Millies Complete Make Over-exteme storyNote: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience.Millie’s Complete MakeoverThis story contains the following adult content: F/F, Anal, toys,consensual/nonconsensual sex. You mus be over the age of 18 to read this.If you are not, or do not enjoy this kind of material, do not read further.THIS STORY IS A WORK OF FICTION. Any resemblance to any person, livingor dead, is entirely a coincidence.Prologue”Watcha listnin’ to, Millie?” Rikki’s shrill voice reached me through myKoss TD-65 headphones, which were SUPPOSED to be decent sound-blockers. Then, Rikki’s voice always had that snide, shrill tone. I pushed my rightphone back from my ear. “I WAS listening to Night Ranger, before yourvoice all but deafened me, your shrillness.” Rikki was a pain in the asslittle bitch, just like her friends. “Whadda you care, anyway? And, canyou ever NOT yell when you’ve got your tunes on?” “I can’t hear you!” shehollered back. “No wonder, those big Pioneers you always wear block everyoutside sound, and you’ve always got the volume full blast!” I retorted. “Night Ranger? Hey! Lemme have a listen!” Talia suddenly piped up frombehind me, slinging her flat black Sony V700s around her neck and grabbingmy phones right off my head. “Hey! It’s on the radio, use your own!” But,she grabbed my player off me, hooked it on the waistband of her jeans, putmy phones on, & began shaking her ass in front of the rest of her’friends’, dancing around with her hands on MY cans. The leader of the’Shakers” clique. Bitch. She was always such a showoff. Without warning,she snagged the cord on something, and it separated from the left phone. “Aw, these headphones are shit!” she whined, & dropped my player on theground, breaking it. “Sorry, babe,” she told me, “if you want to keep upwith the ‘in’ crowd, you need to have the best stuff. Better luck nexttime, slut.” The Shakers. They were always a pain in my ass. They werethe rich k**s, with the means to do what they wanted and get away with it.They were called the Shakers for the obvious reasons, their parents weremovers and shakers; but, that wasn’t the only reason. They loved shakingtheir asses for the boys, spending every free minute with their jams on,listening to the newest, hippest music with the latest in portable players& the best retro or modern cans. Renee. A thin, pouty-faced girl withlong, straight blonde-brown hair. She spent her days wearing cans thatlooked like they belonged on a racing pit crew. Sherry. About the samesize as Renee, with shoulder length dark brown hair and the aloof attitude,always with the fat silvery Sonys that drove the boys wild. She was alwaystwirling the cord around, and forever getting her legs tangled in it, likeit was cute or something. Red, the shy one. A hanger on with money, butwho hung back when the others showed off. A goth wannabe with the tornblack jeans, black t-shirts, pierced lower lip & round-studdedcollar-necklace, only with short red hair instead of witchy black. Sheloved the expensive Bose Quiet Comfort-2s. No one ever bothered to ask herreal name, since she preferred the nickname everyone knew her by. Thequiet ones always make you wonder just how much smarter they are than therest. Rikki. The short, slightly plump raven head with the nasal accent.She was New York and looked it. She loved the chunky black old-stylePioneers. She’d inherited them from her older sister Molly, who’dgraduated two years before. Molly had ‘pioneered’ the Shakers. And, lastbut not least, Talia. The leader of the group, now that Molly had movedon. The richest and snootiest of them all. A devil-bodied pageboy blondeforever in black jeans, a white tank, and black Sony V-700s. Only the bestfor her, and she let everyone know just how inferior they and their cheapplayers were. All of them rich, the powerful of the student body, the mostpopular, and most desireable of every girl in school, myself included. Thebiggest teases, too… every boy panted and drooled after them, dideverything for them, and called them dykes behind their backs because theyacted prim & proper if things ever got beyond the first meeting oftongues…. little did they really know.Me, I’m Millie, short for Millicent. I come from a comfortablemiddle-class family. I’m the one that, back in school, was the cute, justpleasingly plump enough to have a nice bod & knockout boobs (I’ve been a36C since puberty), with long, straight ash blonde hair, with the adorableface and ready smile that said “I’m the FUN one!” that no one would evermistake for what I really was… and THAT was an absolute whore. I usedto love taking care of the boys, helping them relax after the prudes &tight-asses teased them to the brink and left them dangling (or, should Istay, STIFF! ). So, I’d be seen playing ‘the nice friend’, and I’dtaken them in private… suck them and let them fuck my sweet pussy, justlike the Shakers NEVER would. Little did the rest of us know what THEY didin private….After college, I never thought I’d see them again, outside of theoccasional class reunion. We moved in different circles, after all. Theyall had different jobs with their families’ companies, except for Talia,who opened her own unisex salon, and had lovely minions who took care ofher friends… their nails, hair, bikini waxing, and other, more personal,services…Me, on the other hand, I was studying medicine, and had a LOT of billsevery semester… So, I started selling it on the side, exclusively, torich guys and old friends, building my own clientele, raking in the doughfor my tuition in exchange for a night of passion with the cute, fun-lovinggirl next door, which more than paid for the comfy pad I kept off campusand other things, on top of my studies; my old friends who’d married toosoon or were dating the uptight snobs who wouldn’t give it up until theirwedding night, and all the rich boys who hated the likes of the Shakerswould gladly give me gifts in the form of large amounts of cash. I swear,if I had done more than three ‘all-night dates’ a week, I could have mademore than I make now, especially when you consider how much you make whenyou go from intern to the first year of your fellowship… and I wouldhave kept on doing it, if it hadn’t been for those bitches… though, Ihave them to thank for my choice of specialty….After everything they’d put me through back in high school, I had to rubtheir noses in it. Show them that the born rich don’t have all the money.I’d firmed up a bit, while I was never more than pleasingly plump, I’dalways applied my lessons to myself, and worked to keep myself in topshape, which only made me more desirable. I was a little torn, truth betold, after all, I loved sex so fucking much that I was, to a certainpoint, goint to miss my exclusive escort way of life; but, I couldn’t be acareer whore forever, I was almost 26 then, when I was graduating from medschool, and I wasn’t about to let those years of effort in study andhooking go to waste by putting my degree on the shelf. So, the day beforegraduation, as a gift to myself for passing my boards, as much as inpreparation for the ceremony, I treated myself to a makeover. Not acomplete one, just a steam and a wrap, a wax, all my nails, and a trim &bleach. I was going to flaunt my doctorhood in Talia’s face. I’d neverbeen to her salon before, I’d preferred to not cross her path. That day,my goal was to be waited on hand & foot by the super-snob and remind herthat a girl from the middle class can be worth a lot more than them, bothin money and title. In retrospect, if I had to do it over again, Iwouldn’t change what I did… Talia’s salon catered to the public, notjust to the exclusives, though she soaked them just as much; she found thatnot requiring appointments made it easier to help build her ‘metrosexual’clientele, all those straight men who wanted to experience things likehaving their nails buffed, have a seaweed wrap with a latte, or aback-waxing or ear-candling, et al… So, how convenient for me. Midmorning, the day before graduation, I just swung by “Chez Snob”, as Iprivately thought of it. As fate would have it, Talia was up front, goingover their appointment list with her receptionist. She was as warm asyou’d expect her to be to any customer, even as she recognized me. “Millie! What brings you here?” “Talia! It’s been TOO long. I just cameby for a little pre-ceremony pampering….” “Pre-ceremony? Millie! Don’ttell me! You’re not settling down ALREADY?” Just like her. So cultured.So patronizing. So subtly snide. “I go by Millicent now; Millie’s alittle informal for a doctor, after all.” “A DOCTOR?” she practically criedout. “Uh-huh. I just passed my AMA boards, and I graduate med schooltomorrow. After my internship, it’s going to be a nice, quiet, very highincome practice.” “How WONDERFUL for you!” “Yep. I’ve worked my ass offfor it, let me tell you. It’s nice to be able to take care of people andmake an easy and VERY high six figures a year doing so.” I could see thedollar signs in her eyes already. “I can imagine. I love what I do, but;I never knew just how hard it was to actually earn a living back when I wasliving off of Daddy’s money! Sure, he left me a nice trust fund; but, asmuch money as I make here, it’s SOO much WORK! So, what can I talk youinto today? The Works?” “Not quite; but close…” I gave her the rundown,and then dropped a bombshell. “You know, though; just for old times sake;it’d be SOOO much fun if you’d do it for me? Besides, as I recall, you oweme a small one. I never did make you replace the cd player and headphonesyou broke back in high school…” She gritted her teeth, just like aprincess when they have to say something they’d rather not. “Sure! Alittle gabfest sounds great!” I’ll give her this: for someone having topamper someone they loathe, she took it like a trooper. Towards the end,Renee came bopping in to get her nails done on her lunch hour; and ofcourse was brought in ahead of everyone else. As she said down in thechair opposite me, she looked at Talia. “Tal! You’re up here tending to aclient? I thought we were going to have lunch when I’m done.” “We will. I’m just doing an old friend a favor.” “You? Do a favor? Who can possiblyget you to get your hands dirty with actual WORK?” Talia pulled the toweloff my wet head, and swung my chair around, letting me flash my best’bedside manner’ smile at Renee. “Renee! Tell me, what seems to be theproblem?” “Huh??!!?” she goggled at me, unable to articulate what shewanted to say. “Doctor joke, Renee. How the heck are you, anyway?””Mille! What brings you here?” Before I could answer, Talia did it for me.”Our good friend Doctor Millicent is just having a little pre-graduationpampering. I thought it’d be fun, for old times sake.” “You? All theboys’ favorite slut? A doctor?!?” “AMA certified, and tomorrow a degreedM.D., thank you very much.” “Well! Congratulations, Millie! Well earned,I’m sure…” “Millicent, Renee. Slut Millie’s just a memory.” “SlutMillie? A memory? You’ll no sooner keep your legs shut than I’ll be a baglady.” “So I love having being fucked; so what? Don’t you? Patients don’tcare if their doctor’s a sexpot after hours, as long as she’s competent andprofessional, and I’ll make a lot more money from one patient’s insurancecoverage per visit than any guy ever gifted me. I’ve always been a slutbecause I adore getting laid, not because I need the money.” “Good foryou!” “All done!” Tal interjected. “Smashing, Tal, just beautiful. ThanksEVER so much. Either of you two need a good doctor, call me! Ta-ta!” Onthat note, I left, having no idea just how soon I’d see them again….