I decide to surprise you while in the shower one morning. So I wait until I hear the water running and a few minutes later I strip down and make my way to the shower. You are all soaped up when I slip in the door and wrap my arms around you, pulling your naked body into mine. I kiss your neck and nibble my way up to your ear. Goosebumps pop out along your smooth legs as my kisses soak into your skin. You turn and face me, giving me a warm and surprised smile before kissing me long and hard. Our tongues meet as our hands explore each others bodies with the water rolling off our naked skin. Soon we are both lost in the moment, languishing in the sensations of soft lips and stroking fingers over our skin. I smile at you then lean in to take your nipple in my mouth and roll it between my lips. I suck and twist your pert nipple as my fingers slide down your hips and up your things to cup your sweet pussy.

You let your head fall back and to one side, enjoying the pleasure of my tongue and lips on your hard nipple. You smile as my hand begins to gently trace around your clit. illegal bahis You stretch your hands down my body to find my hard rod and begin to stroke my length with twisting motions. We continue to pleasure each other as the shower steams up the room. You kneel down before me, the shower hitting me in the back, and take my cock into your soft lips while locking your eyes onto mine. I let out a soft moan as I feel your warm tongue dart over my head. You look so damn hot, kneeling there in the shower with my dick in your mouth. I brace myself against the shower walls as you bob your head up and down my rod, one hand cupping and softly massaging my balls. After a few more moments I reach down and help you up before kneeling myself before you and lifting one leg up over my shoulder.

I kiss up your soft thigh and around you sweet pussy. Then I suck your pussy lips into my mouth and rub your clit with my nose. You let out a moan and relax against the shower wall. We become lost among the steam of the shower, the sounds of splashing water and the passion of each other. Your body illegal bahis siteleri begins to feel electric. You sense each drop of water, your fingers softly stroking and pulling on your nipples, and my warm wet tongue licking circles around your clit. I occasionally give your hot pussy a long hard lick and flick my tongue directly over your sweet clit. I slip first one, then two, then three fingers into your warm hot pussy as I suck and lick your clit with vigor. My fingers pump in and out of your pussy, my tongue rolls over your clit…I smile at the sounds escaping your sweet lips.

Not being able to stand it any longer I give you one last lick before slipping an arm under each leg and lifting you up. You rest your back against the shower wall, letting each leg dangle over an arm. I guide my hard dick towards your warm pussy and slowly push into you. With the shower washing over us I work my cock in and out of you…settling into a nice rhythm. You loop your arms around my neck and look me in the eyes as I pound into your pussy. Now the shower is filled with steam canlı bahis siteleri and the sounds of our sex, skin smacking skin, moans and grunts filling the air. With each thrust your lovely tits bounce in rhythm with our fucking. I lean in and lick your nipple as it bounces by me like a waving lollipop.

You relish the feeling of fullness and the spark of pleasure that shoots through your body with each thrust. You grip my neck firmly, willing me to go deeper…harder. You reach up one hand and grab my hair so you can pull my lips to yours. We kiss hard, then soften. You trace my lips with your tongue and gently bite my lower lip before pulling back and giving me a smile, “now cum for me,” you say.

I smile back and pick up the pace even faster. A soft moan escapes your sweet lips with each thrust of my rod. I lean back, pushing as deep into you as I can. I feel my body begin to tighten as pleasure waves over me. You feel your pussy begin to tighten, breathing becomes harder with the electric streaks of pleasure shooting through your body. I release my load deep into your hot pussy. You feel the warmth of me fill you up as we both laugh and smile at each other. I let you down and pull you in so I can kiss your lips. With cum dripping down your leg we decide it’s very convenient to already be in the shower.



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