Measuring My Cum – pt6I didn’t feel like going upstairs to wash, so I grabbed a few ‘wet & wipe’ tissues from a tub we kept in the kitchen, and gave my now limp cock a good clean and wipe over, especially around the tip as I pulled back the foreskin a little.It felt exciting to be naked like this in our kitchen, mom having just wanked me off in here. Then, still in the nude, I walked out of the kitchen, along the hallway, and into our downstairs cloakroom, and flushed the wet tissues I had used to clean myself down the toilet.As I washed my hands in the basin, I gave myself a look over in the mirror above it.I almost had a glow about me. All this ‘sexual activity’, seemed to be a having a real positive effect on me. Then, I walked back into the kitchen and pulled my boxer shorts on, followed by my house gown, and finally sat down at the kitchen table, waiting for mom to come down.I started to wonder what she would wear for me. It was still rather amazing that she had said she would be giving me ‘constant visual stimulation’ over the rest of the weekend, whatever that meant. I could not imagine that she would be wearing sexy underwear for me all weekend, but the way things were going, I guess anything was possible! I hadn’t yet even seen her in anything more than her regular old fashioned bra and panties, so the idea that she had gone to some lingerie shops especially to buy sexy stuff for me, to turn me on, was still pretty far out! But, hey, I wasn’t going to complain. It would be like a fantasy come true! As I thought over this, my dick stirred a bit, and I wondered just how much I could really cum. So far it had been four times a day, but I hadn’t really pushed myself. But I guessed mom was right, it may well be useful to see where my limit was, and to provide as much information to Dr Taylor as possible about the extent of my seemingly incredulous cum production!I also wondered just how far mom would let me go in terms of touching her, and perhaps more. But before I could think about this any more, I heard her start to come down the stairs, and I braced myself for whatever stirring sight might befall me as she came into the kitchen.You could not see directly into our hall from the kitchen table where I sat, so it was only as she came around the corner that I saw her.My jaw dropped.Without looking at me, she just walked casually in and went over to the kitchen sink and started doing some washing up, with her back to me.I just looked and stared, open mouthed, almost in amazement. Before I tell you what she was wearing, just a short aside. You have to remember that up to now in my life, mom had always been rather ‘prudish’ in her clothing, being very straight laced and wearing long skirts and tops that would cover most of her body her well, although of course nothing could hide the size of her large boobs. Whatever she wore, it was normally very ladylike and conservative, with a big ‘C’. And although she still had a reasonable figure and curves, she would always wear clothes that would never accentuate her largish, but still shapely ass.But now as I looked at her in our kitchen just a few feet away from me, it was a sight to behold for any big butt and full figured woman loving, red-blooded male!She was wearing light grey shorts and a low cut, pink blouse, and heels that were as high as I’d ever seen her wear, so that her legs and ass looked really sexy. I hadn’t seen her in shorts for many years, but these were no ordinary shorts. They seemed to be made of soft, jersey like fabric that clung to her skin and moulded to every curve. Not only that, but it looked like she had cut them so that about one third of the lower part of her ass cheeks were showing! Fuck! Her shorts weren’t quite ‘hot pants’, but if you can imagine a mature voluptuous lady with a curvy figure and a largish butt in figure hugging shorts, that exposed about a third of her ass cheeks, that’s what she was wearing! And they clung tightly into her butt crack, just to make it look even sexier! Fuck me!”I know you have a thing for my bottom, Jacob,” she said finally in a firm tone, and still with her back towards me, “So I’ve decided to wear things that will help to arouse you when you look at it.”I gulped.”It… um… really… err… looks great mom,” I said, hesitatingly, feeling my dick move in my boxer’s, and not really sure what to say to her.”Good,” said mom, and finally turned around. Then I saw her front properly. She must have taken out one of her very old tops, which had string like shoulder straps, leaving exposed her upper shoulders. Not only that, but it looked like she had cut the fabric around the area which would normally have covered her boobs, so that there was a huge amount of cleavage showing! I could clearly see the shape of them, as they hung under her top. As I looked closer, I could make out her thick nipples protruding through the pink fabric. It looked like she wasn’t wearing any bra! Then my eyes wandered down to her crotch area. Jesus! The soft material of her shorts was so tightly pulled into kumlu escort her