My son addressed the girls.

‘You staying the night’?

You never knew when you were being tested in this house. It was rare that any of us were ever asked a question like that in front of the others. He usually pulled us aside, 1 on 1 to find out what he wanted to know.

Jackie stripped off her skirt and knelt in front of her brother. Heidi followed her sister’s lead. They said nothing. The master sat silent for a few minutes.

‘I think not. You should go back to school. Come back tomorrow and stay the weekend. You can help me with something. Mace will take you back after’.

He pointed at the large boxes Dana had brought in earlier.

‘Take care of that. Get it ready’.

He sent me out with my sister and niece to settle them into bedrooms. When we got back, I saw the girls tearing the large boxes into pieces, throwing the pieces in the fireplace. In the middle of the room was a large dog cage, with a big dog pillow inside. Dana, now naked, came over and got me. She brought me to the cage, bending me over it.

Heidi got inside the cage and pulled my nipples through the wire grid. She put clamps on both nipples. She pulled on the attached chains and fastened them to the inside of the opposite wall of the cage. I knew I was in trouble. Heidi pulled down on the chains to make sure they were secure. A shock of pain went through me. I knew I was in big trouble.

‘That will be your bed for a while’.

My master’s voice was low and flat.

‘This affects the entire family. We’ll each take a turn on you. Since her actions were about you, you’ll be participating’.

He had turned to my sister, who was standing naked, watching. Heidi handed my sister a belt and guided her to my exposed ass.

’10 strokes’.

Heidi backed away.

My sister stood for a long minute. She looked around. Everyone was looking at her, waiting for her to make a move. Finally, she swung the belt. It hit with a weak sound and felt like a tap. I got some enjoyment out of a good whipping. I really wanted to get my enjoyment from this early on, because I knew my own limits.

10 hits made me wet and was pleasure. At 20, the passion was becoming more pain and less pleasure. At 30, I had to hold back screams. At 40, my body was burning, At 50, I was sure I had passed out every time. I mentally counted the people in the room. 7. There were 7. If they all chose the whip, I was fucked.

I didn’t bother counting. Nobody in the room would accept that as a punishment. Heidi stepped forward and took the belt from Lisa. She pulled back and started a large arc, connecting with a loud smack. She handed the belt back to my sister.

‘Do it right or you’ll be joining her’.

My sister got the message and hit me with all the force she had in her little body.


At 10, Heidi took the belt. She took Lisa’s hand and put it on my ass. She moved my sister’s hand down to my open pussy, pressing her fingers in me.

“Feel how hot her ass is? Feel how wet she is?

You did that. You’ll feel the same way when we do that to you’.

A look came over Lisa’s face. Excitement. Expectation. Anticipation. Fear. She backed away as Jackie handed Tish a whip.

‘Same thing. 10 strokes. Don’t fuck up. Your mother’s warning is your only warning. You don’t get separate warnings. You are expected to learn from other’s mistakes’.

Tish delivered 10 blows. She hit me as hard as she could, I’m sure, but it didn’t register. I was sure the stripes on my back were more pink than red. avrupa yakası escort On the other hand, my nipples were aching from the clamps. Someone forced my legs apart and I was smacked full on my pussy.

The pain and shock went through me, and it took all of my self control to not cry out. I had never gotten used to having my pussy smacked. At least I didn’t have to count on the pussy smacks and I usually only got 5. My clit was throbbing. Mace stepped in front of me and put his cock in my mouth. This wasn’t bad. A little pleasure with my pain.

Well, until I felt some pressure at my ass. One of the girls, wearing a very large strap on, was shoving it in my unprepared ass. With a cock in my mouth, I couldn’t grit through the pain, and the person behind me was determined to force the entire rubber cock in me. I was breaking a sweat when both cocks met in the middle. Well, not really, but that is what it felt like.

My ass was stretched open and the cock was deep inside me. I could feel his balls slap my chin as he fucked my face. I was choking and my ass was burning at the same time. I wish I could say it was quick, but it wasn’t. It went on for a long time. Mace had cum in Jackie earlier, so he would be going for a while. It felt like I was in position for an hour, being assaulted front and back, top and bottom.

