Hi my name is Steve and I am 38 and a single father of twin girls Harmony and Melody both 18 their mother left when they were 8 years old and I have brought them up by myself for the last 10 years.

This story starts when Melody was doing cheerleader practice and landed awkwardly breaking both arms. She was in hospital for 1 ½ weeks, and when she was released both arms were in casts.

It was the Wednesday when she came home, so her sister looked after for the next 4 weeks, but on the fourth Saturday she was going on vacation with some school friends. Everything had already been paid for so Melody told Harmony she had to go so she didn’t loose her money. After a bit of arguing Melody convinced Harmony to go and said she would be okay as dad could look after her.

Saturday morning came and Harmony’s friends came and picked her up and as I waved her off from the drive, I could see Melody behind me in her short baby doll nightie, waving her left hand to say goodbye.

As the car drove out of site down the street I turned round and went back in the house and asked Melody if she needed anything, but she said she was fine at the moment.

Melody and Harmony are virtually identical to look at, they are 5ft 4inches tall, both have fiery red hair, (that’s what attracted me to their mother) both have 34bb breasts and 26inch waists. The way to tell the apart is Melody has dimples and cute freckles where as Harmony just has the dimples.

It was mid evening and Melody asked me if I could run her a bubble bath, so I went upstairs and ran it for her. When it was ready I shouted her and she came upstairs and asked me to help her get undressed. I lifted her nightie off over her head but she said she wanted to leave her bra and panties on as she would feel weird being naked ion front of me.

I had seen them both naked loads of times when they were younger, but I agreed to her wishes. She got in the bath and the bubbles completely covered her up over her breasts. I washed her back and her belly for her before moving onto her legs, I went from the tip her toes right up till I was about an inch from touching her panties. After this I helped her from the bath and her underwear was so wet it had become virtually see through, I could clearly see her nipples and also see her pussy lips and also noticed that she was shave down there as well. I wrapped her I a big bath towel and followed her into her bedroom. She said should would be okay as she was going to lie down and dry naturally. I said to her that she should get out her wet underwear, but she told me again she didn’t want to see her naked, so I suggested that I go under the towel and just remove her panties and unclipped her bra and that way I wouldn’t see her naked, which she agreed to. So I removed her knickers and unclipped her bra for her then went back down stairs and grabbed a beer the went and watched television.

Don’t ask me what I watched as all I could think about was my daughters tits and shaved pussy. Next morning there was a knock on the door and when I answered it, Jenny (one of Harmony’s friends) was stood there. She told me she had come round to help Melody get up and get dressed. I shouted up to Melody the Jenny was here and she told me to send her up. So Jenny went upstairs and after a couple of minutes I heard the girls laughing and giggling. About ½ hour later the girls came down and I asked Melody what she wanted for breakfast and asked Jenny if she wanted to some, but she said no as she had to get to work.

I made Melody her breakfast, the fed her, which she found quite amusing as the last time I fed her she was about 2 years old. She was giggling and making cooing baby noises and kept shaking her head and saying no in a babyish voice. When I eventually finished feeding her we both went into the TV room. I sat on the sofa while she sat on the reclining chair opposite me. As she sat down her light summer dress blew up for a few seconds a I noticed that she had no knickers on, but I never said anything as I didn’t want to embarrass her.

As the day went on, we just watched a few films and chatted about school and cheer leading, the it got around 5pm and I asked what she wanted for dinner to which she said she wanted spaghetti and meatballs. I cheated on this one and ordered it to be delivered from a local Italian restaurant. About 45 minutes later, it was delivered. I took it through to the dining room and separated it out onto 2 dinner plates. As I was feeding her, Melody pretended to be a bay again, and she ended up with sauce all round her mouth and down the front of herself and her dress. After we had both finished eating, I wiped her face clean and we both went back into the TV room and watched another film.

It got to about 10pm, and Melody, decide that she wanted another bath, and at this I felt my cock twitch as I remembered she had no knickers on, but I kept saying to myself. “she’s your daughter, she’s your daughter, you should think about her like that.”

I said “Okay, I’ll go and run it for you, just be ready in 10 minutes?”

“Right dad I’ll be ready. ümraniye escort Dad don’t put so many bubbles in this time, they tickle my nose.”

“Okay baby I won’t.” I shouted back down.

