A small gasp escaped from my mother as she stood in the doorway with her hand over her mouth. She had just opened my bedroom door and was surprised to find me sprawled on my bed with my extremely hard cock in my hand. More to her surprise, I had my hardness wrapped in the pair of purple Vanity Fair panties she had worn yesterday. I had just pilfered them from her hamper and was having a grand time trying to pump the dirty musky crotch full of my 18 year old nut.

I lay there like deer caught in headlights, staring at her beautiful 44 year old face, my turgidness deflating rapidly in her silken panties, wondering what was going to happen next. Her slick tongue made a swipe across her bottom lip and then she said something that totally surprised me. “Don’t stop,” it was breathless, “I know you have been using my dirty panties to relieve yourself for quite a while. I think it is the nastiest, sexiest thing. You are one naughty little boy, filling your mother’s dirty panties with all your hot sperm. I find the crotch of my dirty panties all stiff with your dried cum. Yesterday I found a pair of my yellow silky panties still wet with your load. They were totally soaked and I used them to rub on my swollen clit till I exploded my mommy juices all over them. You like Mommy’s dirty panties, don’t you?”

My mouth had gone dry and I could not respond to her admission that she knew what a pervert I was and LIKED it. My cock had reached its full potential again and the head was stretching the crotch of her purple Vanity Fairs to the breaking point. I stammered a croaking “yes” and she replied “Good, I was thinking about cumming in the pair of panties I’m wearing now if you would like to watch. When I’m done and they’re soaking, I’ll peel them off and you can finish your business in the fresh ones.”

Fresh ones, how did she know I called her recently worn panties by that name? She must have seen the question in my eyes because she said, “Your Uncle used to call them that when he fished them out of my hamper when we were kids. He abused my panties for years till he went into the army. I even helped him a few times unload his pent up tension in them. I think it is a compliment when a man can’t help but jack off in my dirty panties. Do you sniff them, too?” She asked staring me directly in the eye. ataköy masöz escort *

Unable to speak I nodded as I slid her purple panties up and down my aching pole. She watched and licked her lips once more. “You hold on to those for now and try not to cum in them. I want you to fill these when I’m done.” With that, she slowly lifted her skirt to reveal a pair of bright orange silky briefs with a wide band of lace at the waist and cute lace around the leg openings. She turned around so I could see her beautiful ass and I could see that they had a naughty seam up the back that made her ass look incredible.

She said, “Don’t move, I’ll be right back. I want to get my vibrator so that I can really soak these panties for you.” She slipped out of my room with her skirt up around her waist and I heard go into her bedroom. While she was gone, I continued to stroke myself in purple panties. I was leaking pre-cum profusely and was leaving a large wet spot in her dirty panties.

Just then, she re-entered my room now clutching a small silver bullet vibrator in her hand and pulled my computer chair out from my desk. She pushed it over to the head of my bed and sat down with her legs spread wide.

I could see her wooly bush through her orange panties as she reached into the leg hole and spread her swollen lips open to reveal her swollen clit. It stood right up, begging to be flicked into cumming. Her panties were so silken and sheer that I could actually see her clit throbbing with her heartbeat. It was just about the sexiest thing I had ever seen in my 18 years on this planet.

“Watch your mother cum in her panties, you naughty boy.” She said sweetly as she turned on the vibrator and held it to her clit through her silky panties. She handed me the speed control and told me to use it as I saw fit. She noticed how much I was leaking into her purple panties and told me not to touch it anymore as the pent up load in my huge nuts were for her orange panties. “Just watch.” She said. “I don’t want you cumming too soon. I want to watch you fill my dirty wet panties with your nut.” With that, she began to rub the vibrator up down over her very swollen clit.

I needed to cum bad, so I turned the vibrator up to full speed and watched as she made small ataköy otele gelen escort circular movements over her clit. “Ooooh,” she said rather thickly. “You want Mommy to cum quickly, don’t you? Keep it at full and I’ll soak my panties in no time, you naughty boy.

