Chapter One:

I am currently RV’ing in Big Sur, California with my lady friend Karen. We met on a train trip three months ago. We thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company and vowed to meet up again. I mentioned it would be fun to spend time together in Big Sur, camping and exploring the coast. I arrived yesterday in my 25-foot travel trailer and set up camp. I met the park owner, Ginger and her dear friend, Audrey.

Karen arrived this morning from Santa Clara, a few hours to the north. After breakfast, we decided to spend time on the beach that is only accessible from the RV Park. It didn’t take us long to get into a romantic mood as we watched the blue waves roll onto the golden sand. We found our spot and proceeded to make love under the cloudless sky. Now we are basking in the warm sun and relishing our time together. We are so relaxed, we don’t realize Audrey has joined us on the beach.

“Hey, you two, it looks like you have been enjoying the beach this morning? Rob, did you give Karen an earth shattering orgasm?”

I open my eyes to see Audrey sitting right beside us with her beautiful smile and big tan tits swaying in the breeze, pink nipples fully erect. I focus my eyes on Karen and she is holding up two fingers. Her other hand is resting on my cock and she has her palm wrapped around my balls.

Audrey smiles, “Two orgasms for Karen? Well done Rob.”

Karen slowly rises on her elbows as she becomes fully awake. She sees Audrey sitting next to me topless and gives her a thumbs up.

Karen squeezes my ball sack and announces, “Yes, and then he slid this gorgeous cock deep into my pussy. It was glorious.”

Karen massages my balls and my shaft stiffens to a full seven inches. Audrey eyes my cock and licks her lips. Karen releases my balls and wraps her hand around my thick shaft. She watches Audrey’s reaction. If on cue, Audrey grabs her breasts and massages her flesh. She pulls at her nipples and winks at Karen.

Audrey announces, “I hope I’m not intruding? It was getting so hot up at the park, I needed to cool off some, down here. The water feels good on my feet, but it’s still too cold to dive in.”

Karen reassures her, “No intrusion at all. In fact, what do think about helping me with this cock? Rob gave me two incredible climaxes and he’s only had one. I own him one more.”

“Are you serious? I would love too. I was telling Ginger earlier that Rob has one of those cocks just made for blowjobs.”

“Oh, my gawd, do you know I haven’t sucked his cock yet? I guess I’ve been too focused on my needs, I totally forgot about a blowjob.”

I’m lying here with Karen’s hand holding my cock and they are talking about blow jobs. What crazy world am I in?

“Helloooo, ladies. Remember me? I’m right here, I can hear you talking.”

Both Karen and Audrey laugh. I enjoy watching their big tits shake. Karen squeezes my cock even harder as she gets up on her knees.

“Audrey, you grab his cock and stroke while I get my first taste of Rob’s cock.”

Karen looks at me, “I assume you are OK with two ladies taking care of you? I’m sorry honey, for not thinking about this before now. I promise to make it up to you.”

Karen bends over and locks her wet lips around the tip of my cock. Audrey rises to her knees and grabs my shaft. Karen sucks on my glans with a mighty force. Audrey strokes my shaft up and down. On the down stroke, Karen moves her head lower and takes several inches into her mouth. The ladies work me over and I feel another orgasm rising. Audrey reaches in with her other hand and cups my balls.

“How’s that cock taste, Karen?”

Karen lifts momentarily, “It’s yummy, I can’t believe I haven’t done this before.”

She swallows my cock as Audrey continues to jack me off. My hands to play with two pairs of tits at the same time. I lift their boobs and test their firmness. Karen’s and Audrey’s nipples are both extremely hard and ripe for pinching. Karen sucks harder on my shaft and uses her tongue to swirl around my spongy glans. I can’t take much more and warn Karen.

“I can’t hold back any longer sweetie. I’m going to cum.”

