MICHELE’S NEW LIFE – CHAPTER 7CHAPTER 7: SHARON & JOHNSince our discussion and establishment/agreement on my submissiveness that Sunday morning, I had all the rest of the day to begin the commitment to being naked when in the house. And Cody was definitely a dog that was aware of his surroundings. No longer was my reaction to him like it was just earlier in the morning when I reacted with sympathy for being otherwise busy. No, now I was his and he quickly picked on the fact that if he made himself known, I yielded to him. Willingly and quickly.Life under the re-commitment was interesting. My nudity at home and constant availability to Tim and Cody was a perpetual stimulation. I was washing dishes from our lunch only a couple hours after our talk when Cody came up behind me and pushed his nose between my legs. I looked behind me and smiled at him and spread my legs to give him better access to my pussy. But his tongue was so good and I got so stimulated so quickly, mostly from his tongue but also from the realization of the change in my situation. I soon found myself bent over the sink holding on while being licked by Cody’s very pleasurable tongue.Before my legs collapsed I sank to the floor next to the sink and got into position on my hands and knees. He quickly go onto my back and was inside me after three thrusts. I immediately felt him start to grow inside me, longer, thicker and releasing small spurts of pre-cum. He was humping me hard, almost like he was understanding the change and affirming his place in the order of the house. I was now his bitch. When his knot started banging against my pussy lips, he pushed harder and so did I. I wanted his knot. I wanted him to make me his bitch, to mate me. I wanted this and to be all for him and Tim. I took his knot and he slammed into me and drove his cock and knot as deep as he ever has been. I started cumming with him passing my pussy lips and I kept cumming as he drove himself in and held himself and me tightly together and spurted and spurted his cum into my pussy. When he was done and his knot was tying us together, I could feel that his climax was large and my pussy was not holding it all, even with the knot. Especially since I like to use the knot for added stimulation. Rocking on it, making it hit by g-spot. Sending me into another orgasm. Always when I am on his knot. I can feel his cum leaking from my pussy around his knot and slipping down the insides of my thighs. But when he finally separates and the knot all but pops out of me, then his cum doesn’t just leak out but runs out of my used and open pussy. Down my thighs and pooling on the floor below me.After a moment of collecting myself (which almost always seems necessary after fucking Cody), I crawl to him and move his head to I can get to his penis and knot. Cleaning him as I was told his bitch should do.I hear Tim and realize he has been standing there watching for at least some time. “Very good, my little slut. I see Cody is making use of his Bitch and your new dress code at home. Did you do a good job on Cody?”“Yes, Sir. I believe I did. He seems well satisfied. And I enjoyed taking his cock and knot in my pussy for his release.” I moved to Cody’s head and kissed his snout and added, “Didn’t you enjoy that, Cody? Huh, boy? You like Michele being fully available to you, don’t you?”“And what about me?”“Yes, Sir. May I please suck your cock for you? I would love to take your cock in my mouth and lick it, suck it and kiss it. Taking it into the back of my mouth and down my throat just to make you cum, sir. I love your cum and the feel of your cock in my mouth.”“Very good, slut. I am proud of you. You are taking all this in very well. Yes, since you want it so badly, you may take my cock out and suck it. When you are done, we need to go out and do some shopping.”“Where to, Sir?”“I will let you know when you need to know.”“Yes, Sir.” Still on my knees in the kitchen, I took his cock out of his pants and began loving it. Initially, kissing its head, licking it and taking part of it into my mouth. Then licking its length down one side and up the other. Taking it again into my mouth and pumping down and up, taking more and then more with each downward push. I continued with variations for a long time, slowing as I felt him tensing, then taking him in earnest again after he relaxed. Then after feeling him tense several more times, deciding to finish him by taking him deeply into my mouth and then inch by inch into my throat until I had his entire cock in my mouth and him firmly into my throat. I made little pumping motions so he remained in my throat for as long as possible, raising to catch my breath and dropping back to taking him into my throat, again. When I felt him tense this time, I took his balls in my hands and massaged them as I raised up and began sucking and sliding him in my mouth. When he came, I was determined to take all he offered me.When he finished, I pulled back so only the head of his cock was in my mouth and I sucked with everything I had to make sure I got everything he had to give me. When I was satisfied I got everything, I pulled off and kissed the end of his cock and put it back into his pants. I looked up to him, still on my knees.