Julie was making the three and a half hour drive on Friday night to visit her son Josh and his wife Rachel for the weekend.

It had been two months since the weekend of hot sex that Julie and Josh had enjoyed together. As she drove Julie couldn’t help but think about how wonderful that weekend had been. She was also anticipating the fun this weekend may bring.

For the first few days after their weekend together Julie and Josh had shared text messages referencing the fun they had. After that nothing more was mentioned.

Julie had become uncertain as to whether her son was still interested in having her be his slut again? On their weekend together she told Josh what he should do whenever he wanted her in that role. She knew if it was to happen again the next move was up to her son.

When Josh had called her to invite his mom for a weekend visit he also mentioned that Rachel had a friends baby shower to attend on that Saturday afternoon. After telling Julie that his wife would be gone two to three hours Josh said “that should be enough time for a slut mom to satisfy her son’s desires.”

At hearing her son’s words Julie’s heart began pounding with excitement. It certainly answered her question regarding Josh’s interest and she quickly replied “yes it should. I even know a slut mom who would enjoy that.”

Julie was already feeling horny when she arrived at her son’s house on that Friday night. Rachel was in the bathroom when Josh opened the door to welcome his mom. After giving her a hug and telling her he was happy to see her Josh whispered “I hope my slut is ready to pleasure my cock tomorrow.”

Before Rachel walked in to greet her mother-in-law Julie told her son “you’re going to drive me crazy saying things like that.”

For the rest of the evening Julie, Josh, and Rachel got caught up on everything going on in each others lives. As Julie laid in bed that night she couldn’t resist masturbating while thinking about being her son’s slut again. All she kept thinking about was having his big cock in her cunt again.

The next day Rachel left for the baby shower at a little after 1PM. She had only been gone for a few minutes when Josh smiled at his mom and said “now that we’re finally alone slut we need to go into the bedroom.”

Julie had been anxiously waiting all morning for this moment. Her stomach was churning with excitement as Josh followed her into the bedroom where she had slept. Josh instructed his mom “now strip down to your panties slut.”

Julie could already feel wetness between her legs as she removed her clothes. The first time she had undressed with Josh watching she felt embarrassed. This time Julie felt only excitement. She liked knowing that her mature mom body and her large fat butt excited her son.

After Julie had stripped to her white Just My Size full cut nylon panties Josh instructed her to get on the bed. He told his mom to get on her hands and knees with her butt towards him.

When Julie had gotten in position Josh rubbed her butt with his hand and commented “oh god yes, I love this view! I love seeing your big butt in your underpants. I can even see that sexy butt crack through your panties.”

Julie giggled and said “oh my god Josh, you’re embarrassing me.”

Her son responded “don’t be embarrassed slut. Seeing you like this in your big underpants really makes my cock get hard.”

As Josh rubbed his hands on Julie’s butt cheeks he bent over. He pushed his nose into his mom’s panties near her butthole and began to inhale deeply. While smelling Julie’s butthole Josh said “oh god mom, it turns me on so much to smell your butt. I really love pushing my nose right into your pooper and enjoying your sweet aroma.”

Julie moaned and said “mmmm, I do love having a man smell my butt. Oh yea, smell it Josh. smell it good.”

As Josh continued sniffing his mom’s big butt Julie rubbed her pussy through her panties. She was so turned on that her panties were already wet.

After a few minutes Josh stood up. He had his mom turn around and sit on the edge of the bed. Josh stood in front of her and as he removed his shirt he told Julie “now pull my shorts and underwear down together slut.”

Josh’s crotch was virtually at eye level for his mom and the large bulge in his shorts was quite obvious. As Julie pulled everything down her son’s thick ten inch cock sprung out at full attention. Julie sighed and said “oh my god, I just love seeing your cock so hard for me.”

Josh told his mom “well don’t just look at it slut, suck it.”

Julie took hold of her son’s thick cock. As she put her lips over the head she massaged his big ball sack with her other hand.

Josh illegal bahis had his hands on Julie’s head as he watched his mom licking and sucking his big excited penis. He was already moaning from the pleasure and said to her “oh mom. I do love how you suck my cock. You’re such a good slut.”