crotch that I could see the slight indent of her pussy line. My dick jerked up more in response.Then, she looked at me hard in the eyes and said, “Oh, and by the way, I’m not wearing any bra or panties under these, in case you don’t notice.”Fuck me! My mouth started watering, and my dick stirred in my boxer’s again!Then, before I could reply, she turned around and said, “Now Jacob, as it’s almost 6.00pm, I’m going to start getting dinner ready. Just sit and watch me, and when you feel aroused enough to… you know… cum… let me know, and we’ll get another sample.””Err, ok mom,” I said. My dick was already moving like a snake under my gown, but it wasn’t quite semi-hard yet. I didn’t think it would be long though.Mom walked over to the fridge, opened the large door and bent down to pick something up from the lower shelves. Fuck! Her ass was poking out back towards me, the soft fabric of her shorts stretching and pulling even tighter into and between her butt cheeks, so that her ass looked even hotter, if that could be possible, in those shorts!”And while I get things ready,” she said, standing up again and walking back to the worktop with some salad making stuff, “I want to ask you some questions which might help me to know just how best I can stimulate you, and it may also help to arouse you just by talking about it.”I swallowed again.Mom stood with her back to me, her ass cheeks partly showing in her ‘hot pants’, and started cutting up some lettuce and tomatoes.As she did so, she said, “Tell me Jacob, I know you like my bottom, but I’d like to know just what you like about it.” Mom spoke almost like she was teasing me and I blushed.”Well… err…” I started.”Tell me honestly,” she said. “Don’t be shy.””Well… err… I like the… um… fullness and roundness of it mom,” I said, a bit timidly.”Go on,” she said.Felling encouraged, I continued, “I’ve… err… always liked largish asses’ mom.””And why is that Jacob?” quizzed mom. “I always thought men liked smaller, pert and firm, toned bottoms.”Feeling more a bit more confident, I said, “Well, they look nice in photos, but… err… I don’t think you can… um… you know… get a nice deep handful of butt cheek with those.”Mom burst out into a little laugh.”Oh, I see,” she said. “And there I was I at my age thinking my butt was too big and unattractive.”I relaxed a bit at mom’s laugh and began to feel more conversational. “Well, if it’s too big and with lots of fat and cellulite it wouldn’t be very attractive to me, but your ass is just right mom, not too big and not too small, and it’s also still quite shapely and firm in places. It does sag a little bit, but that makes it even nicer for me, as I… err… sort of like to see the flesh there jiggle and wobble as you walk, and I don’t think you get that effect so much with firm, toned ones.””Goodness me” said mom, “You do have a lot to say about backsides, and mine in particular!” She still had her back to me and was now mixing the salad in a large bowl and adding seasoning and dressing.”You do still have quite nice curves, mom,” I continued, feeling even more relaxed as we spoke, and like I wanted to tell mom how good looking I thought she still was. “And that’s why I’ve said to you so many times about going out and meeting someone. I know you’ve been put off a lot with your experience with dad, but I’m sure plenty of single guys around your age would like to meet and date you. You never know, you might meet someone really nice.”Mom became silent and as she finished mixing the salad. She turned around and then walked over to the kitchen table, still holding the salad bowl, her bra-less tits sexily wobbling in her low cut top. She put the bowl on the table, bending forward towards me slightly so that I got an even better view of her cleavage.”Thanks, Jacob,” she said breaking into a smile. “That’s nice of you to say so. I might take up your advice, as it’s good to hear your opinion on how I look. But for now, we must concentrate on your little problem.” She looked at me in hard the eyes for a moment, and then said, “Do you like the way my boobs look in my blouse?”I swallowed again, and my dick now jerked up hard in my boxer’s as I looked down into mom’s cleavage right in front of her, and could see her large tits hanging freely under her top, as she had no bra on.I blushed again, looking at her boobs, and said a little uncomfortably, “Err… yea mom, um… they look really g-good.””Do they look sexy?” she said, still holding her bent forward pose.”Y-yep… they sure do mom,” I replied, feeling an overwhelming desire to grab them, but controlling myself.”Good,” she said and stood up straight again and walked back to the worktop next to the cooker. I watched her ass cheeks wobble and swing from side to side in her tight shorts. My dick became a bit harder, but I knew I was not quite ready to cum.”Do you like boobs too, then?” said mom quizzed again.”Yea… sure I do mom,” payas escort I replied.”But not as much as bottoms,” she retorted.”Well… I like both,” I said, blushing a little again. “Especially when boobs are large and… well… a