MEET THE FUCKERSONSMeet The FuckersonsbyNoghri©My pussy was wet with anticipation, as my boyfriend, Kevin, and I rode toward my parents’ house, though it could also have been the two fingers that Kevin was sliding in and out of me. I was always horny, but then so was Kevin. He would often finger me as we drove places. I loved to give him head while he was driving, and had already swallowed a full load of his cum, as we were driving down the interstate.We were on summer vacation from school, and had the whole summer before us. Today was going to be a special day, as today was going to be the day that my boyfriend met my parents for the first time, and got to know them very well. Though we had a very open relationship, and kept very little from each other, there was one thing that I had not yet shared with Kevin; though I think that he will be very happy when he finds out the kind of relationship I have with my family.The car pulled into the driveway, and I motioned to a spot on the side of the drive, where he could park. Giving his thigh a squeeze, I said, “You’re just going to love them.” He gave me a smile, though I could tell he was a little nervous. I had not yet met his parents and could understand his unease, though I knew it would not last long.As we walked into the house, I yelled out that we were home. I heard, the response from my mom from kitchen, “Come in and make yourselves at home, I’ll be out in just a minute.”I took Kevin’s hand and we walked into the kitchen. “Mom”, I yelled out, running up to my mother, and giving her a big hug. She gave me a kiss on the cheek, and squeezed me to her. I felt her breasts press against mine. I wanted to jump her so badly, but knew that I had to wait. I didn’t want to scare Kevin off, before he got into the idea himself. I gave my mom’s ass a gentle squeeze with my right hand, were Kevin would not be able to see. She was wearing a pair of daisy duke shorts, and I could feel the bottom of her ass as it peeked out form under the shorts. Mom always dressed provocatively. Releasing each other, I gestured toward Kevin. “Mom, this is Kevin, Kevin my mom.””I’ve heard so much about, it is a pleasure to finally meet you,” my mom said as she reached out taking Kevin’s hand, and pulling him toward her. She enveloped him in a hug of his own crushing her breasts against his chest. Mom did not have huge boobs, but they were good sized (a solid C cup). Everyone said that my mom was a slightly older version of me, 5′-5″, long tanned legs, and wavy red hair cascading down to her shoulders.She released Kevin from her grasp, and took a step back, looking him over. “I must say I think that you have done very well for yourself, Lisa. Kevin here is quite a catch.” He blushed slightly at the praise. Though I had to say that I agreed with Mom, Kevin had a great body, and worked out enough to keep it in perfect shape, though I realize that I may be a little biased.”So where is everybody else?” I asked.”Your father is picking up your brother, and Alison & Robert should be here any time now. She was driving in this morning.” Turning to Kevin, “It will be nice to have the whole family back for the weekend; the house feels a bit empty during the spring and fall, with both Lisa and Jim off to school.”Well, I’m so glad that you have the chance to spend a couple days with us. Lisa, why don’t you give Kevin a tour of the place and show him where he will be staying, while I finish up in here. Then we can all go out by the pool and catch up. I want to get some sun, while it’s out. We have been having the most dreadful weather the past few days. I would hardly call it summer.””Okay,” I said, grabbing Kevin’s hand and pulling him toward the kitchen door.We picked up our luggage, from the entry hall, where we had dropped it. “The downstairs is pretty open, so I assume that you have pretty well oriented yourself down here,” I asked Kevin, pausing at the base of the stair. “The bedrooms are upstairs. We have a guest room, but as Ali and Rob will be using that, Mom said that you could share my room,” I said, giving Kevin a sly smile. “Well, isn’t that good news,” he replied, returning the smile. “I’m not sure that I could make it the weekend away from you.” His compliments always pleased me.We walked into my room, it still looked much the part of the girl’s room that it was, when I was growing up, with the pink frilly curtains and the hearts on the bedspread. “Well this is it,” I said. Kevin dropped his bag in the corner, and then he was behind me with arms wrapped around me, a breast in each hand, pulling me into him. My pussy was already wet, but I loved the way that he roughly squeezed my tits, and I could feel the dampness spreading into my panties. I leaned my head back onto his