———————————————————————————————————–Ch 1Graduation night.Studies were over. A few weeks’ vacation, and then into the REAL grind.Meanwhile, it was party time. Everyone in my class was into the food andthe booze in no time. All afternoon after the ceremony, I kept a buzzgoing. I was HAPPY. As evening set in, I found myself with an itch. Nota real itch; but THAT itch… but, I wasn’t interested in seeing my old’clients’, even as good friends as some were…. I wanted some fresh wood,so, as the night began to wear on, and the bar-hopping started, I startedlooking…. and didn’t get much of anywhere. It was getting late…. andfinally I was on my own, still hopping from bar to bar, looking… and ofcourse, not finding anything I liked… hey, I’m a choosy slut, OK? I wasoff my rocker to be looking in half the bars across downtown; even if I waslooking for a better man than your average college guy, you don’t find thekind of stud you’re looking for in the clubs, where everyone’s eitherhooked up or desperate, and the desperate look like a nosh that’s been outtoo long, in my book… Somehow, I wound up clubbing towards uptown. I’dhave a drink, check the scene, and move on. Now seriously tiddly, I foundmyself on the edge of the alternative scene without realizing it; I’d nevergiven thought to the clientele of the downtown & uptown bars, having hungaround the university clubs when I felt like it. Close to the top of TheHill, I found myself outside the Pink Panther. Never heard of it. Soundedas good a place as any to find a nicely hung stud. I went in, got a WildTurkey & cola, and surveyed the scene. No guys here… just why, I didn’trealize, in my state of inebriation…. I killed my drink, and prepared tomove on…. then, suddenly, a familiar voice was in my ear “Millie! Ididn’t expect to find you here!” Talia was at my elbow. She was dressed intight leather and thigh high boots, and that should have sounded a redalert in my mind; but, when in vino… “Tal! Fancy bumpin’ into ya here!I’m just celebratin’… feelin’ the need… ” “You’re feeling the booze,girlfriend.” “Not too many guys here!” “Tonight’s ladies night!” Fromnowhere, my glass was full where I thought I’d just killed it. As I tookanother pull…. “Mill, I know we’ve never been close friends or anything;but you’re drunk. Lemme get you out of here before one of these girls getstheir hands on you….”The next thing I knew…… I shook my head, trying to clear it. Groaning, I tried to push myself up… and found there wasn’t anything topush against. Where the fuck was I? I could feel the floor under myfeet… I couldn’t move them… tried to move my hands… couldn’t… what the fuck??!!?? I couldn’t make sense out of anything, stillhalf-drunk as I was, I felt hung over; but still half-out-of-it buzzing…Then, Talia appeared in front of me. I couldn’t focus on the room… “Comfy?” she asked me… I tried to reply… what the fuck… there wassomething round stuck in my mouth… “Don’t bother to reply, I don’t careanyway. Finally, you nasty whore, I’ve got you just where I’ve alwayswanted you. You’ve always been such a slut, taking care of the guys weteased, you never gave thought to why we didn’t get up off any. Didn’t younotice that none of us who hung together in school ever took up with a guyafter we graduated? They were right when they called us dykes, they justdidn’t know it…” She circled around me, as I tried to take stock of mysurroundings. Then, I felt her hand on my ass. She fondled my bum alittle, then squeezed my left moon. HARD. “Such a nice, soft, wobbly ass.Nice and smooth; but not TOO firm… you don’t work your ass enough, for ahealth-conscious doctor, you should know better than to pay as muchattention to having buns as firm as the rest of you….” OWW!! HEY!! Shebit me!! Right on the butt! “All the same, you’ve got a PERFECT ass,Millie.. perfect for FUCKING, that is…” ‘Hey, what’re you… Stop!’ ranthrough my mind just before Whoaa!!! I reared forward, as she jabbed agloved finger into my asshole! “You’re tight!” she paused….”Oh, my god,you’re an anal virgin!” She let that statement hang in the air, as shepatted my left cheek and come around to the front of me. “I’d hoped Ihadn’t brought you here for nothing…. I win! They’ll be SO surprised…and disappointed… but, only a little…” I tried to move; but foundmyself bound fast… in my predicament, I was sobering up, and none tooslowly, as reality set in… I was bound in strong leather & fur bondagecuffs, wrists and ankles apart, to a metal bondage frame shaped like anupside down ‘U’, and had a ballgag in my mouth, so I couldn’t speak… theroom was dark, except for lights in the part of the room where we were…Talia removed the leather coat she was wearing… under it, she hadnothing on but a leather harness that wrapped round her torso, accentuatingher boobs and winding down to her crotch… I saw a ring there in thecenter… what was that for? “Millie, the perfect girl next door. DOCTORMillicent. Your ass… is mine.” Another dramatic pause. “We’d forgottenall about you, until you walked into my salon yesterday. Coming in to rubit in our faces, like you’re someone special because you’ve got some brainsand managed to fuck your way to passing grades in med school. We’ve allwanted to work you over since the day we met you; but you’ve always beensuch a whore that the prospect just went against the grain after a while.Who wants to lick and fuck a well-worn pussy that’s seen probably a hundreddifferent cocks constantly come and go over the last ten years? No wonderyou decided to stop whoring, you must have learned SOMETHING that suggestedyou might want to slow down the miles you’re putting on your sluthole, soit’ll still be of some use for more than the next ten or fifteen years. Well, baby, as big a domme dyke as I am, your pussy doesn’t hold any appealfor me, or for any of the others. But… Try to guess what DOES!!!” Withthat, she reached for her coat and removed something from the pocket. Iwas struggling as I realized just what she had in mind for me. I waspissed. How could I have been so stupid as to get so drunk that I couldn’teven see the warning signs as soon as I saw her in that particular bar! Iwas in the power of one of my oldest antagonists, and she was…. Istruggled harder as I saw what was in her hand. She had a buttplug! Therewas an air hose and bulb attached to it’s bottom, and a wire running to abattery pack. SHIT!! She’s after my ass! LITERALLY! No way, bitch! I’ve never let a guy up my ass; I’m sure as hell not going to let YOU!! “Now, there’s no use trying to fight. You can’t get loose, no matter howhard you try. So, relax. You might even learn to enjoy it…. I can’tWAIT to see what you’ll be like once you’ve sunk into the depths of analdepravity. You’re already a depraved slut, you just need to learn to takeit up the ass!” “MMMPPHH!! MMPPHH!!! NPHH!!” I couldn’t do a thing butmake pointless sounds through the gag. I heard a ‘splut’ that could onlybe some kind of water based lube squirt onto the plug. Then, the nextthing I knew, she was beside me, grabbing my hair. “!!!!” I yelped as shepulled my head up. “Crack a smile, sweetcheeks; you wanted to get fucked,and you’re going to GET fucked!” “MMMWWMM!!!!” I yowled as she pressed thetapered tip squarely into my buns, and pushed the slick stopper against mysphincter. ‘No!! Don’t push that thing up my ass!! I’ve neverhad….NOO!!!!’ My thoughts trailed off as she rammed it through androughly seated the plug in my anus. “Nnnn!!! I moaned, burning withhumiliation at the knowledge that the bitch I’d once considered the biggestpain in my ass (figuratively speaking) was now LITERALLY a pain in my ass!That thing felt none too comfortable as she’d forced it into my bottom, andin so doing ****d away it’s virginity. I tried to shit it out. “No youdon’t, slut!” I heard a hiss of air, as I felt the plug in my behind beingto grow… bigger… Bigger… BIGGER!!! God I was so full in there!!!I squeezed, trying to push it out… take this thing out of my butt, youbiiiiiiiiitttttcccccccchhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The thoughttrailed off in my mind as she turned on the vibrator in the plug… Ohshitwhatthefuck….. oohhhhhhffffuuuuuuucckkkkk……. don’tclimaxmeyouBITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I felt myself gushing involuntarily,and reddened, feeling more abased as everything I felt through my erogenouszones told me I was completely under Talia’s control, and there was nothingI could do but unwillingly take whatever she was in the mood to dishOUUWWTTT!!! WHOOAA!! My sphincter slammed shut as she pulled the plug outof me, while it was still expanded! The balloon shifted, moved it’s airup, and stretched me as it popped out. “Did you like that? Slut. If youdidn’t, you’re going to love THIS!!!” I felt a squirt of lube run downthrough the crack of my ass… her being behind me, I couldn’t tell whatshe was going to do! Well, I KNEW, but not WHAT would be next! Next was ahandful of vaseline… and then a round blunt nub at my backdoor! I knewthat feeling well, since any time before it boded some serious pleasure, asa man’s cock would open my slit, commencing a nice long session oflovemaking. This time…!!! My butthole stretched!!! She was pushinginto me!!! God, this is humiliating!! My worst enemy shoving a dildo upmy ass!! This couldn’t be worse unless… it could be, I thought as shecontinued pushing against me, dilating my dirtyhole, it could be bigger, orthis could have been the FIRST thing she shoved up my ass, instead of thatballoon plug that opened me up for this… I fought to get a hand or footloose as she grabbed a moon in each hand and worked that dong against myhole with her hips. No way you’re getting that up there!!BIIITCCHHH!!!! “You like this?” There she goes again with her sneering, demeaning tonethat always gets you. BITCH! “You like the feeling of this big dickpushing against your ass? Knowing it’s going to shortly open you up andpush inside you, just like a man’s cock? Only it’s NOT a man’s cock, it’sa fake cock, it’s bigger, and it’s MINE! Your hated foe, r****g away yourchocolate cherry! Hee hee hee this is so Great! Yeah, fight it, that’sit!” she hissed at me as I struggled to hold my sphincter closed. “I loveit when they fight. It makes that first moment more humiliating… oh,yeah, I can feel you losing control… it’s gonna fit… it’s gonna fit!It’s… gonna… fit!!!” she cried. ‘No… no it’s not! It’s toobig!!’ I thought as she pushed and shoved against the entry to my backpassage. “It’s… gonna… NNNNOOOOOO!!!!!!!!’ My thoughts trailed offas the meaty head opened me wide enough! It’s gonna go in! It’s… unnggh.. goin… nyyrrrggghh… INNN!!! NOO-HUH-HOOO!!! “NN-HH-HNN!!!”I wailed through my gag. But, she wasn’t going to stop. I was like awhimpering c***d, pleading for the punishment to stop, which only whettedTalia’s appetite. The bitch was actually going to **** me in the ass!! UNNNGGGGHHHH!!! “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I warbled through my gag as thehead finally pushed through my sphincter and sank inward. Instantly, thepain she was inflicting turned to terrible pleasure, as the shaft slidforward…. about one inch. “I’ve got you now!” Talia crowed at me. “Doyou feel it? Feel my cock up your butt? You like it, don’t you? Tell meyou like it.” “Mmph!” “Tough shit. I know you love it. You hate thatyou’re already loving it. You hate me for doing it to you. And you’regoing to love something up your rear end for the rest of your days. Unnhh!!” She shoved it in me another inch. Ohhhmyfuckinggodd!!!! Get thisthing out of my butt!! It feels so… good!! I’m liking it! You bitch!I’M LIKING THIS!! DAMN YOU!!! No…don’t… ohfuck… she keeps inchingthis thing into me, she’s going to set me off again!! Oooph!! Fuck!! “Feel that? Another inch! You ready for more? No? Good!” !!! For aneternity she kept slipping it in just a little more… back just alittle…making me hold it as she slowly worked my hole… occasionallydrizzing more wet lube or more anal grease on her dick… and then shepopped it out!!! Oww!!! “How’s that! You like it when your asshole slamsshut? You’re learning already…” Always the condescending little bitch.Talia was having a grand old time, both tormenting & yet gratifying my rearentry as excruciatingly slowly as she could. Then, just when I felt a bigblob of vaseline… “WWWMMMMMMM!!!” A little more quickly, she pushedherself all the way into me!! The burning humiliation continued to show onmy face, running down my spine even as the unbelievable pleasure ran up itat the same time. She slipped back… quicker! Out! Firmer! She’sreally beginning to stroke me now!! Pumping that thing up my poopchute!!Oh! Oh! OH!! OHFUCK!!! I closed my eyes and hung on as she nattered andsneered at me while she kept pumping and ramming and cramming that cock upmy butt!! Deeper and deeper it went, it felt like the shaft was at least 9inches long!! Suddenly, I felt something open deeper in my rectum, and theshaft plunged ALL the way up my chute! Feeling me open, Talia grabbed on,held her hips against me, took her hands off my ass, which she’d beenfondling, grabbing, and mauling as she pumped that cock in and out of myasshole, grabbed a handful of my titties in each hand and stroked andkneaded them as she held that long hard dong it’s entire length up mydumper. The bitch leader of the Shakers started shaking her own ass,bumping & grinding her dildo slightly in & out & back & forth & round &round in my ass channel, making me insane with exquisite, excruciatingpleasure as she gently kneaded my boobies, closely and horrendously holdingher dildo it’s entire length up my ass, humping and jamming it as deep asshe could without pulling out even one little inch, viciously rough-tradingmy bottom to heights it had never known! My humiliation at being under herpower, being forced to submit to this unwanted and unholy ass-banging wasmaking me wet! I was actually ENJOYING her abuse!! I was completely canlı bahis outof my head, lost in my lust as she fucked me so hard and deep that the headof her dildo was endlessly rubbing against my ‘s’ curve, tormenting my analg-spot and sparking a need to push!! I had to push!! I had toPUUUUSSHHH!!!!!!