Bunny was excited about the trip to California. Not that being with Bill these days was thrilling, but she had never met a big movie star. Sam Barrington was an A-list Oscar winner with rugged but wise good looks who always gave Bunny a pleasant tingle when she saw him at the multiplex or on Netflix. Bill, an accountant, had been recommended to Barrington by the actor’s agent.

“I’m going to meet him at his place in Malibu,” Bill told Bunny. “You want to come along?”

Bunny, having nothing better on her schedule and loving the idea of getting even a Hollywood air kiss from Sam Barrington, said, “OK. Why not?”

Their plane landed at LAX in mid-afternoon. Even in the jetway leading to the terminal, Bunny felt the oppressive heat. The pilot had called it a Santa Ana, apparently describing winds that blew across the desert and gathered heat as they reached the coast.

A young man in a chauffeur’s uniform held a sign with Bill’s name. Bill identified himself and the chauffeur led the way to baggage claim, where he grabbed the suitcases and led Bill and Bunny to a waiting black town car. They felt the harsh heat sap their energy.

“About 40 minutes to Mr. Barrington’s house,” he said. “And don’t worry. The limo air conditioning works great. Let me know if I need to adjust the temperature for you.”

They wound through the grubby streets always found near airports, then picked up the coast road going through Santa Monica and on to Malibu. The driver eventually turned into a small, heavily-landscaped side street that took them downhill and closer to the ocean. He came a large iron gate, clicked a remote on his window visor, waited for the big gate to swing open, and drove through.

Bunny lowered the rear passenger window and heard the surf not far away. She could see the ocean; they were above it, perhaps on a coastal bluff. Then the limo made one more turn and there was the house, a sprawling hacienda-style building that could date back to the silent movie era. And on the step, casually waving hello, was Sam Barrington. Bunny had to restrain herself from leaping out of the car and running to shake his hand.

Barrington strode to the limo and met them as they stepped out. He shook Bill’s hand and gave Bunny a brief hug. Up close, she saw the slightly-wavy chestnut hair, the square jaw, the twinkling blue eyes that must have launched a million crushes among his female fans. Bunny said something about how pleased she was to meet him and how she enjoyed his last movie. As she spoke, he looked at her as though she were the most interesting person in the world. Bill said something about new tax laws and Barrington looked at him the same way. It’s a gift, Bunny thought, like his looks.

The two men kept talking business, so Bunny broke away and walked to the edge of the bluff. The sun pounded down. She had expected breeze from the sea to cool the air, but then she remembered the Santa Ana. The wind was coming not from the ocean but the desert. It must cause fires, she thought, looking around the property for dry brush. Nothing nearby. The ground around the house was clear. She looked back out to sea and wondered how far it was to Hawaii.

Behind her, a deep familiar voice said, “Beautiful, even on this miserably hot day, isn’t it?” Bunny turned to find herself face-to-face with Sam Barrington. She almost blushed.

“It’s gorgeous,” she said. “I don’t suppose you can even go to the beach, can you? Crowds of fans and all.”

Barrington laughed. “I’m lucky in the department,” he said. “Look over there.” He pointed to a small pedestrian gate the end of the house. “That little pathway leads down to the water. And it comes out in a little cove. Very rare here, because the coastal laws make it illegal to block off any part of the beach or restrict access. But the cove is natural and it’s too much trouble for people to come around the rocks on either side. So I get a swim and some privacy.”

“That is nice,” Bunny said.

“You can go down there anytime you like,” Barrington said. “On days like this, I usually swim very early in the morning, before it gets crazy hot.”

“A nice way to start the day,” Bunny said. Was there an extra sparkle in those beautiful blue eyes when he spoke, she wondered.

The afternoon and illegal bahis evening passed pleasantly, relaxed, California casual. Drinks on the terrace overlooking the Pacific. Barrington’s cook asked if they wanted steaks, chicken or fish, and fish got three votes. It turned out to be red snapper from the Gulf of Mexico, broiled and served with a choice of sauces and fresh green beans. The wine was a California chardonnay. Barrington told stories from his movie career. Bunny was transfixed by the stories and especially by his roguish telling of them, always with that sly smile.

After dinner, about 9 o’clock, Bunny pleaded jet lag and went off to bed. Bill and Barrington stayed up to discuss whatever actors and accountants discuss. Bunny fell asleep quickly. She dreamt of love scenes with movie stars.

Bunny woke up in the half-light of morning. Bill slept on. Bunny stepped outside their bedroom door into a small garden. Even with Santa Ana winds forecast again today, the morning felt fresh and cool, the way easterners think the Southern California coast is all day, every day. It was not even 5:45 a.m. Bunny knew exactly what she wanted to do.

She put on her light blue bikini, the sort she would wear at the lake cabin back home with her neighbors around. Not immodest like some of the kids these days wore, but it showed off her sexy body. She kept fit. Her flat tummy and slender legs accentuated her full, perfect breasts. A quick look in the mirror, a matching blue cover-up pulled on over the bikini, and she was off to Sam Barrington’s private little beach cove.

