Mistis’ Adventures Part 179Dolly had made the big jump with Wayne, from going out nearly every night, to moving in with him. She had let her lease expire, and he and Carl moved her things to Wayne’s house. It wasn’t that big, but for the two of them, and the occasional guest(s) it would be plenty It was a 3 bedroom, with 2 baths, and a 2 car garage. It was in a decent neighborhood, and, best of all, it was in a cul de sac. They were on the very end, with 3 houses on one side, and 2 on the other. The backyard was immense, and was mostly covered by 2 big sycamore trees, and an even bigger pecan tree.They had loaded the majority of her things in the trunk of her car, and the rest went in the two pickups. Mostly dishes and knick-knacks. The only thing of MUCH importance was her computer, and its accessories. She had, unknown, even to Wayne, made a collection of the “movies” they had made since that first night. She took great delight in curling up on her sofa, with a wet towel in a bowl, near at hand, and masturbating while watching them. It always got her so hot, and excited that she couldn’t help herself. Regardless of how many times she had been laid on the evening prior, she enjoyed her “Private Cum” session. She could get as loud, or as vulgar, as she wanted in the privacy of her pwn living room. She especially enjoyed one special CD. It was taken the night that she went out on her own, to a dance club. It had been a particularly strenuous day for Wayne, so she decided to go out on the town, to see what she could get into. She had told him that she wanted to see a movie, and was going to see it. He was going to turn in early.She had gone, and, unknowingly, went to a “soul bar.” She had seen several other white women there, so it never occurred to her what the place was. She had gone out wearing a short, but NOT, mini, skirt, a cool, light blouse that buttoned up the front, and a very light sweater over her shoulders. She had worn some “French Heel” shoes, and some frilly, girly socks with them. She looked like a teenager, even more than usual, especially with her hair done in “poodle ears,” that went just lower than her shoulders. The only thing she had thought strange, was the way it got quiet when she went in, walked to the bar, and put her ID on the counter, before asking for a beer. She had developed a taste for beer from “hanging” with Julia, Carl, Sharon, William, and Wayne. She had seen them drinking it and asked to try some. It had been bitter, at first, but they had said it was the sort of thing you had to grow a taste for. Once you had it, they all tasted different, and, according to her own tastes, she would learn to prefer one or two, over all the others. It had taken a few days, but she had grown to love the taste of two or three brands. She had started keeping her, and Wayne’s favorites in the fridge all the time. Once or twice she had drank enough to get light headed, but had never gotten drunk on it, yet.She had asked for a Michelob, and paid for it, as the bartender sat it in front of her, with a glass over the bottle. She sat there listening to the music from the jukebox, and watching other couples dance. She was surprised to hear music that her parents had listened to, long before she was born, disco music, that she vaguely remembered from her VERY early years, and the more recent, and profane, at times, “hip hop” music that was popular, now. She cared very little about it, because it was so violent, and. spoke of killing, using women badly, and hate. Music, to her, was supposed to be happy.She sat there for a few minutes, looking to see if anyone there was familiar to her. She had several people tell her that this was a good place to go dancing. Nothing else had been said. The new girl in the office, her name was Roquetta, was talking about it at lunch one day. She had said she loved to go there. She had drank most of the beer, and was trying to decide whether to leave when it was finished, or order another. She had emptied the bottle into her glass, and was taking another sip when a VERY tall, athletic looking man stepped over and asked if she would dance with him. He looked nice, and was VERY handsome, so she accepted his offer. They went out on the floor, and a Disco song came on. She had watched enough movies, to know the steps, and put herself into it, taking in the music, with a smile. He was quite a good dancer, too. Making all the right moves, and counter moves, with her. She was glad she had kept up her exercises. She had all but forgotten how strenuous dancing could be. The next song was from the 70’s and was a slow dance. Her partner put his arms around her, and led her into the dance. THIS one was VERY nice. The third song was another slow dance. He bowed to her, and smiled. “May I have this dance, ALSO?” he asked. She dimpled at him, and gave her best curtsy. “Of course, Dear Sir. By the way, I’m Dolly. You are?” “My name is Jackson.” he answered. “I’ve never seen you here, before. Are you new in town?” “Oh no.” she replied. “My fiance is tied up for the evening, and one of the ladies I work with said this was a good place to go dancing. I thought I would come and see for myself, make an early evening, and go home and take care of a few things.”She saw him smile, and heard him say, “I hope you don’t make TOO early an evening of it. I’d like to get to know you better. Perhaps we both know some of the same people. Why don’t we sit this one