“Sir, thank you for allowing me to suck you cock. My hope is that I was able to satisfy you and bring you pleasure.”“You did, indeed. You were extremely satisfying. Thank you. Now, I want you to go take a shower and get yourself ready. I will put your clothes out for you. Wear only what I put out, understand?”“Yes, Sir.”I got up off my knees and walked away from them. I looked over my shoulder and continued but making sure my ass moved with a little more exaggeration. I heard Tim say, “That is a mighty fine looking ass, isn’t it boy?”I looked back and saw both Tim and Cody watching me. When I stepped out the shower, I found on the bed a single item, I light weight summer dress with shoulder straps. On the floor were a pair of sandal heels. I went to my mirror and brushed out my long hair, applied just a bit of makeup to bring out my eyes and lipstick. I put on the dress and looked at myself. It was cut low in the bust leaving a healthy amount of cleavage. The dress didn’t have a built-in bra for support. I would be moving and shaking braless. The bottom of the dress came down to mid-thigh. Bending and sitting would be interesting.I found Tim in the living room waiting. He got up when he heard my heels on the tiles and looked me over and nodded his approval.I realized we were going back to the intimate apparel store where we met Sharon and her son John. We walked in and Sharon was at the counter. She recognized us immediately and came out to give Tim and me a hug and kiss on the cheek. John walked up and stood by his mother. Sharon asked, “And what can we do for you today? First, how did the card game go last night?”Tim explained the issue with my mom but clarified that the change in plans did not affect the ultimate outcome and that those present thoroughly enjoyed themselves. When describing in general terms the activity, including the exhibitionism, Sharon visibly shook and John said “Control yourself.” And then looked nervous. Sharon looked at the two of us and I looked at Tim.Tim looked between them and smiled. He said, “I was wondering but you two did a pretty good job of hiding it the last time. But there were slips.” He looked right at Sharon and stated, “John is your Master. You’ve submitted to your son.”“Oh, god. How did you know?”“Don’t worry, we have our own issues, remember? Michele’s mom. Even if that didn’t work out, it doesn’t mean we haven’t done the same thing. I don’t think this is the time to discuss any of that. We would still love to meet with you. Why don’t you come to our house some night this week? Look at your schedules and call us at this number.”John said, “Thank you, Tim, for being so understanding.”“Not at all. If I read the situation correctly, I think we can have a lot of fun some night this week.”John agreed with, “Thanks, again, Tim. We will do that. And I agree. Michele seems like a very interesting woman who can provide a ‘meaningful’ experience. Now, what can we do for you?”Tim said, “I am interested in Ben Wa balls. Do you have any? Are there different kind? What can you tell me about them?”The conversation was totally between Tim and John at this point. Since Tim had identified their relationship, Sharon had fallen into the role of submissive. The confident, in control shop owner had disappeared. She was waiting for direction from John. As I was from Tim.John replied, “Sharon, will you get some of the selection we have, make it the best sellers.” Looking at Tim, he continued, “There are really a variety of types and sizes. Has Michele used vibrating eggs?”“Yes, she’s been exposed to that pleasure, mostly with me in control of the remote.”“Good, that’s a frame of reference. The Ben Wa balls will be slightly heavier and harder to keep inside her pussy as a result. Her pussy muscles may need some training to keep the ball or balls in for an extended time. But, that can be very pleasurable when she has the control to flex and contract those muscles.”Sharon returned with several type which she spread out on the counter. Tim continued, “As you can see, the balls can be small when you’d have a couple inside at the same time, or larger. This one is a ball inside a ball.” He took it out of the container and shook it and the metallic sound of the two balls colliding was evident. “Then, some aren’t even balls. This one is two balls in one. Note that it has two balls at each end connected between them. It’s an oblong shape and is heavier. This is one you would antalya escort want to work up to.”Tim thought a moment and made his decision. “We’ll take the ball within a ball.”John looked at Sharon and asked her, “Sharon, what do you think?”