She went through the walkway gate and followed the path down to the beach. Just as Barrington had said, the cove was private, protected by rocky outcroppings on both sides. There was little surf in this spot, at least this early. There was no need to wait. The morning was plenty warm even though the sun had barely risen. She stepped out of her beach slippers, took off the cover-up and headed into the water.

It was heavenly. The warm and gentle salt water relaxed her. She splashed around a bit, then lay on her back and floated, her eyes closed. She lost track of time, but soon heard a voice call, “Good morning!” It was Barrington, wearing only his swim trunks, standing at the shore. Dear God, she thought he was handsome yesterday. Now, wearing almost nothing, he showed a fine solid body – not musclebound or overdeveloped – just well conditioned and energetic looking. The sort of body a woman could put her arms around, wrap her legs around…

Bunny snapped out of that reverie, found she could touch the sand when she stood up in the water here, and began walking to shore. She wished she had brought her tinier, sexier bikini, the sort of thing a movie star would expect. But Barrington smiled as she approached.

“You’re an early bird,” he said.

“Wide awake,” she said. “It’s almost nine o’clock back east.”

Barrington looked out to the water, then back to Bunny. She thought he seemed uneasy.

“Well,” he said, “I’m going in.”

“It’s really nice,” Bunny said. “The water’s just right.”

He hesitated. Finally he said, “I usually swim nude in the mornings.”

Before she could catch herself, Bunny said, “Don’t let me stop you.”

Barrington laughed, thought for a moment, then pushed down his trunks. He was facing away from her, toward the water, and Bunny expected that he would walk straight in. But he turned around to face her. All Bunny could think was, “I’m getting full frontal from the biggest movie star on the planet.” And “big” was the right word, she realized. His cock was long and thick, with no hair. It wasn’t porn star-like, but as nice as she had seen in real life. He was not hard; maybe movie stars were accustomed to standing stark naked in front of strange women. Ho-hum. But not for her. She felt the blood pounding in her temples and a welcome warmth between her thighs.

“Join me if you like,” he said, and then he turned and trotted into the water.

Bunny wouldn’t say she was paralyzed, but she was scared to follow him and did not even consider running back up to the house. She watched Barrington splash around in the water, occasionally diving under and showing off his nice firm butt. As she stood up, he surfaced and called, illegal bahis siteleri “Come on! You can leave your suit on.”

She walked to the water’s edge. She was just about to step in when she thought, “Oh, hell. I’ll never get another chance.” She reached behind her back and unhooked the bikini top, then shrugged forward to let it fall from her shoulders. She watched Barrington. He said nothing, but ever so slightly let the movie star grin form. Maybe it was a practiced reaction. She had read somewhere that expressions in the movies must be underplayed so they wouldn’t look ridiculous on a huge theater screen. Next test: she pushed down the bikini bottom. She was glad that she had shaved. Probably all the women in Hollywood were shaved or waxed or whatever. Now she saw Barrington’s eyes open a little wider. The grin grew. Into the water she walked.

They swam a bit. They dog-paddled and talked, Bunny feeling less and less self-conscious as the frothy sea water covered the tops of her breasts. When she was out of breath, she found a place where her feet could touch the ground while the water still came up to her shoulders. Barrington moved closer and stood beside her.

“It’s just glorious,” Bunny said. “If I lived here, you could never pry me away to go to work.”

“It’s difficult sometimes,” Barrington said. “The good thing about movies is, you get some big chunks of time off. The actual shooting is hard work and you have to be efficient because so many people are on the clock. But when they don’t need you for a scene, or when you don’t have a movie going, you can stay home.”

“You must value quiet time,” Bunny said. “Lots of people trying to get something from you, I imagine.”

“True,” he said. “But I’m pretty well secluded here. And look at the views. Not just the ocean, but up in the mountain range there, and the hills back toward Santa Monica.” As he spoke, he turned to point out the sights and his cock brushed against Bunny’s leg. It was just a touch, but it electrified her. She hoped she wasn’t trembling visibly.

Barrington stepped back slightly. Bunny realized that she didn’t want him to be too gentlemanly. She walked a few paces toward shore, then turned around to face him. The water was more shallow where she stood. Her breasts were above the water line now. She was proud of them. They were large and full and firm, and they stood out beautifully. Her nipples always seemed erect and heaven knows they were now. Barrington kept a straight face, but he could not keep his eyes off them. He walked closer to her. She could not speak as he took her hands and led her out to the deeper water. When it covered her breasts, he stopped, released her hands, and put his under Bunny’s tits. He cupped them, then moved his hands up their sides. His thumbs came around to rub her nipples. His gaze never left her eyes. Under the water, she reached for his cock. She wondered, absurdly, can they get hard in cool sea water? Yes, she discovered. At least this one does. She felt it swollen in her hand. She moved back and forth over it. With her other hand, her fingers traced the head of that fine dick. She reached under his balls and squeezed them very softly, but she could tell how much he liked it. Moving closer, she rubbed the tip of his cock against the lips of her pussy. She wondered if she would pass out in the water and Sam Barrington would carry her out, a rescue worthy of his movies.