out, and get something else to drink. It’s still a bit warm out.”He led her to a table, and asked what she liked to drink. She asked for another Michelob, and shortly their drinks were in front of them. They sat and talked for a bit, with him telling her that he was a dealer of something, and was looking to expand his inventory. She sat quietly, listening to him, and the music. She finished her beer, and said she was going to go home, now. She had enjoyed talking with him. He rose as she stood up, and offered to walk with her to her car. She smiled at him, and told him it wasn’t necessary, but he insisted. They went out, together.She was parked at the curb across the street, almost a block away. He put his arm around her as they went out the door, but, as he had put his arm around her waist, it wasn’t anything to be concerned about. They walked almost directly across the street from her car, and she was looking in her purse for her keys, when she felt his grip tighten, and his hand move to grab her butt cheek. She looked up to see him smiling and EVIL smile at her. “No one here is gonna say anythin’ if ya scream. THIS is MY hood. Ya better be nice, or ya might not like what goes down. Go ahead an’ open the doors, but don’t try anything stupid. I might have to show ya somethin’ ya don’t want to see.”They went across the street, and pendik escort Dolly opened the doors, getting in under the wheel, and sliding over so he could get in beside her. She saw him bending to get in, when there was a screeching sound, of tires sk**ding. “FREEZE, ASSHOLE” Stand up and turn this way. Dolly looked out and saw a pickup sitting there, but couldn’t see any more. If she could have, she would have seen two double barrel shotguns leveled at her “partner’s” head. One was held by Julia, and the other by Essie. The voice she had heard was that of Francis. Francis came up beside her car, and leaned down. “Everything okay, Sweetie. Ya went to the wrong place. Lucky Jules remembered ya hearing about this place. She called me and asked about it. I told her that if ya came here, ya was lookin’ for trouble. We went by your house, and no one was there. I knew Wayne had busted his butt, today, and was give out. We come looking for ya, and good thing we did. He reached down and grabbed Jackson’s shirt, and lifted him to his feet. Francis was almost as tall, but much stronger built. He took the man’s head in his hand, and forced him to look at Dolly. “You take a good LONG look at that lady, AND these two ladies over here. Next time you see ’em on the street, YOU cross over, as far from ’em as you can get, and tip your hat to ’em. You EVER come close to ’em, again, and they’ll NEVER find enough of ya to bother burying. YA GOT THAT!!!” As he said “that,” he hit the man with a swift back hand that shattered his nose and lips, causing him to bounce off the side of Dolly’s car, and nearly under the pickup He looked up at Francis, blood dripping down from his chin, his eyes nearly swelled shut, already, from the force of the blow. He carefully nodded his head. It would be hard to speak for days to come, for him. THEN GIT THE FUCK OUT OF HERE, SHIT FOR BRAINS!!!”He reached over and took Dolly’s hand to help her under the wheel. You, okay now, Sweetie?’ Go home, and we’ll follow ya. Sorry about the bad language. It’s all his kind understand.”They went straight to Dolly’s house. They escorted her inside,and checked to make sure that she was unharmed. She had a bruise on her wrist, and another on one cheek of her butt, but was, otherwise, unharmed. She was having the shakes, though, from her close call. Julia and Essie helped her into her bedroom, undressed her, and ran a hot bath for her. They put her into it, and turned on some soft music. She was crying. They went in and out, taking turns comforting her, and trying to ease her fright. Francis had explained who Jackson was, and what he would have done to Dolly. It had been gruesome, at the VERY least. He was a local recruiter for prostitution. He would take his victims, and pass them around with friends, and they would simply disappear. He specialized in very young, and innocent girls, and sometimes, boys. He had been arrested several times, but there had never been enough to get a conviction on him. The only thing he seemed to fear, was someone like Francis, who was TRULY tough. Francis’s mind was already working. HE had been on the other side of the law, and knew how to handle such people. He would put out feelers, as soon as he could.Dolly sat in the bathtub for almost an hour, and was taken out, dried off, and put to bed, with the promise that she would have them there, with her, for the night. Julia went first, and laid beside her, stroking her brow and whispering to her, as she finally drifted off to sleep. She remembered, all too well, what it was like to be treated so badly. She leaned down and kissed Dolly on the face, telling her that her trouble was done with. She lay there with her for a couple of more hours, and Essie came in. She stretched out next to her, chanting as her Grandmothers had taught her, to drive away the evil spirits. Her voice was just as smooth, and kind as she was able, and its hypnotic rythm lulled Dolly into an even deeper sleep. She awoke a few hours later, to use the bathroom, and kissed Essie, telling her that whatever she was saying was doing the trick for her. Essie promised to teach it to her. She was asleep almost as soon as her