….. I felt something move deep in my bowels and I feltan orgasm explode through my rectum!!! I wasn’t even feeling a frontal’O’; but something WAAAAYYYYY more in-tense!!! Then, I felt something softand mushy start to run down the inside of my cheeks, and I knew I’d shit onher dick. She pulled out!!! Whayywhoaa!! Put… it… BACK!!! I heardher giggle behind me. “Oh, Millie, you dirty shit slut you! I justbuttfucked you to an anal orgasm! I got you to shit on my dildo! GoodGIIRRLL!!! Okaayy!! Now, I’m gonna fuck your shit until you’ve dumped itall on my cock!! But, first, we need a bigger toy…” ‘Bitch, you climaxedme! AGAIN!!” I thought as she disappeared… God, I was beginning toreally like this debasement she was inflicting on me… She was gone justlong enough to make me wonder what happened to her. Then, I heard herbehind me. I heard something drop to the floor, with a heavy, rubberythump. Then, I felt her hands, as they pried my cheeks apart and…hey,quit it! Leave my ass alone, bitch; you’ve fucked it enough! Damn you!!!My anger and humiliation grew again as she crammed the end of a tube of KYinto my rear end, roughly spreading me before….ooohhhhh…. cold andwet, she squeezed it into me! Feels nasty! Before I could get over THAT,she was mauling my butt with her hands as she smeared what felt like anentire family size jar of vaseline into my nether regions, with most of itgoing into my asshole. Such dirty, nasty goop… rrrrggghhhh…. I’dgiven up fighting her; but I was torn between my burning shame and myguilty pleasure. Finally, she came around front and removed my ballgag. “Bitch! You’re gonna pay for this!” I growled as soon as I spat it out. “Oh, Millie, Millie, Millie. You just make me wetter when you talk likethat. The more you bitch, the more you fight, the more you whine and cry,the better I like it. Yell and scream all you want, no one can hear us. Iwant to hear every sour note while I ram THIS up your ass!” Under my nose,she stuck a fucking BIG cock. I let out an “EEP!”when I saw it. The damnthing was a couple of inches longer than the last one, and thicker than thebiggest black cock I’d ever ridden! “Just for your information, they callthis the Jumbo Jack. Ten by two and a half inches of superbly smooth andfirm meat. Keep that in mind when it’s ALL inside you!!” I was gettingseriously mad again. She unshackled my right arm just then. I tensed andtried to swing; but she just twisted it HARD behind my back before I couldwrest it free. “OW! BITCH!” I yowled. “Shut up, whore!” she shot back.Then, with one hand holding my wrist, she freed the left, and with avicious yank, swung it down to meet the other one, and forced me intobending over from my almost upright pose. Then, when she’d locked mywrists together, she unwrapped a chain from the top of the frame, andbrought it down to my wrists, and hooked them to it. “AHH!! Arrggh!! Damn that hurts!” My arms felt like they were being pulled up out of theirsockets! “Now THAT’S the stuff!! Look at that sweet ass, all loaded withvaseline. You’re going to love this!” “Bitch! Let me fucking go rightnow, or I’ll…” “Sure, I’ll let you go… let you go all over this beautyof a bone, just like before. Dirty little slut. Shit for me.” What! Ithought to myself. What kind of dirty, butt-r****g, s**t-loving whore wasthis bitch? Then, I felt her hands on my ass. “Come on, Millie, you cando it. Just push down on that load in your ass…” I held still. Nofucking way I was going to sink to her level… “PUSH!” She swatted myass, hard. When I remained motionless, she grabbed up the ballsy dildoshe’d already screwed up my ass and…. OWWoooo!!! She crammed thefucking thing in by hand, butt hard, and jammed and rammed it in me for agood minute, displacing the air in my bowels. I could feel them startingto move…. “Now, PUSH!” She yanked the cock out of my ass with the lastword… and I felt an uncontrollable urge to shit… Damn this fuckingbitch! Fucking knows how to make me do what I don’t want… to!! Mybottom started widening as the long log of shit tried to work it’s way outwithout gravity’s help…… “AAIIIIGGHHH!! GODDAMNED SHIT EATING COCKSUCKING WHORE! Dirty ass ramming CUNT! Kiss my ass youMother!Fucking!BIIITCCHH!!” I screamed out as she rammed that monster intome. She’d taken the opportunity to step up behind me, and as my shit waspeeking, grabbed my hips and YANKED me back onto her BIG… FUCKING… ARRGGHHH… DICK…. CRAMMING herself well into my crevice… smearingthe outgoing shit onto the head of her dildo as she did… and drivingthat fucking thing DEEP into my ass!!! GOD THAT FUCKING THING HURT!!! Icould feel her starting to pull back, and I squeezed my rectal musclesaround the load in my ass… and I kept from shitting all over it. Hah!That’ll learn you, bitch. Buttfuck me to the bitter end, will you? I’llmake you work for that dirt. “You’ve got better control than I thought. Ithought I had you, but you got the better of it. Well then…. You don’twant to, I’ll just MAKE you want to!” She grabbed another jar of vaseline,and smeared it over her dildo, and then squeezed more KY on it. Then, shegrabbed onto my hips again… “OhMyGOD!” I cried out as I REALLY felt thathuge cockhead knock on my backdoor. She’d jammed me in & out so fastbefore, I’d known nothing but pain. This time was going to be pure… exquisite… ohhrrgghh… the excruciating!! Pleasure!!! as she slowlypuuussshhhed….. deliberately taking an eternity to let that near quarterof a foot of width unfurl my anal aperture… Oh, FUCK!!! Godthisthingssofuckingbig…. get this fucking thing out of my ass… nodont…. yes…no… I couldn’t make up my mind!!! Nyyrrrrrghhh… OHFFUCKKTHISTHINGSGONNASPLITMEOPEN!!!ITWON’TFIT!!! Damn! I can’t takethis much! Let.. me.. go! Take it out before you kill me!! Stahhhppiiiitttt!!!” I was yelling and screaming and didn’t even realize it. “OhYEAH! You LOVE it! FUCK you’re good! The best ever! Fuck, Millie, I’mjust gonna have to keep you if you keep this up! Just like I’m gonna keepthis up… UP YOUR BUTT!! Ready? ’cause here.. it… Coommes!!” Shereared back and pushed HARDER!!! AYYII-YII-YI!! “Ohmy…OHMY…OHMIGOD!!!IT’S GONNA FIT! TAKEITOUT!PUSHIT!PUSHIT!!GETITOUT!!IT’SNOTGONNAFIT!!!!NOO—HUH-HOOOO!!!” Iwailed aloud as I felt my sphincter give out in defeat, and that meaty headIMPALED me!!! “GODTHISTHINGSBIGG!!! DamnyouTalia!!Stop.. butt…fucking…me….” I gave up yelling and sobbed in impotent rage. That all-dominating dildo confirmed beyond redemption that I… and myass… was now owned… by the belitting bitch I’d hated most, and withevery sloooooowwwwly creeping inch eternally sliding deeper up myalimentary canal she was reducing me from doctor to whining little girlthat her pettiness had never been able to break me down to back then. Iburned with shame as that monster overpowered my anus, and my littlegirl-like bawling and weeping just stimulated her more, and she wasstroking back and pushing in harder… harder…. laughing and gigglingas she did so, revelling in my utter humiliation… then, I felt myselfgrowing wet… my head just couldn’t get around that mighty monster up myass!! God this thing was so big that my entire ass channel felt like itwas wrapped around a tree trunk! I moaned… tried to grab on… Icouldn’t!!! That thing was just too overpowering!! I tried to focus oncontrolling the feelings arcing along the length of my rectum… I justcouldn’t grip the thing, she was ramming me…so…FUCKing hard… SOO…damnn GOOOD!!! So… fucking… FULL!!!! Every push and pull wascausing arcs of pleasure shooting through the membranes of my turd tube andout to my pussy!!! I clenched my pussy… my clitty was popping… popping!!! Popping harder than ever before!! “That’s my dirty littlewhore! You’re getting into it now, aren’t you? Yeah, you’re TAKIN’ thisfuckin’ cock of mine… so fuckin’ deep… aapphh I love r****g yourass…. your ass was made for being crammed to the hilt by a big shaft…you should see your ass wobbling around this thing…. can’t grab onto it,can you? It looks soo great!! I know it FEELS great, doesn’t it? I knowwhat it’s like being in your shoes, and I love… (Ummph!!) everyminute… (Ooohhiieee!!!) I’m being… rammed…. full of this thing…totally dominated and forced… to submit… to the longest…. mostIN…tense…drawn…out… and out… of your… head… ride to… one HELL… OF… ANN… “AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I screamed insweet agony as a nuclear orgasm RIPPED through me, from my asshole andpussy together at once to my head, slamming down to my toes and back to myass!! I grabbed on!! I GRIPPED ITT!!! I clenched! And PUSHHHEED!!!! HELD IT IN AND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…………………. The last thing Iremembered before blacking out was a dirty eruption from my bottom…”AAAGHHH!!!! BITCH!! That’s COLD!!!” Tal brought me around by dumpinga bucket of water over my head. “Wake up! I’m not done with you yet.” Iwas still bound like before; but I no longer noticed the strain on my arms.I was feeling too good. “Who owns you, whore?” “You do….” I sighed, mysigh a mixture of submission and rapture. “Your sweet ass is mine, DoctorMillie. You’re my utter, wanton, totally abased and unabashed anal slave.Do you believe me?” I shook my head. What was I saying! She grabbed myhair. “Answer me!” I was getting up my nerve again. “Well, there’s onlyone thing to do….” OHHHHH…….. SOGOODSOGOODSOGOODD!!!! WHAT WAS IDOING!!!! FUCK ME MISTRESS!!!!! I NEEEEEDDD IIIITTTT…… “You’rehooked on having this big cock up your ass, aren’t you?” she asked as shepulled that extremely wonderful joy-toy out of my bottom after slipping itup there for a moment… “Ohhhhmigoodmistressgiveittomeeeeee!!!!!” Whatwas I SAYING!!! “You’re dying for me to fuck you with it a lot more,aren’t you?” “Yesssssss….” “That’s my good little slut. Now then… ifyou want more of this tonight, you’ll do as I asked you….Shit. Push yourshit down until you’re ready to explode. I want to dig a hole in thatthick log of shit up your ass and cover this lovely cock in it. Push…””But didn’t I…” “No. You just felt like you did. Every time I go upyou, it gets pushed back up.” I bore down on my bowels, and strained… felt my anus filling and straining to open, even after it had been openedover two inches wide from the outside… it was big and thick… I feltit peeking! Tal pushed a finger into my asshole, dead center into the logpeeking out. “It’s a little hard! Have to break it up!! Here we go,baby, just what you’ve been craving….” She had me long past that finalline of complete depravity now, where I didn’t even care what I did, whatshe thought, or for that matter, what anyone would think if I could justfeel that fat rod pushing through my shit and taking me back to the heightsof it’s shitty dominance… Urrrghh!!! There she… GOES!!! “It’s gonnafit!! Push it! Push it! PUSH it!!” I breathed at her, as she pushed thatmeaty head into my shit and stretched me back open. As I felt her mashingdeep into my shit, I was burning with humiliation and I LOVED it! “C’mon,Tal! Fuck my shit! Humiliate me! force me! force it in me! Make metake it! Fuck me deep! Treat me like the whore I am! Fuck! Me! Fuck medeep!Deep in my ass!! Deep up my butt!!!! Dominate my ass!! Overpower mewith that huge cock! Fill me up! FILL ME UP!!! Just FUCK my ass andNEVER fucking stop!!! OHHHYYEahhh….ooooohhhh…ooooooooo…….” I gotlost in my head, just raving like a madwoman, nattering insanely as shelaughed and jeered at me, taunting me with words I didn’t hear and a tone Irelished hearing, knowing that at last, with my utter anal debasement atTalia’s hands, there was nothing I woldn’t dare to let her do to me,nothing I wouldn’t do upon her command, letting her take utter control ofmy slutty, deep-fuck craving behind. I just wanted her to dominate myentire ass channel until I just was so far past being able to take any morethat I wouldn’t even care! Just when it seemed like I could go onforever…. “Mistress! No, please! PUT IT BACK!!!” “Look at THIS,slut!!!” She walked around in front of me… “You did it! GOODGIIRRLLL!!!” Her dildo was COMPLETELY covered with my shit! “I’ve got alittle treat for you…” She extricated the dildo from her harness, and gotdown on her knees… and then, moving the straps away from her Damn! She’s firm!behind, she just gave herself a reach-around, and just HEAVED itup her butt!! DAMMNNN!!!” “Please me, and someday you might get to do thatto me yourself!!” As if, bitch, I just want your fucking cock up my ass!!!”Now, I’ve screwed your ass so loose, I’ve got to