mom sacrificeevisit on to see top rated homemade porn I’m a 33-year-old single mother living with my 16-year-old son; I fell pregnant with him on the first time of having sex and have never had a man since. Caring for my son, on my own in the early years, took up all the time that I had and a social life was out of the question, I’ve never really think about men now. We have a good relationship, me and my son, we have always done things together, especially in the early years, like having a bath together, sleeping in my bed, I only stopped it when he was eleven, when I came conscious of her watching me dry myself after having a bath together.I do worry about him not having a male figure in his life, telling him about the facts of life and such as, I am not the most clued up person when it relating to the male body either.At work the other day, one of the group of woman I have lunch with, told us all about how she had found her son masturbating in the bathroom. He had forgot to bolt the door as she went barging in for the toilet and caught him red handed, she hurried out not knowing where to put herself. She also said that he goes through her underwear drawer and there are silvery trails of his pre cum glistening on the gussets of her knickers and inside her bra cups. Her son is a year younger than mine is and it never crossed my mind that my son or any male would do these thingsI examined my knicker drawer when I was changing out of my work clothes that night, but my knickers were just as I put them away. I wonder if my son had been affected with not having a male around him, I should really have given him a fathers talk sometime ago but I was a bit embarrass to. After tea Edward said he had homework to do then he would go for a shower, I waited a couple of minutes after the water had started to run and went upstairs. As always, the door was ajar, as he had nothing to hide from his mother. I waited at the door as the water stopped and the curtain swished opened, my son stood naked, fumbling for the towel, his manhood long and thick hanging down his leg. I shot back in to my bedroom in sheer terror not wanting to be caught.My little baby is no more, how did I not notice him turning in to a man. He looked a lot bigger than the cock what made my pregnant all those years ago. Now I am flustered at what to do, he looked so big and it was soft.It’s been 16 years since I last seen a cock and never give it a thought to what affect it would have on me seeing one again. I sat on the bed to think and my breathing became more erratic. I looked down at myself, my nipples hard and showing through my tee shirt, I rarely wear a bra at home with only 36c tits but this was a time I should have. “Mam I’m going to bed now”“Right Edward I’ll come and see you when you’re in”I heard Edward moving in his bed so I went to say goodnight, I sat on the bed asking him about girls at school but he was not very forthcoming, maybes a bit shy. I left him to it and went to bed myself.Lunch time at work the next day, one of the woman said that she buys condoms for her son, its better to make sure he’s safe than to make me a granny she said. I popped in to the chemists on the way home, buying a box of them, still not knowing how to approach the subject to my son.I lay in bed at night wondering what you do with condoms, I’ve never seen one or used one so how can I tell my son what to do with them.At work the next day, I told the woman with the masturbating c***d of my problem, if I didn’t understand about sex, how could I teach my son. She had the answer, porn, and she would fetch some DVDs in for me tomorrow.I waited for Edward to go to bed, turned the TV down low and started to watch, I was surprised what went on, gorgeous looking woman sucking cocks and all the sex they had was starting to turn my feelings on.I watched them masturbate, men and woman and doing it to each other. I couldn’t help my hand finding my breast as I followed a girl doing the same on the screen. Before I knew, I had my jeans undone and my hand inside my panties.“Mam are you alright, the light was on” said EdwardI froze with my hand in my panties; I had no option than to tell him the truth.“I was trying to learn about sex so I could talk to you about the facts of life”“Mam you don’t have to, I know the basics from school”I turned to where he was standing and saw his might hard cock poking the front of his pyjamas out, then heard the DVD still playing and some girl sucking and slurping on some cock. He was watching the DVD and it was making him big.“Would you like to sit down and watch?”I slid my hand from my panties and saw him watch me as I did, we sat watching the DVD and it looked like he had a tent pole in his pyjamas. He squirmed about on the sofa pressing his arm over his cock to keep it down.“Mam, why do you have to learn about sex?”