Mom’s Little AngelsMom’s Little AngelsBy billy69boyChapter One My name is Madison. I’m a 40 year old single mom who has been raising my two young daughters by myself for several years. I try to do my best for them, and we have developed a pretty good relationship.They are growing up so fast, and I worry about the challenges they will face when they have to navigate that whole sexual world out there. I keep tabs on their development as best as I can, but it’s hard keeping up with them sometimes. They both know their mom has a strong sex drive and enjoys watching porn videos late at night, supposedly after they are already asleep. I guess sometimes I have the volume a little too loud, and they hear the moans and grunts of the porn actors through their wall. Not to mention my own verbal contributions.I travel a lot for my job and between that and raising my two girls; I don’t have much time for dating. So I rely on myself to make sure my libido is well satisfied. I don’t try to hide my interest in porn and masturbation from them. We have a very open communication channel between us, and I readily answer any questions they may have. My older girl, Avarey, is much more inquisitive, at least verbally, than Cherise who tends to be rather shy. But I can see the wheels silently turning in Cherise’s mind when the talk around the table involves sex.I don’t try to be the cool mom as an act. I really do want to encourage my girls to ask questions and get them to feel comfortable coming to me with anything that is on their minds. No topic is considered off-limits. But I don’t just talk the talk: I am proud to walk the walk as well. When Avarey hinted around that she knew a little bit about my own personal toy collection, I didn’t scold or berate her for nosing around my things. Instead I asked her if she saw anything that might interest her in my “toy box”. She blushed, but she didn’t shy away from my question: rather than mention my various dildos and vibrators and butt plugs, she expressed an interest in my little vibrating egg. She thought that might be fun.Now, it was my turn to blush. I was genuinely thrilled to see that my baby was growing up, but also proud that she felt comfortable enough to share her feelings with me. I couldn’t wait to run out and get her one of her own, and the next day, that’s just what I did. When I presented it to her after dinner, it was like a symbolic Rite of Passage, and definitely a bonding moment for us. I purposely didn’t include Cherise in our informal little ceremony because I wanted it to be a special moment just between the two of us. If she decided to tell her younger sibling about it on her own, that was up to her.I want to make it clear that I have no interest in having sex of any kind with my daughters. That’s not my thing at all, and I’m certainly not trying to groom them for myself. Now, that’s not to say I don’t adore other young girls, such as both my daughters’ friends and schoolmates. I also appreciate young boys as well. I suppose it has to do with the innocence of the whole Coming of Age dance that we all experience as we make our way through the teen years, however awkwardly. I view them as birds balanced on the edge of their respective nests, just flapping their wings until they get up the nerve to jump into the abyss, hoping against hope that their wings are strong enough to keep them aloft as they fly to freedom.I allow both girls to host sleepovers as a way to keep track of their growing awareness and maturity. I find it fascinating to watch the differences in the two age groups, even though they are only a few years apart. By watch, I don’t mean to suggest that I get all voyeur with them, nor would I ever think of installing hidden cams to record their activities. That doesn’t seem right to me. But I admit I do have one secret way of keeping tabs on them: when the sleepovers are all said and done, I go to their laptops and take a quick peek at their histories. I purposely don’t put any restrictions on their access to the internet in terms of parental controls. I want them to feel free to explore whatever they find interesting. But, to be honest, I take a Long Look at the sites they perused during their sleepovers with their curious young friends. I am at once amazed and amused at what I discover.I think back to the time when I was their age, and we didn’t have very much opportunity or materials with which to educate ourselves about the subject of sex: perhaps our dad’s secret stash of Playboys, or the bare breasted black women in the National Geographic mags, but not much else. Nowadays, porn has totally exploded onto the scene, and a whole lot of it is easily accessible to anyone who can make their way around a computer. (Translation: anyone from toddlers to teens.) It’s a new world out there in terms of sexual information and expression. But I’m not complaining. I think it is good for the younger set to have all that kind of information that we were denied growing up. Maybe they will be much more sexually savvy than we were at that age. Perhaps the “mystery” will no longer hold sway, and the rumors and innuendos that we endured will give way to sexual truth and personal responsibility. One can only hope.