Mom and auntThis is a true story, which happened 2 years ago , it involves myself, my mom and my aunt.First a little about me, I’m 24 so was 22 at the time,I have brown hair, brown eyes, I’m 6ft 2″ very well built, with a shredded 6 back,a straight 9 incher , my mom cathy is 39, she had me at 17, I’d say she stood about 5ft7 , has shoulder length blonde hair, she’s very slim size 8 with an amazing naturally firm FF boobs, my aunt Tina is 43, she started staying with us 3 years ago when her marriage broke down, Tina is about the same size height has cathy my mom, a super toned size 10 and massive and I mean massive fake boobs, I could only guess at a size but that would show you the perfection of them . Let me tell you how this beganI was out drinking with my college pals and I came home absolutely steaming and horny as hell. I came home and got a quick shower, I then got my laptop out and loaded up some mature and young porn. I started wanking slowly when I heard noises in my moms room. I dismiss them and carried on, after about 5 minutes these noises got louder and sounded like moans, so I snook out my room and luckily enough moms door was ajar. It was that moment I seen my moms perfectly toned ass trying to bust out her tight fitting French lingerie , her ass was oh full view and arched up, her head was between my aunts legs.I canlı bahis stood there for a minute thinking what I should do, and like every other horny male I started wanking off to the sight of my moms ass and pink lingerie and the groans of my aunt as moms tongue and fingers got deeper into her cunt.They must of heard my balls slapping as my thrusts got faster and harder, they froze and my aunt looked up at me. Instead of a look of disgust she gave me the sexiest smile and waved me in , mom was a little embarrassed to see her sons cock as hard as a rock in front of her.My aunt Tina asked me what I had seen, I told her I had only been there 5 mins, Tina then came out with. “You missed me ramming your moms ass with the dildo then ” my mom blushed as she came out with that but I only grew longer and harder of the thought of her ass being pounded .Tina then asked cathy what to do as they’ve been caught in the act. Moms suggestion was to buy me something but tinas was a lot more sexier. Tina told me to get on the bed and lie down, I was a little awary as I was hard as a rock still, but I did so.Tina then grabbed my throbbing cock and started wanking me off, mom looked uneasy and went to get a drink of water, my aunt had a lace bra that only just fitted her boobs, no pants so I could see the cum on her well looked after cunt. bahis siteleri When mom was out of the room Tina bent over me and whispered “tonight your going to fuck me and your mom” I shook in excitement of what she said , Tina then started sucking me off, her tongue was moist and soft, as my cock was deep in her throat mom walked in .”What are you doing Tina that’s my son” cathy smiled and replied “get here and taste this dick” mom refused but stayed stood on the door way whilst Tina carried on, I started fondling her breasts as she went, they felt amazing, her nipples was up so hard , after a couple minutes of mind blowing blow job of my aunt I looked up and saw mom fingering herself.I invited her over , and this time she came . Tina smile and gave mom my cock and she wasted no time in sucking me off, Tina then climbed over me and sat her tight wet cunt on my face, I started licking it and the taste was incredible, so there we was mom sucking me off, I was licking my aunts cunt and fingering mom all at the same time.We swapped positions so I could lick my moms cunt and Tina lowered herself on to my cock,you would never of thought my mom had given birth, her lips wore all flush together , no loose ends , I licked wildly at her cunt. Tina warned me they was both heavy squirters but she she finished her sentence moms legs güvenilir bahis buckled, she squirted violently in my face and her cunt juices filled my mouth up with a juice that I could call heaven.Moms body shook with orgasm as I carried on fucking Tina, Tina loved being on top of me and riding my cock deep in her pussy, mom said to fuck Tina till she orgasmed then it was her turn . I turned Tina over so she was on her back, her legs on my shoulders and I driver deep into her, her groans became shouts and mom sat at the side playing with herself.Tina cummed as I started to fuck her from behind, her juices covered the bed and was no longer usuable, I turned to mom and she had the sexiest look in her eyes , I layed her down on the soft rug in her bedroom, rubbed my cock around her soaking cunt, and eased it in, I was now 9 inch deep into my moms cunt and she was scratching my back with ecstasy, I bent her over to see her ass was as tight as her cunt , I played with it and started to force my hard throbbing cock in her ass , I pounded away and Tina joined in and fucked mom with the dildo from earlier.I was minutes away from shooting my load as mom orgasmed again, more juices came and I licked them all up, I then turned her over and got her legs on my shoulders so I could bury my cock deep into her cunt, I was ready to cum , I grabbed both breasts and forced it all deep into her. She groaned as I exploded.We all layed there for 5 minutes and Tina said ” can we do this more often” Since that night I’ve fucked my mom and aunt nearly every night now.



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