buttfuck you tightagain!!” She walked over to a nearby stereo, plugged in her fave Sonyheadphones I remembered so well, plugged them into a couple of extensioncords, plugged the end into the stereo jack, and stuck a cassette in thetape deck. “My private aural sex tapes. A sound byte to tease your mindand leave you aware of nothing but your behind!” She re-gagged me… putthe phones on me… and bound them to my head with a blindfold. I’d lostthe ability to do anything but hear the dusky beat and distant “Yeah, yeah”with a repetitious synthesizer accompaniment, until the “Yeah, yeah….”was my only thought, as my mind took my body in time with Talia’s taking mybottom with another Jumbo Jack like the one now up her own ass…. Ohhhfuck…. ohhhhfuck….oohhhhhh…FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! True toher word, I was blissfully zoned out beyound awareness of anything other…than… that… WONDERFULLL… FAT… DILDO… she was… DRIVING…UP…. MY… BUTT!!!!! I could feel myself gushing from both holes… Icouldn’t come at all!!!! I was just one long nerve ending, and she wasstroking me…. I was so far gone, I just evaporated…… until mybottom began drying out…. and that dong’s almighty dominance beganreasserting itself as friction began to build, and stroking me skin toskin… Harder! Harder! Faster! FASTER!!!! BLOOOWWWW MEEEEEOWWWWTTTTTT!!!!!!!! I could feel another orgasm building… shaking andshuddering in the void as it continued building…BUILDING… BUIIIILLLLDDIIIIIINNNNNNNNNGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HURTS SOO FUCKING DAMNNNGOOOD!!! PUSH ME OOOOOOFFFFFF……………………. I remember adetonation that made the last one seem like a balloon popping…. my bodyshattering into tiny pieces in the void…….I shook my head. Where the fuck was I? This ground’s hard…. ground?What the fuck? Was it all a dream? Some depraved nightmare gone good? Ipushed myself up and tried to open my eyes…. I was lying on thesidewalk… I blinked my eyes… outside the Pink Panther. Maybe it wasa dream. But, I wasn’t sure. My butt sure felt sloppy…. I tried tostand up… and felt something in my shoe. I stood up, and staggered to anearby bus bench, sat down, and took off my shoe. There was a note in it.It read: Remember: I OWN YOUR SLUTTY ASSHOLE. We’ll be in touch. Itwasn’t a dream… and the bitch had tossed me out for all to see when shewas done working my ass over….———————————————————————————————— CH 2It seemed like only a bad dream. I flushed the note down the toiletonce I got home & put it out of my mind. I thought if I thought of it as abad dream, then it hadn’t really happened. I was just getting used to thatidea… A couple of nights later, I was finishing my packing, to move intomy new pad before I started my residency. I decided to go out and get somedinner, since my kitchen was packed up. My car wouldn’t start. ‘Fuckit’,I thought to myself, and headed for the nearest bus stop. I’d just ridedown towards the beach and stop at a fast food joint. But, as I stood atthe bus stop waiting…. A car pulled up near the stop, and sat waiting. Icouldn’t see that far away, since there was only a street light by the busstop. It struck me as odd, as it continued to sit there. Then, the lastthing I heard before a rag was slapped over my face was a familiar voice.”Grab her!”The next thing I knew, I was lying on a cot. What the fuck happened? Ifelt cold. I rubbed my arms… where’s… groggily, I tried to sit up.When I did, I felt the thin mattress pad rub against my butt. Where’s….my clothes? I blinked, trying to clear my head… everything was dark,except for bit of moonlight shining through a window high up on the wall.Where the fuck was I? “She’s awake.” “Turn on the lights.” The lights inthe room came on. No, not the room. The cell. I could see the wider roomin shadow beyond the bars of the cage I was in. I could see something thatlooked like the u-frame… I’d been bound to before? The reality cameback full force. I was back in Talia’s basement! Her’s was the secondvoice I’d just heard. And she wasn’t alone this time. So much forconvincing myself my night of humiliating pleasure at her hands was just adream. It was a nightmare. A REAL nightmare. “Here she is, Renee. Ournew anal toy. Penned up and ready to be owned.” “Slut Millie. You mean totell me this whore never had it up the ass before?” “Not until she got itfrom me.” “I’m jealous.” “Shut the fuck up. You’re here now, aren’t you?You get the first taste before everyone else. And you’d better hurry up,or…” “What are we waiting for?” Without further ado, the two came intothe cell. “Ready for more, bitch?” “If you think you’re getting more of myass, think again,” I barked back. I reached out, my nails extended… AndRenee rushed in close and grabbed me in a bearhug, rubbing her stillclothed breasts all over my naked ones as she prevented my attack. Taliagrabbed my arms and bound them behind me, using the same leather cuffsshe’d chained me with before. Then, they escorted me out of the cage, andto a doctor’s bench in the near corner of the room. There, they bent meover, and bound my upper body to the cushion, standing at the foot of thebench. “What do you want to do first?” Tal asked Renee. “Nothing. Let mego right now, you bitch!” I struggled to free myself. “Shut the fuck up!Ooohh…How about… this!” Renee answered, and….. “FUCK! BITCH! GETTHIS THING OUT OF MY ASS!!” I hollered, as Renee unceremouniously shovedthe plastic handle of a toiler plunger into my shithole. “Ooohh!!! Millie! This looks so nasty going up your butt!! You like it, don’t you?Whore. Feel this fucking thing… feel it jamming up your ass…. oooh,I can see some shit on the end when it comes back out! You dirty littleslut.” Renee sneered at me as she kept frigging that hard plastic handle upmy behind, taking her sweet time battering my bowels with it. Great. Just… fucking… great. With my luck, every one of these bitches isgoing to try my ass out, I thought to myself. I felt myself flushing infutile rage & burning humiliation as my new but familiar tormentor took aturn on jamming a tool up my rear end. Another hated foe getting up mybutt without so much as a by-your-leave, let alone a reach-around. Damnthese dirty cunts… what’s more, my ass felt not only dirty, but a littleloose for what she was ramming up me, and this was only the beginning… “My turn.” “I’m not done yet!” “Tough shit, bitch. You’ll get more. Moveover…” I felt the plunger handle yank out of my butt… Renee camearound to my side. “Suck this.” She stuck the dirty plunger handle undermy nose. I kept my mouth shut. “Suck it!” She grabbed my face, force myjaw down…. “Owww!!!” I hollered, as I felt the wider top of an unpeeledcarrot pierce my poophole, and Renee shoved the shitty handle in my mouth,making me gag and close my mouth by reflex as ishe jammed it against mytonsils. I coughed & tried to spit it out, but she kept fucking my mouthwith it as Tal contined r****g my butt with her carrot, without the benefitof lube. That fucking thing felt rough! What’s more… I was enjoyingit! I was begining to like this undesired, harsh, and demeaningmistreatment at their hands. It felt so depraved! I always enjoyed beingdepraved; it was just always on my own terms. Now, I had to surrender tobeing taken and it was even more pleasurable! How could I enjoy thiswithout letting them know I actually LIKED being in their power? Theconflicting emotions running through me like the wetness beginning to runout of my cunny only made the scene that much more intense. Then, just asI was beginning to convince myself to give over, Tal jammed the carrot asdeep up my ass as it would go. As I felt all but the pointed tip suckedinto my anus, I heard another voice. A SHRILL voice. “What HAVE we here!OH…My… GODD!! You said you had a surprise for me, Tal; but I neverimagined it would be HER! And look at you! With a carrot all the way upher ass! You mean I get to buttfuck our dear, sweet, slutty littleMilly-whore?” “Just the three of us. Grab something and abuse her nastylittle bung-hole.” “OWW!!” I yowled again as Tal yanked the dry carrot outof my bum. “So much to choose from! You’re enjoying getting torough-trade our debased little wood-loving slut, aren’t you? Oh, Millie,I’ve always dreamed up ramming something up your ass and making you pleadfor mercy…” “I had her whining and crying the other night, for sure.” “SoI saw when you showed me the video. Let’s see if we can do better!”VIDEO??!!!?? OHMIGOD, WHO’S SEEN IT? I’ll never be able to show my facearound campus again if this gets out! I thought to myself. As thatthought burned down my spine, my face reddened in shame until I suddenlyfelt the bottom of a banana burrowing into my buns… “Ow! That edge isrough!” I hollered. “Shut up, bitch. You love it and you know it. You’resuch a depraved slut, Millie. Fuck yourself with that banana. Shove thatyellow schlong up your brownhole. Show us just how big a slut you are.”Rikki stepped back, and the banana started to slip out of me…. before Icould stop myself, I reached my hands back, and, with my wrists stillbound, took hold of the top of the peel and pressed it in…. what was Idoing! I let go with my hands, but it was far enouh in that it wouldn’tslip out on it’s own! I pushed it out, but felt a need to pull it back inbefore it fell out of my sphincter. I clenched my cheeks and pulled itback in.” “Look at her! She’s working it with just her ass!!” “You SUREshe never had it up the ass before the other night?” ” “Her asshole surelooked like it. It looked as tight as she was that night!” “She’s workingit like a PRO!!” Bitches, I thought to myself, even as I debased myselfbefore them; I couldn’t hide the fact I was enjoying that soft fruitfilling up my ass channel. My face kept turning as red as that banana wasyellow. Finally, I pushed it out, and it fell on the flor with a ‘plop’.”Ooh, she’s nice and loose!” Rikki cried out. “Rik, since you didn’t getbut a couple of moments with the banana, how about you try her out withthis?” This? What was… this!!! My question was answered, as thenone-too-small rounded tip of a nightstick was unceremoniously stabbedagainst my sphincter, which opened hungrily and let the shaft just sinkinward, all too easily. “Look at how easy it went in there!” “Work it,baby. Work that stick in her shithole.” For many minutes, I felt thatthing jab in and circle around in my asshole, forever poking against myanal g-spot… Rikki was sparking that feeling in my rectum… thedisplaced air was forcing my bowels to work… and I felt that need topush…. I heard a ‘splut’ as Rikki continued battering my behind, andthen a shrill cry: “Oooh, look, girls! This big black stick’s getting somegood brown on it!” “Fuck her shit, Rikki! Fuck the shit right out of her!”My shitting on her dildo only whetted their appetites, the dirty bitches.Rik jammed it in hard, and I tried to shift to one side, trying to getaway… “aaaahhhAHHHHH!!!” I cried out in glee, as the resulting shiftallowed the shaft to angle in FARTHER!!! In a minute, what felt like overa foot of that nightstick was stuck in my shit!! I started wiggling,shimmying my ass, getting off on the feelings arcing deep in my turd tube.”She’s really getting off on it!” “Work her! Harder! HARDER! Millie, youwhore! You love it!!! Shove it ALL in there, Rik!” “Nah, we don’t want tohurt her… MUCH! My turn, Rik,” Tal said at last. “Pull that shittypole out of her butt and shove it down her throat. Make her suck it offlike the willing slut she is while I push THIS up her ass!!” Rikki got onthe bench in front of me, and stuck the hilt of the nightstick into herpussy, like it was a cock. “Suck me off, bitch.” She moved in closer,until I couldn’t avoid the damn thing, grabbed my jaw, and squeeing it,forced it open and pushed the stick back into my tonsils. My gag reflexmade me cough and close my mouth around it, just as something round andgreasy, but oddly shaped, began pushing at my backdoor! One end felt widerthan the… OTHER!!! “MmmWWWMmm!!” I warbled around the shaft in my mouthas I began to suck it off, as the earpiece of a telephone handset stretchedmy hole open and plunged into my pooper, letting my ass muscle close aroundthe handgrip as the rounded earphone went deeper. I felt a need to pull onit… pulling both items into me… I was SUCH a slut… “Look at her!She’s doing it! Not a whine or whimper, she’s taking them good!” “She’sSUCH a whore. But now, she’s OUR ass whore. We OWN this slut, lock,stock, and butthole.” “You don’t like that do you, slut?” Rikki asked,seeing me redden at Talia’s bahis siteleri words. “You’re OWNED! We OWN your dirty ass!””And you’re gonna stick up your ass whatever we tell you, when we tell you,before who we tell you, and then you’ll let them stuff whatever they wantup your