Mike and Julie with Jenny’s introductionJenny went off shopping, leaving Mike in the penthouse, a few minutes later Julie turned up wearing a short pleated white tennis skirt, white tennis shoes and socks and a white cropped top. ” Look what I’ve brought from my brother’s shop !” She waved a thick, 3″ wide 9″ long leather paddle that had studs in it! ” What are we meant to do with that?” asked Mike. ” Thrash ME with it !” said Julie, ” BUT…..It would be nice bakırköy escort if Jenny Did It!!!” ” She told me she has only been spanked by others, never caned a man or woman, so you have no hope, you would have to really get her going to smack YOU!” said Mike. “What does she like doing to you most, so I can make her REALLY JEALOUS?” ” Sucking my cock, I have asked her to cane me before but she won’t do it, got her friend beşiktaş escort Tanya to strap me once but she is very one-sided” Julie said, after a pause…….” What if I caned you, then sucked your cock, which I enjoyed by the way!!!!! when she comes back will she be angry enough to smack me?”” Do you want to cane me then Julie?”” I would love to Mike, but I know you like high heels, there is a shop in the Lobby I beylikdüzü escort will go and get some white ones, meanwhile OFF with your clothes and over the arm of that sofa!” Off she went, returning to find Mike with his bum in the air on the end of the sofa! Julie picked up the cane, hit Mike 100 times VERY HARD!!!! ” Now time for me to suck you Darling, I can hear the lift, she turned Mike over and put his stiff throbbing cock in her mouth!!! ” What the Hell is going on here!” yelled Jenny, YOU NEED A bloodY GOOD HIDING JULIE!!” Jenny picked up the paddle, lifted Julie’s skirt and smacked her while Julie sucked Mike’s cock, when Mike came Julie went “UUUUURGGHH THATS LOVELY” and Jenny said ” What ? Your Thrashing or his cum?” “BOTH DARLING, HIT ME HARDER!!!”



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