- – – – – -I think it is healthy for my daughters and their friends to have a clear understanding of the world of sex that is about to swallow them up, so to speak. Already, my girls are well-versed on the fundamentals of pregnancy and c***dbirth, as well as safe sex methods. Now that they have graduated to exploring the many and varied expressions of sexual choices, the possibilities seem endless. Even I am astounded by the manner in which sex is practiced and enjoyed by like-minded people.Here’s an example of what I mean: the three of us lingered around the dinner table chatting about routine subjects like homework and schedules and such, and my youngest blurts out:”Mom, what’s Buck Cake?”I thought she said “Butt Cake”, but even that didn’t make much sense.”I’m not sure what you are asking about, Cherise,” I replied calmly; can you spell it for me?” “I’m not too sure,” she shrugged. But Avarey came to her rescue:It’s spelled B-U-K-K-A-K-E she said, smiling proudly.”YES! That’s it!” Cherise chimed in. I could only laugh good-naturedly. “Well, it’s pronounced Boo-Cock-Key”, I explained. They both seemed a bit confused by my pronunciation.”It’s a Japanese word and the practice started there,” I continued. “Basically a woman is presented for a bunch of men to ejaculate on, whether on her face or on her upper body. Usually bukkake videos involve a large number of men, similar to a gang bang movie, but with bukkake no other sex is portrayed.”They both looked at me kind cross-eyed, trying to make some kind of sense out of what they just heard their mother explain to them. I could only laugh and smile: “Google it! You’ll see!” And that was it. Off they went, leaving me with my half-finished glass of merlot, wondering if I was doing the right thing for them.I recalled my own coming of age experiences: strict religious upbringing with never a peep from my mother about the birds and illegal bahis the bees. I was aware of my own blossoming sex drive at a young age, but the message I heard was not to “touch it”. It wasn’t until much later in my life that I was able to finally embrace my own sexual needs in a guilt free manner. I wanted my daughters to have the experience of feeling comfortable around their own mother and know that they could ask me anything about sex.Chapter TwoAnother business trip loomed, and it was going to be a long one. I dreaded being away from my girls for such an extended period of time, but it was part of my job. We were all fortunate to have Noelle living close by. Noelle has been my go-to babysitter for several years. A new high school graduate, she had enrolled in our local college. She was in a program that offered courses in the one subject she had always had a passion for: Massage Therapy. She was about halfway through her first semester, and she enthusiastically lugged her massage table around wherever she went. Part of her training was to get as much practice as possible in order to perfect her technique.I can tell you from experience that she was getting very good at her chosen calling. Whew! Damn! Oh, don’t mind me: ahhhh yes, lol…now where was I? Oh my!So I was getting ready to fly off to Texas for several days, and Noelle was kind enough to agree to sleep overnight with Avarey and Cherise. She also asked me if it would be okay to bring her massage table over. I approved without hesitation, even as I noticed my throat turning dry and having a hard time swallowing.I recovered quickly, as I assured myself that Noelle would never do anything against my daughters’ wishes, nor would the girls have any problem expressing their feelings to her.So, I was in the air early Monday morning, feeling a bit of melancholy. I would like to say that I love what I do, but the truth is I can barely tolerate my fucking job. It is at once challenging and frustrating, rewarding and tedious at times. Fortunately, it pays pretty well and it is important to me to maintain a certain comfortable standard of living for the sake of my young ones. But I worry about leaving my girls home alone, even though I know that Noelle loves them and takes care of them very well while I’m away. I swear I don’t know what I would do without her!