shoulder, and turned toward him, wanting to taste his lips. Our tongues played across each other. I turned in his arms so that we faced each other, and pulled Kevin toward me, our lips crushing together. I could feel the bulge in his pants start to grow, and reached down, to massage it. We moaned into each others mouths, and I continued to massage his swelling erection, and he started to play with my ass, stretching my pussy. “Well, if we’re going to change into our bathing suites, then we better get these clothes off,” I said pulling his t-shirt over his head, to expose Kevin’s beautifully sculpted chest. I jammed my tongue back into his mouth, while pulling gently on his nipples. I pulled my hand back as I felt him start to tug on the hem of my sun dress, which made its way over my head, and on to the floor. There was nothing I wanted more, at that moment, then to take his cock into my mouth, and suck the pre-cum out of it, but I knew that I had to pace things if my plan was to work.I pushed Kevin away, reluctantly breaking the kiss. “There will be time for that later,” I said giving him a knowing smile. “You’ve already made me so wet that I have to go to the bathroom to clean up.” I walked out of the room in my underwear, toward the bathroom across the hall. “Put your bathing suite on, and go downstairs to the pool before my mother comes up here, to see what’s keeping us. I’ll be down in a couple minutes with the towels.” I heard him mumble his answer as I shut the door behind me.As soon as the door was closed I stripped off my bra and panties. My pussy was on fire I did not have an orgasm in the car, and I needed to cum bad. I started rubbing it, though I don’t think that it could get any wetter. I sat on the toilet, and jammed two fingers into my throbbing cunt, thumbing my clit simultaneously. I had to bit my lip to keep from screaming with pleasure. I heard Kevin tell me that he was going out to the pool. I managed to keep the quiver out of my voice long enogh to tell him that I would be down in a couple minutes. It wasn’t long before the waves of my orgasm were crashing over me. Having heard the back door close I let out a cry of pleasure, and my cum soaked my fingers. I licked them clean, savoring the flavor.After peeing, I ran back across the hall, not wanting to miss any of the action. The window in my room was open, and I could hear the conversation drifting up from below. My window overlooked the pool and pool deck, giving me a perfect view the area. Mom was laid out on one of the lounge chairs, wearing only her bikini bottoms, which left nothing to the imagination. She had an incredible body for her age, everything was taut and toned. Her boobs looked great, with their eraser head nipples were at full attention.”I hope you don’t mind, but I hate tan-lines,” I heard her say. It was obvious from her well toned tits, and lack of tan-lines that this was not any uncommon occurrence in our backyard. From growing up, I knew that the part that was out of place, were the bikini bottoms. Normally she would sun bath in the nude, but I’m sure she felt that Kevin would be more at ease if she wore bottoms, at least to start.”Um, no, that’s fine,” said Kevin, clearly a little disturbed by his arousal (which was clear from the bulge, that was tenting his trunks) at my mothers exposed tits. “I figure if you’re going to be family then we should at least be comfortable with each other. You would tell me if you were bothered wouldn’t you?””Of course Mrs. F.” A little uncomfortable, bursa escort and not sure what to say, while he waited for me to follow, Kevin tried to keep up the conversation. “It’s easy to see where Lisa gets her good looks from.”Mom smiled at the compliment, “Please, call me Mom or Marie, Mrs. F. is too formal.””Um, okay, M. . . M . . .,” he finally decided on “Mom. I think that I’ll just jump in the water, and wait for Lisa.” Mom murmured her approval of this plan and let her head fall back on the rest of the chair.There was a small splash as Kevin slipped into the water. I’m sure that he was hopping that the cool water would reduce the pressure in his cock. I knew that Mom was not going to let that happen. I was sure that she had her own plan as to how to relieve his problem. I had noticed here eyeing his bulge, since we had walked in the door.Mom spread her legs ever so slightly so that Kevin could not help but have a perfect view of the wet fabric of her bikini clinging to the outline of her pussy. This had the desired effect on Kevin. As he made the turn at the end of the pool and started to swim back, I saw his eyes gravitate to Mom’s pussy. She keeps her pussy completely shaved with only a narrow landing strip above. From the pool the thin white fabric would be practically invisible, and