It was the busiest part of the day at the Festival when I was standing under the rusty brown leaves of the liquidambar trying to keep away from the busy throng of people trying to buy their lunch from one of the harassed vendors. It was then that I noticed a woman not much older than myself dressed in a loose-fitting kaftan her dark sultry eyes burning into me. I had the uncomfortable feeling she was actually undressing me.

I am thirty-two of Chinese descent and barely five feet two in my socks. I am wearing a black knee length dress with a yellow Indian Cotton shirt which disguises my small A cup breasts. Looking once more into the smoldering eyes that are stripping me of my dignity, I tell the woman to stop staring at me, but she simply smiles saying ‘I like what I am looking at’.

“Oh, please stop you are making me very uncomfortable and anyway I am not a lesbian.”

“I know you are not lesbian that is why I am liking what I see.”

Her voice was soft and seductive, yet it also made me understand that she was in charge of the situation. Although she was covered in the loose-fitting cloth of her kaftan I realized that her face was quite beautiful with a broad smile showing white even teeth with a small dimple on her lower left cheek.

“Hi, I am Beth it’s short for Bethany but not being that religious I have abbreviated it to Beth. You intrigue me you see I am attracted to small-breasted Asian women. So, tell me: what’s your name?”

“I am Summah which I spell with an ache at the end … please, will you stop staring at me you are really making me very uncomfortable.”

“The bush dance is about to start I love dancing … let’s go.”

“I am not lesbian.”

“I already know that any way we are talking about dancing, not sex.”

It was as though I was in a trance as she took my hand in hers leading me down the street to the old Community Hall where I could already hear a bush band. I love to dance especially to traditional folk music but I had the uneasy feeling that Beth was not just interested in dancing.

Although there were quite a lot of people in the hall not many were dancing, and Beth led me over to a small bar where beer was being served.

“Here, have a beer it will help relax you … all I want is to get to know you. So, tell me your story.”

“I am Summah Jackson and of mixed race, my father coming from Hong Kong and my mother from Germany they died in a horror car crash when I was nineteen. Since then I have been moving around the world searching for happiness. I have had a number of lovers, but they have either mistreated me or left me feeling used.”

“Us girls are different why not swing to the other side of the street?”

“Maybe so but as I have already said I don’t do lesbian: it’s unnatural.”

“Well Summah I am lesbian and though I have felt different for many years I only put a name to it after I turned eighteen. You say it’s unnatural, but I say that I was born this way. Anyway, we can discuss this later: the Bush Band is about to start. Let’s dance.”

Although I love traditional folk music, I didn’t think I would enjoy dancing with Beth because she still made me feel very uneasy … in a way I felt as though Beth was stalking me.

The band was already in full swing although there were only three couples on the dance floor … it seemed most of the action was around the bar. I love dancing and was amazed at how good Beth was because we both moved very well to the loud music and I found myself enjoying Beth’s company. When the music slowed, she led me off the floor to get a beer: although I am not a big drinker, I accepted the beer she offered me eagerly.

Finding a seat by the old stage we drank our beers in silence. The hall was quite special with its old cream painted timber walls with the edges of panels picked out in a rustic green color. Two of these panels one at each end of the stage displayed the names of the men and women who gave their lives in both world wars. The five-piece band was on the stage and two large vases of blue hydrangeas decorated both ends. Although the band had returned to its usual fast pace Beth seemed quite happy to sit out the dancing.

I started as Beth took my hand and helping me stand led me outside explaining that it was quite cool in the unheated hall. The sun was bright and with a light breeze roughing the autumn leaves we made our way to a park bench not far from the Halls side door. After sitting Beth turned towards me and taking my hands in hers told me that she was very attracted to me. As I began to protest, she placed a finger on my lips firmly shushing me.

I did stop talking although I felt uneasy that I was allowing Beth to take control.

“Summah don’t close your eyes when I tell you how beautiful you are. So far at the dance, we have connected really well.”

As she said this, I again felt helpless as her deft fingers undid the top buttons on my shirt while the fingers on her other hand slid softly down my cheek … slipping across my closed lips.