- – – – – -Avarey and Cherise were already home from school dealing with their homework when Noelle poked her head through the front door announcing her arrival. (In real life, Avarey goes by Ava, and Cherise prefers Cherie.)”Hey girls! I’m here!” she blurted out gleefully as she barged her way through the door, her book bag slung over her shoulder as she struggled with her massage table. She dropped everything and ran over to the girls at the kitchen table, greeting them with enthusiastic hugs.”How are you two? I haven’t seen you in ages!”It was like old home week, what with all the shrieking and giggling and good cheer being thrown around the room. They came up with a game plan: Noelle would cook dinner while the schoolgirls took care of their business. After supper, the girls would take their showers while Noelle did the dishes and set up her massage table. Then, the younger ones would take turns helping Noelle get her own homework in by lying down on her table for a massage.The girls paraded out to the living room wearing only their bath towels and panties. They sat down on the couch as Noelle was busy lighting the incense and warming up the massage oils. She had lit several candles and dimmed the lights. Soft flute music wafted softly through the air. She turned towards the towel clad girls and asked which one wanted to be first. Ava excitedly raised her hand towards the ceiling and rose gracefully as Noelle offered her hand and guided her to the table. Noelle laid Ava face down and she began gently rubbing the warming lotion into the girl’s shoulders and upper back. Ava settled into a blissful calm, as Noelle slowly peeled the towel away, exposing more and more bare skin for her talented hands to manipulate.Noelle worked on the young girl’s shoulders and back, to her waist. She then skipped to her upper legs and down to her toes, drizzling more of the warm oil ahead of her hands as she went. Ava was barely conscious by then and moaned quietly as Cherie fidgeted in her seat, taking it all in. Her eyes grew wide as she watched Noelle slip the towel away from her sister’s bottom, revealing her pink satin panties and her otherwise naked body to the world. She felt a quick glance from Noelle as she seductively lubricated her fingers and lightly tracing the panty lines on Ava’s smooth bottom.Cherie felt dampness between her own legs that she was familiar with even if it only happened a few times in the past. Her arousal became obvious as she watched Noelle’s hand movements intensely. She heard more pronounced groans coming from her sibling’s throat. She couldn’t help but notice the naughty grin on Noelle’s face as she kept looking over in her direction. When Cherie saw Noelle deftly turn Ava onto her back, she found herself squirming uncomfortably even as her hand seemed to move involuntarily to her own white cotton panties. She found herself mimicking Noelle’s finger movements which by now included slowly gliding her fingertips up and down the crevice of Ava’s slit. When Noelle’s slim fingers disappeared into Ava’s panties, Cherie’s fingers followed her example. She slid two fingers into her wet love mound and let out a groan that surprised even her.That’s when she jumped up from the couch and bolted down the hall. Noelle raised her eyebrows in surprise, but she was kind of busy with Ava. She maintained her concentration on the slim girl with the quivering thighs and the heaving chest. She gently lowered Ava’s soaked panties and slid them down her legs and off her feet. Ava spread her legs instinctively and tacitly welcomed Noelle’s exquisite advances.Chapter ThreeAs the story starts to heat up, I want to share some intimate background details about my girls:Both my daughters are petite and slender, and both have stunning big blue eyes and their ears pierced: 1 in each for Cherise, 2 in each ear for Avarey. Cherise is about 4’6 with long curly blonde hair and Avarey is 5ft with long wavy brown hair. Avarey is a small B cup; really probably just a full A cup, but I wasn’t going to argue with her when she announced she had grown a cup size. Anyway, she will be filling out her new bras very shortly, I’m sure. She also recently, after several long conversations, got her belly button pierced.So I’ll start with Cherise: she does not watch porn all that often compared to my older one, and honestly Avarey barely watches much porn herself. Cherise is still in the picture phase: she has searched for plenty of cock pics: big cocks, black cocks, uncircumcised cocks. She seems to enjoy videos with younger couples having sex. She also views blowjob videos quite a bit. Cherise may look at porn once or twice a week sometimes and other times maybe only once a month.Avarey has started viewing it much more regularly and illegal bahis siteleri is definitely using it as a masturbation aid. She seems to have a preference for amateur