“I don’t really know anything about sex, I only did it once when I was young and I’m starting to realise, I know nothing when the women at work start talking about it”“Have you never been with any one else”“No, just your father, then I had you to look after and I sort of never missed it”“Is that why you are watching this”“Partly and to be a good mother and tell you about things”“I think I know more than you already, we learn it at school”“Do you know about condoms and putting them on?”“Yes that’s easy, we did that at school with a carrot, I could show you but I haven’t any condoms”“I have some”“Why do yon have condoms?”“This woman at work buys them for her teenager son and I was going to do the same for you”“Maaam, I would need a girlfriend first, they could be out of date before then”“Oh well you might show me how to use one”“You really don’t know about sex do you”“No, I’m sorry if you feel let down by me”“Come here mam, we can help each other, I don‘t know much about how girls think, you can teach me that and I can tell you what I know”He pulled my head on to his chest and cuddled me in, I could see his cock through the slit of his pyjamas and it looked big. We watched a bit more of the DVD as he cuddled me in, it was very explicit. His hand rested on my tummy and as he moved it about, it kept lifting my tit up, I was starting to have unnatural feelings towards my son and what was he thinking, canlı bahis playing with his mothers tit..“I think we better go to bed, it’s getting late,” I saidHe stood up not even embarrassed that his cock was pushing the material of his pyjamas out in front of him.“Night mam” as he left the roomAt work the next day the woman asked how the DVD was, I said that my son caught me watching it and he looked so turned on by it. She said I had nothing to worry about; it looked like he was a normal red-blooded teenager and probably scans the internet for porn. He’ll have photos or movie clips to wank to somewhere, that’s what my son has.She was right, I went through his computer when he was at football after school that night and found a stack of photos. They were all of mature woman, no young girls, just woman like me, mothers with all their lumps and bumps wearing normal bras and knickers and some in panty girdles.I saw another file called S&M and opened it to find mothers with young boys fucking them, is that what he likes sons and mothers, as there were loads of different pictures. The women were normal looking, not some done up model come actress, and they looked just like me. The boys had some awful big cock on them and I’m beginning to think I have missed so much in my life. The time I had sex, it hurt and it looked half the size to these in the pictures. Its time I started looking for a man, but I have so much to learn. Next thing is, what do I do with my son desirer of older women, have I made him to lust after older women because that’s how he was fetched up. I’ll think more about it after looking at the photos some more. I found that he had video clips as well and I started to get turned on watching them.“Mam, I’m back, are you there,” Edward shouted up the stairs“Yes I’m coming”He had his tea before going for a shower and I sneaked another look at my son, he was already out of the shower and drying himself“Do you want the toilet mam?” he said“Sorry I thought you were finished”He went on drying himself as he past me, the towel open at the front showing his manhood off to his mam. What with seeing the photos and videos and now my naked son, I am now all hot and bothered, feeling a sexual desire never felt before. Edward was in his bedroom doing his homework and I went to watch some TV, I wasn’t watching it but thinking all about his photos and clips and getting sexual feelings again.I was lost daydreaming when Edward sat next to me“What you watching mam”He cuddled in to me and I felt his hand slip behind my back, he just had his pyjamas on and I could see the outline of his cock growing down his leg. His hand began to slide on to my tummy and it lifted my breast at the same time. I felt my breathing getting faster and I daren’t move a muscle, he just wanted a cuddle and he happened to touch my breast, that was all and the best thing to think right now.“Maaam when will you tell me about girls”“What do you want to know?”“Why they tease you and lead you on then want nothing to do with you the next day”“What do you mean lead you on?”“They say they want to do it, then when they see my thing, they don’t, I’m finished with girls my age from now”“Have you done it a lot?”“Just twice but been lead on loads of other times”I can’t believe what I’m hearing; my son has had sex twice as many times as his mother“Are you careful?”