head touched her pillow. Essie and Francis sat in her kitchen, quietly talking, and making plans for THEIR wedding. Essie had missed a period, something she had never done, before, and had gone to see the Doc, to confirm what the Grandmothers, all 4 of them, had told her. Francis had made a pot of coffee, and they were sitting there, smiling, holding hands, and discussing the future. They were going to be married in the yard of the new house, and a Shaman from the Choctaw nation was going to do the honors. She had been explaining the clothing he would be wearing, and what her gown would look like. Grandma Lorene had started making him a suit of deerskin, decorated with different designs, to show he was a good provider, and wouldn’t beat her, “too much,” as long as she kept the home clean, and gave them many c***dren. He would provide food and shelter for the family, and protect them from their enemies. He got a laugh from her saying he wouldn’t beat her, “too much,” and she explained that in the old days, it was common for a husband to beat his wife, if she failed in her duties. He shook his head at her. “Sweetheart. Ain’t no way I’m EVER gonna lay a hand on you, in anger. I grew up watching my Pa beat my Ma, and promised myself NEVER to be like that. I’m not even gonna yell at ya. She reached over, and pulled his hand to her lips, kissing it. “I know that, Love, but it’s good to hear, too. I’ve known plenty of the other kind, too.” Julia came in and looked up at the clock on the wall. “Ya think we should get her up and ready to go to work, or let her sleep some more. The clock said it was almost 6 in the morning. “What do YOU think, Essie?” Essie asked if she had anything that was needing special attention in the office, today. Julia sat, searching her mind for anything she was aware of, but couldn’t remember anything. “Then we’ll let her sleep. She needs it. What about YOU, Francis? You have anything that requires your attention? Neither had he, anything. He would be sitting around most of the day, waiting on the fuel truck to come and fill the drums with diesel. Al could handle that with no problem, and Chloe was even better than HE was with those things. It would, also, give them a chance to get better acquainted. Al, in spite of his youth, had taken quite a shine to Chloe. AND, it seemed, she was returning his friendship, in kind. He had dropped a drum on his foot the other day, and SHE had raised a conniption fit over it. She had put his arm over her shoulder, and helped him to the truck, so he could sit down, and pulled his boot off, looking to see kartal escort that he was unharmed. She had watched him, carefully, for the rest of the day. They ate together, every day, and would sit, talking, as much as they were able. She was teased about “robbing the cradle”, and was, always with a smile, referred to as the “old cougar.” She would make a growling sound for them when they said that. A couple of the guys had sidled up to Al, and inquired as to whether he was “getting any” from her. He smiled at them, and replied, “Wouldn’t YOU like to know?” Bets were being made, on their opinions.Julia said she needed to go and clean up, and let Carl know what was going on, after the rush of her leaving, last night. He was going to go get a new phone, today, as he had dropped his, and it had been busted. He knew she was with Essie and Francis, so he wouldn’t worry about her. Essie would take Francis’s pickup, and give Julia a ride home, to get her car, and would get THEM both some clean clothes. She would be back as soon as she could, but for Francis to go in and watch over Dolly. They wanted her to see one of them when she opened her eyes. Francis handed Essie the keys, and was kissed, by both of the ladies. They went out, with Essie reminding him that he needed to be at her side when she woke up. Francis refilled his cup, and carried it in and sat in the overstuffed chair at the foot of her bed, a small table at his side. He sat there watching his fiance’s friend, taking her in, and approving of all he saw. She was quite pretty, even of she was so small. He liked larger women, himself. Someone that didn’t look like they would break if you touched them. She was rolling over, and saying something that he couldn’t understand. She rolled, again, and the covers were kicked free, leaving her uncovered. She was naked in front of him. Her eyes opened and finally focused on him. “Where’s Julia?” she asked. He explained that Essie had taken Julia home, and that she would be back, soon. She nodded and looked at him. ‘Thank You for saving me. I was scared half to death, and didn’t know what to do. He seemed so nice in the club, and acted like a gentleman. We danced a little, and talked, and when I got up to go, he offered to see me to my car. He got rough, and scared me when her grabbed my wrist and my butt, so hard. It hurt me.”Francis had heard the same thing many other times. “His kind work like that. They come on to ya, all honey and roses, then, when they get ya off by yourself, they start getting tough. That’s his job. He gets girls for a pimp, works ’em over, with some friends, passing them back and forth, till they get broke down, and the pimp puts them to work, selling their pussy. PARDON!!! Selling their company to other men. He will probably leave town after the beating I fave him, though. The others will take his things, and make fun of him, till he leaves.”Dolly lay there, listening