After several more minutes the bath was ready, but it wasn’t quite as deep as it was the day before and only had a light layer of bubbles on the top. I shouted down to Melody that her bath was ready and about 5 or 6 minutes later she was upstairs and stood in the doorway to the bathroom. “Come over here baby lets get you out of those messy clothes and into this bath. I’ll just get the big towel to wrap round you, so I can undress you.”

“Don’t be silly daddy, you’ve seen me naked before, when I was younger. You are my dad so I don’t see why you can’t see me naked now I’m older.”

“O..o..okay, if you’re sure you don’t mind.” I stammered, feeling my cock begin to twitch.

Melody walked over to me and said “It’s okay daddy.” giving me a wink.

I stepped forward and too hold of the dress straps and lowered them over her shoulders and slowly pulled the dress down over her breast which were covered by a sports bra, that pushed them together, showing off her cleavage. (which made my cock twitch again). I pulled the dress down to her waist and over her hips before letting it drop to the floor. Then I knelt down to remove her knickers, and my face came eye level with her smooth shaven pussy, I shut my eyes momentarily breathing in a wonderful aroma. I looked up and said “Young lady where are your knickers?”

“I decided to leave them off, as it would be easier when I needed the toilet” she replied.

“Oh okay, that was a good idea”

“Can I get in the bath now, Daddy?” she asked.

“Y..y..yes you can.”

I held onto her arm as she climbed into the bath and lowered herself in.

“D..d..daddy can you was me a..a..all over” she stuttered.

At this point I knelt down at the side of the bath as I felt my cock getting semi-hard. “Of course I can baby, it will be just like it was when you were a little girl.”

I took hold of the wash cloth and put it in the bath, getting it nice and wet, then put some soap onto it and told Melody to lean forward and I washed her back, then rinsed it off. Next I washed her left leg, stopping about 2 inches from the top when I noticed her twitch and stiffen her leg. Then her right leg came and I stopped about 2 inches from the top again when the same happened. I then took the cloth and washed her stomach and up to her breasts and stopped just under them.

“Daddy, what are you doing?”

“Are you sure you want me to wash everywhere?”

“Yes daddy, they can’t wash themselves, can they?”

“No honey, I guess not.” I took the cloth and put more soap onto it and started to rub over her breasts, and at this point my cock went rock hard and was straining against the zipper of my jeans. I started with the left breast and started to rub the cloth in anti clockwise circles, the clockwise. I then moved to the right breast repeating the process before rinsing them both off. I’m also sure her nipples hardened as I washed her breasts.

“There we go, all bathed and washed, do we feel better?”

“I’m not all washed daddy, you haven’t washed my pussy yet.” she pouted.

“Oh okay, I’m sorry.” So I took the wash cloth and put it under the water and moved my hand up towards her pussy and pushed the cloth against her body and started to rub, I felt her whole body shudder and saw her close her eyes momentarily and let out a near inaudible sigh, but I made out I didn’t notice as I rubbed up and down her pussy about 4 times. At this point my cock was getting even harder, which I thought was impossible. It was agony and I tried not to show it. I leant over and pulled the plug from the bath and when the water had drained I took hold of the jumbo bath towel and held it up before standing up as I didn’t want Melody to see how much she had turned her own father on. I lent over and placed the towel over naked body, hoping as I was bent she wouldn’t notice the bulge in my groin. Lifting her out of the bath carefully, I placed her down so her feet were on the floor, then she stumbled pushing her lower body against my bulge, which I’m sure she noticed, but she didn’t give anything away if she did.

I let her walk in front of me and watched her go into her bedroom and called out “If you need help drying or need anything else just ask, okay baby?”

“I’m fine daddy, I will just dry naturally and I’m feeling a bit tired so I’m going to bed now.”

“Okay, I will see you in the morning, goodnight honey”

“Goodnight daddy.”