“Yes I am, all the time, I don’t want a STI”“A what”“Sexually transmitted infection”“Oh, and is that common”“Yes, you have to be very careful now mam and you better make sure he has one fitted, it‘s best to take your own as well”“I don’t think I’ll ever be near a man now with all these infections and things,” I saidWe sat watching the TV and his hand kept nudging my breast, it’s not right for your son to do this but it felt nice. I feel a bit sorry for him now, with being lead on with all those young girls. I can understand now why he looks at mature porn, they are not teases, the mothers are so obliging, wanting the best for their sons. I started to think if I should be like that, I would do any thing for my son.The next day he went to school and I pulled a sickie from work and went straight on to his computer, I sat watching all his clips over and over again, I was getting sexually turned on watching these young big cocks getting their mothers excited.I’ve might not of has sex for years but I listen to the women at work talking about being turn on with sex and now I know what they are talking about. The more I watch the more desire I have to see my own sons cock.I thought of the DVD the other night and how I had my hand in my panties, I lay down on my sons bed, the clips still playing on the computer and slipped my fingers inside my pussy just like the mother on the screen.It’s something I rarely do, play with myself but this felt so right, coming to a powerful orgasm on his bed, if only he knew what his mother had done. I had better get myself sorted, it was nearly home time for Edward and I have been at his computer nearly all day.I waited until Edward was in bed that night, thinking all the time how to approach him, then I remembered he said he would show me how to use a condom. I went in to his room, condom in hand“Are you going to show me how to use these”He was in bed and looked startled with my request“Ok mam, but we need something to put it on”“Can we not try it over a finger?”“Not really it needs to grip on the sides to unroll it down”“Oh, I can’t think of anything can you?”“You can practise on me,” he said in a jokey sort of way“No we couldn’t do that, it doesn’t seem right”“I don’t mine, really mam”He seemed very willing, pushing the bedclothes off the bed and pulled his pyjamas over his semi erect manhood before I could even speak. It started to lift off his leg and point skywards; he did not care or mind that his mother was watching. I remembered about his video clips of mothers playing with there sons cocks and wondered if this was his fantasy come true. The sight of his manhood sent shivers through my body, his big bulbous end sat like some mushroom on his shaft.He held his cock as I ripped the packet open“Hold the tip end between your fingers in one hand and with your other hand use your finger and thumb to unroll it down my willy”I was so nervous touching bahis siteleri my sons cock; I held the tip of the condom and hovered it over his end willing my other hand to move“It’s alright mam, let me help”He gripped my fingers together around his cock end, it felt so hard and he started to move them down over the bulbous end. I felt a tingle between my legs as he held me fingers on to his cock.“You can do it now,” he saidHe pulled his fingers away and with my circled fingers, I began unrolling the condom. His cock twitched and pulsed on my fingers and I could feel him gently pushing himself up and down through my fingers.“Maaam”“What, is something wrong”Before I knew he gripped my hand around his shaft and let out a moan, the tip of the condom I was holding started to fill and I quickly let go of it. He give a few quick thrusts of his shaft through our hands and I could feel it pumping through my hand.We looked at each other“Sorry mam I got a bit carried away”I was speechless, what could I say, my son had just ejaculated and my hand was around his cock at the time. The tip of the condom filled with his white seed as he strained and his cock twitched.“I’m sorry mam, I didn‘t mean it to happen”“Its all right, did it feel nice”“Mam you can’t ask that”His cock was beginning to soften now and it felt alive as I held it in my hand“You can take your hand off it now mam”“Oh sorry, I didn’t think, this is my first willy I have held and been this close to”“But you have had sex” he said“I saw it as he put it back in his trouser and that was it,” I said“You can keep a hold of it if you want mam, you know some girls even lick and suck willies”“Have you had yours sucked?” I asked“No, I sometimes wonder if I can catch something off their mouths so I have never let anyone”“I see, is there any thing you would like to know from me”“Not really, but, you know when you have your nipples sucked, does it turn you on” “I don’t know, I’ve never had them sucked”“What never”“No, I’ve only ever been with a boy once and he wanted something else”“Would you let me touch one, seeing you have touched me”“That wouldn’t be right, I‘m your mam”“I’m your son and I let you see my willy”“Just a quick touch then”I lifted my tee shirt up over one of my breasts, my nipple were sticking out proud and his finger touched it, it definitely did something to me, before I knew what I was doing I had shifted up the bed and holding my breast for him to suck. His tongue flicked over my nipple and he began to gently suck on it.I pulled at my tee shirt with my other hand and finally got it off my head, I then surrendered my two breasts to my son, holding each one up as he swap from one to another. This felt so nice; he sucked them just as he had when he was a baby.It was worth having the day off work and watching the mother clips on his computer, I would never of knowing the fulfilment a son could give his mother. He was sending feeling through my pussy and the more I pictured the clips, the more I wanted my son to go further.