Michele’s Mistake – 3Chapter OneOn my way to work tonight, an older man hit on me. He struck up a conversation, which led to him commenting on my attire. I was blushing. He kept staring at my breasts that were bouncing to the bumps in the road. My hardened nipples were abrading against the softness of my silk blouse. I found it hard to remain focused on the conversation. He was pleasant enough, but when we got off at the same stop, I became worried.Come to find out, he works security in our building. I’d never seen him before and I couldn’t help but wonder if maybe he was my Sir. He walked me to the elevator and said maybe he would see me around later. I smiled and thanked him. As the elevator door was closing, his eyes fell to my breasts again. When the door opens on my floor, my phone goes off. It’s Sir, and he wants me to go to the restroom and insert my butt plug.When I get inside, I lock the stall door. I lift my skirt and take the lube and plug out of my purse. I squirt some lube on my fingers and reach back and tease my tight hole. I’ve never played with it before but it does feel good. I press a slick finger inside and move it in and out. Then I add another. I can feel the wetness in my pussy, his pussy, as my fingers move in out of my ass. I whimper with need. I reach down with my other hand and stroke my clit. Oh, it feels so good.I stop and squirted more lube onto the plug. It supposed to be a medium plug but it feels large as I press it against my tight opening. I move it in and out until it starts to slip past the tight ring. It burns a little when it seats into my ass hole. I stroke my clitty again to distract me from the burn. It makes me feel so full. I’m not sure how I’m going to concentrate on my work tonight with this inside me.I’m startled by the beep of my phone. I quickly wash my hands in the sink and read the text. Sir wants to see a picture of my success. I place my leg up on the sink and turn away from the mirror. I can see the jeweled plug and snap a picture. While I’m there, a janitor knocks and enters the bathroom. It’s a large black man and he catches me taking a picture of my plug. I yell at him to leave. He apologises and shuts the door.I’m so embarrassed. I go back into the stall and sit down on the stool. My heart is beating out of my chest and my breathing is ragged. Oh my god, someone knows about this now. I’m thinking about the implications when my phone beeps again. Sir is asking where my pic is at. I send him the shot and explain what’s happened. He texts back that the plug looks lovely in “his ass.” I’m still upset about having been caught.When he texts again, he has me tell exactly what happened. I tell him that the janitor knocked and entered while I was taking the picture and that I yelled for him to get out. He asks what was the janitor’s reaction and I tell him that he quickly apologised and left. Sir then texts me that it sounds like I was rude to him. That he probably didn’t think anyone was in the building at this hour and didn’t mean any harm. I’m a little angry at Sir for taking the janitor’s side. He must have noticed by my reply that this was the case, as he told me that we would discuss this later tonight and I should get to work as if nothing had happened.That is easier said than done, but I go on about my business and start filing today’s work. The feeling of fullness keeps me thinking about Sir. It’s a constant reminder of him, as I go about the office. The time ticks by slowly because I thinking about seeing him later. His text sounded as though he might be angry with me. The thought of that almost makes me cry. I think back to how I treated the janitor and maybe I was too harsh with him. It’s not like I meant to be, I was just startled and ashamed of being caught.I finally sit down for lunch. The plug presses inside me, rubbing against the thin membrane of my pussy, his pussy. I find myself adjusting while I eat my can of tuna. When I’m finished, I go to the restroom and clean up. I only have a couple of hours before my shift is up. When I go back out, I see the same janitor there. I avert my eyes, as my face flushes. He apologises again, as I walk away. When I get into one of the offices, I wish that I would have stopped and apologised to him for my rudeness. When I summon up the courage to do that, he’s no longer out there. I make it a vow to find him again in the next few days to do just that. Maybe Sir will be proud of me and he will show some pity. Several minutes later, I get a bahis