As Julie continued to lick and suck her son’s cock she kept saying how much she loved taking his big cock in her mouth. After several minutes of enjoying his mom’s oral skills Josh told her “I would really love to fill your slut mouth with a big load of cum but I have some other idea’s for you right now.”

Josh took the pillows from the head of the bed and placed them behind where his mom was sitting. He then went over to the dresser and removed some ropes that he’d earlier placed inside a drawer.

Julie made a comment about the ropes and her son told her “I’m sure you will enjoy what I have planned. I know how much sluts like to be tied up and used.”

His mom smiled and said “oh yea, and this slut really likes it. Tie me up and use me however you want.”

Josh moved back in front of Julie and said “keep your legs hanging over the edge of the bed then lay your head back on to the pillows.”

When Julie laid back Josh had her place her arms straight out on the bed above her head. He tied one end of each rope around his mom’s wrists before looping them around the posts at the far end of the bed. Josh then brought the opposite ends of the ropes to the foot of the bed.

With Julie in the position he’d instructed and her wrists secured to the end of the bed Josh lifted his mom’s feet and legs. After working her panties down off her fat butt onto her thick thighs he pulled them off. He momentarily spread his mom’s legs and said “oh god yes, your hairy mom cunt looks so sexy. Especially when it’s begging for my cock.”

After rubbing and fingering his mom’s pussy Josh took the opposite ends of the ropes. He used them to individually secure each of Julie’s ankles back over her head and she said “oh my god Josh, I can’t believe you’re tying me in this position but I love it.”

When Josh was done Julie was tied with her legs spread wide. Her pussy and butt were fully accessible for her son’s pleasure. He looked at his mom and as he began stroking his erect cock he said “now I’m really going to have some fun slut.”

Josh told his mom “I realized after our other weekend together that I never fucked you face to face. This time I’m going to enjoy seeing the expression on your face when I’m fucking you with my big cock.”

Josh kind of chuckled as he said “every son should have the pleasure of seeing his mom’s face when she has his cock inside her.”

Julie moaned and said “oh my god Josh. you’ve got me so turned on I can hardly stand it. I am so ready for your cock again.”

Josh was still stroking his cock as he looked at his mom and told her how sexy she was. He then said “I guarantee you will be getting my cock but right now I think you need a little more foreplay. I’m going to make sure your slut cunt is hot and horny before you get the pleasure of having it filled with my cock.”

Josh rubbed his mom’s pussy and as he pushed two fingers into her wet cunt Julie moaned out “oh god yes.”

After fingering his mom for a minute or so Josh got down on his knees at the edge of the bed. He used the fingers on both hands to spread open Julie’s pussy lips.

Josh then looked between his mom’s legs directly at her face and said “keep watching me mom. I want you to see what your own son looks like when he’s eating your wet slimy slut cunt.”

Without any further hesitation Josh pushed his tongue deep into his mom’s wet slippery hole. Julie screamed out “oh god yes Josh, eat it. Eat your mom’s cunt.”

Josh began to furiously lick and eat Julie’s pussy. He pushed his nose into her wet hole then he spread her lips open further and pressed his face into her cunt.

Julie was watching every movement he made and it was more excitement than she could take. She began moving her hips and screamed with pleasure as her body trembled from her orgasm.

As Josh ate Julie’s cunt he pushed a finger deep into her butthole. Over the next several minutes he finger fucked his mom’s butt as he continued to give her extreme oral pleasure. Julie kept screaming “oh Josh, oh Josh, you’re making mom’s pussy so happy. Your mom is so turned on right now!”

When Josh stopped eating his mom’s pussy Julie commented “oh my god that was incredible. I don’t know how much more I could have taken.”

As Josh stood back up Julie looked between her spread legs and could see her son’s thick erect cock. Josh smiled at his mom and asked “how illegal bahis siteleri about if I show you a magic trick that I know?”

Julie was curious and asked about the trick. Her son told her “I can make a ten inch thick salami completely disappear right before your eyes.”