Audrey strokes faster and squeezes my ball sack. Karen stuffs as much cock as she can into her wet mouth. Karen scrapes her teeth along my shaft as she pulls up and I erupt. Karen feels the first spurt of cum hit the back of her throat and immediately wraps her lips around my tip. Audrey strokes my cock as Karen sucks. illegal bahis With each stroke more cum flows into Karen’s mouth and she swallows each spurt. Audrey squeezes my shaft and balls at the same time finishing me off with a flourish. Karen keeps her mouth glued to me until I soften and slip out between her lips. She wipes her mouth with the back of her hand as she savors her morning treat.

“Delicious. I’m sorry I didn’t do this sooner. I promise this won’t be the last time.”

I smile as my eyes refocus and I release my grip of the ladies’ tits. I am more than satisfied. Audrey lays down beside me and strokes my thigh. She is happy to help us enjoy my first blowjob from Karen.

“Thanks guys, for letting me share. Rob, you have a beautiful cock, I think Karen did a fabulous job.”

Karen suggests that we head back to the trailer for lunch. She is happy for her appetizer but now she is ready for a more substantial meal. We have worked up quite an appetite with this morning’s escapades. And to think, this is just the beginning. Audrey applies sunscreen to her big boobs while Karen slips into her yellow sun dress and I put on my cargo shorts. She plans to enjoy the sun and surf for another half hour or so. We bid Audrey goodbye and tell her that we’ll see her back at camp. I grab our towels and Karen grabs my hand. On the way back to my trailer, we see an older couple relaxing in the hot tub. They are wearing swim suits.

“Hey Rob, we should tell them it’s more fun to be naked in the spa?”

Karen laughs and pulls me up the dirt path. We make it back to the trailer and I prepare lunch while Karen rests on the bed. She had quite the workout this morning. So have I for that matter.

Hey Karen, are you OK with Audrey wanking my cock? I mean, this week is about you and me, right?”

“Of course, I am honey, after all I was the one who invited her to join us. I should be asking you the same question. I think you are, since that was a powerful orgasm with so much cum. And yes, this is our week. I just have the feeling that we may be sharing it with Audrey and Ginger and who knows who else.”

I must laugh, “I’m betting it won’t be with that couple in the hot tub.”

Karen giggles as she joins me at the table. I prepared left-over spareribs and mac salad for lunch. I chew on a bone while Karen unsnaps the straps of her yellow sundress and pulls the top down. Her gorgeous breasts spill out and I nearly choke on the bone. Karen nonchalantly takes a bite of Mac salad and seductively licks the spoon.

“What are you doing, trying to give me a heart attack?”

“Oh, just a little reminder that you are my top priority. Are you saying you don’t want to see my boobs? I can pull my dress back up, if it’s too much to handle.”

“Don’t you dare, you know how I lust after your tits.”

“Yes, I do, nasty man.”

Karen massages her right breast as she continues to eat. She knows she has me twisted around her little finger and I love it. The trailer door is open to let in the sunshine and warm breeze. Her nipples remain hard all through lunch. I sneak a quick squeeze of my cock every so often to keep the juices flowing.

After lunch Karen asks if I’m OK with her heading over to the camp showers. She wants to clean up after our morning tryst. I don’t object and tell her I could use a little siesta before our next round. I show Karen where I keep the towels as she gathers her toiletries. She is ready to step out the door.

“Whoa Karen, aren’t you going to cover up? Your boobs are still on display.”

“I wasn’t planning to. After all, your friend Audrey has been topless all morning. It’s just a short walk over to the showers, I’ll be fine. Besides, didn’t you say Ginger’s rule is to be au natural.”

I wonder what I kind of monster I’ve created. A sexy, busty monster that keeps my cock at full mast. Karen smiles as she leaves and walks to the shower building next to the office. At least her cute yellow sundress covers her lower half. I use my time to clean the dishes and then lay down for a quick nap.

Chapter Two:

Karen walks to the showers and sees Audrey emerge from the office, also topless and carrying a small bag. Audrey walks in her direction.

“Hey girl, where are you headed?”

“Time for a shower after my morning with Rob. I need to get some of this sand out of some hidden places. How about you Audrey?”