I was sure that the sight had reversed any negative effect the water might have had on his growing cock. When Kevin made it back to the end of the pool that my mother was lounging at, she picked her head up, and asked him to join her on the pool deck. “Come have a seat up, here while we wait for Lisa to get changed,” she said. “Let’s talk and get to know each other a little better.”Reluctantly, (as his cock had not shrunk) Kevin pulled himself from the pool. He tried to shift himself so that his erection would not be as noticeable. Mom patted a spot on the chair next to hers, “Have a seat.” As Kevin walked up to the chair to sit down on it, his swollen cock became impossible to hide. “So tell me about yourself,” Mom said turning toward Kevin. “Oh,” she gasped, seeing the outline of his engorged cock swim trunks plastered to it. “Well I guess we won’t be able to have much of a conversation with you in that state. We’ll have to do something about that.” Before he had a chance to sit down or say a word of protest, Mom had moved in front of him, and had his trunks around his ankles. His cock popped out of the wet trunks, and bounced off of Mom’s chin. I could hear him moan as Mom grabbed hold of his erect cock and jammed it into her mouth. Between our fooling around before, and the sight of my nearly naked mother, Kevin had been aroused for so long that he could not help but jump at the chance for some relief. Though I could see his mind saying that he should not be letting his girlfriend’s mother suck his cock.His hips thrust forward into her waiting mouth. Mom was, from what I’ve been told one of the best cock suckers there is. If her pussy eating ability is any judge, I would have to agree. Kevin took a step back, pushing the chair behind him. “We shouldn’t be doing this Mrs. F., Lisa will be out here any minute.””I told you, Mom or Marie,” scolded Mom, as she fed his cock back into her mouth. After one more failed protest, he seemed to have decided that if this woman was going to insist on sucking his cock, that he might as well enjoy it. Kicking the trunks off from around his ankles, he put his hands on the back of Mom’s head and held her on his cock, his hips trust in and out of her, fucking her mouth. “Oh, God, that feels good. You are an incredible cock sucker Marie.” It seemed as though he could not come to terms with calling the woman that was bobbing on his hard dick, Mom.I heard a car pull up in the drive way, and wondered which group of the remaining family had showed up. Mom and Kevin seemed to be too absorbed in there own actions to have noticed, the new arrival. A minute later, I heard my sister’s voice downstairs, ask if anyone was home.Turning away from the window so as not to alert Kevin to my presence, I shouted back “Ali, up here.”Soon Ali and her husband Rob were in the doorway to my room. “Well I guess things don’t change at all. How long have you been home and you’re already naked?” Ali asked. I jumped off the bed, and bounded over to my sister, my tits bouncing as I ran. Enveloping her in a hug, I jammed my tongue into her mouth, kissing her passionately. She returned the kiss, cupping my right tit in one hand and my left ass cheek in the other. “It’s so good to see you s*s,” I said breaking the kiss. “It’s been far too long since I’ve tasted your pussy.””Hey, aren’t you glad to see my too?” asked Rob, a large smile on his face, as Ali murmured her agreement to my greeting sentiments. As Rob joined the hug, I turned toward him, offering him my lips. Our tongues wrestled briefly, as I placed my hand on his crotch, feeling the swelling of his cock. His hand replaced Ali’s as she made her way to my pussy. I felt her fingers play across my lips, and tease my clit. I moaned into Rob’s mouth.Pulling away from the couple, I beckoned them to the window. Mom was still on her knees sucking Kevin’s hard on. Though a bit more into it now he was massaging her tits and pulling the already hard nipples. Mom was really getting into sucking his cock, we could hear her sighs of pleasure as his shaft slide in and out of her mouth. I indicated that we needed to be quite. “That is Kevin,” I told them, both had heard stories of Kevin, but neither had met him yet. “He doesn’t know that we’re up here, though he may have guessed by now that I’m watching, as I was supposed to have gone out there about ten minutes ago.””That does look like a tasty cock.””Breaking him into the family,” commented Rob. “It took me a little while to get use to the idea of fucking my wife’s parents, and siblings, but ounce you get past that it’s great.” I felt Rob’s hand back on my ass, massaging it, as the tips of his fingers grazed my pussy. “My pussy is getting pretty wet, and I think that it’s time that Kevin met