His mom responded “oh god yes, I would love to see that trick.”

Josh moved directly between Julie’s legs. He held his cock against her pussy and counted “one.”

As he put the tip of his cock head between her pussy lips he slowly counted “two.”

Julie was biting her lip with anticipation as she looked between her legs at her son’s big erect penis. Josh remained in that position and said “now watch closely mom.”

After a few more seconds Josh suddenly counted “three.”

As Julie watched her son, all ten inches of his thick cock disappeared into her cunt with one quick thrust. She instantaneously screamed out with pleasure “oh Josh!”

As her son began to thrust his cock in and out of her pussy Julie told him “oh my god, your trick was amazing. I’ve never seen so much meat disappear so quickly.”

Josh asked his mom if she would like to see it again and she immediately replied “oh god yes, please!”

Her son removed his cock from her pussy then repeated the scenario. Julie again screamed with pleasure and said “oh my god Josh. I can’t believe how quickly you can make that big salami disappear and fill my cunt.”

Julie continued screaming “oh god yes fuck my pussy. Fuck my pussy with your big cock and don’t stop!”

Josh was giving his mom all ten inches of his cock and she was loving it. This was the first time Julie had been in a position to watch her son as he fucked her. She couldn’t take her eyes off her son’s big cock as it moved in and out of her pussy.

Having Julie’s ankles tied back over her head allowed Josh to have maximum penetration into his mom’s pussy. He kept a firm grip on her thick thighs as he continued to fuck her deep and hard.

As Julie watched her son she continued to squeal with pleasure and told him “oh my god Josh, your cock is so deep in my cunt. I’ve never felt anything so wonderful.”

Josh was thoroughly enjoying himself as well. He loved looking at his mom’s small tits and seeing the pleasure on her face as he fucked her.

Despite the hard fast fucking he was giving his mom Josh felt like he was very much in control of his pleasure. He looked directly at his mom and said “I hope you’re ready for the fucking of your life slut. I’m going to ride your cunt forever.”

Julie continued to moan with pleasure and orgasm multiple times over the next several minutes. She was amazed by her son’s stamina as she kept watching Josh’s hard cock going in and out of her pussy.

Julie knew she truly was getting “the fucking of her life” and screamed “oh my god Josh you are making your mom’s cunt so happy. Fuck me! Keep fucking me and don’t stop. I love your cock so much!”

It had been nearly ten minutes since Josh had first shoved his cock into Julie’s hairy horny pussy when he groaned loudly and said “oh god mom, I’m really gonna fill your cunt with cum!

Josh buried his cock deep into Julie’s cunt as he began to ejaculate. He grunted and groaned while repeatedly saying “oh yea, oh yea.”

Julie’s eyes rolled to the back of her head and as Josh shot several streams of thick white sperm into her pussy she screamed out “oh god yes Josh, fill your mom’s cunt!”

After shooting a massive load of cum into his mom’s cunt Josh slowly removed his cock. Julie sighed and said “oh my god that was so good. I didn’t want it to stop.”

Her son replied “well it’s only going to stop long enough for you to get my cock hard again slut.”

Josh moved to the side of the bed then knelt down beside Julie’s head. He held his cock out and said “suck it mom and get it hard.”

Julie turned her head and her son slid his thick penis into her open mouth. As his mom licked and sucked his penis Josh said “oh yea, that’s the way mom. Lick and suck that big cock. I bet you love tasting your pussy on it.”

It took very little time before Julie had her son’s cock erect again. As Josh removed his cock from his mom’s mouth he commented “it almost amazes me at how fast you can get my cock hard.”

Julie smiled at Josh as she replied “that’s probably because mom’s know what their son’s like.”

After Josh got off the bed he again took something out of the same dresser drawer from where the ropes had been. Julie wasn’t sure what he had until he again positioned himself between her legs. She then watched as her son began to lubricate his erect penis with KY Jelly.

As Josh squeezed canlı bahis siteleri a glob of the lubricant on Julie’s puckered butthole she knew what pleasure she was going to have. Julie squirmed and moaned as Josh used two fingers to work the lubricant into her butthole. She told her son “oh god Josh, I was so hoping for this. Your slut mom really needs to get her butt fucked good today.”