He lowered his hand to the small of her back and directed them toward the shore. Her mind flashed to a classic film she had seen recently, “From Here to Eternity.” Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr rolling around in the surf. Great pictures and probably all they could get away with in the 1950s, she thought, but good grief, if they were really fucking, the sand getting where nobody wants it… Yuck, but her real life leading man had brought a big towel down to the beach. He spread it out, Bunny lay down on her back and suddenly Sam Barrington was inside her. Preliminaries were not needed. His thick cock was hard as steel and her pussy was slick with excitement. He began the sensual movements slowly, fucking her with steady motions while kissing her face and her neck. At one point, he pulled out and and slid down just far enough to kiss her breasts. Bunny loved it, but canlı bahis siteleri she desperately wanted the big cock back in her pussy. She pulled on his arms and whispered, “Fuck me, Sam. Fuck me hard. Fuck me fuck me…” and he was back inside her now, picking up the pace, plunging deeper.

Without thinking, she pushed him off and onto his back. That beautiful cock stuck straight up, still hard, covered with precum and her own dampness. She leaned over him to kiss it, suck it a little but not too much because she did not want this to end too soon. Still holding it, she straddled him and steered his cock into her throbbing pussy. She lowered herself and felt it penetrate her more deeply than ever. She began rocking to and fro, pausing for a few seconds to savor the excitement and delay cumming for either of them.

Lost in passion, Bunny registered nothing around her until suddenly she felt hands on her breasts. She looked back and was astonished to find Bill standing behind her, wearing swimming trunks, reaching around to massage her tits. Indecision racked her. She didn’t want to spoil the moment with Sam Barrington, but she could see that Bill was excited, something rare for him lately. She looked down. Sam was smiling.

Bill said, “When I woke up and you were gone, I came down here. I saw you screwing Sam and it turned me on. I want you to stay right there, keep fucking him, and suck my cock.”

She looked again at Sam and he seemed to nod, OK. Bunny pulled down Bill’s trunks and grasped his swollen cock. She stroked and squeezed for just a moment, then took it into her mouth. She tried to synchronize her movements, her hips moving over Sam’s and her mouth sucking Bill. As she sucked, Bill moaned and grasped her hair, taking command of her head movement, back and forth. He pulled all the way out, Bunny gasped and swallowed, then he shoved his long cock deep into her throat. It had been a long time since he did that, and for a while, she did not notice that Sam’s hips beneath her were beginning to move. He grimaced as his excitement and pleasure built. He said, “Yeah, c’mon, fuck us both, Bunny. Fuck me with that tight pussy and fuck him with that pretty mouth!”

She lost track of time and place. She could have been in Maine or Madagascar instead of Malibu. Nothing mattered but those two fine cocks, one deep in her pussy, one deep in her mouth. Somewhere in the superheated heart of herself, she realized that she wanted more from these men before this ended. She pulled herself up, away from Bill, and leaned over Sam. “I’m going to suck you until you cum, Sam Barrington,” she said, “and Bill, get on your knees and start fucking my pussy from behind. Do it now.” Bill complied, and the three of them found a new rhythm. Sam tried to lie still to delay his own climax as Bunny sucked his dick and caressed his balls. Bill pounded her voracious pussy and slapped her butt cheeks. She knew the feeling of his dick inside her and she could tell that he was close. His thrusts quickened. He moaned. Then she felt his warm cum flow into her, one burst, then another, and finally a little more. He pulled out and fell back on the sand.

Bunny said, “Watch, Bill. I want you to watch Sam fuck my face.” Her words triggered something in Sam. His hips lurched up from the ground, then back. Bunny was sucking him and they worked it together until Sam cried out, “Oh, god!” With one push upward, he held his hips off the ground as he shot his cum into her mouth.

She gave him a moment, then slid up to place her pussy over Sam’s mouth. His own cum dripped onto his lips and he licked it. “Get me off,” she said. “I want to cum so bad.” Immediately she felt Sam’s tongue start to move. He quickly found her clit and teased it with the tip of his tongue. “Yes yes yes yes,” Bunny said, barely able to wait. Then his lips were on it and he sucked gently. He continued to kiss her swollen clit while he grasped her hips and moved them slowly around his mouth. Bunny felt a rush from her face down through her body. Her muscles tensed, her breathing quickened, her pussy throbbed, a jolt of emotional high voltage surged through her.

They lay there for several minutes, Bunny entangled with Sam, Bill next to them. Nobody spoke. Bunny raised her head and looked around, but didn’t see anyone. It seemed that their unexpected adventure was theirs alone.

She said, “I never thought I’d get to be in a love scene with Sam Barrington.”

Sam kissed both her breasts and said, “Preview of coming attractions. We’ll make a sequel.”



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