“I think that is a very good choice. She can move up to one of the others later.”John did call as promised and it was set that they would come over on Friday night. Although I think Tim was originally thinking earlier in the week, both he and John decided that Friday night would allow a little more time. They would have someone to close the store on Friday night. We were anxious for the meeting with them for several reasons but one was to learn more about Mr. Rodriguez. We had not responded to his offer to visit him again and the primary reason was to determine more about this man.But each day was a further realization of my deepening role. For instance, I quickly learned after a few embarrassing situations with visitors at the door where I had to hide behind the door, to keep a light robe in the closet near the front door so I had something to easily grab. And Tim made sure it met with his approval, a light satiny robe that when cinched at the waist left a deep vee of exposure on top and the bottom barely covering my ass. And the material was such that my nipples would likely be evident. But I was covered and I could always claim to have been getting ready for a bath.And since he didn’t allow me to wear a bra in the house, I almost always entered topless and quickly took off my skirt or slacks in the laundry room which was the entrance from the garage. And Cody was waiting for me every night. Before I could even get fully inside to get him his food or let him outside, he was nudging my pussy with his nose. The first fuck of the night was always in the kitchen that week. Then I could get him his food and let him outside. Then I would start dinner which was usually something pretty quick since we both worked. But most of the time, just like Cody, Tim would come up behind me in the kitchen, turn the stove burner down if I was cooking something there, push me over the counter and take me from behind. Like Cody, I would immediately kneel down in front of him and clean his cock and replace it in his pants. Then I could continue with dinner.For dinner I was instructed to always keep my knees apart in case Cody wanted access. And he often did. I am sure the aroma of two loads of cum leaking from my pussy and onto the chair was quite an attractor for him. On most nights, Cody would be between my legs and I would open them even more to allow him full access. When Tim said, “Forward”, I was to slide my ass to the edge of the chair and fully open my legs. This gave Cody complete access to me and often would bring me to orgasm. I really, really did like his tongue.The Ben Wa balls that Tim purchased were to be used every day. They were heavier than the egg vibrator so they did take getting used to. Sitting wasn’t any problem. They were large and the weight even just sitting made them evident, but it was standing and walking that they became an issue. I found I had to work up to the length of time I used them to avoid dropping it in public. Since my pussy muscles needed strengthening to hold the Ben Wa for extended periods, I needed to devote a training program for my pussy the same as for any other muscle. And Tim believed the pussy could be strengthened with the same muscle development strategy that could be applied for pull-ups, for instance. To increase your capability for performing pull-ups, you purposely do half of what you are capable of but perform them frequently. Very frequently. So, he had me on the same regimen by having me use the Ben Wa for short periods but repeatedly throughout the day.During this week Tim also decided it would be good for us to get more exercise even though we worked out three days a week at the fitness center and another day we swam laps. Tim decided for all us to get more exercise we should take walks most nights. Well, Cody became obsessed as all dogs do with the expectation of walks. And it was good. We usually went out after dark when it was a little cooler and quieter. We would sometimes sit on a bench in the local park and Tim again forbid me from closing my legs. And Cody would sometimes sniff between my legs. Sometimes even give me a few licks. But Tim wasn’t letting that go too far. At least not yet.When Friday came, Tim had several bottles of wine and our normal liquor in anticipation of John and Sharon coming over. After dinner I asked Tim what I should wear. He said his selection was already on the bed. I went into the bedroom and saw thigh high nylons, heels and a sheer, very short baby doll that tied just under the breast. I put the outfit on and looked in the mirror. I could see everything. My breasts and nipples were exposed by the sheer material. My pussy was exposed by the gap in the front. And … what? … yes … I could also see the cum from Tim and Cody shiny on the inside of my thighs. I took a deep breath and walked out to the living room where Tim was waiting with my glass of wine. Which I nearly gulped down.When the doorbell rang, Tim indicated that I answer it and let them in. I went to the door with all the confidence and calm I could muster and opened it. John was standing with Sharon at his side. He looked at me and smiled. Sharon gave a smile and a sigh of relief. As they walked in, John gave me a kiss on the mouth and touched my bare hip. Sharon followed him and kissed me on the lips and whispered, “Thank god! I was afraid I might be the only one.”I was about to ask what she meant when John took her coat. She was in a similar outfit to mine and equally exposed. I then responded with a chuckle, “Oh, yes, I suppose you might have. Actually, I had the same concern.” We both giggled. Comforted by our shared submissiveness.Sharon and I walked into the living room to find Tim and John awaiting us with a glass of wine for each, standing side by side. Tim commented, “John, your mother is a very attractive woman.”John responded, “As is your wife, Tim.”I think both Sharon and I blushed as we walked into the room nearly naked and being so obviously appraised by the men. The reaction was heightened when the men stepped forward and brought their glass of wine to the opposite woman. Clearly, we were being switched. John led me to the love seat and Tim took Sharon to the couch. Sharon sat down with her legs crossed but Tim quickly moved her leg off the other and her knees separated. “Sharon, there was no way for you to be aware of this, but you will notice that in the house Michele does not have her legs closed. There are a couple of reasons for this, but she is to always be easily available while in the house. John, do you have any problem with the same requirement for Sharon?”“No, Tim, I think that is very reasonable and practical. That will be implemented in our home, as well. Thank you for the idea.”Tim already had his hand on the inside of Sharon’s thighs and working his way up as John was with me. John moved my thighs a little further apart and then moved his hand to my breast. I looked over and Sharon was watching intently when she felt Tim doing the same to her.Tim then asked, “We were obviously very interested in meeting with you because you two are very sexually attractive to us, especially that you share our interest in the submissive roles. But the other reason was to learn more about Mr. Rodriguez who we are very interested in given our past meeting with him and the future potential for further meetings but we want to know better the type of man he is before increasing our relationship with him. As we understand it, Sharon, you have personal knowledge that would be very helpful for us to understand. Could you elaborate your past relationship and your personal feelings and knowledge to help us?”Sharon interrupted, “Tim, if you don’t mind, I would like to know what Michele’s reaction was to the Ben Wa before we get into that.”Tim replied, “That’s fine. Michele, please give us your appraisal of the Ben Wa and also a comparison with the vibrating egg.”“Yes, sir, I certainly enjoy the Ben Wa. They are stimulating and certainly take some getting used in terms of the extra weight and holding them inside.”Tim interrupted, “Inside what?”“I’m sorry, sir. I wasn’t being descriptive enough was I? They take some getting used to holding the extra weight inside my pussy. In comparison I would have to say that the vibrating egg is a more submissive appropriate toy with a master controlling the remote. For individual play, the Ben Wa is stimulating. They are both very good and pleasing in their own ways.”I interjected, “Let me freshen everyone’s drinks. Sharon, would you help me in the kitchen, please?”Once in the kitchen and out of earshot, “How are you doing, Sharon? The guys obviously got together for their plans for the evening. The fact that I don’t know what the plans are is no longer significant. Tim establishes all those plans and makes the arrangements. I am to be where he wants me and perform as directed. I don’t know what your arrangement is with John.”