videos, but watches plenty of pro ones as well. She is absolutely bi curious, so threesome videos where the girls interact with each other a lot is common. She sometimes watches videos of two girls making out heavily, but I’ve yet to see a full lesbian sex video in her history: if the girls are going to eat each other out she seems to want to have a cock present in the video. Lately, she also seems to really enjoy girls sharing cum; whether spitting it into each other’s mouth or licking it from their holes. Cum sharing is definitely a big interest for her of late.I’d say I definitely have a close relationship with Avarey. She has confided in me how many sexual encounters she’s had, what type of activity and with whom! Avarey and I talk often about her sexual exploration and development, unlike Cherise who is more reserved and shy. Avarey has always been a wild c***d and boy crazy, and I’ve always told her she will never get in trouble for anything she tells me, but if I happen to find something out that she lied about or kept from me, all bets are off. But she is wonderful about keeping honest communication with me. Cherise’s interests are just too precious for someone her age. Cherise does masturbate but I don’t think she does every time she watches porn. I think some of the time she is just curious. I do know she is masturbating occasionally, but it isn’t part of her daily/weekly routine like it is with her older sibling, and I might as well include myself in the routine of masturbating as well, lol. I think that’s the case with 99% of adults.Now, back to the story:Ava showed no reluctance to helping Noelle with her “homework”. Noelle was pleasantly surprised that my daughter was such a willing participant. Now that she lay completely naked on the table, the masseuse in training felt she had Ava’s unspoken permission to proceed beyond the usual boundaries of massage therapy. Her heavenly oiled fingers roamed around Ava’s freshly shaved mons, touching the sides softly and gliding between her inner thighs.Ava moaned her approval, and opened her legs slightly wider in hopes of encouraging more exploration of her most sensitive parts. She was eagerly rewarded, as Noelle traced her labia up and down, pressing more firmly with each stroke until her fingertip slipped beyond view. Ava immediately reached up and began fondling her emerging breasts. Her nipples were already stiff and tight, as she manipulated them to maximum firmness. Noelle guided Ava’s legs open even further and she began fingering the young girl with one hand as she worked her other hand into her own panties. It didn’t take long before they both moaned as their bodies stiffened and lurched in orgiastic bliss. Noelle flopped in a heap on top of Avarey’s nude body as they caught their breath. Their faces were just inches apart, and it was a natural reaction for them to mesh their lips together in a long and delicious kiss. Their ecstasy was short-lived: all of a sudden, Noelle snapped to her feet, holding onto the massage table for support. Ava looked up in surprise as Noelle almost shrieked: “Cherie?” Avarey’s younger sibling had disappeared, and never came back.Ava leapt from the table in response. “Let’s check her bedroom!” And they both took off down the hall. Cherise was nowhere to be found in the room. They ran around searching everywhere: the kitchen and den, the laundry room and the basement…nothing. Finally, Ava looked up, smiling.”Come with me!” she declared, and led Noelle upstairs. They found Cherie’s towel on the hallway floor. Ava smiled and put her finger up to her lips, motioning Noelle to follow her. The light next to my bed was on, but Cherise wasn’t in sight. Her damp panties had been flung onto my bed. Ava tiptoed over to my walk-in closet. They could hear some kind of soft buzzing coming through the closed door. Noelle quietly opened the door, and there sat Cherise on the floor. The contents of my personal “toy box” were in a heap on the floor. Deeply embedded in my younger daughter’s vagina was a white plastic battery operated vibrator.