to him. His words reminded her of how foolishly she had acted, last night. She rolled over, reaching for a tissue from the box on her nightstand. She wiped the tears from her face and blew her nose, barely making a squeak. Such a lady like way to clear her nostrils. She saw him smiling at her, and looked down at herself.”One of us has too many clothes on. I need a shower, and will need help getting in and out, and scrubbing my back. Would you mind helping me? It would be a favor to me. PLEASE!!!” He tried to delay, telling her that Essie, and, possibly, Julia would be back shortly, but she didn’t want to wait. “I feel so dirty. My skin feels like its crawling. Please help me to take a shower. PLEASE!!!” He stood and went into the bathroom, turning on the shower, to let the water warm for her/them. He had, last night, removed his boots inside the front door, and was wearing his jeans, a tank top, and socks. She sat on the edge of the bed, watching him remove his clothes. He still hadn’t started wearing drawers, and he revealed himself as his pants came down. It was the first time he could remember being embarrassed at undressing in front of a woman. He actually felt like holding his hands in front of himself, to hide his manhood. Instead, he decided to “man up”, and take it. He took her hand to help her up, and she went against him, putting her arms around his waist. “My, my. My bronze Hercules. I was told how handsome you were, but I couldn’t believe a man could be so MASCULINE!!! FORGIVE ME IF I DROOL!!! Now I know what a man SHOULD look like. May I feel for myself?” She reached down and grasped his cock, squeezing it and stroking it. It was, possibly, a little larger than Carl had been the other night, but it would be hard to tell without seeing them both, side by side. It was bigger around than Wayne’s, to be sure. She felt herself growing excited. She SHOULD be ASHAMED of herself, BUT she WASN’T.She had a shelf in the bathroom for her to store her fresh linens, and she grabbed towels as he held the door to the shower for her. Her shower cap was next to the door, and she slipped it on tucking her hair inside as she went in. She handed him the sponge, and the bottle of soap, and turned to face the wall. She felt him scrubbing down from her neck and shoulders. It felt like his touch was burning her skin as he cleaned her. He turned her and rinsed the soap from her back, then set to washing her front. He was just as thorough, and gentle, as he had been on her back. He washed her carefully, and, as he reached her groin, she held herself open for him. “Make sure that it as clean as you can for us.” she cooed. If he had had any doubts as to her intentions, they were now gone. He reached up and opened her to wash inside of her a tiny ways, and discovered how wet she was. He felt himself getting hard. He had tried his best to resist, but…She knelt down in front of him. “Such kindness deserves reward. First you save my ass from a whore monger, then you safely escort me home, and spend the night watching over me, and now you help me to forget it all, and the evil you saved me from. I’ll be forever in your debt. This is, but a small down payment of that debt.” She took his now hard dick in her mouth and began to suck him. She gave it her best try, but she could only get a little more than half in her mouth at one time. She withdrew him, and licked from his scrotum, to the head of his dick, covering it with her saliva, then working her mouth to “face fuck” him. She was learning well, and soon felt him ejaculating into her mouth. She swallowed his sperm, and licked him clean. “Now let’s use the bed. I’ll dry you, and you can dry me.”They dried each other thoroughly, but quickly, savoring the feel of each other’s bodies. He reached down, now completely “in the mood,” and carried her to maltepe escort the bed, depositing her softly, and taking his place beside her. His arm went under her head, his had stroking her back, the other over her, to form a cocoon of sorts, and was holding her butt, mindful not to touch the place she had been bruised. There was a large black mark on her right cheek, where Jackson had grabbed her. It was almost as big as the palm of his hand.He was reminding himself that she was small enough to take care with, but she was having none of it. She was kissing his face at every point that she could get to. Her hands were just as busy as his were. She was rubbing HIS ass, and then reaching between them, as if to make sure that what she wanted was still in the same place. She would give it a gentle stroke or two, and a light squeeze, and rub down his back, lingering at the scars, and going down to his butt, again. She had thrown one leg over him, and he felt the hair on her Mons tickle his dick. He rolled over to be above her, and she nodded her head to him. “Please. Make me feel like I am worth your efforts. Use me as you will. Just be gentle with me. I have only been doing this for a little while.” He chuckled. “Ya could have fooled me.” he said. You are one fine piece of woman. You should only give it to someone that appreciates the finer things in life. I know now, why Wayne fell in love with ya. It would be so easy.”Her expression changed to one of joy. “THAT is the nicest thing you could say to me. THANK YOU!!! I will try to be the best you could ever want. Wayne and I have decided on an open marriage. I found he enjoys watching me with other men, and I adore