“Thank you, Michele, for your concern. John and I haven’t been as inclusive of others, more just ourselves but this feels safe. I have been shared in the past and we’ll get into that later. I am not knew to being shared, but only with a few other men, but it has been more restricted. But, I am good with this, thanks.”We returned to the men with new drinks and returned to our seats as before. Sharon noticed my legs separated and remembered to keep hers that way, also. Tim even commented, “Very good, Sharon. You escort antalya learn quickly.” This caused her to blush and looked at John. It was apparently one thing to see mom and me naked and directed when in her shop and another when Tim was doing it to her.Tim got back to the topic of Mr. Rodriguez. Sharon said it would probably just be easier if she told the story of her knowledge of him and relationship with him.Her story of Mr. Rodriguez:His late wife was from town here. She was married to a man who owned a company and was quite successful. When he died of a sudden illness, Mr. Rodriguez was one of the people who was interested in acquiring the business. Her husband had been the driver of the business and it seemed to flounder after his death. But the company was good, it just needed good management. After he bought the company, he brought in some people to help manage it. One of those was Sharon’s husband. His role was to be the direct link to the corporation that was the umbrella for all the Rodriguez companies. And Rodriguez was at the top of the organization. The company became very successful, again.Over a couple years after he acquired the company he had the opportunity to interact with his to-be wife during visits and company functions, especially social community events where she was still active. It became clear to Sharon and her husband what was happening and they made the introduction. After that it just didn’t take that long and they were soon married.It wasn’t more than a couple years after that when Sharon’s husband died a little more than three years ago. Sharon said it almost devastated her. Rodriguez was quite concerned about her and stayed in close contact. He setup the boutique for her, not that she really needed the money or the job but to keep her active and busy. And it pretty much worked for much of the time. She poured herself into the boutique and turned it into a true specialized shop that women could feel comfortable in. Her husband always thought the world of Rodriguez. And she did, too, so she wasn’t really surprised that he continued to watch over her and help her. His wife became a regular customer and she spread the word to others. Sharon ended up with a very good clientele who could easily afford lavishing themselves with intimate wear.His wife died a year or so, ago. It was an illness of some kind, he didn’t talk about it much. But, she went very quickly. Which is probably always a blessing. He seemed to really struggle afterward for a while but he is a controller and applied it to himself. He deeply grieved and was at a loss but he went on with life. I really doubt he will ever remarry. I was actually surprised he did, but that was the kind of woman she was. Despite be a controller he didn’t control her. She was her own being, strong, assertive, matching him. She might have been the only woman he’d ever known who matched him. He was totally devoted to her. It was wonderful to watch.In fact I think he still has her place outside of town. I think he just couldn’t sell it. By his standards, it is quite a modest place. In the country outside of town, some acreage, I think. Anyway, he just keeps it maintained. I don’t think he’s been there for a while. He has it taken care of.Tim said, “Thank you, Sharon. That is very helpful, but there is something I am still curious about.” He looked from Sharon to John and back to Sharon. “From what I hear, you totally trust Rodriguez. You sound totally safe with him. You would suggest that we have further contact with him, entrust ourselves in him?”“Yes, I definitely would. I know that probably sounds strange that I would encourage you two to engage him and feel comfortable and safe. But that is the fact about him.”“You’re going to have explain more about why that is. He sounds like a nice enough guy so far, but for that recommendation there has to be more.”“Okay, you want to know why I am so positive about him and feel so safe? Okay. Understand, even John doesn’t know part of this. John, you are my salvation, my rock. You deserve to know everything. I had been submissive to my husband. You’re right that I have given myself to my son and I’ll get to that part. For the most part my husband and I kept our dom/sub relationship very quiet and personal. It was more of plaything between us. But we occasionally had activities with Mr. R. This was before he met and married his wife. He was always alone. High profile, dynamic, but also alone. We socialize frequently when he was in town. Both of us really like him. It just happened one night. My husband shared me with him. I was very enthusiastic and agreeable. Like I said, we both adored him. We became very close. He is very much a dominant. Clearly a strong dominant. I could feel it every time we were together. I was submissive, my husband filled the role to provide control in my life. But Rodriguez, my god, it oozed from him. But he never once intruded. Never once tried to take over. That’s one of the reasons we were so comfortable. I think he could