My cock was still throbbing hard so I went downstairs and into my den, where I put the pc on and decided to look at pictures of girls dressed in skimpy cheerleader uniforms and less so I could jack off without thinking about Melody. I looked at a search engine and I clicked on a link that took me to a site that had stories with pictures. The first story I started to read was about a dad with a daughter aged 19 who üsküdar escort was also a cheerleader but she broke her left wrist and left ankle and how her dad had to bath her and look after her and they ended up having sex. As I was reading this story I got my cock out and started to rub the skin back and forth while looking at these cheerleader pictures that ended up being fully naked photos, then more photos of this Auburn cheerleader sucking the cock of this older guy then having sex with him. I wonder if this was the actual dad and daughter in the story they looked about the right ages. I kept replacing the heads in the photos with those of me and Melody. Before long I was shooting my load, it went all over the keyboard, my hand and the front of my jeans. When my erection had subsided I got some tissues and wiped up the mess before removing my jeans and placing them in the wash. After setting the washing machine I decided to go for a shower as I was feeling a bit sweaty and sticky.

When I got to the top of the stairs I noticed that the door to Melody’s bedroom was ajar and her light was still on, so I crept forward and saw that she was laid on her back with her hand between her legs and she was gently rubbing her pussy with a dildo, it looked about 7 inches long, I could hear her saying something but it was to low to hear properly, I just stood there eyes wide watching as she began to rub her pussy faster, then she inserted the dildo into her pussy and as she pulled it out I saw that it was glistening with her juices. As I stood with my rock hard cock in my hand she took it in her mouth and sucked it clean before returning it to her wet pussy. As she started to fuck herself she started to moan a little louder the I her her speak again as she slid the didlo in and out, “Oh daddy, daddy, that feels so good, slide your big hard cock into me, fuck me hard, Daddy fuck me hard.” I was shocked at what I heard I shot a second load of cum, this time it went over her door and trickled down to the carpet. I crept backwards and crept slowly back down the stairs. When I got to the bottom of the stairs, I shouted up, “Hey honey you still awake?, Do you want me to bring anything up, when I come up for my shower?”

I heard her get of her bed, walk across her room to the door, “No thanks dad, I’m fine.” then she shut her door. I went upstairs with some tissues and carefully cleaned up the mess I had made earlier, being cautious not to alert Melody to what I was doing. Hopefully she hadn’t seen it when she shut her bedroom door.

I went to the bathroom and purposely left the door ajar and turned on the shower and while it heated up I stripped off all of my clothes. I slid the glass door closed and let the warming water run all over my body. All I could think about was what I heard coming from Melody’s lips, did she really say that or did I dream it? No it wasn’t a dream, I had heard saying she wanted my hard cock pounding her pussy. I was getting hard again, I hadn’t had this many erections in such a short time for a few years. I poured some shower gel over my erect cock and started rubbing it all over into a fine lather. I started to rub my foreskin back and forth and started to say “That’s a good girl Melody take daddy’s cock in to your wet pussy let me fuck you hard. Ohhh baby your pussy is nice and wet and tight, daddy’s going to cum in it soon.” After another 4 or 5 minutes I shoot another load of cum all over the shower wall, but this time I just rinsed it off with the shower head. I finished up with my shower then I went to my bedroom and got dried then went to bed. I didn’t get much sleep that night as all I could think of was Melody and what I heard.

The next day was just like any other, nothing was given away by either of us as to what was said or heard, as I didn’t want her to know I knew her desires.

The day just seemed to fly past, I kept getting the odd flash in my head of the night before which kept making my cock twitch, but I managed to keep cool.

Early in the evening I had to nip out, but I didn’t want to leave Melody on her own but she said she would be okay as long as she could use the PC in my den as her laptop was playing up. I told her it would be okay, then I left the house. About four hours later I returned home and Melody had ordered Mexican takeaway. A few minutes after I got in the doorbell rang and it was the delivery guy with our order. I opened the box and saw that we were having Taco’s, there were 4 so I put 2 onto a plate for Melody and 2 on a plate for me, then took them into the family room and as I handed Melody hers I said “Madame dinner is served.” I watched as she took her Taco and took it to her mouth and as she bit into it the shell crumbled and the sloppy meat went all down her front, she let out a sigh, looked at me and said “Daddy looks like I’m going to need another bath tonight, these Tacos are sure messy.” and gave me a smile.

Okay honey, but let’s finish eating first.” As I took a bite out of my Taco I lightly squeezed it so the shell broke and I got covered yenibosna escort in meat. She looked at me and said “Looks like I’m not the only one who’s a messy eater, looks like you will have to have a bath too.” After we finished eating I went the the bathroom and ran a bath, the called down that it was ready. When Melody entered the bathroom I helped her get undressed and to get in the bath. As I got down on my knees ready to start washing her, she looked at me and said “Get in the bath with me daddy, please.”