some more of the family,” said Ali, dropping her shirt on the floor, which was quickly followed by the rest of her clothing. “Why don’t you two catch up on things, while go say hi to Mom, and meet Kevin.” With that Ali turned and bounded out of the room, her magnificent ass bouncing out of sight.Robert pulled me toward him, cupping one of my tits as his other hand continued to play across my pussy. “What are you waiting for?” I asked, “Get you cloths off. I want to taste that cock. I’ve been watching Mom and Kevin, my pussy is dripping, and I need some cock in me, so get your fucking pants off.”Rob quickly complied with my request, adding his cloths to the pile that had formed in my room. Soon he stood in front of me, his full 8” pointing at me. I took hold of the cock before me and pulled Rob toward me. I wanted to suck his cock, but I didn’t want to miss any of the action below either. I guided Rob’s cock into my mouth, closing my lips around its head, and massaging it with my tongue. Rob moaned. Outside Ali had arrived by the pool. Neither Mom nor Kevin had noticed her until she was standing next to them, so consumed were they in their own actions. “I’m Ali, Lisa’s sister.” Kevin had such a start, at the sudden appearance of this other woman, that it is amazing that Mom never lost contact with his cock. Ali extended her hand, to shake, as though meeting your sisters boyfriend for the first time, while you mother is sucking his cock is the most normal thing in the world. Though I guess for us, it is, as that was the way that I had been introduced to Rob.Ali leaned in and gave Kevin a deep probing kiss. I could tell that their tongues were wrestling, and was glad to see that Kevin was getting so in to the action. Though I’m sure that he was so hot for having his cock sucked that he would have fucked anyone. Ali dropped to her knees and took the cock from Mom’s mouth, inserting it into her own.”It’s so good to see you again honey,” said Mom, taking Kevin’s hard on back.”It’s always good to be home,” replied Ali, reclaiming the prize. They continued the small talk for a few minutes, all the while taking turns with Kevin’s cock, so that he was always receiving some attention.Rob’s cock bursa escort bayan was now as hard as it could be, and I didn’t believe that my pussy could get any wetter. Pulling his cock from my mouth, I turned toward the window, my ass raised, giving Rob full access to my quivering cunt. “Get that cock inside me, I need to be fucked,” I instructed. Rob didn’t hesitate, and I gasped as his cock plowed into me. It felt incredible to have a cock in me, and I had always enjoyed being fucked by Rob, he had a nice cock and knew how to use it. “God, I’ve never felt you so wet before,” Rob commented as he trust into me. Normally he set up a nice slow rhythm in and out of my pussy, but as he could tell how hot I was, he set up a very quick pace, with deep, quick thrusts. I couldn’t get enough of his hot cock inside me, and rammed back with each thrust, forcing him as deep as I could into my sopping cunt.Ali’s voice drifted up through the window, “I think its time to change things up a little bit here. Why don’t you sit down and relax,” she said to Kevin, easing him down to the lounge chair. His hard cock standing straight up, as Mom continued to bob up and down on it. For her part Ali swung one of her legs over Kevin so that she straddled him, facing Mom. Ali bent over, pushing her pussy into Kevin’s face. “Eat me Kevin, eat my pussy.” From the moaning that commenced, I knew that he had done as instructed. Ali bent over, helping Mom with Kevin’s cock, licking his length, and sucking the head from time to time.Mom decided that it was time for some cock in her pussy. She stood, sliding her bikini bottoms to her ankles and kicking them to the side. Moving forward, she straddled Kevin, preparing to lower herself on to his hard cock. Ali lead forward, her tongue flicking across Mom’s pussy, taking several full licks, of Mom’s beautiful tasty pussy. She sucked softly on Mom’s clit, before giving her pussy a final lick.As Ali pulled back from Mom pushing her pussy harder into Kevin’s mouth Mom lowered herself onto his hard cock. His rigid shaft slid easily into, what I knew would be a dripping wet pussy. “Oooh,” Mom moaned. “Your cock feels sooo gooood. I can see why Lisa likes you so much, you really know how to show a lady a good time.” Watching my boyfriend fuck my mother while eating my sister’s pussy was making me very hot. Robert’s cock continued to pound in and out of me. He reached around cupping my tits in his hands, pinching and rolling my nipples in his fingers, and using the grip for more leverage into my pussy. I don’t think that I’ve ever been penetrated so deeply before. The feeling