- – – – – – -“Cherie?”She looked up at the intruders and continued her quest without apology. “Sorry, but I couldn’t wait any longer,” she explained, as she slid the toy out and applied the tip to her clitoris. “You two were taking forever, and I…well, I have needs too, you know!”Noelle and Ava exchanged glances and then directed their attention to the pile of sex aids that were sprawled on the floor.”Aren’t these your mom’s things?” Noelle asked rather coldly.”Yes…she knows…” Cherise answered, anticipating Noelle’s next question.”She knows? And she gave you permission to use her personal stuff?”Cherie shrugged her shoulders: “She knows that we know about her toys,” she explained.Noelle looked over at Ava, whose face turned red as she smiled, feigning sheepishly but offering no other explanation. Noelle turned her gaze back to the myriad choices of dildoes, butt plugs, beads and other gadgets that I had been collecting for the past twenty years or so. She was momentarily distracted by Cherie, whose slim legs shuddered and stiffened as she worked the vibrator over her love button until she achieved her goal.”Wow! You two girls are…you’re just like your mom!” she declared. Now, personally, I took it as a compliment. I have always been open to discussing anything with my daughters, and that includes a healthy approach to sex. They feel free to confide in me and to share their concerns and experiences. I am very open with them, but I stop at having any physical involvement with them. I do not to judge others, but for me, it’s just not my thing: nor would I pimp them out to anyone. That’s just wrong to me. But I’m all for experimentation and learning about sex, because I believe it is everyone’s right to enjoy their own sexuality, and to share it with whomever they choose: as long as the arrangements are consensual. So, in that spirit of sexual discovery, I wasn’t surprised by my younger daughter’s next question:”Noelle, are you a lesbian?” Now it was Noelle’s turn to blush, as she contemplated how to answer.”Well, not exactly, Cherie, I’m more of a…I’m kind of attracted to…” as she struggled for just the right thing to say, Ava jumped in to help her out:”So, you’re bisexual then?””Well, I don’t know if it’s so important to put a label on someone,” Noelle offered.”I think everyone is bi,” Ava suggested, as Cherie nodded in agreement, “some people just don’t know it.” “Some of our friends at our sleepovers like boys and girls,” Cherie added. “When we have our ‘research sessions’ online, some of them start playing with themselves and each other too.””My sleepovers are like that too,” Ava chimed in.”But I don’t have very much experience,” Cherie butted in, implying that Ava and her girlfriends were much more worldly wise than her younger group. “I’ve never even been kissed! When I saw you and Ava kissing, I got such a tingly feeling canlı bahis siteleri down there…that’s why I ran off. I had to take care of things,” she offered matter-of-factly.Meanwhile, Noelle’s attention had drifted over to the variety of toys on display. She instinctively picked up a huge, heavy phallus that looked like the real thing, only longer and wider. It had a suction cup on one end and a huge head. It even featured bulging veins that appeared rather menacing. She was deep in thought, but Cherie brought her back to reality:”Noelle? Will you kiss me like you kissed Avarey?”Noelle was a bit shocked by Cherise’s request. She still had her mind on the monster dildo: she wondered if she could ever handle something so big, as she pictured me bobbing up and down on it. But Cherie seemed to have decided for them both. She climbed up on my bed and took Noelle’s hand, guiding her until they sat side by side. Noelle leaned in tentatively, but Cherie lay down before they came face to face. Noelle followed her lead and ended up lying across the girl’s slender frame. Their lips met: sweetly and delicately, they began exploring each other’s soft mouths and silky tongues. Noelle ran her hand through Cherie’s thick blonde mane as their love dance intensified. She was at once feeling shame and exhilaration. She knew it was entirely inappropriate to be engaging in such taboo behavior, yet at the same time she was completely taken by her young protégé: her smooth skin with a hint of wispy blonde hair covering her naked body which had no need for harsh razors; her sweet musky scent, her precious little grunts and squeaks and girly noises she made when she was feeling stimulated; her sheer innocence and pure intentions. The babysitter couldn’t help but be captivated by the heated passion she experienced from her young partner. For one who had never been kissed before, she displayed such intensity in her mannerisms…something closely akin to…Lust! She couldn’t get enough of her moist lips and her innocently probing tongue. She also had her own bout of heat lightning between her legs to deal with, and she couldn’t deny how much she reveled in the girl’s youthful enthusiasm.Chapter FourIn the meantime, Avarey was intent on examining every item in the heap on the floor. She was vaguely aware that the other two were occupied but that was fine with her: she had her own exploring to do. The first thing she picked up was the monster cock that had so captivated Noelle. She hefted it in both hands, surprised by its weight. She tried wrapping her lips around the head, but she struggled to get it into her mouth. I know she had already had some experience