butt, too! Dirty little shit-slut.” Then, Talia pressed against myass with her hand, and PRESSED down on my left cheek… and the shift ofmy body let her push the handset’s microphone into my hole! “!!!!!!” Iwarbled, not letting go of the filty rod in my mouth. I felt so depraved,willingly sucking off that shitty stick while I was gripping a telephone inmy rectum, and I loved every thing about it and didn’t care that they knew.I’d do whatever they wanted. I’d debase myself before them all, if I couldjust keep on doing this…. Suddenly, Tal jerked the lower end of thephone out of me, and torturously slowly let the earphone dilate me open andslip out. “My turn!” Renee called out. “Oooh! Look what you’ve got! Whyhaven’t I seen those before?” Rikki shrilled. “You’re as big a butt slutas Millie, Rik. Some night I’ll surprise you with them, and make you takeall of them up your ass and hold them there. Just like I’m going to do tothis dirty slut!” I felt something as big and round as the telephoneheadset push against my hole. “That’s it! Give ’em to ‘er!” “Make hertake ’em all!” My bottom dilated easily… and a round ball slipped intomy butt. I felt a string running out of my rear end. “One down, four togo!” FOUR?!!?? These fuckin’ beads are HUGE! Five won’t fit!! I tried toshit it out, and began to struggle. “Oh, yeah, baby; you’re gonna take ’emall. Fight all you want. Hold her open, girls.” I felt the hands of theother two pry my cheeks apart… and none too gently, the second ball-beadwas forced past my sphincter and into my anus after the first. Then, aTHIRD followed!! “OHMIGAWWD I’m soo full!! Pull ’em out… Pull ’emout…” I breathed, huffing & puffing as the fullness began pushing metowards the edge… I gripped and mauled those big bead-balls with myinnards…. “Look at her! She loves them up her ass!” “She’s gonnacome!!” “Don’t help her! Let her come all on her own!! The best is yet tocome!!” “Come on baby, you can do it. Take it… take it!!!” I felt thefourth pushing against my bottom… there wasn’t room in there!!! “Spread’em open and SHOVE it in!!!” I felt a strong push in between my buns… Ifelt a need to push, to eliminate the beads from my bottom… and thepressure inside from the fourth ball made my inner sphincter open… andthe first bead went higher!! “OOOHHHIIEEE!!!” I gasped out, feeling theintensity of the fullness up my butt running through my body like a sea offire as an orgasm built within me and my every nerve was beginning toscream in exquisite torment…. “Last one baby, you can do it!” “It’s toofull in there! It’s not gonna fit!” I gasped out, fighting to breathe fromthe rushing waves of ecstasy cascading up through my body from myderriere… “It’s gonna fit!” Renee called out, “push it! Push it!” Icried an insane little whimper as the last one pressed…. I felt ashifting inside me… and as the last ball demanded entrance, the pushingagainst the others pushed the second one iinto my inner bowel just as thelast one slipped past my outer sphincter!! OOOHHHHHHMIIIIIIIGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I lay prone on the bench, unable to even move asI just hung onto those huge balls up my butt and vaporized in the mostintense anal orgams I’d yet experience……. every atom in my body wasblowing away in puffs of smoky energy….. THENNN!!! OOOHHHH!!! OOHHHH!!!! MYGOD!!! NOOOOO!!!! In the middle of my orgasm, they’d yankedme over again with the pulling of each bead back outside my bottom. As thelast one slid out, I sighed in relief and passed out….COLD!!! WHAT THE…. WHOOOAAAAA!!!!!!!! The beads spread me open sowell, that now… “Oooh! Look! Millie’s a soda machine!! Look at thisthing!!! It just slipped in!!” I felt a fat metallic object all the wayinside my butt, and it was giving me the chills!!! Renee’d shoved a can ofsoda up my ass!!! “Work it, Millie! Try and push it out!!!!””Nyyyyerrrgghhh….” I strained against it, trying to push it down… Icouldn’t! It was in there good!! I was going to rupture something tryingto get it out! “PUSH!!!” I tried again… and my battered buttholestretched wide enough to let the upper (or, should I say, LOWER) lip of thecan past my muscle… I felt a gentle pressing against it… and the canslipped back in!!! I pushed again… and the pressure of her fingerpopped it back into my butt, and pushed it deeper!!! I bore down, and leta burst of air expel the can from my crapper. “She’s getting good!!””Renee, I’m getting too fucking turned on watching her! I demand my turn!I came here expecting to get an ass ramming from the two of you, and I wantit! You two own ME, too, remember? I want both your cocks up my ass atonce tonight, and I want you to cram those ball beads up my butt and tossme into the Ohioan river while you pull them out again before you sandwichme.” Was I done for now? Now what? What would they do with me?” “Okay,Rik, we’ve tortured you with waiting long enough. Just one more thing…”I felt a greasy wide nub, as wide as the soda can, but hard plastic,pushing against my hole… then, like a huge buttplug, the tip of a baby’sring-stacking toy flared into me, and the shaft shrunk in width and thenWIDENED, until I felt the wide, flat plastic base of the ‘doughnut-stacker’plug park against my buns. Then, the bitches freed me. “Okay, asshole,we’re done with you tonight. We’ve got more planned for you another time;but we’re gong to keep you until we decide we’re done with you. Go back toyour cage. Shake your ass on the way in, and don’t let that big plug slipout. Rikki wants her own anal workout, and we’re going to spend the nightplowing her butt good while we think about you down here, caged up, withthat plug shoved deep into your ass. And it better still be there when wecome back for you!” I shimmed back into the cage, glorying in the THICHshaft plugging up my tailpipe. I wasn’t even feeling the humiliation, allI felt was GLORIOUS with my ass jammed full and not caring that these cuntsI hated more than anyone else were watching me and gushing off watching meobey their commands, and getting off having me under their power. I laiddown on the bunk, and began to push and frig my entire ass channel withthat toy, thinking about Rikki undergoing what I’d just had… not that Icared how she felt; but I hoped her ass was feeling as good as mine was,and relishing her being bitched out and anally maltreated just as hard as Igot…. I wanted to best them all… show them just how big a competitveanal receiver I could be… and then, I’d do to every one of thiem EVERYlittle thing they were doing to me…. —————————————————————————————CH 3A couple of days came and went before the three came back. I was alittle surprised the others weren’t with them…. I hadn’t kept the toyplug up my ass the entire time, but I’d been frigging myself with it off &on the the intervening time, just to be prepared, so that when I heardthem…. so, I quickly sat it up on the bunk, and then sat on it. Nosooner did I have it all up my ass, and was sitting on the edge of the bed,slightly rocking on it, than the three came in. “Don’t tell me you’ve hadthat up you all this time!” I gave them my sluttiest smile. “Of course, Ihave. You said it had better still be there when you came back, and I hadno idea when you would be, so…” I trailed off, simpering. “Lying whore!No way you could tolerate that up your ass for two days plus, even removingit just to shit. Well, guess what, ladies, I guess we start tonight’sdebauchery a little earlier than we planned. Tie her down, I’ll be rightback.” Talia left the cell, while Renee and Rikki bound me in leathercuffs, wrists together & ankles apart, & then bound my legs to restraintsat the foot of the bed. Then, without waiting for Talia to return, Reneestripped and laid across my back, rubbing her breasts against my spine,while Rikki took hold of the toy-plug up my ass and began to roughly pullyit out and shove it back in, without benefit of lube. Good thing I’d lubedit before I’d sat on it… Then, Talia returned, and grabbed me by thehair. “This is how we treat lying whores, Doctor!!” And, with not a wordto Rikki, she proceeed to cut off the length of my hair with a pair ofkitchen shears! My hair! My long, beautiful hair! It took me MONTHS togrow it out!! Nooo!!! It hurt, the way she was cutting it loose whileholding my head up by the roots; cutting it short short, and thenbutchering the rest of it, until it was an unkempt, uneven, spiky mess thatwould take weeks to make look like something other than a mare’s nest. Then, she plugged in a razor and shaved the word “WHORE” right along myscalp, until the skin under my hair was almost showing where she’d beentrimming. Meanwhile, Rikki was STILL ramming that toy up my ass. I wasbeginning to hate this all over again. I’d have to wear a hat wherever Iwent! God forbid I would have to take it off! Facing that when ithappened made me burn with embarassment, as they sneered. “Look, Millie ISa whore! Look at her! You can’t miss it!” They snickered, sneered, &graduated to outright laughter. “No shit she is, look at her ashole!”Rikki cried out as she pulled the toy out of me for the last time. Myspinchter felt stretched, and I was feeling EMPTY. “What a gaper!” “Well,we’re just going to have to fill it up again, aren’t we!!!” Mometarily, Iheard the whisking of broom bristles across the floor. Then, before I knewit, I felt a round, not too large wooden nub at my backdoor. Without anytrouble, they upended the broom and shoved the handle deep into my ass,feeling none too good as the hard, rounded-off end jabbed beyond my innersphincter & against the juncture of my ‘s’ curve, right at my anal g-spot.I saw stars, and began pounding the mattress & pleading for it to stop. “Nooo-huh-hoo!!! It hurts! STAHHP IIITT!!! Uh-huh-hooo!!!” But, mypleading only whetted their appetites, and they sneered words I couldn’thear as I cried in cruel pain, as they battered my insides. Forgethumiliation, this hurt!! Then, the broom handle left me. “You didn’tpuncture something, did you?” “No, she’s not bleeding. We don’t want tokill her, you know.” Now that I was suffering from their initial torment,they untied me, but kept their arms on me so I couldn’t fight. Talia tooka wooden stool that sat in the corner and turned it upside down, so theseat was resting on the floor. “Sit on it, bitch!” No fuckin’ way. “SIT… on…it. Park your fanny on one of the legs, and take it up yourass.” I stood still. WHAMMM!!! Stars rang through before my eyes as afist struck me upside the head. “Do it. Or suffer the consequences….”What they’d call consequences, I didn’t want to find out about, after whatthey’d already done to me tonight. I squatted over the low stool, centeredmyself over the leg closest to them, and lowered myself down. The leg felta little rough around the edges, being all wood and flat where the legsended. I slowly worked myself down, up, and down… didn’t feel all thatbad up my butt, if I was careful… “So HERE you three are!!” A familiarvoice sounded behind me. “Uh-huh. I promised you something specialtonight, didn’t I?” Talia said. “I wasn’t expecting THIS!” came anothervoice. “Is that Millie?” came a third voice. “Uh-huh. I just gave her atrim. I think it looks better on her, dont’cha think?” “Not as good aswhat she’s doing! Look at her!” “I knew she was a slut; but not an “I’lldo everything up the ass” type!” “She wasn’t… until I got my hooks intoher… and now, she’s all ours…. Keep fucking that stool, bitch.” Taliaremarked, the last directed at me. I turned around, the stool leg still upmy ass, and flushed BEET red, seeing ALL of the old Shakers there, Sherry,Red, and Rikki’s sister Molly. I held still; but there was no mistakingthe wooden rod making it’s way up my plump rump. “Keep riding, bitch. Give us a show,” came Molly’s voice. From the moment she came in, it wasclear she was the bull dagger around here; even Talia seconded her. Iflushed red, tried to cover myself, and wound up only sinking further downfor my efforts. I turned my back to them and concentrated on not lettingthat stool leg go too far… “Oohh, look at her take it!” “Go, girl, go!”They razzed and jeered, and I flushed in shame before them, still unable tostop. I was completely in thrall of them and I knew I couldn’t do onething about it. “Okay, get up.” They led me back to the bunk; bound myhands behind me; but didn’t tie me back down. “I never thought I’d havethe opportunity to get into this bitch’s shit,” Red remarked. “I told yousomeday her ass would be ours; and I wasn’t k**ding. She’s our ownedlittle butt-bitch now!” “You guys have had turns already. I want mine!””We’ll all get a turn and then some, tonight.” Red took a pull from abottle of beer she had, and then moved in. “Hold her down if we’re notgoing to tie her down.” “That’s the idea, it’s