was amazing; I think I actually felt the tip of his cock bottom out. “Oh Kevin, that’s it, give it to me. Fuck my pussy,” Mom cried as he bucked up into her. Kevin’s moans of pleasure were muffled by Ali’s pussy. Ali, for her part was enjoying the tongue bath that Kevin was giving her pussy. “Fuck, Kevin, you do know how to eat a pussy,” I heard her say. “Oh, God. Yes. Right there., Oh, Fuck, I’m going to cum. Fuuuuuuuuuuuck, Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyesssssssssssssssss.”Hearing the cries of my sister’s orgasm was enough to send me over the edge. My pussy clamped down on Robert’s cock, as wave after wave of pleasure wash over my body. I bit my lip, so as not to cry out too loudly in my ecstasy. “Oh God, I can’t hold it, I’m going to cum!” cried Robert. “Oh, no your not,” I answered, “I want to taste that cum.” Though I like the feel of a man inside me after I cum, there was no way that I was not going to get a taste of Robert’s cream. I spun around, dropping to my knees, mouth open, as the first rope of his thick cum, shot out the end of his cock. It landed on my face, over my left eye. Grabbing his pulsating cock, I shoved the member into my mouth as the next rope of cum shot forth. One after another the bursts of his cum slammed into the back of my mouth, and slid down my throat. After I had sucked every last drop from his fading cock, I wiped the cum from my face, licking it from my now sticky fingers. “Tasty to the last drop, as always darling,” I said pulling my brother in law to me, and kissing him full on the mouth, our tongues twisting together.”Well I think that it’s time to go downstairs and see how Kevin is doing with those two hot pussies,” I declared.As Robert and I walked out to the pool, both still naked as the days we were born, I saw that not much had changed from when I had heard Ali cum. She was still lying atop Kevin, her pussy pressed into his face. Mom continued to impale herself on Kevin’s stiff rod, her tits bounced in rhythm with her motion. She grabbed one in each hand pinching her nipples. From the direction that Robert and I approached the pool Mom’s back was turned toward us, not that she would have noticed had she been looking right at us. Ali on the other hand was in the perfect position to see our approach. And when she noticed us I motioned for her to stay quite. Kevin could not see past Ali’s ass and pussy, which was still being bathed in his saliva. The smell of sex was strong in the air, and my pussy was responding to the sites and sounds of the pool deck. My pussy was demanding attention. I noticed that Robert was also starting to reawaken, his cock starting to regain some of its previous size. Though, it would take him several more minutes to regain his full stature. I moved toward the group, and pulled Alison’s head toward me. We kissed, our tongues intertwining, chasing each other from her mouth to mine and back again. Her hand cupped my pussy, feeling how incredibly wet I was, and how desperately I needed to be fucked. She slid one, then two fingers into me, fucking my pussy with her fingers. It was not a cock, but it would do for now. Robert took a seat on a nearby chair, and started to slide his hand over his shaft.”Fuck me hard, Kevin,” cried Mom, “Fuck me hard. Harder.” Kevin picked up his pace ramming his cock up into Mom’s pussy. “Yes like that. Oh fuuuuuck, I’m going to cum,” she cried out. “This cooooooooock feeeeeeeeeels sooooooo daaaaaaammmmn goooooooooooood. Ooooooh, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck, yyyyyyyeeeeeeeeessssssssssss.” Feeling his cock start to twitch inside her pussy, she told Kevin, “Cum in my pussy baby. I want to feel you shoot your white hot cum deep into my pussy. Oh yes, that feels so good, I love the feel of your cum in my pussy.” Mom slowed her motion, slowly sliding up and down on Kevin’s prick, and finally letting it slide out of her.Breaking my lip lock with Ali, I dropped to my knees between Kevin’s legs, and started to suck on his wilting cock. I could taste the mixed flavors of his and Mom’s cum, it put me over the edge again. As my body shuddered slightly, my own cum started to run down the insides of my legs. Kevin was spent, I could see under Ali’s flat stomach that he had given up on trying to get any more nectar from her honey pot. Fucking Mom had drained him for the moment. I let his limp cock, clean of it coating of pussy juice and cum mixture, slide from my mouth. Ali dismounted Kevin, and walked over to Mom, kissing her passionately on the mouth. Kevin raised his head, and noticed me sitting between his legs. His cheeks turned red, but it quickly faded when I gave him a seductive smile and a wink. I decided that it was time to put on a little show for my