Feeling this a small illegal bahis rush of excitement surged through me making me moan softly. Noticing a winning smile break across Beth’s face I had the feeling that I had given her what she had been fishing for.

My feelings confused me. Back at the food walk, I was annoyed that Beth was mentally undressing me and yet I submitted when she insisted we came down to the Bush Dance. I accepted her beers although I rarely drink alcohol and then allowed her to caress my boobs which makes me feel horny: what the fuck!”

Again my thoughts are interrupted as Beth slipped a hand onto my almost exposed breasts and fondling my nipples this time causing me to utter a loud moan.

“I see my fingers are getting to you. Let’s open your shirt further I want to see how your beautiful nipples react to the cool air.”

Not waiting for an answer, she quickly released the rest of my buttons while her deft fingers kept fondling my breast and nipple. She squealed with excitement when holding my shirt open the cool air caused my nipples to swell.

“Oh, fuck Summah you are so deliciously perfect I want to do a photo study of you. I live twenty-five minutes from here on one hundred and seventy-five acres. I refer to it as my farm but really, it’s not big enough for a real farm although I run ten jersey cows which gives me milk and cream. I sell the vealers off which brings in a small annual income. I also have twenty free-range chickens and I sell the eggs at the weekly farmers market along with fresh herbs and vegetables. I am not rich although I do own the farm … it was part of my inheritance left to me by my grandmother.

The main use for the farm is photography you see it has some very beautiful trees and being quite steep, there are some spectacular valleys: I love the dappled light early in the morning. I am a professional photographer having completed my degree majoring in photographic art. I usually come to the festival with two friends who own the big sheep property next door … you must come back with me and in the morning, we’ll go for a walk a do some art together. You’ll simply love the creek with its spectacular one-hundred-and-fifty-foot waterfall: I use the tumbling water to generate electricity. “

All this time she was fondling my breasts and playing her fingertips across my now very excited nipples and I knew that I was quickly losing control giving Beth what she had been hoping for ever since cutting me out of the crowd. Then to my surprise she buttoned the shirt to just below my breasts and taking my hand returned to the dance.

“Let’s dance some more … my friends expect to find me here in about forty minutes.”

Not waiting for an answer, she led me back to the hall where a large crowd of people was now dancing and drinking. After the brief seduction outside it was good to dance once more yet this time Beth’s dance style had changed as she held me close her eyes always on my almost exposed nipples.

It was during a slower period of music that Beth dancing behind me started to fondle my breasts: this time I did blush with embarrassment as other dancers smirked with amusement when they noticed what she was doing. We had not been moving like this for very long when Beth’s friends arrived, and I was relieved that the situation between Beth and I didn’t register with them.

As we walked out of the Hall I realized what lovely people Beth’s friends were. Being farmers they were very natural and down to earth and although completely different to Beth they seemed to accept her. Sitting with Beth in the back I felt her draw me towards her and before I knew what was happening, she had begun to kiss me.

Starting slow and soft she quickly began to kiss me as I had never been kissed before. She literally devoured my mouth. I had never been kissed with such abandon before. Her open mouth taking me as her exploring tongue swirled across mine drawing a long gasping moan as once again her fingers found my sensitive breasts.

The trip seemed to go faster than light and in no time, we were left standing outside Beth’s gate. We had a five-minute walk up a winding track crossing two makeshift bridges to her cottage. Built from slab it was obviously very old with two brick chimneys and an assortment of outbuildings some of which were almost ruins. Beth had obviously done a lot of restoration to it even adding a broad shaded veranda which made it look comfortable and inviting. Beth saw me looking at smoke curling out of a chimney and explained that it was the fire in the kitchen stove.

The afternoon had gone so fast and I really was not sure how I had ended up here because I had come to the festival by coach and had a return ticket but that was useless now as the bus had left almost two and three quarter hours ago. Entering the house Beth quickly made up the fire before giving me a quick tour.