more fun that way.” Then, Ifelt the neck of Red’s beer bottle at my hole… and, already comfortablyopen, my ass let the bottle’s long neck slide in to the wide end, and Ifelt the remains of her beer pour into me. In moments, the booze washitting me… and Red had turned her bottle around, and pushed it into mybutt, wide end up! “Oooh! That’s big!!” I breathed, it wasn’t much lesswide than the plug toy I’d been playing with when this started. “Shut herup,” Molly snarled. Someone slapped a ball gag into my mouth. “That’sbetter. Looks good on her, too. Slut.” Red, meanwhile, continued pushing& pulling the wide end of the bottle in & out of my butt, and then finallyshoved it in up to the neck. But, before I could grip it, “Pull it out. The last thing we want is for her to crush it with her ass muscle,” Mollydirected. “Yeah, I want my turn, anyway,” Sherry interjected. “You guysare having all the fun.” “There’s plenty of fun to go around,” Taliareplied; “Pick something and shove it up there.” I heard her grab somethingrubbery & strap it on. “Oooohh!! The darling of the toys!” Renee sneered.”I love how that one feels when it’s up my ass!” Rikki cackled. “Shut up,slut. You’ve always been a bigger up the butt slut than her. Countyourself thankful that Tal found her, or it’d be you, just like every othertime.” “I love it like that and you know it. I’m usually the bottom aroundhere, Millie. I’m JEALOUS.” “Another time, slut. This was a once in alifetime opportunity; we’re gonna take full advantage until we’ve had ourfill.” “Shut up and hold her down,” Sherry commanded; and hands grabbed myankles from below, my ass from either side, and I felt a fat and VERYrealistic cock prod against my asshole. “They call this the Jeff Stryker,Millie. It’s a clone of his cock. Feels great, too, so squeezable andfirm… the surface’ll torment your sphincter good. Open wide….” And,with a squishing of the vaseline & KY she’d slathered all over it, I feltthat meaty head squeeze into my buns and easily take command of my hole,prying me open and filling me up as it did so, slowly sinking in deeper…deeper… widening me as it did… until, I felt like my butt had beenstretched a good three inches (and that thing was really 2+ inches wide,GOD what a butt stretcher it is if nothing bigger’s been up there!), itflexed, bent, hesitated… and then, still stretching me open, beganflexing back straight… “This thing keeps bending!” Sherry bitched. “It’s so big & thick, it has to hang down!” Rikki remarked. “Well, justpush harder!” Molly instructed, “Remember, the heat of the meat to theangle of the dangle! Push hard, and it won’t get away…” I felt her holdme down, and bore into my butt with her hips…. and that thing flaredstraight out, and in doing so, shot most of the 10″ shaft into my shithole,until it was in far enough where the width began to shrink, and my dilatedderriere tried to close around it and just sucked it in to the balls. “Oh,yeah, she’s GOT it!” “Don’t just hold it in there; fuck her! Fuck hergood!” Sherry pulled back, and pushed in… I gasped in intense pleasure,as that meaty dong rubbed so exquisitely against my ass muscle on the wayout & back, stretching me open and back again with the thrust inward…. this thing felt INCREDIBLE up my ass! She pulled back, and I let out a”OOHHH!!” through the gag. She yanked the gag out of my mouth, grabbed myhips, and pushed in…. “OHMIGODD!!!” Did I really say that out loud? Shepulled… “Fuck!!” I wailed. She shoved it in… “Ohhh, FUCK!!” Iyowled. “OH, my GOD THIS THING’S FUCKING INCREDIBLE! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!ME!! FUUUUUUCKK!!” Sherry responded by pulling me up onto my knees, andjust grabbed my hips and bore in… when she stroked back, I felt all of atube of KY squirted into my crack… “Okay, with that much lube, you’ll beable to do some serious slip & slide riding!!” Molly remarked. Sherrypushed in… “OH-OOHHHHH!!!” All I remember was that full-fulling, mostexquisitely enjoyable life-like dildo slipping & slamming in and out of myrectum for how long I couldn’t tell, faster and faster and faster andfaster… all I could do was ‘OHHOHH!!” up and down the scale, until itwas one long continuous “OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” as Sherry ****d thelast inch closest to the balls in & out of my asshole with the remainder ofthe shaft snugly shoved so far up my shit shaft that the toy’s meaty glanswas rubbing hell out of my anal g-spot, while my hole opened up and closedback a little as she pulled back and pushed all the way in again… I felta growing need to push…. feeling me do so, Sherry pulled all the wayback, and saw “A turtle’s peeking!” she cried out!” “Get it back in there!””Fuck that shit!” Molly crowed. “Color that dick brown from tip to balls!”Sherry pushed back in, mashing into the soft log of shit making it’s waydown to the exit, and covered it in my dirt as she dug a hole in it,shredded it, and smeared what didn’t stick to the rod in my rear end on thewalls of my anus. Finally, when she’d seen all the brown oozing out of meonto the balls of the cock, she shoved the thing all the way into me onemore time, held it in me, and began to hump and bump and grunt and grind it’round in my rectum… I could feel the orgasmic pressure building… Iheard myself yell “I’m gonna come! HOLD IT IN MEEEEE!!!! OOHHHH!! FUCK!FUCK! OH! OH! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!” “Oh,yeah; come on… come on… OH, you BITCH, you SLUT, YOU! Take itMillie!! Come for me! Come for your mistress!! You love it in your ass!You love it!” ‘OH MY GAWWD I LOVE THIS!!! KEEP FUCKING… MEEEEE!!!!!”She pulled back and kept humping in and out… harder.. harder… Harder… HARDERHARDERHARDER!!HARDER!HARDER!HARRRDEERRRRRR!!!!” I wasscreaming out until she crammed it in to the balls once more….. “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” was all I could eep out as I fell over theprecipice and into a chasm full of fountains of erupting volcanic ohio,which overtook me until I just drowned….. “Look at her! What a slut! She really WENT on this thing!” I heard Sherry exclaim as she dismounted myass. “It’s COVERED!!” “Good for you. Now, she’ll be able to do better forme!!” I felt a bigger nub… much smoother and harder…. “OH MY GODD!!”I wailed as Molly pushed her own greasy rod into my rear entry, she wasusing the Jumbo Jack that Tal had ****d me with before! I remembered onlytoo well that overwhelming, overpowering, all dominating dildo that ripsevery last ounce of sanity from you when it fills you to the full so muchthat you can’t even grip it, and takes away the last shred of your dignityand turns you into the unholiest, most deranged slut there ever was as itit forcibly carries you off to one hell of a severe anal orgasm that youtake through every endless thrust you can’t grip and every bowel stretchingpush that just sends arcs of electric pleasure arcing along the thintissues between your poop tube and your pussy, until it reaches your clittyand it starts popping like kernels in a microwave, exploding like woundedballoons, and all you can do is take it and ride it out to the bitter end,because it’s just too damn wide to even let your turd tube wrap itselfaround it and you’ve lost all control to the bitch shoving it up your shitchannel with her hips to it’s very hilt… which!! Was!! Just!! What!!!Molly!!! Was… DoooOOOIIIIINNNNNNGGGGG!!!!!!! An eternity longer thanthe one Shery had jumped my ass with the Jeff Stryker, Molly drilled andjilled and dominated my ass with that Man-o-War/Jumbo Jack, and all I coulddo was lie there with my head on my arms on the mat, my ass high in the airas she held me up on my knees, wailing and nattering insanely as her everypush and pull just stroked me off inside and I just rode my involuntaryreactions through combo clitty & ass explosions into one thundering, long,nuclear blast throughout my entire body, my head blowing like a TV tube,until I just fell into darkness….A bit later, I came around, to feel the wind whistling through my dirtyass. “She’s awake.” “It’s about time! You fucked her cold.” “That’s theway it is. I can’t help it she’s a total whore who comes like an explodingvolcano and passes out. It’s no fun defiling her ass if she’s not awake tomake noise and behave like the debased little shit she is.” “Well, she’sawake, and it’s my turn again,” said Talia. “And I know just what to do.”She momentarily appeard in front of me, holding a fat roll of thawed delimeat, still in the wrapper. She slapped her hand with it. “I hope you’reenjoying yourself, slut; because we’ve just begun to stretch out yourasshole. Hold her open, girls…” As Tal’s words trailed off, I felt handsat my rear end again… and then Talia was on the bunk with me, climbingdown my back, her boobs pressing into my spine… and her meat rollpressing into my buns! I felt them open… my bottom widening again… and then that log just sank into me!!! It was soft… and BIG… andfelt damn good!! “Ohhhhhhh….” I warbled as it sank into me. “Listen tothat little slut! She loves it!” All of them were crowing and jeeringagain as Talia pushed that pork into my poopchute, filling me up ratherhandily. I was starting to enjoy the attention again, even though I wasn’tactually doing anything to provoke their interest, such as moving around itlike a slut or whining for it to stop. Yeah, so I’m a total slut. When Iget like this, I don’t care what anyone thinks of my depravity. I bit mylip and relished every full-filling second Talia was fucking my fanny withthat foodstuff, not letting them get more satisfaction out of me, one wayor the other. I wasn’t ready to give over just yet. Let them think theyweren’t getting to me; it was already embarassing enough having all of themthere, watching the ongoing gang-bang when it wasn’t their turn… I couldhear the tales around town already… I swear, I was going to have to geta commission in the Army’s Medical Corps and take orders overseas just toget away from the rumors, innuendo, and insults that would follow me whenthis got out…. My reverie was interrupted as that comfortable cold-cutlog slid out of my slippery ass for the last time, and I felt something thesame size but much harder pound itself in…. felt like a rolling pinwithout the handles!! Damn this thing’s hard!! Fuck!! Damn, that’sgood!!! I bit my lip harder, trying not to cry out in pleasure as itspread me open inside, reaching up to my ‘s’ curve and bumping sooooenjoyably against my anal-g, causing the intense pleasure to begin to sparkand then arc through my entrails… before I got too used to it, the handplying it pulled it none too gently from my hiney…. “She’s not puttinganything out now,” Rikki’s nasal whine came from behind me. “Fine. She’llbe dirtying our dicks again soon enough,” Renee interjected. “You’ve hadyour fun, my turn again.” “Ooohh! Look what you’ve got!” Red cried out. “Get over yourself, Red; you’re as bad as Rikki.” “Damn right, babe. Ilove it when you use it on me.” “You two are as bad as she is,” Mollyinterrupted, “just like a couple of bottomed out hens.” “Yeah, thanks toyou!” “That’s right. Don’t forget who’s the top around here.” “Why are wetalking when our new butt slave is waiting for more? She’s the one beingbottomed out!” “Oh,Shut uuhhuupp!!” Renee barked, and without warning, Ifelt a hard, wide nose of something SCHLUPP!! Right!! Into!! My!! Butt!! Felt like a cannon barrell up my ass!!! “Like this hair dryer inyou? BIG, isn’t it? You’re loving something FAT up your butt, aren’t you?Whore. Oooh, I never thought I’d be doing you like this!!” Renee sneered,as she worked the blower’s condom-covered nozzle in me, as far as it wouldgo, which was about a good fat six inches. It was so damn hard and shortand slick, I couldn’t even get a purchase on the thing; but I couldn’t domore than enjoy it keeping my asshole open, since it wasn’t anywhere nearlong enough to hit the sweet spot and set me off. Finally, after she’dgotten her fill of my slick shit chute, she pulled the hair gun out of me.”Think she’s wide enough?” “If she’s not, she’ll never be!” “She can alwaysbe stretched farther. It just takes a good bit of time to leave a sloppypooper looking like the end of a PVC pipe.” “I just want some more of thattailpipe of hers!” “In due time. My turn again,” Red remarked. “Fuck thatass up, bottlebitch!” Molly crowed. Bottlebitch? I didn’t like the soundof that. I was afraid I was only beginning to find out why they called Redthat… Confirmation came momentarily, when I felt the wide end güvenilir bahis of a winebottle nestling into my buns!! Instantly, I came alive. “NO!!” Ihollered. “That can’t POSSBILY fit!! Don’t shove that in me!!” “Shut up,whore!!” “Gag her. This is a perfect occasion to hear her