firmaları text from Sir. He plans to meet me in the 3rd floor closet again, about 30 minutes before my shift ends.I busy myself with the last few files. Walking around with this plug has been teasing me all night. The silky blouse teasing my nipples doesn’t help any either. My juices have been leaking down my thighs. I smell my arousal. I’m a flustered mess, by the time I pack up my things and head to the 3rd floor. I slip into the closet and remove my clothes. I tie the cleaning cloth on as a blindfold again. I’m kneeling in my presentation position when the door opens. I more afraid that it’s not him because of the bathroom incident. A hand runs through my hair. I purr, as a thumb rubs across my lips. I take it into my mouth and gently suck on it. This for some reason, sooths me. I feel a gentle calming of my body. I know somehow, that it’s him, my Sir. I press my breasts out, offering them to his touch. He reaches down and cups my left breasts. A gasps escapes from my lips, that are still around his thumb, and I suck harder. I hear a low grumble from Sir. His hand teases my nipple, twisting it gently at first, then pulling it away from my body. I moan again and swirl my tongue around, as if it were his cock. He moves his hand to my other breast, teasing it too. My head falls back in rapture, feeling his hands on me again is in and of itself a release. “I want to get into another position Michele. Get on all fours, with your legs spread, your head resting on the floor.”I comply and feel the plug adjust inside me. I feel so exposed this way.“Now, arch your back and present my cunt and ass to me. I want you resting most of your weight on your elbows, with your hands even with your shoulders and pointing forward.”I get into this position, arching my back. This makes me feel more exposed, but very submissive. This heightens my arousal. His hands touch my upturned ass, his ass. He strokes me softly, touching the plug and pressing it further inside. I whimper as he does this. His fingers slip down between my splayed folds. They are slick from all of my juices. I can hear the slickness as he pushes two fingers inside me. I bleat out of need, as his fingers move in and out of wet channel.“Thank you Sir.”“You’re so wet. I guess wearing the plug has been pleasing to you?”“It is a constant reminder of you Sir.”“MMMmmm, that’s a lovely thought. Now tell me how you feel about being caught tonight.”“I was embarrassed Sir. After thinking about what you said, I was rude. I saw him again, and he apologized again. But sadly, I didn’t return the favor. But I plan to at the next opportunity Sir.”“I’m glad to hear you say that, because I’m going to give you that opportunity now.”My heart sinks. Is he going to let the janitor see me like this? That question is answered when he goes back to the door and opens it. I hear two sets of shoes shuffle inside the closet. I hold my position but my body is trembling. A rush of my fluids seeps out of my folds.Chapter TwoI hear them greet each other. Sir’s hands rub along my back as they talk. The janitor’s name is Mike. He apologizes to Sir, but is quickly told that I am the one who should be saying I’m sorry, for being so rude to him. Sir asks if he would help him move some boxes. I hear the movement near me. “Stand Michele.”I get to my feet as quickly as I can. His hand touches my shoulder, and leads me to the stack of boxes in the middle of the closet. He bends me over them. He pulls my arms back behind me, and has me grabs each forearm, locking them behind me. He spreads my legs wide. This causes most of my weight to be supported by the boxes. My breasts hang down off the edge, as my ass is presented to Sir. “Michele, I going to punish you for your rude behavior earlier to Mike. I wanted him here to witness this. Do you understand?”“Yes SIr.”I hear him unbuckling his belt. The sound of the leather being pulled through the loops of his trousers, sends a chill down my spine. I haven’t been whipped with a belt in my entire life. I wait in breathless anticipation. I hear Mike in front of me. Sir’s hands rub along my trembling cheeks. “Mike, would you be so kind as to remove her blindfold?”Oh my god, will I get to see Sir? When the cloth comes off, I see Mike standing there. I want to look behind me to see Sir, but I don’t. He will tell me if he wants this. I keep my eyes focused on Mike, as I fight the temptation to look. “I’m going to give you ten tipobet strokes with my belt Michele. I want them counted and for you to show Mike your manners. Do you understand?”