bit floppy and jiggly, like yours mom,” I added, to reassure her and truthfully too.”So that’s why you find my body so arousing is it?” said mom, still with her back to me whilst she put some pasta into a pan to boil up.”Well… err… I like women with… um… full curves,” I said.”You mean voluptuous,” said mom.”Yea, I guess so,” I replied.”I see,” said mom. “Well it’s a good thing I look the way I do then isn’t it Jacob, otherwise I might have had difficulty helping you to cum as Dr Taylor suggested?””Maybe,” I said, not quite knowing what to say to that.There was silence for a minute or two.”Are you feeling aroused yet Jacob?” said mom, finally breaking it. She was now mixing up some pasta sauce and meatballs, still with her back to me.”Yes, I am,” I replied. “I’m hard.””Well, why didn’t you say?” said mom, turning around and looking at me.”I didn’t feel I was quite ready until now,” I replied.”Ok, just wait a minute or two while I get everything ready to go on simmer to cook. We’ll have about half an hour then before it’s all ready, so we’ll have time to squeeze in another session before we eat.”My dick jerked up again in my boxer’s and tented up my gown as she spoke.Mom carried on adding ingredients and mixing the saucepans as she stood with her back to me, facing the cooker.Then, after a few minutes, she turned around and said, “Ok, that’s done. Follow me upstairs.” And with that, she grabbed the semen beaker from the windowsill near her, and started walking out of the kitchen.I got up and followed her, my eyes locked on her ass as she walked.As I walked behind her up the stairs, I almost started salivating, watching her ass cheeks, which were almost level with my face as she took each step. It looked almost liked she was swinging her hips even more than normal as she walked up, just to give me some extra stimulation! Fuck!Reaching the top of the stairs, she walked into my bedroom, and I followed.”I think perhaps we should do things a bit differently now,” she said, as we reached the side of the bed and stood next to it. “Rather than have you lying on the bed whilst I wank you off, it may give you more stimulation if we added some variety.””Um… ok,” I said. The tent in my gown was now clearly showing.Mom looked at it and said, “Well, take your gown and boxer’s off and let’s see that nice hard cock of yours again.”Fuck! Mom talking like that was turning me on even more. She sat down on the bed facing me to watch me undress.I took off my gown and threw it on the far corner of my bed. My hard-on popped out through the front of my boxer shorts as I did so. I pulled them down, and chucked them into the same corner as my gown. Now, I stood naked in front of mom, with my proud, full hard-on pointing up at her.”I think perhaps we should start with some breast stimulation,” she said, and started to take off her top, pulling it over her head. Mom’s gorgeous boobs came into full view.She held them for me, for a moment, pointing them in my direction. She’d never done that before, and it made my hard –on jerk up at her. “Come and play with these lovelies,” she said invitingly.I couldn’t believe how eager to please mom seemed to have become.”Give them a suck, Jacob.”I knelt down in front of her, and like I had done in our session in the afternoon, I gave each one a good suck and lick, paying close attention to each nipple, and caressing and cupping each boob generously, and feeling the wonderful soft flesh of each. This time, mom let me carry on much longer than before. My prick was rampant as I did this, kneeling in front of her.Then, after letting me do this for what seemed like ages, I was beginning to think mom would now let me fuck her boobs again, like last time, but she surprised me by saying, “Now, Jacob, as you’ve been so nice to me about my bottom, I’m going to give you a special treat. I’m going to get up and you may give it a feel and a kiss through the material of my shorts.””Fuck! This was the first time she was letting me kiss her wonderful ass!Mom stood up, her tits swaying freely and sexily as she did so, turned around so her back was to me and then spread her legs a little and bent over so that her hands were resting on the mattress, with her arms straight for support, and offered me her glorious backside.Fucking hell! Her pose was really enticing and arousing, and all I could do was just drop to my knees again, so that my face was level with her buttocks, and I just slobbered, kissed and licked the lower part of her ass cheeks that were exposed, like I was some wild crazed a****l. Fuck!”Easy now,” said mom, realising I was all over her buttocks like something possessed. “You’ll have plenty of chance to do this later too.”Man, hearing her talk like that, rather than calming me down, just caused my prick to rage reyhanlı escort up even further.After a moment, I eased up on the way I was kissing the visible uncovered part of her ass, and then started to feel each butt cheek where it was still covered by her tight shorts, and kissed them through the material.Then, looking more closely at the