Me, Beth and Maria makes three ah Part 1We worked together for a company in a small local town, i thought she was great we were both chippies, yes a female chippy but and why not, she was extremely fit and very sexy to. We spent many hours refurnishing a shop and we had never tried it on with each other we just wanted to remain work mates and friends that was it. We working away from home and this was the first time we had stayed away…my wife didn’t know nor did her hubby but as we have both been accused of foul play when we had no intention of doing such a thing. I spent most of the day though looking down her top, or down the back of her jeans t her tiny thongs she used to wear…..bugger it was nice to look at.She loved her white wine so we had decided to go for a meal after the day’s work and then get some rest it was long days and hard work…my cock was pretty hard most of the time to. I used to say rude things to her like I’d love to rub my cock up and down your breasts, or suck me off please the wife doesn’t do it any more please….all kinds of stuff just a wind up really but she handled so well…We left the site and drove back to the hotel, our room had been booked weeks before twin no smoking. The restaurant was in the cellar of this hotel, it was an old place been done up in a sort of 1930’s theme, well that’s what I guessed at but it was a lovely quite plush joint. We were shown up to our room and left outside to open the door ourselves we went in you guessed it king size bed not a twin…i said i would sort it out with the manager…so I went down again but oh joy the hotel was fully booked… I came back to talk to Beth bakırköy escort and she said no problem it’s big enough don’t worry. I didn’t. I said look you shower and I’ll pop down the bar text me when you’re out and ready, then we can swop…ok she said…shit wish she’d asked me to wash her back by golly I would have done more than that, she was very short but had an hour glass figure, a smile to die for, a great sense of humour and fabulous tits, oh yes shaved pussy too, told you we had very intimate chats, i even knew her fantasies.I went down and drunk a Guinness in the bar then bleep my text went…ready hun… Ok i texted back. I went into the room and she was sat drying her hair in her bath robe….oh sorry is it…come in dopey she said…ok if I shower, I stink…no problem do you mind me being here….no. When i was down at the bar I had been chatting up the gorgeous bar maid she was really hot brunette with dark skin, bit of Spanish in her I think, I just wanted to give her some English, she’d recently split up with her boyfriend and was a bit down, chatting with me had cheered her up, lucky girl, lucky me. We had talked about what we were doing here and who was the lady I was with, so I explained she was my work mate, she said she was a really attractive girl, and frankly I had to agree, she was bloody gorgeous, and I commented that she wasn’t half bad either. She asked if I was married and what my wife was like and did we have k**s, normal bar banter really, then she said will you be having sex with your friend tonight, well I was taken aback, but I answered honestly, I would love to beşiktaş escort have sex with her but that’s not likely, then like a bolt out of the blue she asked if I would have sex with her….i spluttered over my pint as I was taking a sip at the time….yes of course what man wouldn’t, she said just wanted to know if I was desirable….definitely, sorry that wasn’t a pass then I said….she didn’t answer just smiled….fuck she was hot and fuck I would love to fuck her…my cock was throbbing at the thought of ripping off her clothes and licking that gorgeous pussy that I had imagined was between her legs……wow. As Beth dried her hair her robe slightly gaped and I could see the outline of her breast, she was wearing a bra, well a nice lacy one anyway, I was quite under her spell that Beth she had everything, good looks fab body, filthy mind and hadn’t held back when she was younger either, 45 men she had slept with, or could remember, what a wonderful shape those breasts were, my cock started to rise again so I made my excuses and ran into the bathroom for a shower, I took off my clothes and jumped in the shower, sudding myself down my cock was still hard from Beths tits and Maria I had met at the bar. I couldn’t help myself I had to have a wank. I had accidently left the door slightly ajar, she’d seen my cock many times as we used to text pics of ourselves to each other, I also made a video of me wanking about her in a hotel room while the wife was at a party, she loved that, so we had no fear of seeing each other but had never crossed that boundary. She told me the next day that she’d been beylikdüzü escort watching me in the shower and had stripped naked outside the bathroom door and fingered her juicy cunt while I yanked my cock in the shower.I wanked my cock very fast so she didn’t think I was wanking and taking to long, my cum was quite quick in reaching its final eruption and I came on the shower screen…Beth said she came and dribbled all down her fingers when she saw my hot cum hit the shower screen, I showered it off and washed my cock off it stayed hard for ages and when I was drying I was worried she would see my semi stiff cock. I peed and went back into the room Bethh was just pulling upher jeans and slipped on her top, I only saw the back of her bra..shame I love her tits. She turned and said good wank…uhhh I spluttered no I washed…i was watching you….fuck my cock began to rise.and she could see the hardness in my pants…sorry I said I didn’t realise I left the door open….i thought it was an invitation but I enjoyed every minute….loved seeing you cum she said…i fingered my cunt and had a fab orgasm thanks very much…. My cock bynow was pushing at the fabric of my jeans she walked over and grabbed the hardness in my trousers…looks like you need another one…well maybe if your good I could help you out with that later…i feel very very randy and thats all your fault.We made our way out of the room and called the lift. We got in no one else was in there…get your cock out…she said….so I did…no pants on…..she grabbed it and wanked it a few times then lent down and sucked it…yumm she said..put it away…the lift continued and she pulled up her top and popped a tit out …suck my nipple quick…i sucked the gorgeous nipples and licked around her large areola. Then she popped it back in again as the lift juddered to a halt. we made our way to the hotel restaurant me with a stiffy and Beth with her nipples sticking out like coat pegs.



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