead couldn’t get enough of each others body. Sinead was ready for what Mick wanted. She had halkalı masöz escort no doubts whatsover now. She wanted to suck his cock. She wanted him to cum in her mouth. She wanted to taste his cum. She wanted to swallow his cum.

Sinead sank to her knees. Mick’s erect 7 inches was in front of her face. She opened her mouth and lent forward. Mick looked down and saw his cock disappear into Sineads mouth. He felt her lips tighten around the end. The feeling was sensational as Sinead started sucking on it. Mick watched as Sineads cheeks sunk in as she sucked hard on the end..

Sinead moved her head back and forwards along the length of Micks cock. At that moment Sinead realised what she had been missing. She loved sex but this was her first cock sucking – it wasn’t going to be her last.

Mary sat on the bed opposite and watched her daughter in action. Mary desperately wanted to replace her daughter but knew she would have an opportunity later. Mary reached for a vibrator and started using it on her pussy. The sight of her daughter with a cock in her mouth was really getting to her.

Mick was watching Mary while her daughter sucked his cock. Mick said to Mary, ‘Can I watch you smoking’.

Mary was happy to oblige. She had realised in the bar that it turned Mick on watching her sexily smoke.

Mary took a cigarette and lit it. She inhaled deeply and opened her mouth. Mick could see the smoke swirling around inside it. Mary said, ‘Just imagine your 7 inches off hard cock in my smoky mouth. Don’t you think the mass of smoke looks like your hot cum. Think how wonderful it’ll be as my smoke and your cum mix together.’

As Mick stared at Mary giving him a demonstration of sexy smoking, Sinead’s constant sucking and licking was making him near his orgasm. Mick wanted to delay the inevitable. It was too wonderful for it to finish.

Mary was now fucking her pussy with the vibrator while she put on the smoking demonstration. Mick was doing his utmost to hold back. He had no idea that it was mother and daughter giving him these wonderful feelings.

Sinead was squeezing Mick’s balls while she sucked him off. She wanted him to cum. She wanted her first taste of cum.

Mary took another deep inhale of her cigarette and then put the vibrator in her mouth and sucked on it. He loved the sight off her deep red lipstick encased around the vibrator. Mick imagined it was his cock in Mary’s mouth and not the vibrator. He watched as small wisps of smoke trickled out of Mary’s mouth and along the length of the vibrator.

Suddenly Mick could hold back no longer. He was cumming. Sinead sensed it too. She got as much of Mick’s cock in her mouth as possible and clamped her lips tight around it. She squeezed his balls harder and then it happened. A huge spurt of hot cum hit the back of Sinead’s throat. It surprised her at first but she kept her lips still clamped tight. Then the second and third spurt happened. She thought it was never going to stop. Eventually the spurts subsided.

Sinead loved the feel of it now. She loved the power of it as Mick’s cum kept shooting into her mouth. She eased the grip from her lips and could now feel his cum on her tongue. She loved the feel of it. Even more she loved the taste of it. The slightly salty taste. She liked the heat of it. She loved knowing she had sucked it out of his body. It was her. Her mouth. Her lips. Her tongue. For the first time in her life she had made a man cum in her mouth. She wanted to do it again.

Mick took his cock out of Sinead’s mouth. She licked her lips, she swirled Mick’s cum around her mouth. She loved the sticky, clinging feel of it. She played with it in her mouth for a few minutes. Mary and Mick watched as she opened her mouth. They could see his cum inside. She let it trickle out over her lips and then she used her tongue and licked it back inside. It was still turning her on. She didn’t want to swallow it yet. She wanted to savour the taste and feel of it.

Her hand went between her legs and started playing with her pussy. She was so randy. She looked at Mick’s cock and realised he would need to recover before he was able to fuck her.

Mary, in the meantime had finished her cigarette but was still playing with the vibrator in her pussy and was almost about to cum. She said to Mick,’I want to cum, please make me cum’.

Sinead said, ‘Me too’.

Mick told them to both lay down on the bed. Mother and daughter lay side by side and Mick eased himself in between them and kneeled down by their pussies. Mick had both vibrators in his hands. He slowly started rubbing them against Mary and Sinead’s pussies. Sinead had never used a vibrator but loved the feel as it vibrated and buzzed against her soaking wet pussy. Sinead was still swirling Mick’s cum around her mouth and occasionally swallowing little amounts of it.

Mary was very much used to the vibrator having bought it several years ago and used it almost every day since. Mick was enjoying pleasing them both. The look of pleasure on both their faces turned him on. With a vibrator in each of his hands he teased their pussies. He ran them gently over their clits and then slowly eased them inside. He was amazed at how easily they slipped inside the wet juicy pussies. Sinead’s orgasm happened very quickly. Her body started shaking as wave after wave of orgasm swept through her body.



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