area where her butt crack was, which now had the fabric of her shorts caught, and tightly stretched in it, creating a sort of ‘canal’, I realised I could see the indentation of her pussy crack, as the soft, thin fabric was so tight against it. Fuck!I desperately wanted to kiss her there through the material of her shorts, so I started to kiss all around the outside of her butt crack first and then just let the tip of my tongue gently and lightly touch the fabric that was stretched tightly in her butt crack. Mom did not say anything to object as I did so. I did this a few more times at intervals as I was kissing and feeling up her glorious full ass cheeks through her shorts.Although I was fully hard now, with my dick raging, I sensed that I was still not quite ready to cum. It was now becoming apparent that it was taking me a bit longer to feel like I could cum.I think mom, must have also noticed this because she said, “Aren’t you ready to cum yet?””No, mom,” I replied, “Not just yet.””That’s interesting to know,” she replied still bent over and posing for me. “Well, maybe some more stimulation is in order. Why don’t you slap my butt cheeks with your dick honey? You know, like you did in the bathroom.”That sounded good to me, so I stood up and grabbed by hard-on with my right hand.Mom was still bent over in the same pose, and now she started wriggling her ass at me a little, shaking it from side to side, as if to taunt me with it.I started slapping her cheeks hard with my prick, over the exposed lower flesh and then on the covered part of her ass, over the fabric of her tight shorts.Then looking at the crack of her ass again, where the material was tightly stretched so as to form a valley, I just couldn’t help rubbing my cock head along it. It went over her pussy slit, pushing the stretched material there in a little way.Mom gasped a little, but again did not object. Feeling encouraged, I did this a couple more times, and on the last of these, I let my cock head linger over the soft, taught fabric that was right over her cunt, and pushed in a bit more. But because of the tightness of the fabric over it, there was no way I could actually enter her pussy. Again, whilst I did this, mom gasped a little, but did not say anything or object. Well, that was it. Doing that, and the incredible sight of her ass as she posed for me, caused the cum rise in my balls, and I shouted out to her, “Ok mom, I’m ready.”She grabbed the semen beaker, which she had put on the bed next to my pillows and turned around quickly and sat on the bed, her tits flopping and jiggling as she did so.She grabbed my cock, pointed the tip into the beaker and started stroking me firmly.”Uhh…Uhhh… Uhhh… Uhhh…” I grunted out loudly, as I came.”Yes, baby, cum for mommy,” she said encouragingly.Hearing her say that, just seemed to extend the length of my cum waves, and I carried on spurting, and mom kept on pulling on me, until the pulsations became less and less, until I finally stopped and became limp.Following her usual pattern, mom wiped the ends of her fingers which had caught some of my cum into the beaker, so as to collect every last drop.Finally, she held up the beaker up again and said, “Honey, I think I detect a little less spunk than normal. Maybe I’m starting to dry you up a little?”I had sat down on the bed next to her to recover, and looked over at the beaker. Normally my cum would be up to the lines at least one third of the way up the sides, if not more, but this was one mark below that.”Maybe,” I replied. “That was my fourth time today, and we normally stop at this point. Perhaps you need to stimulate me more the rest of the evening to get me going enough, and ready to cum, to see if I do actually run out.””Well, I don’t think that will be a problem,” mom replied, looking at me with a slight smile on her face. “After dinner, I’m going to put on some of that lingerie I bought today, and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.”I blushed deeply. Although I was getting used to what we were doing, mom seemed to be taking things to a new level each time, and I still had a tinge of embarrassment about the whole thing.”Err… thanks mom,” I said gratefully, “To be honest… um… I sort of, can’t wait.”Mom slapped me on the cheek playfully, smiling, and said, “Ok, come on, clean yourself up and come downstairs. I’m just going to note down this measurement and then go and put dinner on the plates. See you in a few minutes.” And with that she got up, picked up her top, and walked out of my room, her tits swaying sexily in front of her as she did so.I looked at her ass again as she swung her hips, watching it move from side to side in her tight shorts and a twinge of excitement ran through me. This was not just because she was going to dress in sexy lingerie for me in our next session, but also because I remembered that I had touched her pussy slit through the material of her shorts with the tip of my cock, and she had not objected! Fuck me! Maybe I could go all the way!



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