have taken me. He was that dominant. But he respected our relationship. He was grateful for the inclusion.After my husband’s death, Mr. R noticed that although I was doing better much of the time, especially when working in the boutique, I still had periods of profound loss and struggle. He also noticed that I was probably struggling with the submissive part of me not being fulfilled. Through our relationship he understood what we had in our relationship. It was obviously something we were very careful to keep from John. Being away to college helped. During this time he experimented with me and notice my change when he took control, not sexually, he wouldn’t do that to his wife. But he also notice that after John moved back from college after graduation, and started helping me at the boutique, that I seemed better for more of the time. John was showing the ability to call me on my behavior and pull me out of my funks by directing me, but he was still dealing with his mom. Rodriguez finally took John aside and told him what he had to do, take control of me. He took the chance to explain that I was a submissive and needed that control. He assured John that I would respond to him. He also told John that taking control did not have to include my sexual response. But he did make it known to John that it was also a big part of my previous life of being controlled. He told John that he understood that the sexual control was outside of our societal boundaries, but that it might be necessary, even good. John told me all this afterwards. After John took control and I did fully respond and submit to him as Rodriguez predicted, I have been a changed woman again, and my sex life has once again been full because of John. But understand that all this was a result of Rodriguez taking the time, the interest, the concern, to follow it through. To get me through this. That’s why I can recommend him so fully and unconditionally.”Tim and I just looked at each other for a moment. Tim then said, “Sharon, John, thank you so very much for sharing such an intimate story with us. We are in awe of what you have gone through, but are so very much grateful for sharing it with us. It is exactly the information we have been wanting to be comfortable with continuing a relationship with Rodriguez. Thank you, so much.”Tim said, “Michele, I think we all need another drink. What do you think, John?”“Agreed. Sharon, please help Michele.”In the kitchen I gave Sharon a hug and kissed her cheek. “Thank you, Sharon, for sharing that with us. It makes us/me feel so much better about our next steps.”Sharon just looked at me and then stepped into me, looking into my eyes, and hugged me and kissed me on the lips. Passionately. Lustily. She pulled back and looked at me. “You know they are going to share us.”“Sharon, I know that is exactly one of the reason for this evening. Maybe not the primary reason. We just concluded the primary reason. Now comes the physical part of the reason. Are you okay with that?”“Oh, yes. We haven’t gone out of ourselves, but this feels so right. I want Tim. Do you mind?”“Sharon, I am a submissive to Tim. It is not up to me. I serve Tim and his wishes. But if I did have a say, no, I would not mind you with Tim. Do you mind if I want John? He is young and new to all of this. Has he been with other submissives besides you?”“No, like I said, we have been very closed to ourselves. But I know he will enjoy you. Do you mind if we seek advice and mentoring from you two? I just know John has so much potential to be the dominant I will thrive with. Is it awful that we are mother and son?”“I think I can speak for Tim, although it is not strictly my place, but we would be honored to do whatever we can to assist you two. And, no, we have no judgment about you and John being mother and son. If it is what you need and fulfills you both, then it can’t be wrong.”“Thank you, Michele. We better get these drinks in before we find ourselves being disciplined.”When we returned, both men were sitting where they had been but were now naked. I looked at Sharon, smiled, and said, “As you were saying.” I gave her the drink for Tim and she gave me the one for John. We then walked to the other’s partner. I gave John his drink and put mine on the end table and knelt on the floor in front of him. I glanced and saw that Sharon was following my lead. I looked into John’s eyes and then to his cock. “Sir, may this slut suck your cock and prepare you for our activities tonight?”He immediately got hard. I smiled. Sharon would have to work more with Tim. He wouldn’t let her get by that easily. He replied, “Ummm, yes, you may.” antalya escort bayan I leaned into him and took him directly into my mouth and sucked and let him feel the back of my mouth and the entrance to my throat before pulling back off and kissing and licking him. I purposely