With her ankles still tied back up over her head Julie’s large butt was in the perfect position for her son to have easy access with maximum penetration. After getting both his cock and his mom’s butthole lubricated Josh stood between her legs looking at her hairy pussy and her fat butt.

Josh started rubbing his mom’s thighs and squeezing her big butt cheeks. He told Julie “I really love your big butt mom. I love how white and creamy it is. I even love that its fat and full of cellulite. Everything about your butt is sexy and I get so turned on when I look at it.”

When he stopped rubbing his mom’s butt cheeks Josh began stroking his big cock and said “since your slutty mom pussy is already full of cum it seems that you should have your slutty mom butt filled with cum too.”

He continued on by saying “so tell me mom, tell me if you like getting a cock in your butt?”

Julie eagerly replied “oh my god yes. You know that I do. You know that I love having a cock in my butt and I especially love having your big cock.”

Josh put the tip of his cock against his mom’s butthole and after pushing the thick head past her sphincter he said “since you love it so much there’s no reason to make you wait for it any longer.”

As Julie watched, Josh took a tight grip on her fat butt cheeks then shoved all ten inches of his big penis into her butthole with one quick hard thrust. She screamed out “OH MY GOOOOOD! I wasn’t expecting that!”

Julie continued to scream with pleasure as she looked between her legs and watched her son’s big thick cock sliding in and out of her butthole. She kept repeating “oh my god Josh, oh my god. Fuck my butt, fuck my big mom butt.”

Josh was again grunting and groaning as he said “oh yea mom, now you’re going to get the butt fucking of your life.”

Josh fucked Julie’s butt fast, deep, and hard for about thirty seconds at a time. He would then remove his cock from her butthole and after stroking it a few times he would ask “are you ready for more slut?”

As soon as Julie would reply Josh would put the head of his cock inside her butthole then again shove all ten inches up her pooper with one quick thrust. Each time he would scream out “oh yea mom, I love having my cock in your butt.”

With each time Josh shoved his cock into her butt Julie would again scream with pleasure. She kept saying “oh my god Josh, your cock is so deep. I love it so much. I love having my butt filled with your big cock.”

Julie orgasmed multiple times as her son continued fucking her butt. She had never before had a cock thrust so hard into her butt so many times and Julie knew that she truly was getting the butt fucking of her life.

After several minutes Josh buried his cock deep into his mom’s butt and groaned loudly. As he began to ejaculate he screamed out “oh god yes mom, you’re gonna get a pooper full of cum.”

Julie was in heaven at feeling her son’s cock throb with excitement as it shot multiple streams of semen deep into her butthole. She exclaimed “oh my god yes Josh, fill my butt with your cum!”

Josh’s cock was still partially erect with a strand of cum hanging from it after he removed it from Julie’s butt. As Josh inspected her butthole he said “oh yea mom, I do see a big creamy load of cum up your pooper.”

Josh pulled his mom’s pubic hair aside and as he spread her pussy lips he told her “”oh yea, that pussy is still full of cum too. That’s just what I wanted to see. My mom having both of her slut holes filled with her son’s cum to enjoy all day long.”

Julie wasn’t certain what Josh meant but as she laid there enjoying the moment she commented “oh god, I really love having you fill your mom’s slutty love holes. I could enjoy it every day.”

As Josh moved beside his mom to untie her ankles she said “I’d really love to lick that cum off your cock.”

Julie turned her head and Josh put his flaccid cock near to her mouth. His mom moaned as she licked clean the cum from her son’s cock. As she finished she told Josh “that tasted so good. I could lick your big cock forever.”

After completely untying Julie from the bed, Josh handed his mom her panties. As she pulled them on her son said to her “there will be no cleaning up for you slut. You’re going to let my cum drain into your panties then enjoy wearing them for the rest of the day.”

Julie smiled at her son and said “that does sound like a perfect way to remember that I just had the fucking of my life. I’ll enjoy every minute of wearing my underpants soaked with your cum.”



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