“Would you like to see more?”He nodded and I stood up with my nipples sticking straight out and began to undo my jeans “Remember I‘m your mother, not some stick thin girl” “I know mam that’s why I like you”I slid my jeans down my legs and stood only in my panties, I wished I’d wore some better ones I thought to myself.“Are you sure?” I askedEdward nodded again and I slipped my thumbs in to the waist of my panties, slowly revealing my unkempt hairy bush. I could see the sheer joy spread on his face as my pussy came in to view.“Maaam”It sounded like he was going to come again as I lifted my leg from my knickers and probably giving him a flesh of my lips, which by now were beginning to tingle with excitement and pleasure. I stood in front of my son offering every bit of me for his pleasure and saw that his condom had slipped off his cock, it was starting to grow again. He was getting aroused as much as I was.“Mam you’re beautiful”“I wouldn’t go as far as that”I’m five three in height with mousy colour shoulder length hair, I take a 36c bra with size ten panties which have to cover a very hairy mousy colour bush, I might be starting with a mothers tummy, but I try not to think about that.I offered my hand and pulled him from his bed, leading him in to my bedroom, his pyjamas slipping off his feet as we walked. I felt nervous and excited at the same time; I never had this feeling the first time I had sexual contact with a mam.We lay down together on the bed, my hand finding his cock hard again and I felt his fingers over my bush. Instinctively I parted my legs, letting my son touch his mother’s pussy. He was soft and gentle, the opposite to my only time of letting a man down there, how dose he know what to do.I felt moist down there and he parted me, softly slipping his finger in between my lips. He starts to suck on my nipple as his finger starts to penetrate me. The palm of his hand was on my clit and I’m feeling the vibration coming from it, in rhythm with his finger.“Oh Edward, Edward” I cry out His cock is pounding in my hand and I can her his muffled moans coming from my tit“Edward I’m”This sensation built up in my body and exploded with vigour deep inside my pussy, I pulled his head in to my tit as they heaved up and down with my breathing. My legs nip tight shut against his hand, giving me a more intense feeling as his finger was squashed against my pussy lips.“Oooooh Edward”I held his hand still against my pussy as ripples of intense feeling flowed from deep inside, I could hardly breathe with sheer excitement of my first orgasm by a man. Edwards cock twitched and jumped in my hand and I so wanted to suck it and please him.I pushed him on to his back and shuffled down the bed on my side, his cock still in my hand looked big and anger with liquid leaking from his slit. I tentative touched his cock with my tongue and knew what I had to do after watching his video clips.Here go’s, mouth stretch wide open, I gently lower on to my sons manhood“Oh Maaam”Sliding up and down I began to relax, it wasn’t that bad if not a little sticky. I could feel him thrusting himself into my mouth“Maaam,”I felt his pressure squeeze past my hand and before I could do any thing, he shot a jet of his seed in to my mouth. I pulled off güvenilir bahis not really knowing what to do and unsure if I liked the taste.I watched his cock keep spewing warm creamy cum out, the first few squirts shooting six inches in to the air, right in front of my face. It didn’t want to stop ejaculating, by now it was running down on to my hand.I tasted what shot in to my mouth, a slightly bitter taste, better than expected but I won’t be swallowing this time, I was happy just to watch it flow out. My son looked exhausted, he was breathing long and slow now “Past a tissue from the top” I askedI cleaned his mess up from his cock and my hand, giving his cock a kiss good night as that’s what I seen on the clips. We were naked and we cuddled in together“Thanks mam”“It’s thank you Edward, you have giving me feeling I have never had before”“You have done things to me I have never had either mam”It was the next morning when I woke up, next to me laid my naked son sleeping like a baby. It was Saturday and nothing to get up for; I waited for him to stir and kissed his forehead when he woke. He looked startled when I spoke to him, then pleased when he realised where he was.I smiled at him and ran my hand over his body, I so enjoyed last night that I wanted him to please me again. His cock was hard when a touched it and the look on his face said it all.He kissed my breast again and again, making my nipple hard. His hand made circles on my tummy and getting larger each time until he found my bush. My body began to tingle as his mouth kissed it way down me; he was well learnt as he took his time and put his mother at ease.I parted and raised my legs and he climbed in between them and lay down on his front, the only time a man has seen me there was when he was born, now he’s there again, looking where he came from.His fingers caressed the inside of my legs, and then little kisses followed, working up to my pussy. It was now I had an urge to pull him in to me as his tongue penetrated my pussy, I felt on fire as his tongue tickled my insides.