“I’m headed in the same direction. illegal bahis siteleri I was just talking with Ginger about tonight’s activity. We’ll be enjoying the hot tub and I hope you and Rob can join us.”

“Sounds like fun, I think we can arrange that.”

“Karen, I think you might be surprised with the showers. This was a commune when Ginger’s parents built the place and the showers are not your typical layout. They were designed for families and are quite large with multiple shower heads. There aren’t any individual showers.”

“You’re kidding? Really?”

“No kidding, there are four large showers in the building. If you’re up for it, we can share one and I can help you clean off that sand, it could be fun.”

Audrey shows Karen the layout of the building and the separate shower areas. Karen chooses the room closest to the office. Each area has a large, tiled shower approximately eight feet by six feet with three nozzles lined along one wall. A changing area sits next to the shower with benches and lockers. There are two sinks side by side with a mirror that spans both sinks.

By now, there is no false modesty between the ladies. They have seen each other and admired each other’s breasts. Audrey wastes little time in removing her shorts, giving Karen her first real glimpse of that thick bush covering her pussy. She grabs her soap and shampoo, heading straight for the shower. Audrey opens all three faucets and dials up the hot water. She adjusts the shower heads to overlap and creating one large fountain of water. Audrey lets the gentle spray massage her tits as she spreads her legs. The water runs over her furry mound and through her slit.

Karen’s yellow dress drops to the ground and she steps out. She places her toiletry bag in one of the lockers and removes her wash cloth, soap and shampoo. Karen joins Audrey beneath the flowing water as steam fills the stall. The water is hot enough to soothe her tired muscles.

Karen stands close to Audrey as they lather up and prepare to cleanse their voluptuous bodies. Audrey faces the oncoming spray and lifts her breasts. Her pink nipples respond to the hot water and stand erect like two bullets. Karen takes notice.

“Audrey, I love your boobs and how firm they are. I’ve admired them since I first saw you this morning. I assume you’ve been topless for a long time as I don’t see any tan lines. As you can tell, I have quite the tan lines.”

Audrey admires her very large and very round boobs. They sag just a bit but sit high up on her chest. Her nipples are deep red and erect, centered within large round areole

“Yes, you do, and they are very sexy. I love your rosy nipples, so very suckable. I think I might have to give them a taste. Tell me Karen, have you ever been with another woman?”

“To be honest, not since college. I’ve been very happy with cock most of my life. Why? What are you suggesting?”

Karen spreads her legs and lets water run over her silky mound and through her slit washing away sand from her earlier session with Rob at the beach. Audrey watches with anticipation.

“I love your little landing strip Karen. Believe it or not, I had a full Brazilian once. I loved how smooth and full my pussy felt. I was always masturbating. Ginger talked me into letting my bush grow out. I love my soft curls and the added bonus is Ginger can’t keep her mouth away from my honeypot. I love how she eats my cunt and makes me cum on the spot. I hope I’m not being too forward.”

“No, not really Audrey. In fact, I wouldn’t mind if you wash my back.”

Audrey releases her huge boobs and moves behind Karen with soap and the wash cloth. She washes Karen’s backside and then her own fluffy mound. Audrey moves closer and mashes her tits against Karen’s back, moving around and around. Her arms reach around with the wash cloth and soap up Karen’s front from top to bottom. She massages Karen’s breasts, paying close attention to her deep red nipples. She moves the soapy cloth down to the silky-smooth pussy lips and washes away the sand and grit. She lathers up Karen’s small landing strip, cleaning her new-found friend.

Karen spins and faces Audrey. They smash their bodies together in a sudsy embrace and kiss lightly. Tongues move back and forth. Karen uses the soap and cloth to return the favor. She lathers up the cloth and washes Audrey from head to toe, paying particular attention to Audrey’s tan mounds and full bush. Karen runs canlı bahis siteleri her fingers through the thick mat of hair creating a frothy foam. Audrey holds Karen’s hand in place as she enjoys the attention to her pussy. Slick fingers move between her thick labia and gently massage her very hard clitoris. Karen asks Audrey to spread her legs to allow her more room.