The cottage was small with one bedroom although Beth explained that she had knocked the wall out between the kitchen and master bedroom making a warm and very comfortable illegal bahis siteleri kitchen come living room. The loungeroom which obviously was rarely used was warm and comfortable with a soft wall to wall carpet and an unusually big open fireplace. Beth explained that she only lit the open fire on very cold snowy days. Going down a short wide corridor there was a nice bathroom with a shower and old bath on lion’s feet. It was huge and obviously very comfortable. The last door led to the bedroom which although small was big enough for a large wardrobe and queen bed. She had a three-shelf bookcase along the wall which was made by resting a plank onto three stacks of bricks.

Returning to the living room Beth poured a glass of red wine for me and selecting a disc of classical music settled down on a large black leather three-seater couch. At first, we just sat listening to music and sipping our wine. Outside the late afternoon was getting cold but the kitchen range provided plenty of comforting warmth for us.

We just talked about the festival but it wasn’t long before she began exploring again. Taking me in another long devouring kiss her hands quickly removed my shirt throwing it away as she sat back taking my breasts in her gaze.

“Where do you live Summah?”

“I come from Thistledown because I can’t afford a car, I usually come to market days and the festival by bus: it’s not expensive and I really enjoy the day. The company on the bus is also nice.”

“Where do you work?”

“I used to manage the café, but it has closed so now I am unemployed. Job hunting in small country towns is not easy.”

“Well as you know I am a photographer and when I saw you, I just knew that I had to do a photo study with you. I will pay you the usual rate and once we have finished, I will drive you back home: I usually drive to town in that old Bedford truck it makes a lot of noise and smoke but it’s reliable. Show and Festival days are different because my truck takes up so much room … that’s when I cadge a lift off my neighbors.”

“I loved today the stalls were a bit more varied this year and of course I discovered you. You’ll love the photos we do together.”

“I think you also want to have sex with me: correct?”

“There you go talking about sex when all I wanted was to discuss employing you as my model. I think sex fascinates you.”

By this time, I knew that Beth was a no-nonsense kind of girl, so I sat back as yet again her lazy fingers began to fondle my puffy nipples. Also, in the short time, I had known her she had taught me so much more about myself than any of the half dozen men that I had slept with before so when she drew me close again, I tried to respond. Noticing this Beth asked if I had changed my mind about lesbian or was it that I understood that it wasn’t as unnatural as I had thought.

I couldn’t answer her question or was it that I just didn’t want to … I was feeling embarrassed and nervous but privately I had to admit that Beth’s caressing of my nipples was getting to me. Seeing that I wasn’t answering her question she eased me back against the soft leather cushion on the couch’s arm briefly smiling down at me.

This time her kissing was soft and moist, where she wanted to share the sensation of the very deep passionate moment. I felt the heat rise to my cheeks as my tongue touched Beth’s tongue. The moment was quick and delicious before I felt Beth’s kiss become firmer and more determined as though she were seeking that elusive moment.

I knew what she wanted and was finding it difficult not to fully respond: to give myself to her but there was still that fleeting thought that it was wrong after all I had never imagined sex with another woman until just now.

Beth’s kiss became even more urgent kissing me as though her very life depended on it and I had memories of the kissing that I had experienced from men. There was no comparison: the men wanted to rush onto the final goal: stick it in before getting back to the pub. Alternatively, Beth was needing me to feel the passion … asking my entire being to react to the moment.

Beth was gentle while men were hard.

Her eyes seemed to glitter as she looked upon my breasts, the areolae surrounding my nipples a deep dark pink while the nipples themselves were swollen like small dark cherries. She looked longingly at me her lips getting closer until with an excited moan she sucked a nipple onto her tongue, and I knew that she had won me.

I had never been loved in the way Beth was loving me: my breathing became short shattered gasps as I felt my knickers stick to my pussy lips. She made love to my breasts with loving respect wanting me to feel the special moment as her tongue flicked across my distended nipples. I couldn’t believe the electric charges that I felt flowing through me: my nerve endings seemed to explode with every flick of her loving tongue.

Lying on the couch I subconsciously dropped a leg to the floor a motion that was not lost to Beth as she quickly slid a hand under my dress canlı bahis siteleri lifting it above my waist. By now my thong had become so wet that it needed to be peeled off me much like the skin of a peach is peeled from the fruit. Beth stood looking down at me taking in my naked form.