“Oooh Edward, that’s nice”I could feel my self-beginning to move my pussy in to his face, back and forth and held his head tighter in to me. His nose rubbed my clit sending pleasure through my body and his tongue darted around my now relaxed pussy.The urge to come was immense, I kept holding back wanting more pleasure from his tongue and finally I couldn’t hold back any longer. I just about lifted myself upright as my orgasm hit me, holding him tight against my pussy; pulse after pulse fired through my pussy muscles.“Edward I’m coming”My body froze, my breathing heavy and fast, my pussy felt awash of my juice and his tongue darted and licked my insides, giving an extra sensation. I moaned and panted aloud, now realizing why the mother on the clips did what they did.My orgasm started to subside but my son was still licking his mother’s fanny with passion, he had made me wet and was sucking and slurping on my juice. I want him so desperate inside me, I thought to myself; I need to feel his cock in me. I want my son to make love to me.“Edward come on me”He kissed his way up me, sucking on each nipple and sending an extra tingle through my body“Make love to me,” I askedEdward climbed off me and on to his knees; he doesn’t want to fuck his mam, I think to myself“Edward what’s wrong, make love to me”“I will but I need a condom”“Oh Edward I forgot about that”I past one from my top drawer, he expertly feed it on to his manhood and guided himself towards me. He was ever so gentle, rubbing his cock up and down my slit, parting my lips and dipping his cock in and out of me.He had me relaxed and was teasing me, I wanted more of him inside and he climbed on top of me again. Stretch out on his arms over me, I could see the concentrations on his face as he made little thrusts, pushing in past my lips.He gently pushed in, spreading and filling my pussy with his manhood. I didn’t fight his cock from entering me like my first time, I was willing him to pound it deep in to the recesses of my pussy.I’ve never had to stretch my legs as wide or had my pussy filled as much since I give birth to him, he felt so big inside me and he was gentle too. He was puffing like a train and I felt him started to push a little harder in to me.“Are you alright mam?” he askedI nodded as feelings began to circulate around my body, I wondered how long my pussy lips were going to be as they sucked hard on to his thrusting cock. The ramming of his cock sent tremors around my pussy and I started to understand the feeling of sex.I had my eyes shut as my head twisted and turned on the pillow and I felt my chest and tits heaving up and down. I began squeezing my breasts with both hands, rubbing my raging nipples through my finger and thumb, I was in heaved.“Maaam”Oh fuck my boys coming, he feels like a train as his piston slides in and out of me, a constant thrust each time fills my wanting pussy full. I’m panting and moaning aloud, I don’t know what’s coming over me“Edward I’m coming as well”He kept his pounding going, grunting and puffing over the top of me“Maaam”“Edward, Edward”He pushes one last thrust deep in to my pussy and his body tenses up and he grunts, his cock is throbbing in my pussy as my orgasm grips it tight, wave after wave of pleasure fills my pussy. His cock beats like a heart pumping his seed out.Our orgasms begin to subside and all I wanted to do is pull him down on to me, to kiss him passionately. I pull at his arm.“Mam I’ve got to get off”He pulled his cock from my pussy, it felt all wet and sticky and very empty“What’s wrong Edward? What’s wrong?”“Nothing mam the condoms held, I just wanted to make sure”“Thank you Edward, you are so thoughtful” He knelt between my raise legs, probably looking at my open hole as it leaked my first cock-encouraged orgasm. His cock hung limp and dangling on the end was a very full pouch of his seed, the condom had certainly worked.I lay still, unable to move as he pulled the condom off and dropped it on the floor, his head then came over mine. It looked like he wants to kiss me as much as I did with him, he hesitated and I pulled him down. Our lips touched then his tongue penetrated my lips, the last time I kissed like this was 16 years ago.“Mam your kiss like a teenage girl” he said after some time“Is that good”“Very good”“Edward, I feel like a teenager and you are my first real boyfriend who made love to me”remaining story you can continue on website



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