As she said that, I noticed a wet spot begin to grown in the crotch of her panties. The faster she frigged herself, the bigger the spot became. She was so close to my head, that I could smell her juices as they soaked her sexy silky panties. She was really working the vibrator on her clit and told me to watch as she was very close to losing it in her panties. She pressed the little bullet hard into now sopping panties and told me to look her in the eyes. When I looked up into her flushed face she began to cum hard in her silky panties. Her whole body shook with a tremendous force and the spot in her panties grew even bigger. She had so much juice it was running down into the crack of her ass, soaking her panties even more.

When she finally came down from her cloud her panties were so wet, it looked like she had peed in them. “When your mother gets overly excited, she squirts dear. You just made Mommy squirt in her panties, bad boy. They are thoroughly soaked and waiting for your load to join the mess I just made.”

She stood and slid her silky panties down her legs. As they pulled away from her wet pussy, I could see them sticking in her obscenely swollen lips. As she dislodged them, there was so much juice from her pussy that it strung from her openness as she pushed them further down her legs. When she had them in her hand, she took the soaking crotch and pushed it into her puffy lips wiping up every bit of juice she had just released from her womaness. “Don’t want any to go to waste.” She said with a sly smile. “I want to make sure they cling to your swollen cock.”

She knelt by the bed next to me and lowered the crotch of her dirty wet panties over my hugely swollen member. I could not remember being so hard. When they silky wetness came into contact with my throbbing cock, I almost shot off without even one single stroke. Her panties were so wet that the crotch clung like tissue paper to my large cock head. You could see my leaking piss slit right through ataköy rus escort them.

She wrapped them around my cock and a large pearl of pre-cum pushed its way through the wet silken material. “Mommy’s boy really must want to cum.” She cooed at the dollop of pre-cum as it joined her already wet panties. “Stroke it for me. Let Mommy watch you cum in her filthy dirty panties.”

I wrapped my fist around my swollen cock and began to pump furiously into her very wet panties. She reached out with her long fingernails and began to lovingly tease my overblown balls. “Let Mommy tease that nut out of you. Let me tickle those big bloated balls till they empty into my panties.”

She leaned in closer to my panty covered cock and had her lips so close to my swollen head that she was almost touching it. She stuck her tongue out and gently swiped it across the leaking head of my penis. It was all too much for me and I grunted deep in my throat and said, “Mommy, I’m gonna cum in your dirty wet panties. I can’t hold it any longer. Your panties are so naughty and you’re teasing my balls so much!”

“Go ahead.” She said, “Cum in Mommy’s panties. Show me how you fill them with your hot seed. Let that big pent up load go in Mommy’s panties”

She was using both hands on my balls now and I couldn’t hold back any longer. With a grunt I began to cum hard in her panties. I looked down and watched as the first blast pushed through the wet material of her silky orange panties. To my ultimate surprise, she stuck her tongue into the large blob of cum clinging to her panties and lapped at the mess I was shooting. She just kissed and licked as my load kept cumming and cumming. Mom’s lips were totally covered with my seed and her dirty panties were saturated.

As my shots began to dwindle down, she loving kissed the head then sat back on her haunches licking up the mess I had deposited on her luscious lips. When all evidence of my nut had been consumed by my sexy ass mom, she stood and took the panties from around my cock cleaning it up as she did so. She held them up looking at the very wet messy crotch and then, much to my amazement, stepped into them pulling them back up her sexy legs and back into place over her still wet pussy.

“Mmmm,” she said as she pushed my cum into her soaking pussy, “these will come in handy later when I need to cum again. I’ll let you know when that is so you can watch me make them even filthier. From now on, honey, just ask me when you need to pop a nut in my dirty panties. They are yours for the asking.

As she left the room, I lay there thinking that life was going to be good from here on in!



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