watching him with other women. I just wish he was here to see us together. We MAY invite you to come and stay the night with us, sometimes. WOULD YOU, PLEASE, and bring Essie. He says she is just wonderful.” Francis knew that Wayne, after he had broken out of his shell, had had Essie a couple of times, but they had never discussed their outside interests. There was no need to talk about it.Francis started kissing at her lips, and had soon covered her face, and neck with tender kisses, which she returned, and was sucking on her rose petal colored nipples. He had noticed that she like to sun bathe, from the tan lines over her breasts, and bikini line. It looked like she enjoyed wearing a thong. She had trimmed to a razor thin landing strip that started just above her tiny clit, to about an inch and a half up. He was taking it all in as he made the delightful journey down her body. He discovered that she was ticklish as he kissed around her belly button, almost getting a knee in his eye. He got almost the same response as he kissed where her thighs met her abdomen. Her legs separated as he d**g his tongue over the tiny crease there, her belly quivering as he licked her to the tiny Mons, and the crease of her womanhood. He lifted her legs and kissed her anus, causing her to jump, whether from surprise, or being tickled, he didn’t know. He licked the length of her gash several times and she mad a noise halfway between a sigh and a coo, like a dove, as he licked her repeatedly. Her hands went to the back of his head to push in on him as his tongue separated her labia, and entered her vaginal passage. He watched carefully as his tongue searched for her G-spot. Suddenly she was groaning, and pushing his head with more force. He had hit it. He licked it and she bowed her back to lift her body up and off the bed. She was crying as if in pain, but was repeating over and over, “YES, YES, YES, YES!!! EAT ME, EAT ME, EAT ME!!! EAT ME MORE!!! EAT ME SO GOOD!!! IT FEELS WONDERFUL!!! DRIVE ME OUT OF MY MIND WITH YOUR TONGUE!!! LICK MY CUNNY!!! SUCK THE JUICE RIGHT OUT OF ME!!! OH, GOD THAT’S GOOD!!!”He realy heard her yell when he wrapped his lips around her now distended clitoris. She was so stimulated that it was peeking out to see what was all the fuss about, and was captured without a struggle. He licked it and the response was even more violent. This time she actually screamed. She also fainted.he decided to give them both what they wanted, and put her pillow under her back, and two more under her ass. She was moaning. He finished placing the pillows, and decided to get one more taste of her before sullying her with his cum. This made her eyes open wide, and her mouth opened just as wide. He put hid cock against the bottom end of her crease, and began to push. It slid in so slow, and her eyes got even bigger. He was watching her to look for any sign of discomfort, but all he saw was her willing eyes. He went in as far as he could. It had been so slow as to give her plenty of time to expand for him. He touched bottom, feeling her cervix at the head of his dick. She wouldn’t take much longer than he was, to be hurt, and possibly, injured. He began thrusting in and out of her, and her arms and legs wrapped around him, her pelvis coming up to meet him, as he went deep inside of her. She pulled his head down and thrust her tongue inside his mouth, driving the force of her kisses immeasurably. She was whispering love in his ear, and rising to meet every thrust that he drove into her. She was whimpering and moaning as she came over and over, again. He felt the muscles in her legs and thighs tighten, and tense, as she headed into her climax. He legs gripped him with more force than he thought she possessed, and pressed to him, receiving his seed deep inside of her. He gave her the full Monty, as she kissed him over and over, declaring her love for him. She relaxed and let go of him, falling back on the bed, nearly out of it. Her breath was coming in sobbing gasps, but a smile was on her beautiful face. SHE was one happy little girl. Well taken care of, well thought of, and above all, WELL FUCKED!!!Francis felt a wet towel being dragged across his back. He rolled over to see Essie, Julia, and Wayne, smiling at him. He hadn’t heard a sound. Essie looked at the couple on the bed. “Looks like ya did more than save her ass, last night. I’m thinkin’ that is what she needed more than anything else. If I had known, ya could have fucked ‘er right off, and we could ALL have slept. Wayne, smiling, took his arm, and stated, “Make a deal with ya. No more than once a week, in the future. I don’t think she could stand more than that, and I couldn’t keep up with ya. I wanna keep my girl at home, not chasing after YOU. OKAY?” Except for the smile splitting his face, Francis would have thought he was serious. Then Wayne told him. “The fuel truck came and the Bobbsey twins took good care of everything. Ya got 40 drums of diesel out waitin’ fer ya ta use ’em. Carl gave them the rest of the day off. You and Floyd both are gone, so they got no reason to hang around. Floyd and Brenda are gone ta get married, and won’t be back till the next week. Carl gave ’em both a paid vacation, to see if they wear each other out. I was told ta tell ta that ya need ta go to the place and get a gun, a big gun. the old problem is back. Mr. Breen found a cow with its head torn off.



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