whimperinginstead of yelling.” This time, a piece of duct tape was slapped across mymouth, and the feeling of the scene took that ugly turn from pleasure intohumiliation and fright as I realized that they were going to force it in mewhether I wanted it or not; but I REALLY didn’t want it this time!!! Ijerked about, trying to yell through the tape, but only getting muffledwords and mumbled “Mfff! MMPPHH!!! MMMPPHHH!!!”s, which I should haverealized only excited them more. “She’s scared!” “**** her! **** her buttwith that bottle!” “Push it in! Shove it in! WAYYY in!!” “Spread it openand shove it in!!” “Just relax, Millie,” Red hissed in my ear; “You knowyou want it. It’s the most INTENSE thing, feeling a bottle spread youwide, while it slips home and totally clogs up your rear end, especiallywhen the whole thing’s gone in up to the neck, and you’re closed up aroundit!!” I fought, trying to move my ass away from her… and the bottle keptpressing… prying my poopchute open… and it wasn’t that difficult,after the fat objects they’d been cramming into my crapper so far! OHMYGODD!!! It’s got me!! IT’S GOT ME!! OHHH FUCKK!!! It’s not gonna…It’s gonna!! IT’S GONNA FIT!!! FUCK!! OH FUCK!!! Ohmigod!!! OHH…. MY… GODDD!!! OH! MY!! GOD!!!! “It’s gonna fit!! Push it!! Push It!PUSH IT!!!” I heard them chanting, over and over, as the bottle beganfalling into my fundamental orifice… then, I felt my sphincter giveover, and with the loudest, rudest, lewdest SCCHHHLLOOUURRRPP!! that youever heard, I felt it sink all the way up my ass! I felt SOOOmother-fucking FULL!!! I wanted to swear, to curse, to yell my head off inpure insanity from the overpowering fullness in my rectum, but all thatcame out were muffled non-syllables as I wrapped my ass muscles around thatbottle. I could feel the booze within sloshing around, shifting the weightin my behind. I couldn’t even think straight… I was trying to push itout… trying to pull it in… the thing was resting against my uppersphincter, and I felt that need up higher to empty out the airspace betweenthe shit high in my colon and the bottle lodged in my butt… Icouldn’t… my clitty was exploding again, involuntarily triggered by theall-powerful bottle of booze buried in my bottom… I couldn’t stand it!It was… just… too… good…..”You did REALLY well, Millie!!” Red derided me, as I felt hands slap meawake. I felt a pull…. at both my mouth and my ass at the same time,the tape painfully ripping away from my lips as the bottle was evacuatedfrom my rear entry with a tug that tormented my tush and even pulled my bumup a little bit as my muscle stretched back open to let the crapper-chokingcarafe exit my body. When the base of the bottle finally came out, I fellback down those few inches onto the mattress and just lay still, feelingthe endorphins surging through my body and the delicious ache bouncingaround my asshole. “She’s blissing out!! This is the perfect time!!”Sherry sang out. “Batter UP!!” called out Talia… and I felt anotherFAT, rounded off tip pushing at my tortured ‘tockhole… ohmy… OhMy!!OHHH!!! MY!! GOD!!! “OH MY GOD!! This thing’s as wide as the bottle!!”I panted, barely able to breathe from the adrenaline surge as my rectalnerve endings started shooting that intense pressure from my bottom to mytop and back again. “Relax your ass, Millie.” “Hold her butt cheeks open.Spread ‘er wide.” Hands roughly pulled my hiney apart… I was too wide tokeep it out! I couldn’t tighten up!! Forget the intensity of the thingboring me open; the baseball bat they were pushing against my poopchute wasgoing to blow through like a battering ram through cheap balsa and keepgoing until it banged my inner bowel open!!! I huffed and puffed, unableeven to speak as it took me!! Took me!!! Took me… one eternal inch ata time… as they so… torrrrrrrturrrrrrrouuussssllllyyyyyyEXCRUCIATINGLYssssssssslllllllllllooooooooooowwwwwwwwwllllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy sank the shaft of that good wood deeper and deeper up my dumper…. “She can’t even react!! Torture her ass!! Ream this bitch’s rear endout!!” “Hold her up, she can’t even move!” “Look at her face!!” A moviecamera was shoved in my face, getting my beaming, unholy ratpure in fullcolor as that shaft stroked every nerve ending in my anal sphincter,rubbing it non-stop as it sank home, until it came to rest against my innermuscle. “Hold her up. I want to see her face on that film when this thingopens her up all the way.” Molly had the camera, and was stepping back toget a clear stem-to-stern view. She kept moving around, getting everyangle from my grimacing grin to my tormented tush as Sherry took aneternity with each push and pull, catching every groan, yowl, cry, andgrunt as Sherry reamed my rectum right out, taking her torturous time asshe pushed that fucking ass bat deeper into me, keeping the pressure onwith each endless push, until the bat gently punched through my uppersphincter and hit home… “OH-OHHHH!!” She yanked back harder now, andRAMMED…. “AAAAAAHHHHHHHAAHH!!!” I let out a scream as that broad beambanged into my butt’s bliss button… that hit overwhelmed my control, andI felt one powerful eruption through my entire lower half as I let go mywater, drenching the mat with my piss as I gushed out my cum, spewing shitand lube onto the team trunk stuck up my tush…. my body felt likerubber, and I just fell down…”Did you get all that?” “She took that thing WELL!!” “She’s got a wellfor a butthole, is what!” “Give her a bit, she needs to tighten up for usto REALLY enjoy what’s coming!”….For about an hour, they left me alone, letting my asshole shrink back upagain. I knew they weren’t done, I just wondered how long I’d have to waitfor them THIS time. When they came back, Rikki was carrying a fucking hugesledgehammer!! Before I could resist, they pushed me on my back, held downmy shoulders and hands, and proceeded to stick the hammer handle up myass… and take pictures when it was several inches inside me. I’dtightened up quite a bit, but that long handle slid into me easily. When Itried to push it out, not only was it too heavy to eject; I found myselfclosing around it, and the width was only about that of a small guy’s cock.As I stared down at the immovable object lying on the mat with one end upmy dirtyhole, they started taking pictures! I flushed red, and they couldsee the horror on my face. “Gotcha!” “Oh, the look on her face! Everyone’s gonna LOVE these!” “She’ll never be able to show that red facearound here again.” I pushed them off me and flounced over, letting thehandle fall out of me. “Fuck off. Haven’t you embarrassed me enoughalready?” I groaned aloud. “Not even. You’ll be forever branded a brazenanal lezzie, just like the rest of us. If that embarrasses you, littlemiss “Slut Next Door”, maybe you should just go hide somewhere. PreferablyFAR away from where we can reach you. Otherwise, you don’t know just WHENwe’ll come back to debase you again…” “Gag her,” Molly ordered, “I wantto hear her whimper & moan through the next round. It’s a lot more fun…”After they’d stuffed the ball gag back in my mouth, they drew straws forwho got to go next. In TEAMS. Rikki and Red got to go first. “Hold herdown. Red, grease her up REAL good.” The others pinned me down by theshoulders and ankles, spreading my legs apart. I felt what must have beenTWO entire tubes of KY squeezed into my butt, and ANOTHER one on what theyhad in mind for me next… What the FUCK were they going to use on me now!But, before I could see, they slipped a bondage style blindfold over myeyes. Then, I felt something at my back door. Something HUGE!! The headwas REALLY big! Really fucking hard, curved back, and PROMINENT!! I feltthe thing being pushed at my hole… the head took up my entire crack! “Don’t push THAT hard! You’ll rip her for sure! Keep just enough pressureon…” Then, the slickness and my prevoius rammings let my sphincterstretch me open… almost too easily! The head was about to spread me farenough!!! OHMIGOD…. I was gonna get SERIOUSLY speared!! I couldn’teven hear the cries I was emitting through my gag as they dug into myderriere… that humongous freaking dong demanding entrance to mydumper… I fought to free myself from the grip of the others, but theyheld me tight as Rikki and Red hed that dong against my looseninghiney-hole… just when I thought I couldn’t take any more…. theincredible, unbelievable pressure/pain yielded with an unholy feeling likemy butt had been popped like a balloon. As waves of that exquisitepleasure/torment slammed into me like my outer ring around that enormousdick, I screamed through the gag and remembered feeling my eyes rollback… I could hear the camera shutter clicking away…. and then theshaft began sinking further!!! This thiing BARELY fit! OHHHH FUCK!!! This pure evil shit-fucking schlong is going to fucking murder me! Get…this… Fucking… Thing… OUTT!!!! Just when I thought they weregoing to bottom it out…. they backed it…. and took an eternityletting me dilate those few millimeters far enough to let that thing popout. “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Iwarbled as my shithole slammed closed behind it. “In-TENSE, wasn’t it? Maybe we’ll get you ramped up to where you can stand being pumped with itfor a while. But, enduring that max-out entry’s orgasmic enough! If youcan stand the incredible stretching… “Our turn!” Sherry called out. “You mean MY turn…” Talia chided her. “I’m gonna strap this one on….”Then, I felt another large, round nub at my bunghole, small enough (bycomparison to the monster Rikki’d jammed into me) that at first I didn’tcomprehend just how much smaller it WASN’T… greasy with vaseline andsuper-slick with KY, Tal soon had me huffing and puffing as she kept that5” wide hard and bumpy monster right outside me, torturing me with thatmoment just before entry as my bottom widened all too easily… then, shereared back and !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @%$#@^$%#^%$#^$%@#@%$#&%^##@%$#$^%#$^@#$%&%$#%$@%@^$%##’@#%@#@!@%@!@#^&$^%&$@#!@@##!@%$#%$^##!%@$$##@$%^#^#!@%$#$%^!##%^$@#!@^$%#$#@^%$##!@%^$@!%$^#$#%#&*^$%$@@&%^#$#@!$%^#^$@#@%@#%^#@^$@# My thoughtsbecame unintelligible to me as she PLUNGED her massive missile up my butt,blasting right into me and plowing right through my outer and inner ringsto slam home against my anal g-spot. This thing felt like it was a footlong, or a little more!!! I thought the Jumbo Jack was a total analencompasser inside me, this thing made it feel like a FINGER!! Tal pulledback…. OH… MY… GOD… Put It Baackk… OHH-OHHHH!!! Imumble-yowled through the gag as she speared me again, humping that mightymonster through my asshole with just her hips… insanity took me again asshe kept battering my lower bowels with that enormous monster…. shegrabbed my hips and pulled my buns back around her shaft., burrowing intomy shit… I tried to get on my hands and knees, and they let me… before I knew it, I was milking back on it… riding it… riding thatfucking monster to one reaming, screaming orgasm… waiting to feel thatexplosion surge down through my ass channel as she banged that bone againstthe curve of my bowels and sparked powderkeg detonations through my dirtydepths… on and on… and On… AND ON she kept it up… working myass to death around that rectal rocket… Finally, after an eternity ofhanging right on the edge, and trying to both push my load onto her cockand push back against the impending explosion, trying to hold it back, tomake the super-intense feelings of fullness and ramming gratification lastuntil I couldn’t take not taking it anymore, I felt the eruption coming…SURRGGIIIINNGGG…. traveling down to the exit, where it met thesuper-cock coming in…. Tal, feeling me on the edge of bursting, reamedinward once more and held her meat deep within me, just like that firsttime…. “Come on me, slut; come shit all over my dick!” I vaguelyheard… I closed my eyes, andPUUUSHHHEDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…………Once again, totally blissed out, I tried to get up, feeling like alightning bolt had shredded me… but, before I could push myself up, Ifelt something round at my butt… felt like TWO somethings… two reallyGREASY somethings… “Well, slut, you said I never replaced yourheadphones…. so, here’s another pair just like them!” Talia crowed. Then, I felt the round shells of a pair of TD-65s pushing into my crack! Damn, those aren’t too small!! Whoa… Hoooo… ohhh… OH! MYYY… GAAAAWWWWWDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those two phones, pushed together,slid all too easily into my asshole!! FUCK!!! Then, as I was wonderingwhat they were going to do with them, I felt a JERK at my backside. “Letgo of her. This’ll make her wet her panties….” What the fuck were theydoing?? I clenched, and I mean