licked my way down his cock so I could look over to Tim and Sharon. She was nervous but eager. Tim was smiling and winked at me. He was pleased with my rapid acceptance of my role. That motivated me to redouble my efforts on John. But, I was conscious of the need to not allow him to cum in my mouth but to allow him the pleasure of using my pussy.When I saw that Tim was indeed hard, I released John’s cock from my mouth and stood in front of him. I turned around so my back was to him and positioned myself over his cock. I took him and guided him into me and slowly sank to the bottom. I knew Tim had plans for bringing Cody into the activities and this was an excellent icebreaker to have him lick us. Once both Sharon and I were seated, Tim held onto Sharon and guided her up and down. He then instructed me, “Michele, please bring the next experience for Sharon and John.” I got off John and walked to the back door and let Cody in. I controlled him so he wouldn’t charge into the room and possibly frightening Sharon. I had Cody sit while I once again took my position on John. I then called him to me with a pat to the inside of my thigh. He immediately came to me. We have often used this position to allow him access to our joined sexes. It is a favorite for enhanced stimulation and he knew exactly what was expected.John moaned loudly when Cody started licking. Depending on how far I might be on the cock inside me was the determining factor in how much cock he licked. But he always got my lips and clit. When I lifted, Cody got more of John’s cock in the licking. That was John’s moaning. Those times Cody made good contact with his cock. I always enjoyed this and I could tell John was now, too.I heard Tim call Cody over to him. Tim patted the inside of Sharon’s thigh to indicate what was required of him. Cody went directly to the new pussy. Sharon shrieked but didn’t fight it or try to move. In fact she just sat there and enjoyed the licking while being stuffed by Tim’s cock. Tim had to physically move her to break her reverie and resume fucking him. Soon I could hear and then see Sharon’s orgasm taking her over.Tim was holding her tight and massaging her breasts as she came down from the orgasm. She looked over at John who was smiling at her. She thanked Tim. Tim reached over for her wine and handed it to her. While sipping it, Tim asked John and Sharon if they had ever experimented with dogs before.John said, “Not to my knowledge. I know we haven’t since I have been involved with mom. But now I am curious. Mom, have you ever done anything with dogs before we’ve been together?”“No. I have never even known anyone who did. At least I didn’t know that anyone did. Why, Tim?”Tim looked at me and said, “Michele, would you like to take this?”I looked at everyone and responded to Sharon’s question, “Well, because sex with a good dog is absolutely amazing. You know that I am submissive to Tim. What you may not know is that I am also submissive to Cody here. It may not be quite in the same way because Cody can’t really direct me beyond the basic. If he wants to lick me or fuck me. But, I am not allowed to deny Cody if he wants me when we are in the house. Not only am I to be naked, or if dressed to be totally accessible, it is specifically for both Tim and Cody. Of course, Tim can direct me to be available to someone else, Cody can’t quite manage that communication. But, I am still submissive to him.”Sharon just looked at me. She thought and then asked, “And the sex part?”“The sex with Cody is amazing. Totally different, though. Tim can be direct, forceful, just plain fucking. Or, he can be gentle, pleasing for me, loving me. Cody is just a high power fucking machine. And his knot, my god. That knot is an orgasm guarantee for me. I will orgasm EVERY time we tie. Guaranteed.”“Sounds intense.”“Very. And very enjoyable. Would you like to try it tonight?”“No. I’m not ready for that. It does sound interesting but I need to get my head around it better. This is coming so fast. Remember, John has protected me within ourselves until now. Being shared before seems like a different life.”John agreed, “I support that, actually.”Tim asked, “Are you interested enough to watch it? Would you like to see Michele get mated to Cody?”“Michele makes it sound very appealing and I am very curious. Would you mind if we watched you, Michele?”