Me being me 4 you part 4I woke up the next morning with a very sore ass. It actually felt good and I like that feeling. I got out of bed to get ready for the day and even found it hard to walk with my ass that sore. But little did I know Sugar daddy had more plans on me having a sore ass. Well I made coffee and was wondering what I should do for the day. As I sat there I looked and saw my nipples were changing. I was surprised to see that. And my tits had grown a little. I needed more bras now and I decided to go shopping. Sugar daddy had gave me a credit card to do things and tole me I could spend what ever I wanted as long as it was thinking how sexy it would make me look for him. I didn’t know where to go to get sexy clothes in town. So I had a plan. After coffee I put on a cute summer dress and flat shoes. I called a cab and went to meet him. As I was standing there I noticed a few men looking at me with that sexy look in their eyes. When the cab finally arrived I started to open the door but the driver stopped me as he got out and opened the door for me. I saw he just wanted a better look at me and it got me excited. I got in and he asked me where to go. I told him what I had in mind and didn’t know where to go. He thought for a moment and said the mall would be the likely place to find sexy clothes and smiled thinking about it. That is when I realized he smiled because her was thinking about me in those sexy clothes and I smiled back with a sexy look. He took me to the mall and asked me to call him when I was done that he would love to take me home. I was not sure if that was my home or his. I left it to his imagination. I paid him and started off to the stores. As I was walking away I thought it strange he had not left yet so I turned and looked and saw he was looking at me walking in. I gave him a curt wave and gave him a show with my walk. Giving my hips a swing to get him thinking.As I went in the cool air rushed past canlı bahis şirketleri me and felt good. It was hot out side. As I was looking for a store I got a lot of attention from the men and nasty looks from the women. I thought they were just jealous. I found a store and went in. As soon as I went in a sales lady came and asked me if I needed a bra. That is when I saw why I was getting so many looks. Ween I left the apartment I had not put on a bra and it was hot out. Then in the warmth I started sweating and with the thin dress I had a wet tee shirt look going. My nipples were pushing against the dress and sticking out. When I realized that I said yes and a better dress as well. When I told her just what I was looking for she said I went to the right place. Victoria Secrets was the place to but sexy clothes. I didn’t know anything about women’s sexy clothes and didn’t know the name. But I came to know it well that day. I saw so many bras and underwear and a lot of nighties and couldn’t make up my mind. After all was done I was tired. I had tried on so many clothes it took a toll on me. And my ass was still sore. Well I had finally decided and when they told me the price I almost fainted. I didn’t realize their clothing was so expensive. But well I knew Sugar daddy would love the things I picked out so I bought them and left the store. As I walked to the phone to call a cab I got many more stairs from the men than before. I didn’t realize how slutty I looked in the new clothes. But when my cab got there it was my friend and I was glad to see him. I knew when I got to the cab he would want to open the door for me so I waited. Didn’t need to wait long he was out and opening the door. I could see lust in his eyes and decided to give him more to look at. As I was putting my bags in the car I bent way over and he got a good look at my ass. I would wiggle some as I shuffled the bags and he couldn’t take his eyes off canlı kaçak iddaa my butt. As I was getting ready to get in the car I accidently pushed my ass into his crotch. I guess I put a pretty good show on because he was rock hard against my butt. He said he was sorry and would move back. I got into the car and he drove me to my apartment. When I got out of the car he asked me if he could carry my bags up for me. That kind of made me nervous thinking he would know my room is. But I decided to say yes anyway. I could see how happy he was to get to see me a little longer. When he put the bags down I paid him and gave him a nice tip for being so helpful. As he left he said thank you for everything. I didn’t realize he was talking about me backing into him at the mall.After he left I started to try on my new clothes again they looked great on me. I just knew Sugar daddy would like them all as well. He didn’t call or anything but came over to see me. He didn’t want sex he just wanted to see me. That made me feel good. So I showed him my new underwear and he loved them. Then I put on a nighty and he loved it. Then he told me he would be over Friday night for some fun in bed. He got up and kissed me good night. He had to turn around one more time and he left. But that left me very horney. I tried just playing with my self but that just wasn’t good enough. So I went to the club to see Sheila. I was missing her anyway. When I got there the gurls told me she had left with a trick earlier and with one of the guys she spends the night with. But I had a great time chatting with everyone and realized how much I was missing them. We all talked and got tipsy. My new word for drunk. Well I decided to go back and called a cab, to tipsy, ok drunk, to walk. When the cab got there it was my new friend and I was surprise. He got out of the cab and opened the door and was smiling from ear to ear. He says “welcome back beautiful woman” and canlı kaçak bahis I just found how to get over being so horney. As I got in the cab he was looking at me like he did before. I decided to give him something to look at. I went to sit and pulled my skirt up. I was acting like I didn’t realize I was giving him a view. I spread my legs as I got in and he had a perfect view of my new underwear ands I could see him getting hard. When he got in the cab he readjusted the mirror to be able to see me better. I told him I was very tipsy and was glad he remembered my place. I acted like I feel asleep. I exposed a lot of my breast to him. Even though they were still small they did the trick. I could see he was rubbing his cock. I stretched on the back and let my dress come up some but not enough to show to much. When we got to my place he got out and helped me get out. Just as I had hoped he would do. He put his arm around my waist and I could feel him getting a feel of my butt. I didn’t try to stop him and he got bolder as we walked to my place. I asked him if he I asked him to come in and help me get into bed. As we got to the bed I told him to help me change clothes I didn’t want to ruin my dress. He walked behind me to un zip me and I leaned forward enough to make him push against my ass to reach the zipper. When he put it against my ass I could feel his hard on. When he finished unzipping me I reached around and grabbed his cock. He pushed my dress down and turned me around and began kissing me. Then I got on my knees and began to take his pants off. Then his underwear fell down I took him straight in my mouth. I looked up at him and he was looking at me it was enough to get him to cum and cum hard. It was hard for me to swallow his load but I managed to do it without any getting out of my mouth. He just stood there and said told me no one had ever swallowed his cum. He was very tired from that so I told him that was his tip and tried to give him money for the fair. He said no and pulled his pants up. He only smiled and left. That didn’t take care or my anal but the cum I got to swallow was enough. So I am tired myself and feel on the bed and went to sleep.More to come,Sandy



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