CLENCHED, my cheeks shut, wrapping my assmuscle around the cans nestled inside my anus…. Bad idea, Mill! Ithought, as heard a mechanical humming start, followed by a pulling at mybutt!! What the… WHAT THE FUCK!! OH MY GOD!!! They’re craning me upby my ass!! A crane had been hooked around the headband of the phonesshoved up my ass, and was pulling me up off the mat!! I tried to get up onhands and knees… then on all fours… but my unyielding ass, stayingclamped around the cans up my can, hung on for dear life, and suddenly Ifound myself hanging by my butt, waving my arms and legs in mid air!! “Letme down! LET ME DOWN!!” I hollered, embarassed and humiliated at thisfeeling of being stuck in the ass in mid-air, flailing about like a swimmerwho couldn’t actually swim. I flushed BEET red again as they laughed andlaughed, snapping pictures of me in my ridiculous my predictament beforeletting me down. It was all I could do to hang on to those cans with mybutt ring until they let me down, hoping the headband wouldn’t break underthe strain of the weight I was putting on them. Finally, totally abashed,I was let back down. Just when I landed on my hands & knees, I felt theirhands on my ass, prying it apart, and the pressure on my ass as the cranelifted again… POOOOOOOOPPP!!! The greasy and now shitty phonesschlupped out of me. I was getting too loose and sloppy under theirdemeaning mistreatment, and except for the flushing, embarassing, andridiculous situation(s) they were subjecting me to, I was really enjoyingtheir ramming my ass to the breaking point; feeling all too fucking goodwhile something was shoved DEEP up my behind… then, I felt somethingelse… another round something… with bony knuckles… KNUCKLES??!!!??? I surged up… and felt a handball pass into myover-dilated poopchute!!! They were fucking FISTING me!!! FUCK that’sbig!!! Butt, not so big as before… kinda nice, actually, bycomparison…. Whoa! Not so… DEEP!!! I felt my asshole widen as thefist spread my inner sphincter open. “Easy does it. Fill her up good; butdon’t hurt her. Get all that vaseline in her. She’s going to need it!!” Adiabolical chuckle from Molly. Slowly, one by one, all six of them fistedmy fundamental orifice, each one taking me a little smaller… each onesmaller than before… not going as high or wide… but still filling meup NICELY… all I could do was lie there and moan and groan incontentment around the ball in my mouth as they snapped pics of their armsup my asshole halfway to their elbows… smearing loads, and I mean LOADS,of vaseline deep into me, until it felt like they’d lined my entire asschannel with the stuff….. and finally, Sherry’s tiny wrist flared myshithole open and backed out one last time, after leaving what felt like anentire family-sized jar of grease right inside my anal aperture…. “Thinkshe’s ready?” Tal asked. “If she’s not, she’ll NEVER be!” Molly crowed. “Take her blindfold off. This, she’s GOT to see!!! The first thing ISAW!!! EEPP!!! OH MY FUCKING GOD! THAT THING’S fucking HUGE!!! “NOO!!!”I screamed out. “NO fucking WAY you’re shoving that in me!! I’m NOT aboutto take THAT up my ASS!! LET GO OF ME!!! HEELLLLLLPPPPPPPP!!!!!!” Iyelled and screamed as they continued holding me down, as Molly came aroundbehind me. She was wearing one WIDE… LONG… sonofabitching ramrodcock!! Looked close to two feet long, and close to 4″ wide by the look ofit; black as night!! “They call this the Dick Rambone, Millie. This is areplica of his dick. And, YES, he really IS this big!! 19″ long by 4″wide for one serious butt stretching, deep plowing fuck in the shithole! ESPECIALLY when you’re filled to the brim with anal grease and it’s coveredwith enough grease & lube to choke a horse… Hands off her ass, the lessshe’s open, the more exquisite it’ll be for her…” Molly broke off with anevil chuckle. I fought… wrestled… tried to get loose… but thebitches held me down firmly. I was NOT going to let that ultra-mega fudgepacker put me on the bottom, so to speak. But, there was no avoiding it.The next thing I knew, I felt that firm, unyielding, meaty head prying myhole open… that thing was as wide as their fists!!! No… No!!! NOOO!!!! “Sttaahhh-huhh-haaaahpppp!!!” I cried out as that thing wasroughly ****d into me, the texture of that cock teasing my nerve endingsand tearing away the last shred of my dignity, becoming the most intense,biggest, most supreme dominator my bottom had ever had the pleasure ofknowing!! I couldn’t even get my mind around it, let alone my ass!! Thisthing was TOTALLY, irredeemably in control of me! Slowly that fuckingthing inched in… further… further… I was yelling, fighting, andwailing, hearing but not hearing their sneering words, seeing but notseeing the flashes as they snapped digi-pics, reviling me as they held medown and watched Molly force that cock deeper and deeper into my dirtydepths… defiling hell out of my derriere as it went higher and higher upmy ass… until it bumped against my ‘s’ curve, and caused thatinvoluntary URRRGGE to push… “OOOOOHHHH-OHHH!!!” I screamed out as Ishit all over the head of it… OWWWWWW!!! SHIT!! FUUHHH-UCCCKK!!! “Damn! That fucking HURT!!” I yowled as Molly yanked it out. “Shut up! This thing hasn’t even BEGUN to torture you yet!!” she growled back,dangling that mighty meat back against my sloppy ass chasm, and working itagainst my sphincter muscle as I fought to resist it again and all themore. OHHH… arrghh… Nyyeeerrgghhh… no… don’t let it… IIN!!!!The thing bent and shot inside me!! “Fuck! We’ve got her good, now!!”Molly crowed, revelling in the taunts and jeers the others were ragging heron with as she knelt on the mattress behind me, took hold of the base, andseated the suction cup into the strap-on harness around her waist, into thering centered on her pussy… she must really enjoy feeling that suctioncup working at her, I thought for a split-second before she HEAVED againstme with her hips… OOHHH!!! “Roll her on her side! I’m gonna shove thisthing ALL the way up her ass!!” Roughly they turned me on the left… oooOOOHHH… ORRGGHH… URRRKK!!! NOO-OOOHH!!! I cried out, half in mymind and half aloud as that thing REAMED around my curve, allowing her topenetrate my poopchute all the fucking deeper!! I lay still, letting myeyes roll back in my head and giving into the soul-rending plunging, unableto even see as my eyes rolled back in my head, and just submitting to theanal torture they were intent on inflicting. This thing may be an assmurderer, but what a FUCKK…ing way to GOOO!!! Somehow, I half-fell,half-rolled onto my stomach again, as Molly continued to press thatsuper-proud super-prick deeper up my dumper… unable to even comprehendthe orgasms shooting through me and rocking my entire body, I was just soblissed beyond all boundaries, unable to do anything but just BE myasshole, literally AND figuratively, as all I could do was just feel themassive presence so damned far up my pooper as Molly pushed it in andyanked it out, using only her hips… then, having enough of me lyingdoggo, she stopped, pulled out, and pulled me onto my hands and knees. “Time for you to show us just how well you can ride this thing!” she hissedin my ear. “Give us all a show. You know you love it, and you’re gonnamilk this thing and yell and scream your head off so loud the fuckingneighbors can hear! If you’re lying still, then obviously you’re able tohandle it. I’m gonna fuck you up the ass with this thing until you REALLYcan’t take it anymore!” She grabbed my hips… pulled me back againsther… and began that SLLLOOOOWWWW…. torrrrrturous…. eterrrrrrrnalllpush into my bottom… slowly pulled back… and took an eternity insideme as she built up the tempo with each thrust and withdrawal… at firstslowly bumping my bottom’s g-spot… then hitting it… BANGING againstit… harder… Harder… HARDER! HARDER!! HARDER!HARDER! HARDER!! HARDERHARDERHARDERHARDERHARDEROOHHHHHFUCKFUCKINGMOLLYYOUBITCH!!! SCREWMYSHITHOLE!!!SCREW THE FUCKING SHIT OUT OF MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Shereally had me going now!!! I could feel the pressure in my bowels… thearcing of pleasure through my poop-tube began reaching out to my loins…sparking the popping and then outright BURSTING explosions in my clitty asshe hammered out a tattoo of climaxes through me, making me gush non-stopas waves of liquid orgasm washed over me, pushing me so far over the fallsthat I couldn’t do more than bliss… “Get up!!! Ride me!! Milk thisfucking thing, you bitch! Show us what you’re made of!!”WHOOOOOAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! She RAMMED right past my curve!! “OHH-OHH!!!” Iscreamed out, as that rectum-filling rocket began raising my temperature,heating me up as the stroking of my dirty-g set me off… “OHHhhh FUCKKthis thing’s big!! Keep cramming it in me!! Deeper!! DEEPER!! C’mon,slather vaseline all over me and up my butt, and work my ass off! C’monyou BITCH! I’m getting the need! Fuck me! FUCK ME! I NEED this thingDEEP up my ass! JAM it in me! As far as I can take it!! FUCK meee!!!” Imilked back, felt the head hit a log of shit high in me, farted and wailedas I forced my ass muscles, inside and out, to wrap around that mega-poleand make that bitch WORK for every push and pull, letting me max theexperience as that monster filled and fucked me over with every tantalizingpush up my tush… Molly pulled back down, just as I brayed in heat yetagain, pulling below my curve… “Now, for the best part!! Talia, liedown.” When she’d done as instructed, I felt a hand take a hard handful ofwhat was left of my hair… “Mount her, bitch!! Take her in your pussywhile I keep plowing your ass to it’s bitter end!!” I felt the dirty tipopen me… open MEEE!!! OOHHHHHhhhhhh……. I couldn’t take any more asI sank down onto Tal’s huge dong, feeling Molly began mercilessly bangingher big bone against my bottom’s ‘BLOW’ button… Molly worked a tempothat made Tal lie still; but worked me no end between them… “The rest ofyou, crowd in with those strap-ons and make her stroke and suck you alloff. I want GOOD shots of this!!!” I got COMPETELY lost in my head, totallyin thrall to my inner slut as I willingly took them all on, while Mollykeep boring deeper and deeper into my butt… I swear, she was going tomake the whole thing fit in me!! Finally, what seemed like hours later,after she’d boffed my ass RAW and had to keep stopping to apply morevaseline and KY every so often, she bade the others stop and got me uprighton my knees, keeping that royal rectum-wrecking ramrod deep in me… humping it deeper and deeper.. holding that monster inside me as shekneaded and mauled my boobies and stroked them into an excited frenzy… “OH MY GOD SHE’S GONNA ACTUALLY DO IT!!” Rikki shrilled… just as I felther squeeze my titties so hard I’d swear she was undergoing her own fiercerippings and rammed one final, delectable PUUSSHHH inmeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thunder rolled and my brainexploded like a TV tube as, with Molly’s final push so far into me that theballs of her dildo pressed themselves into my crack, daring my asshole toopen all the more, the entire tree-trunk of it’s bole shoved it’s entirelength up my tailpipe, I underwent the most excruciating, everlasting,explosive, erupting rectal orgasm I’d ever felt…….. my every atomexplosively shattered and slammed back together, and I dropped………When I came around, I felt something hard slam into me… rough againstmy skin… where… a screeching of tires brought me out of my stupor,and I came aware that I was… lying in the middle of the open space… outside my hospital’s ER… still nude as a jaybird, feeling that monsterbone still lodged up my butt, and I could see some of the photos they’dtaken lying around me as my compatriots from med school rushed towardsme… and it was all I could do to hide my intense embarrassment, as I sawa note amongst the photos… “If you keep hanging around here, DoctorButt-slut, we’ll be back for more… and we’ll expect you to do us justlike we did you…” They’d competely, irreversably, irreverently andirredeemably turned me into an all too willing and yet unwillingmax-up-the-ass whore… and for all I flushed, shamed into abasementbefore all my peers, I knew I couldn’t stay away… I was going to needmore… a LOT more… I’d gone in for a do, and BOY, had they done me.. Iask for a wrap and nail buff, and what I got was a complete makeover, inmore ways than one… they’d instilled one servere anal need in the depthsof my depravity, and they’d have to keep satisfying it… no matter howhumilated I felt publicly… especially when my best guy extricated thatmonster from where it was still in residence deep up my butt… I xtildon’t know if he thinks it was more funny or embarassing…



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