Mommy catches you masterbating….Well first, I walk into your room and dont know that you are home… It had been awhile since I saw last because you have been working at your new job so much lately… It had only been a few weeks since you got home for the summer from college, and I was celebrating having you bahis siteleri in the house again…You dont even notice me, since you are propped up on the other side of the bed, half naked with your dick hanging out…I dont notice you, but you see, im being sneaky too…I was seeing if you were home so that canlı bahis I could have a cigarette… youve never seen mommy in such a hott outfit…or smoke before… I light my cigarette just as Im about to leave the room, and you hear something and moan…I come around the side of the bed and see you masterbating… güvenilir bahis of course, I stick my sexy little cigarette behind my back so that you wont notice… you open your eyes and see me standing above you…your cock already hard in your hands…I can tell that you think I am furious…your cock goes limp automatically… and then…I put the cigarette up to my lips …gazing at you… puff on it, and gently whisper, standing above you….Dont stop…. Show mommy how you do it… **puff** **pufff**Happy Mother’s Day…



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