It wasn’t an hour, and Mace pulled out now and then, letting me catch my breath. The cock at my ass though, never let up. My ass was opened over and over. Finally, Mace let out a groan, shooting cum in my mouth. I swallowed. My jaw and ass both were hurting when the cock and dildo were finally pulled out of me. I did a quick count. 5. 5 had taken their turns on me. Only 2 left. Fuck. It was Dana and my master.

Dana came up to my face. She pulled me up by my hair and slapped me hard.

‘Still conscious, slut’?

She held up a vibrator.

‘You’re probably so wet by now that I could shove a wine bottle in you. All you have to do, though, is hold this’.

She slipped the vibrator into me and turned it on. Then she hit me with a switch. I nearly lost it. There is nothing like being hit with a switch. There is immediate searing pain that goes into a raw pain and hangs around for a while. Try this while holding a vibrating cock in and see if something doesn’t slip your mind. Fuck. I forgot to count. She hit me again.

‘Wa, wa, wa, one’.

I barely got it out.

‘Try again’.

She hit me again.

‘One. Thank you, mistress’.

I felt like I was on a sex version of Survivor. Lose concentration for 1 second and you lose. I tried holding it together, but at 4, the vibrator hit the floor. I lost count of the total, but I started over twice. My ass was raw and on fire. Pain seared through my ass, inside and out. I thought I was on the verge of passing out.

I felt a hand on my back. I jumped at the touch. I tried to focus. Master was speaking.

‘My contribution is the cage. You’ll sleep here for a week. When you’re not working you’ll be in your cage. You have more coming, by the way. Lisa’.

He called my sister over. She stood near my head. He made a gesture and Tish came over. She held her hand out and opened it. There were half a dozen black pieces of something in her hand.

‘Looks like pieces of cell phones that you 2 were told to clean up. We’ll be discussing this later’.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. I couldn’t believe we missed those. I looked up at my sister. She had a look of shock on her face.

‘Get bahçelievler escort bayan in your cage’.

I started to raise myself up. More pain shot through me. The clamps on my nipples wouldn’t fit through the cage. Lisa stared. I realized that the chains were fastened, so I couldn’t try to work them out, and I couldn’t get my hand into the cage to unclip myself. Diabolical.



My voice came out weak. I steeled myself and decided to just get it over with, like ripping off a band aid. I jerked up, snapping the clips off of my nipples. The pain was excruciating, shooting through my entire body. At least I had asked permission. I screamed.

To say that my night in the cage was uncomfortable would be an understatement. It was hell. My ass had closed, but outside, every shift brought more pain. It seemed that every time I adjusted, the rough fabric of the dog pillow came in contact with one of the red stripes on my ass. Mostly it was just a dull ache, but every now and then, it would be a stab of pain.

My nipples weren’t in any better shape. They felt ultra sensitive after the clips. They wouldn’t go soft, and my hard nubs rubbing on the blanket hurt. The worst part was that my pussy needed attention. It was wet and sensitive and I couldn’t ask permission to masturbate. After the punishment I’d just gotten, I didn’t dare. I never knew when someone was watching me on the cameras.

Dana was panting. She was taking the full 10 inches of master’s cock. His cock felt even bigger than usual, not longer, but thicker. He opened her pussy again and again, full strokes. She was on her hands and knees, her face down, her ass up. Master watched her pussy gripping his cock, her lips stretched around his girth. He pounded into her pussy over and over.

He was like a man possessed. She was in love. He was fucking her hard, and her pussy was throbbing. He pushed fully inside and stopped, holding himself in place. He flexed his cock and she had an orgasm. Here, she didn’t need permission for anything. She could be out of control and would be fine.

When they first started up, in one of their first encounters, he did the same thing. Fully inside, he flexed. He asked if she felt it and she told him she didn’t. The truth was that she did feel something. The flex made his cock expand just a bit, and she did feel the stretch. He told her that it didn’t matter. Her pussy knew it. It could have been just that suggestion, or just being aware that he was doing it, but she would find herself moaning and cumming whenever he did this.

