More cum eating after we broke upThis is another true story about my ex Dana and me. We were together for a while in college and like most college relationships it just started to fizzle our emotionally. We had great sex and that just wasn’t enough to hold the relationship together. It had been about 3 months since Dana and I stopped seeing each other. I was out with some friends at one of the college bars and got a text from Dana asking if I was at home. I told her I was out drinking, I was pretty wasted actually. She said she really missed being fucked by me and wanted 1 last time before we graduated to be fucked by me. I told her I could be home in 20 minutes and she should meet me there. She said she had something to do and would be there in an hour. I told my friends that i was done and was going to head home.I had no idea what Dana was doing but I knew I needed to get home fast. When I got there I cleaned up a bit and waited for her to arrive. She finally got there and just let herself in. She looked great. She was wearing a skin tight black skirt and white top. Her makeup was done pendik escort and her face looked flushed like she was rushing to get over to my place. We started to make small talk then she grabbed me and told me to take her to my room. My cock was already rock hard as she was leading me to my room. She knew it too. She reached her hand back and grabbed my cock through my shorts. She gave me a sneaky smile as she looked back. When we got to my room she shoved me hard backwards onto my bed. I laid back and she slipped her hands onto my waistband and slid my shorts off. My cock sprung up like a flagpole which she bent down and started sucking my cock. She took my entire cock into my throat. She was a blowjob goddess. She would roll her tongue on the bottom side of my cock as she sucked. It was amazing. She slowed up a bit so I would cum and told me to move up further on the bed so I could lick her. I laid back and she slid her black skirt off and slowly pulled her shirt over her head. I sat up and reached behind her and undid her bra. As I fell back I could tell kartal escort her skin was hot and sweaty. She came up on top of me and whispered, “I have a surprise for you!”. She swung her leg up around my head and started to lower her pussy towards me. I could tell something was different. Her pussy looked stretched and extremely wet. It just clicked in my head what was happening. She had just got done fucking someone else and was bringing her cum soaked pussy to my mouth. I grabbed her ask and said, “were you just fucked“? She responded, “yes and now I want you to suck it out of my pussy”. This was not something we had done when we were together. But I don’t know what came over me. It made my cock get harder than it ever had before. I grabbed the top of her hips and thighs and pulled her down hard onto my face. I was engulfed in her cum soaked pussy. Gladly lapping up someone else’s cum and her sweet pussy juices. At this point she was grinding her pussy onto my face. I was even licking her asshole as she passed her pussy forward on my face. She was maltepe escort also now sucking my dick again. I loved this. It was like nothing I had experienced before. We had played a lot with me eating my own cum from her but not knowing whose cum this is was even more exciting. She stopped sucking my cock and was now sitting straight up on my face. I was fully engulfed in her ass and pussy. I was wriggling to get a single gasp of air. I was not stopping eating her out though. My tongue was worshipping her pussy. When she finally let me get a breath, she moved back a little bit. Now I was sucking hard in her swollen clit my tongue flicking as well. This was what tipped her over the edge. She started screaming as she came. Her pussy opened up and the last bit of deep cum slid from her. I lapped it up. she fell on top of me absolutely exhausted. She told me I had to now fuck her and cum inside her so I could eat my sloppy seconds. I immediately flipped her on her back and shoved my cock into her. It only took about 10 fucks to fully explode my cock deep into her gaping pussy. As I pulled my cock out, the open pussy started to drip cum and I caught it with my hand and happily ate it all. I was now buried deep in her pussy again licking all of my own cum and any leftover cum. It was amazing.she then grabbed her clothes and told me that we could do this again anytime I wanted!



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