“Yes Sir.”I hear Sir move to one side. The whoosh of air as the belt falls, hitting my splayed ass. “One, thank you Sir.”The sting is considerable. I feel the tingles in my sex.“Two, thank you Sir.”I see the starting of a bulge in Mike’s coveralls. I focus on this because I can’t look him in the eyes.“Three, thank you Sir.”My cheeks are heating up now. I wiggle my ass a little, trying to assuage the fire Sir is lighting on my upturned behind. I bite my lower lip and stare at Mike’s growing lump.“Four, thank you SIr.”That one was hard, and my filled hole clinches around the plug. My breasts are swaying, as they hang over the boxes. I feel my slick juices leaking down my thighs. “Ohh five, thank you Sir.”Sir rubs my reddening ass cheeks. I stay focused on Mike’s large bulge. He moves his hand down and squeezes his cock. He’s as turned on as I am. The soft caress of Sir’s hand warms me up inside. I’m licking my lips when Mike unzips his coveralls. He reaches in and pulls his cock out. Sir pushes two fingers inside me. They slip in without any resistance because of my slick juices. Mike’s cock is about the size of Sir’s, so thick and long. Sir’s fingers continue to fuck my wet pussy, his pussy. I feel like I’m on the edge. So needy. “Michele, open your mouth and offer it up to Mike’s cock. It looks lovely doesn’t?”Opening my mouth, “Yes Sir.”Mike hesitates but moves forward and brings it to my open and waiting mouth. I moan around it, as it slips into my wet lips. Sir is fucking my needy pussy, his pussy. Mike is working his cock slowly in and out of my mouth. The feeling of having all three of my hole filled is so arousing. My nipples are aching from the intoxicating feeling of being used. Just when I’m about to ask for permission to cum, Sir removes his fingers and wipes my juices on my heated ass.“Sith, thang uh Sur.”The heat is notched up as I struggle to enunciate my words around Mike’s throbbing cock.“Sevun, thang uh Sur.”Mike holds his cock still. I hear him groan, as the hum of my words stimulate around his throbbing shaft. I work my tongue over the head of his fat cock. I move my lips up and down, laving as I go. My breasts swaying with my effort. Mike reaches down and cups one, squeezing it tightly. I moan softly.“MMMmmm aid, thang uh Sur.”I feel the trembling in my core. The thought of being punished in front of Mike is stimulating. Having his throbbing cock in my mouth is sending me nearer to the edge.“MMMmmm nun, thang uh Sur.”“OOHHhh tun, thang uh Sur.”That one really hurt. It brought tears to my eyes, not from crying but from squeezing my eyes shut. Wow, that was intense. Sir’s hands returns to my overheated ass cheeks. His soothing touch, melts me to my core. I return to sucking Mike’s cock. Chapter ThreeAs I lave around Mike’s throbbing shaft, I hear another zipper. I feel Sir’s hand on my ass and then his warm cock rubbing my wet folds. I moan around Mike’s phallus. Sir presses his thick cock into me, splitting my flowering folds, as he seats himself inside me. He lifts me with his thrusts, driving Mike further down my throat. The two men find their rhythm, and take their pleasure with me. I feel so full, with Mike and Sir’s cocks, and the plug in my ass. It’s all I can do to not cum from this much simulation. Mike’s cock begins to swell. I know his release is near. I prepare myself for the upcoming flood. Sir is fucking my pussy, his pussy, with raw abandon. My breasts are flopping around with each monstrous thrust. The two men’s grunts are only obscured by my lustful moans of pleasure.Mike is the first to spill his seed. I swallow and swallow, trying to keep up with his spurting cum. Sir grabs my reddened cheeks and drives his cock home, seating it in the depths of my channel. His throbbing shaft splashes my sensitive uterus with each jet of sticky cum he spews. Mike withdraws his cock, as I lick the cum that drips down my chin. Oh my body is singing.My body is racked with need, “please Sir, may I cum?”With his final thrust, “Cum Michele!”I scream my release. The waves flood my senses, as Sir’s cum oozes from my folds and down my thighs. My body shudders with delight, shaking from the overstimulation to my core. Sir’s cock is milked by my spasms. I feel his throbbing shaft twitch. tipobet güvenilir mi “Thank you Sir.”I try to calm my breathing, as Sir slowly slips from my channel. I can feel the warm fluids leak from my open quim. Some dripping down my thighs, while some is leaked to the floor. Mike has zipped up his coveralls, while I hear Sir do the same. I remain bent over the boxes, awaiting his next command. Mike is about to excuse himself, “Michele, is there something you would like to say to MIke before he leaves?”