“Tim knows this isn’t a problem for me. I’ve performed these demonstration before. I would be pleased to demonstrate the joy of dog-sex. Once we get going, I would suggest that you forget about modesty or intrusion and come down for a good, close look.” I got up off of John and said the Tim, “I think I should get a beach towel if we are doing this in the living room.”John asked, “What does that mean?”Tim replied, “Dog-sex is a little messy. When they cum, they cum a lot. It always leaks out around the knot and cock. But after they separate there is a lot of cum running out of her.”I returned with the large towel and double it on the floor. I lay down and spread my legs for Cody to lick. I say to Sharon, “Cody and most dogs are wonderful at licking cunt. You had a bit of it, but there is nothing like a big dog tongue lapping your cunt juices.” After a bit, I wiggle around so he still has access to me but I can now reach his sheath. I gently manipulate his sheath until his red tip shows and I start licking it. Soon more of his cock is showing and I can suck on it and until I am satisfied he will penetrate me and stay in. I then crawl out from under Cody and bring Sharon’s attention to his cock. I get on all fours and wiggle my ass to him and he is quickly on top of me. I reach back between my legs to help him enter me and he does with a sudden thrust. I groan out my satisfaction and now I can feel him growing inside of me. His cock gets longer, thicker, and constantly send out little spurts of pre-cum. I call Sharon down to me and want her to witness the details. I call her attention to the speed Cody fucks me, pounding me. I feel his knot starting to form and hitting me outside. I tell her to get close and look, see the knot at the base of his cock. That will be inside me, tying me to him. She exclaims, “That is going inside you? My god, it’s too big.”“That’s … ewwwwwww … yes, Cody, just … like that, boy …that’s what I thought the first … Oooohhhhhh … first time he pushed it into me. But … shiiiittttttt … yeeeessssssss, god, I’m cummmmminnnnnnggggggg …!!!”Cody kept pounding the entire time I was orgasming. Another orgasm partially the result of my mental state. Then I could feel his knot stretching me, he pushed, I pushed. “Sharon, look, look at the knot. We are doing it now.”And we did. It suddenly was inside my cunt. Once inside, he pounded his cock and knot deeper and pounded relentlessly into me. Then he tensed and I tensed, “Oh, yesssss, yes, Cody, shoot your cum into my cunt, yes, Cody.” What a wonderful feeling, his warm cum spurting inside me, coating my walls, spurt after spurt after spurt.When he was done and he stopped, except for the small spurts that keep coming, I caught my breath and then started rocking on his knot. “This is one of the best parts, Sharon. I am stuck to him, his big knot is now too big to get out. But by rocking on him, I can hit my g-spot repeatedly. And, I … ewwwwww yes, … I always cum, again.” And I did, explosively. Walking Sharon through my mating with Cody was just too much additional stimulation and I came and came on his lovely knot.I collapsed onto my front with my ass still sticking up in the air. Soon, Cody broke free of me and his cum ran out of my cunt like a river. Dropping straight down to the towel and running down both of my thighs.I heard Sharon exclaim, “My god, Michele, all that cum running out of you. You are still open. My god, John, look at that.”“I am my dear. There’s an open pussy with cum running out of it. What do you think I’m looking at?”I recovered, we all had another drink and John and Sharon thanked us profusely for the wonderful and educational evening. We thanked them for the important information we were needing about Mr. Rodriguez. Everyone kissed and they left.Tim pulled me to him and kissed me deeply and passionately. He separated us slightly, enough to look me in the eyes, “Dear, what happened tonight?”“What do you mean, what happened? You know perfectly well.”“I don’t mean the sex and Sharon, I mean you. You made a transition, subtle perhaps, but I am curious.”“Tim, I don’t know what you want. What transition?”“You have always used the term ‘pussy’ until tonight. Just now, with Cody, taking Sharon through what was happening, you didn’t once say ‘pussy’. You only used ‘cunt’. Was that deliberate? Were you just playing with Sharon? Or is this a change?”“I guess I hadn’t noticed. But lately it seems I have been thinking ‘cunt’ and not ‘pussy’. Lately, ‘pussy’ just wasn’t cutting it with the new attitude, new depth of my role, your role. ‘Cunt’ just started feeling more appropriate. If I am now a ‘slut’, I will probably be a ‘cunt’, used by men and dogs, used by who knows what eventually. ‘Pussy’ just seemed so nice, delicate. Does it bother you that I want to use ‘cunt’?”“Never. You are what you are. Right now you are a slut. As you say, someday, maybe a cunt. Does that bother you?”“Absolutely not. Before maybe. Not now. I feel so free. So open to you. So honest to myself. I know I have a lot to learn, yet. We probably both do. But we have a good mentor.”“A mentor?”“Yes, luscious. A submissive like her can guide us on this journey. Sir?”“Yes, slut.”“May this slut suck your cock?”* * * CHAPTER 8: A WALK IN THE PARK will follow * * * Thanks for reading.



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