with blow jobs, but I’m sure she had never encountered anything like this gigantic toy. I’ll admit it’s something you have to work your way up to. It can be done, but it requires some effort. But once you’re stretched out enough, oh lord, it is one amazing ride!Avarey picked up one of my favorite butt plugs and looked it over quizzically, wondering if she would enjoy such an intrusion in her bottom. Next, she discovered my strap-on and shimmied it up her legs until it was in place. She swung it back and forth and up and down, satisfied that she had it properly adjusted. She aimed it towards the bed while she stroked it gently with her hand. She finally focused on Cherise and Noelle and realized they were doing some serious face time, not to mention mutual groping and moaning. She lifted up the strap-on and touched her own wet pussy, slick with her juices.Avarey watched the scene unfold before her. She was impressed with Cherise’s bold advances. Buttons were undone; Noelle’s blouse was pulled past her shoulders and dropped down to her waist. She wore no bra, and her youthful breasts jutted straight out proudly. Cherise was at once mesmerized and reached up to touch them and fondle Noelle’s erect nipples. Noelle leaned down instinctively until her firm orbs were close to Cherie’s face. Without hesitation, Cherie planted her warm lips on them, sucking gently. Noelle deftly removed her skirt and panties, and now the three of them were completely naked and free to explore without inhibition.Ava took advantage of the situation and stepped forward until Noelle’s bottom was in her hands. It felt so good to both of them, and Noelle wiggled her butt in anticipation. As Ava squeezed and caressed Noelle’s ass cheeks, it was obvious that Noelle was getting more and more aroused by the two young girls. She managed to pull her legs under her body, straddling Cherie’s tiny frame. Ava took the hint and knelt down at the foot of the bed as she stretched the babysitter’s cheeks wide and examined her dark star. She leaned in close and sniffed at the exposed orifices that were now so up close and available to her. She couldn’t resist a few licks with her tongue. Each hole had its own unique flavor but they were both exotic and oh so arousing to sample. Noelle moaned loudly as she pushed back against Ava’s busy tongue.In the meantime, Cherie started bucking underneath Noelle’s body, insinuating she wanted a change of position. Noelle slid down closer to Ava’s mouth as Cherie squirmed up towards the headboard, giving Noelle complete access to her own twitching charms. Noelle leaned down and began to tease Cherie’s glistening crotch with her experienced tongue. She ran the tip around the girl’s inner thighs, deliberately avoiding any direct contact with her labia. Little squeaks of ecstasy emanated from the young girl’s throat as she grasped two handfuls of the babysitter’s lush dark hair and pulled Noelle’s face tightly between her spread open legs.Ava responded to Cherie’s building excitement by standing up and pushing two fingers into Noelle’s well-lubricated pussy. The more Cherie squealed in delight, the faster Ava’s fingers worked their magic. When she saw Cherie pull her slim legs up to her chest so Noelle could pleasure her in every way, Ava took it as a sign that it was time to put the strap-on to work. She stepped closer and lined up the cock head, rubbed it up and down Noelle’s puffy labia and started working it in slowly. It penetrated easily, considering how wet Noelle was, and soon she was burying the shaft deep into Noelle’s eager cunt. It was Ava’s first time ever administering a strap-on fuck. She was able to focus on the task and still manage to stroke her own electrified pussy at the same time. Cherise was also having her first experience of having her little girl bits tongued. She really loved it, especially after Noelle finally stopped teasing her and started sucking and nibbling on her clitty in earnest. It was like a chain reaction: Cherie’s body began shuddering as her legs shook uncontrollably, triggering Noelle’s climax and Ava’s moment of truth quickly followed. I kind of wish I had been able to see them all in their orgiastic splendor, but I guess it wouldn’t have even happened if I was there. So, I’ll just be content with the memory of my girls’ first ever all-girl orgy.As they all flopped down on the bed together, I’m sure they thought about all the time they will have for more sexy fun while I’m away on my trip…and beyond, I’m sure. I know it’s just the beginning for them, but what a beginning it was!(A special thanks to a certain anonymous co-conspirator for her thoughtful suggestions and considerable contributions to this story.)



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