Even if it was all in her mind, the effect was the same. Her senses were heightened and everything that followed was more intense. He pulled out of her tight pussy and flipped her over. Master moved up to her face, and Dana tasted herself on his cock. She sucked him fully into her mouth, washing his cock with her tongue. He reached out and pinched her nipples hard. She felt the pain of the manipulations and became even more aroused.

She moved her mouth up and down his shaft over and over, trying to get all of him inside her. My son pulled out and shoved 2 fingers deep in her pussy. He curled his fingers and probed for the right spot. When he found it, he moved his hand very little, his fingers rubbing the magic spot. She felt her lips gripping his fingers, a suction being created around his manipulating fingers. She could feel herself going up and up and up and exploding, letting bakırköy escort out a scream of pleasure, gripping the sheets tight in her fists.

When he pulled his fingers out, he rubbed his thumb up and down on her erect clit. Dana nearly jumped to the ceiling. She moaned and groaned and she felt another orgasm hit her hard. It could have simply been a continuation of the first orgasm, which was actually her third, but she never counted the small orgasms. She only counted the big bangs.

If she didn’t cum, she was satisfied with knowing she had pleased her master. He once had many men fuck her while he watched. She didn’t have a single orgasm. He explained to her later that power was a strange thing. It could be manipulated based on emotion. The betrayal of an affair leads to emotional break down, a power shift and a loss of self control.

If you can imagine, or even watch your partner fucking another, sex doesn’t change your dynamic. Sex is just the physical act. People weave sex into emotion, and it creates great conflict. If you can watch your partner fucking another without jealousy, fear or envy, you are in a far better place than most couples. I recall a friend of mine that had a hard time accepting that her man could get her off but she couldn’t return the favor. He would take matters into his own hands, literally, and get himself off. She was jealous of his sexual partner, his hand. Divorce followed.

If she had one orgasm, she was happy. Two made her feel great, a combination of sexy, loved and appreciated. Three was about her limit. She’d feel drained and dehydrated. Four nearly made her pass out. She was just wiped out. She had only been taken to 2 once before she met my son. He took her to 5. It had a boomerang effect. After 2 hours of sex that should have floored her, number 5 actually had the reverse effect. It energized her, like she had hit her second wind. It had only happened once, but it left her wondering what she would experience at 6.

He opened her legs wide and looked at her lips, wet and open and inviting him in. He positioned his cock at her entrance and pushed in hard. Dana gasped at being filled so quickly and completely. She held her own legs back, her arms wrapped around her knees, exposing herself fully. My son pounded away in this tight pussy, hammering into her again and again. She let out a little groan every time he pounded fully into her.

He never missed a beat, even when he reached down to pinch her nipples again, and to twist them. She was loving the pounding she was taking and the little shocks of pain when he twisted her nipples. Finally, he lowered himself fully on her and kissed her deeply. He started to fill her. They hadn’t had sex in a few days, and it felt like he would never empty his balls in her.

He throbbed inside of her, shooting his seed deep inside. He slowed a little, savoring the feeling of being drained. She was holding him tight, kissing him back. She couldn’t feel him actually filling her, but she suddenly felt additional wetness as his cum oozed out of her. He broke the kiss and stayed in place, laying full on top of her, still between her open legs. It took long minutes for him to soften and slip out of her.

Her throbbing pussy emptied onto the sheets. When he finally rolled over, she got up. Dana came to my cage and unlocked it. She shook me hard. I had only dozed off a few minutes before. It was 1 AM.

‘Water, slut. Move your ass’.

She was back in bed when I came in with 2 bottles of water. She took one from me and promptly threw it at my head. She missed, but not by much.


She spit the word out as she threw. I felt the bottle brush my hair. I rushed back out and put the bottle in my hand back in the refrigerator. I went under the counter and got 2 bottles of room temperature water. When I got back, she was sitting up, legs still apart.

‘Clean us’.



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