“I can’t” I replied


“You’re to big to share a bath with daddy”

“But daddy, you heard on the news that there’s a drought and we need to save water”

“We have plenty of water” I said.

“Daddy you don’t want to break the law and get into trouble do you?”

“No” I replied “But are you sure you don’t mind daddy sharing the bath with you?”

“Don’t be silly, of course not. We did it a lot when I was younger.”

“Okay baby.” I stood back up and turned round so all Melody could see was my back. When I was naked I covered my cock and balls with a spare wash cloth then slowly climbed into the bath facing my sexy daughter. I left the cloth covering my bits and asked where the other wash cloth was.

“There’s only that one daddy. The one between your legs, you’ll have to use that one” she said with a smile.

I took hold of the cloth and reached for the soap. “Okay where do you want daddy to start?”

“Start with my legs, wash the left one first.”

I lifted her leg out of the water and washed it all the way down to her thigh, then did the same with her right leg. “Do my tummy and titties now.” I re-soaped the cloth and started with her stomach the onto her left tit, I made sure I gave it a good wash by massaging it all over and as I was ding this I noticed her nipples harden. As her tits wobbled as I washed them I felt my cock getting hard but it was still under water.

“Okay, time to wash your back.”

“No, do my pussy first, it doesn’t want to be last this time”

I put my hand under the water with the wash cloth and slowly put it against her pussy, as I rubbed along it I let one finger go to the side of the cloth and rub against her lips. I hope she didn’t notice, but it did feel her lips where swollen and also noticed her breath quicken. I rang my finger along side the cloth for about 15 seconds but it seemed longer. By now my cock was throbbing hard and the head was poking out of the water, I hadn’t noticed this had happened, but I think Melody had as she was looking down and said “Time to do my back now” She lent forward a little and so did I, and as I tried to wash her back she moaned “Do my back properly, get on your knees so you can reach all over” I lent forward more and got onto my knees hoping my erect cock would stay below the water line and stay covered by the bubbles. “Come on daddy wash all the way down to the bottom” As I lent further forward I felt myself slip and fall forward. I put my hands out to the side but it was too late I felt forward and as I did my hard cock poked Melody right between her tits. I heard her giggle as it rubbed her skin.

As I lent back my cock was out of the water and she was staring at it wide eyed with a look of hunger.

“I..I.. I’m sorry honey, that shouldn’t have happened” I said as I lowered myself back into the water.

“Don’t worry daddy, I knew you had a hard on and I was hoping to see it. I am glad it did, it’s bigger than I thought it was.”

“But you’re not supposed to want to see your father cock, it is wrong.”

“You have seen my pussy and titties and I’m your daughter so it’s no different. Besides Jenny says she seen her dads cock lots of times.”

I couldn’t argue with that logic. Then I had a thought that made my cock twitch like a bolt of electricity had gone down it. Do Jenny and her father have a sexual relationship?

“Daddy I’d like to get out the bath now.”

“Okay” I said as I stood my cock still throbbing hard and standing out proudly. As I got to my feet I took a few seconds to get my balance and my swaying cock was just a few centimetres from Melody’s face. Then it happened, she lent forward and kissed my on the purple head, I didn’t believe it was this really happening, then she opened her mouth and started to take my cock into that warm inviting hole. I came to my senses and pulled back, which made her jump. “What do you think your doing, young lady?”

“I wanted to taste it, I thought you were offering as you were so close.”

“I wasn’t and we’re in a bath together, so there’s not much room.”

“But you rubbed my pussy with your bare finger, it’s not fair.”

“That was an accident.”

“Once maybe daddy, but you did it several times.” she pouted.

I climbed out the bath, cock still hard and lent forward to help Melody out. As I lowered her down to the floor my cock rubbed along her thigh and against her bare pussy which made her sigh. I grabbed a towel and wrapped her in it, the did the same for myself, but this didn’t cover my erection. I followed Melody to her room and told her we needed to talk. I sat on the bed next to her explained that what she did was wrong and so was I and that it shouldn’t happen again. She looked at me like a lost puppy and said sorry but could she tell me something in secret. I told her she could and asked her what it was the she told me.



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