boyfriend. Standing I walked over to Mom and Ali, I taped my sister on the shoulder interrupting their kiss. “I approve of your choice,” said Mom looking toward me with an impressed look on her face. “I must say, I think he’s quite a catch.”I then took my sister by the hand I led her over to the lunge chair next to the one that Kevin was sprawled on. I laid Ali down on the lounge chair with her pussy facing Kevin; I wanted to be able to watch his reaction as I eat out my sister’s pussy. I then swung my leg over the lounge and settled down on top of Ali, my pussy pushing into her face, and her delicious looking mound in front of me. I spread my sister’s labia, and ran my tongue over her open entrance. I cried out as I felt her tongue start to probe my pussy. It darted over, around and into my cunt, flicking across my clit from time to time. I buried Ali’s mound in my mouth, gently sucking on her lips, and then her clit. The vibrations of her moans added to my pleasure. escort bursa Without taking my tongue form Ali’s sopping opening I raised my eyes to see how Kevin was reacting. This morning he had not known that I had ever tasted pussy in my life, and now he was watching me devour my own sister’s cunt with wild abandon. His eyes were glued to Ali’s pussy, watching my tongue dance across it, poking and prodding her clit, then disappearing between her swollen lips.On the other side of Kevin I saw Mom approach Robert, “I think that my pussy could use a good cleaning, and you look like you’d be up to the job.” With out hesitation Robert grabbed Mom’s ass cheeks and pulled her toward him. I could just see is lips as they latched on to Mom’s pussy lips and started to suck on them, his tongue vanishing inside her to discover the treasures that had been deposited there only minutes ago. Kevin seemed completely oblivious to the couple behind him, engrossed as he was with the activities of Ali and me.I pulled the lips of Ali’s labia into my mouth, sucking the juices that had seeped out of her off of them. It had been far too long since I had had the opportunity to eat my sister’s pussy, she tasted incredible. I dipped my tongue as far I could into her depths, hoping to coax some of her cum out. To my disappointment Kevin seemed to have already sucked every drop of her cum from the orgasms that he had induced out of her. I needed to make her cum again. I refocused my efforts on her clit. I licked, and prodded the erect nub before taking it into my mouth, and gently sucking it. All the while I pumped two fingers in and out of her pussy. From the increasing pace of her breathing I could tell she was becoming very aroused. I added a third finger and continued my work on her clit. Her pussy was as wet as I had ever felt it, and my fingers glided in and out with ease. I pulled them out momentarily to lick her juices from them, as well as suck what I could from her wide open entrance before I plunged my fingers back in. I continued to suck on her clit. I knew that she could not take much more of this, and I would get my reward soon. My own pussy was on fire from the tongue bath that Ali was giving it. I felt her tongue penetrate deep inside of me, her lips brushing my clit. I locked down on Ali’s clit as her own efforts made me moan with pleasure. This was more then she could take and I felt her pussy clamp down on my fingers as she started to cum. This in turn triggered my own orgasm. I managed to pull my fingers from the iron grasp of her cunt, instead latching on to her with my mouth. As her orgasm subsided I drove my tongue into her lapping the cum from inside her. I couldn’t get enough of the delicious nectar as I drank it from her pussy. My pussy was also giving Ali, an equally tasty treat as she lapped at my opening.”Fuck,” I cried as my pussy was impaled by what felt to be a large cock. I had not been expecting another cock to fill me just then and had been taken by surprise. I looked up to see how Kevin was reacting to this other man fucking me (as he knew nothing of the activities of Robert and I from earlier in the afternoon) only to find out that he was no longer on the lounge in front of me. Looking over my shoulder I realized that it was Kevin, who was jamming his fully recovered cock into my very well lubricated pussy. I pushed back into him matching his rhythm with my own thrusts, to deepen his penetration. I could feel Ali’s tongue flicking across my clit from time to time as she licked both Kevin’s cock and my pussy while we fucked. Now fully enjoying the sensation of the cock sliding in and out of me, I returned to my mission of extracting every last drop of cum from my sister’s pussy.As I was looking for Kevin I had noticed that Mom and Robert and dropped into a sixty-nine, and were still intent on