Audrey purrs, “Right there sweetie, rub my clit, I need to cum right now.”

As soon as the words leave her lips, she presses her mouth against Karen’s open mouth and snakes her tongue deep. There is a flurry of tongue action while Karen drills two fingers between Audrey’s folds. Her fingers disappear within the massive amount of curls covering Audrey’s cunt. She locates the inflamed clit by touch. Karen rubs circles around the pink pearl until Audrey gasps and climaxes beneath the hot spray of the shower heads.

“Oh, gawd yes Karen, that’s it. I’m cumming, I’m fucking cummmiiiinnnngggg. Argh. Yes, yes, yes.”

Audrey holds on to Karen to keep her balance on wobbly knees. Karen keeps her digits buried in her new friend’s pussy and wraps her other arm around her waist. Without the support, Audrey would fall to the tile floor in a mass of quivering flesh. Karen holds tight until Audrey regains her senses and footing.

“That was fabulous, and you say you haven’t been with another women since college? Well you could have fooled me. You have magic fingers, baby. I can only imagine how Rob feels under your grasp.”

Audrey spins under the shower spray and washes the suds away. She adjusts all three taps to fill the stall with hotter water and more steam. Audrey faces Karen again and drops to her knees.

“My turn to pleasure you Karen. I want to lick those sweet, smooth pussy lips and taste your nectar.”

Audrey wants, no needs to lick and taste Karen’s smooth labia. Karen looks down and utters, “Please eat me. I want your tongue in my pussy and on my clit.”

The shower spray cascades down, Audrey grabs Karen’s ass cheeks and draws her close. She kisses Karen’s smooth outer lips and tickles her nose on the landing strip. Karen spreads her legs and holds onto Audrey. Audrey snakes her tongue and dives in. She attacks Karen’s inner labia, splitting her moist lips with her tongue. Karen’s gash is hot and wet and so sweet. Audrey continues to lick her friend, moving in and out of tight folds and up over her hard clit. Karen’s clit emerges from beneath its protective hood and Audrey sucks the hard nubbin between her lips, drawing short gasps from Karen.

Karen spreads her legs wider and almost squats on Audrey’s face. Audrey attacks her pussy, licking all the girl juice and flicking her hard clit. She presses her face tighter between Karen’s legs for a final assault. Karen moans as her orgasm shakes her body.

“Oh gawd, I’m cumming so hard baby! Eat me. Eat my wet pussy.”

Karen’s climax lasts several moments and Audrey refuses to let go. Her thighs tremble and her hands grip Audrey’s head forcing her lips to press against her smooth flesh. After several minutes Karen’s rapid breathing returns to normal. Audrey rises and hugs her lover. The ladies hold each other tight under the gentle spray of water.

Audrey is the first to speak, “Baby, I’m so happy you wax your pussy. I’ve wanted to lick a smooth cunt for a long, long time. I love Ginger’s pussy, but there is just so much hair, I kinda get lost in the jungle, if you know what I mean. Your smooth lips are just wonderful. Rob is a very lucky man and I hope he appreciates such a sweet, adorable pussy. “

Both ladies are satisfied for the moment as they proceed to shampoo and rinse their hair. Their eyes feast on each other’s bodies and share knowing smiles. A simple shower turned into a lustful playpen with shared orgasms and a new appreciation for their sexuality.

Once they are rinsed and the last of the suds flow down the drain they turn off the three shower knobs. Karen and Audrey grab their towels and dry each other from head to toe. In the process lips lick erect nipples and hands press against squeaky clean pussies. They each wrap hand towels around their wet locks and the larger towels around their buxom bodies. The ladies depart the steamy shower stall holding hands.

The RV Park is quiet at this hour and they have no qualms about walking back to the trailers covered only by towels. One slip or one gust of wind might reveal their huge tits to the world, not that they haven’t already done so. Once they arrive at Rob’s trailer, they kiss sweetly and Audrey heads across the circular road to her Airstream. Karen steps into Rob’s ShadowCruiser for a well-deserved rest.

Or, so she thought.



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