“Yes SIr.” I look up to Mike’s face. “I’m sorry for the way I acted earlier. It won’t happen again. Thank you for witnessing my punishment, and allowing me to suck your beautiful cock.”He nods his acceptance.“Michele, for the rest of the week, every time you see Mike in the hallway, I want you to offer to suck his cock. Do you understand?”“Yes Sir.” I look at Mike again. I see the beginnings of a smile, as he turns to leave the closet.“You’ve been a good girl during your punishment. I’m going to give you one more reward for that. Turn and kneel at my feet.”I quickly drop at his feet. I keep my eyes down. The urge to look up is so strong but I don’t want to incur his ire again so soon. I nuzzle against his still hard cock in his trousers. His hands run through my hair. My body shudders to his touch. He finally puts a finger under my chin and lifts my head up. I look into his eyes for the first time. OH MY GOD! He’s gorgeous. I’ve seen him around before, but never met him. He’s one of the younger executives. He still about twenty years my senior but not one of the older guys I was afraid he was. He smiles down at me, and my face is going to crack from my smiling back. “Hi Sir!”“Hello Michele, I’m glad you’re pleased with who I am. Did you think I was one of the old geezers?” His smirk is so alluring.“Maybe at first Sir.”“Why don’t you get dressed and I’ll take you for some coffee before you head home.”“That sounds delicious Sir.”While I’m putting my clothes on, he’s moving the boxes back into place. I pick up the cleaning cloth and wipe our spilled body fluids up. When everything is back to normal. He takes my hand and leads me out of the closet. My hand is on his arm, as we head for the elevator. We smell of sex when the door closes and start moving down. It’s still dark when we walk across the street to the coffee shop. He orders for us both and brings it to our table. When he sits, he makes a motion of putting his finger to his chin and I realize I must have something on my face. I wipe it with my finger and it’s some of Mike’s cum still there. Crap, I walked in here with cum on my face. His smile defuses my embarrassment. I stick my finger in my mouth and suck the remainders of our morning fun off. We talk a little, trying to ease my tension. I still can’t believe who he is. I could get lost in his hazel eyes. His square jaw and nicely cropped hair isn’t anything to sneeze at either. He is the total package. I couldn’t be anywhere near his league. He must have been reading my mind, because his hand comes across the table and clutches mine, squeezing it softly. I bite my lip and squeeze his back. “Have I told you how beautiful you look yet?” he says.I blush, “Thank you Sir, I’m not nearly as gorgeous as you though.”“No thinking like that Michele, I find you very attractive, both inside and out.”I flush again. How can he make me feel so beautiful with just words? I hope he never stops. We continue to talk. He tells me that he’d like to take me out to dinner soon. I tell him my work schedule but he tells me he already knows it. But that it might be changing soon. I kind of let that information slip through my mind, because I’m still lost in his eyes. When we finish our coffee, he reaches into his briefcase and pulls something from it. It’s my journal, and another box.“I don’t think I need to keep your journal now, but I would like you to wear this.” He opens the box and it’s a leather choker with an O-ring in front. It is sort of a collar but not as conspicuous as a regular collar. I lift my hair off my neck. He places the choker around me and fastens it. My fingers trace the leather strands, until they reach the O-ring.“Thank you Sir, you’re too kind, for the journal and the collar. Does that mean I’m officially yours?”“Yes, if you will have me.”“Oh god, yes Sir.”He leans in to kiss me. Its a short kiss, but he wraps his arm around me and we exit the coffee shop. He has to go to work and I have to get home to get some rest before class today. This time we have a lingering kiss at the corner of the street. We say our goodbyes, and he turns to head to work. I watch him all the way in the building, as my fingers trace the collar, his collar, around my neck.To be continued……



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