“You are just as I imagined when I first laid eyes upon you: sexy and vulnerable qualities I love in women.”

Looking up into her misty eyes I watched Beth as she peeled her kaftan off noticing that it was all she had been wearing. I first noticed her pussy which unlike my pussy with its narrow strip of closely cut hair leading to my clit Beth was clean-shaven her floral lips wet with arousal. Looking towards her breasts I noticed that they were not much bigger than mine although her nipples seemed to be angled up where mine are more out front. I had already noticed her raw beauty but when I looked into her eyes I realized that they were dark almost mysterious looking.

Before I could take any more in Beth was back on her knees with her lips sucking my nipples while her hands dropped between my legs sensuously massaging the soft warm flesh of my inner thighs causing me to moan and cry out as her fingers caressed close along the outer edge of my sex. Alternating between my nipples and mouth she continued to kiss me with the deepest of passion until almost as though she wanted to quit, she sat back on her legs.

When we had entered her house, we were aware of the birds outside but now as Beth sat looking upon me the atmosphere was heavy and silent. Then, at first, gradually she lowered a hand onto my mound beginning to slide down and then back up so that the heel of her hand brushed across my clit causing me to gasp. Saying nothing she continued sliding her hand along my pussy one finger bent down digging slightly inside me.

As she silently continued to tease my cunny, so my moans became more urgent and I cried out as my breathing became short ragged gasps. My hips began to rise and fall as her fingers wet with my arousal slid deeper with each stroke.

Using just one finger she began to circle my clit sliding up down and across as my cries became more desperate. Then using her other fingers, she opened me up … her other finger concentrating on my hard clit. With my knees bent high and my mewling cries Beth continued her caress of my sex.

Then yet again her speed and pressure changed as she began a soft swirling motion over and down my pussy as she laughed softly when she heard my cries.

All this time her eyes had not left mine and when my eyelids fluttered, I saw Beth look towards my wet pussy with its swollen lips curling two fingers down before sliding into me with her thumb pressed against my clit. Feeling this, I bucked my hips raising off the couch as the first small shocks of my orgasm started to roll through me. Once my climax had subsided Beth lay on me her wet pussy pressed against mine and we slept until the sun had almost dropped behind the hills.

Opening my eyes, I noticed that Beth had moved between my legs her face almost touching my wet sensitive cunny. Looking down I could see the top of her head as her fingers slid across my breasts. I knew what she was going to do yet when her tongue swirled across my wet swollen lips I cried out. The sensation of her tongue flicking across my clit was almost overpowering and sucking my breath in I tried to open myself even wider.

This time my crisis was more desperate as I felt my pussy grip Beth’s tongue and crying out I came hard my entire body rising and falling as with cries of extasy I felt my juice squirting onto Beth’s waiting tongue.

Once I had felt the last shuddering eruption Beth slid up and with her hands holding my face, I tasted myself as she slid her tongue across mine. This time her kiss was soft, and we lay there kissing until with a quiet moan I pulled away and with my arm across my lover I drifted into the deepest of sleep.

It had been a day of new experiences for me and as we sat watching television later that night, I fell asleep once more with my head resting against Beth’s shoulder. The next I knew was lying on her bed as she eased the few clothes, I was wearing off me.

Looking into her eyes I recognised her lust. Dropping her bathrobe Beth slid next to me and again I felt her searing kiss as her tongue probed my mouth her fingers caressing my already excited nipples and it wasn’t long before I was moaning into her mouth.

Feeling her lips begin to slip around my neck leaving small purple bruises low down she finally slid onto my nipples biting and licking them causing me to cry out. As she kissed my breasts, I held the back of her head trying to bring her closer.

It was crazy to think that this morning I hadn’t even thought about sex with other women and yet here I was begging Beth to take me hard asking for my orgasm. Of course, she didn’t disappoint me as her hand dropped to my mound her fingers caressing my clit smiling at my cries. And then I felt her slide back up: bringing her pussy against mine. I was confused not knowing what she was after until with a moan I felt her began to grind her pussy against mine … pushing up with her knee before sliding back. The sensation was amazing and soon we were both grinding in unison crying out our lust.



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