extracting as much cum from between the others legs as possible. I wondered if Robert was enjoying the flavor of Mom’s cum mixed with Kevin’s as much as I had. These thoughts coupled with the sensation of Kevin’s cock and the taste of Ali’s pussy made me cum again. “Oh fuck,” I cried out as wave upon wave washed over me. My pussy clamped down on Kevin’s cock trying to pull it deeper inside my body. I felt Ali’s lips latch onto my clit, sucking it into her mouth. My next orgasm started before the previous one had finished, this was the most incredible thing I’d ever felt, I moaned with pleasure, “Yyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssss, Oooooooooooooh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.” Then Kevin’s cock exploded inside me, filling me with his cum. With each thrust of his cock I felt another batch of his cum shot deep into me. There was so much cum in my pussy there was no way that it could stay, and I could feel it oozing out as Kevin slowly pumped his shaft in and out of me. Ali wasted no time as I felt her tongue whisk across my pussy scooping up the mixture of our cum as it spilled from my depths. “God you taste so good when you fuck. I love the combination of your cum,” murmured Ali. Kevin stepped back from me, his drooping cock sliding out of me, immediately replaced by the tender lips of my sister. She knew how sensitive I was from the intense orgasm I had just experienced, and was gently cleaning my pussy. I lean forward kissing her pussy to show my appreciation of her efforts. Ali’s mouth broke its suction on my pussy, “Fuck, you guys taste great, good to the last drop.” I rolled off of Ali, sitting down on the lounge next to her. I pulled my sister to me, our lips met and parted allowing our tongues to mingle together. I savored the flavors of cum left in her mouth. The two of us finally collapsed on to the chair in exhaustion. I swirled my tongue through Ali’s mouth a final time before pulling back. Kevin was sitting on the chair in front of us, watching the show that Mom and Robert were putting on. I tapped his shoulder and beckoned him to lay with Ali and me. He came over a took a place behind me, as I lay behind Ali, my arm wrapped over her, my hand clutching her breast and holding her tight to me. Kevin entered the group taking a similar position in relation to me.Mom was still on top of my brother-in-law, her pussy buried in his face, and his hardened cock encased firmly in her mouth. From the moans that escaped from around Robert’s cock I could tell that Mom was closing in on an orgasm. Mom’s head bobbed up and down on Robert’s cock, trying to coax his cum from it. Her head shot up, as a gasp escaped her throat, “Fuuuuuuuuuck, Iiiiiiiiii’mmmmmm cuuuuummmmmiiiiiiinngggg.”I saw Robert’s hands grab Mom’s ass and hold her pussy to his lips, as he sucked her cum from her cunt. Mom grabbed the stiff cock in her hand and drove it back into her mouth. We all watched as she sucked on his shaft, pushing it deep into her throat. She would periodically pull Robert’s cock from her mouth swirl her tongue around his head, and then plunge it back inside her mouth.Minutes later Robert had taken all that he could. He had claimed the cum he earned from Mom’s cunt, and was ready to give her, her reward. “Ready for a treat, Marie?” asked Robert. Mom, unwilling to let any of the treasure escape, moaned her agreement around the cock in her mouth. “I’m going to cum!” called Robert. His hips bucked up into Mom’s mouth, as his balls started to pump his cream into her eager mouth. “Oh, drink my cum you dirty fucking slut!” She enthusiastically accepted the cum that was streaming into her mouth, willingly swallowing as much as she could. Once she was convinced that she had drained Robert’s balls she got up from on top of him. Her tongue ran across her lips, pulling the last remaining drips of cum into her mouth. She gave Robert a satisfied smile, “Tasty as ever baby. I do always enjoy your visits.””And I thought that was just because you love the taste of your daughter’s pussy.””Well there is that,” said Mom glancing toward the lounge where the three of us were spooning. “I guess I best get started on dinner if we plan to eat anything other then cum tonight.” With that she picked up the bikini bottoms that she had been wearing earlier and walked into the house, her beautiful ass swaying behind her. Ali slipped off of the lounge chair and went to the chair that he husband lay sprawled upon. I rolled over to face Kevin. “Well, what do you think of my family so far?””I think that I was very lucky to fall in love with you,” replied Kevin, wrapping his arms around me and pulling me to him and kissing the top of my head.



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