Double Penetration

Master milks his slave – Part TwoSuddenly I felt my head being pulled in another direction where another cock was shoved in my mouth. This one was not as hard as the last.“Suck me off bitch”, he said sternly. With that he yanked my hair and I winced. “Do your fucking job well or we will punish you bitch!”I couldn’t see who was around me and had no idea as to what kind of punishment they would have for me. I felt him shove hi cock deeper into my mouth and I felt him grow in my mouth.“See, now that is what a good slut whore bitch like you can do!” he said. “You made my fucking cock rock hard!”He then took his cock out of my mouth. I was still on all fours when I felt the tug of my leash.“You may remove your blindfold slut”, Master told me.“Whom do you belong to?” he questioned“You,” I barely managed to gasp“Whom will you always belong to?” he continued.“You!” I said gleefully.“Now you will show your devotion to me”, he said as he led me to another room. This time I was brought to what seemed to be a library. There were bookcases lining the walls and a large bureau with a leather chair behind it. There was a coffee table with four chairs around it. My master led me to the table and told me to get up on all fours on the table.“Gentlemen, this is why I know I am best suited for a promotion”, my Master began to say.Oh my, these were his bosses? My head began to spin. I knew I had to really go above satisfying now for Sir his job was depending on it. I could feel my legs quiver at the thought.“I have not only trained the female to be a full time slut and whore but I have now trained the slut to be a cow” my Master stated.“This slut is a milk producing cow slut canlı bahis because I commanded it to be so”, he stated.His bosses seemed impressed. “How did you train it to make milk?” the shorter one asked.“Shit how could you not with tits the size of udders” the fit one said.The men began to laugh as my Master fully exposes my tits. Milk had been leaking out all day and some again leaked while I was servicing them. The men make their way over to the bar while I am still on all fours awaiting further instructions.Then I feel the first whip on my ass, the stinging it leaves behind drives me wild, again and again. My Master’s boss was smiling as he whips me making my ass turn red and sore. The taller one began to rub my red ass and my clit. He then came in front and showed me a very large vibrator. I was fearful I couldn’t take it all in, after he has me suck him off again he goes to the rear of me and shoves the vibrator up my cunt.I was starting to create a puddle on the floor and table. My Master put a bowl under my very swollen tits and I feel my Master begin to milk me, pulling on my tits and nipples. Milk was squirting out of my big fat tits and they seem to love being milked, i felt so dirty on all fours yet I cannot think of anywhere I’d rather be. Now he tells the men to enjoy. Occasionally as they were milking they took turns between milking my tits and fucking my hole with the vibrator. The hard pulling on my tits seemed to last for ages, my tits are so full. The shorter man seemed very pleased to see me milk. He puts his cock in my mouth and tells my Master how long it has been since he has had a good cow slut and then pulls his cock out of my mouth bahis siteleri and puts his hand under my tits and gives them a suck, which drives me wild. He continued to milk me and suck on my nipples forcibly; eventually making my tits empty.“Asya entertain us with a show” my Master said. “Use that big vibrator on your cunt”.I spread my legs and had my pussy fully accessible to their view. I began to fuck myself with the vibrator surprising myself as being able to take is all in. I grabbed my tit with the free hand and began to pull on my nipple that was sore from all the sucking that had been done to it. Causing me to wince only seemed to make my cunt wetter. I could feel I was on the verge of cumming.“Stop” my Master ordered. I was about to ask him if I could cum. “Now open your mouth and receive your gifts for being so obedient slut!”I did as I was told and sucked the men off switching from one to the other as my Master removes the plug and shoved his cock up my ass. Smacking my cheeks with each thrust. This went on for a while and then the men began to release their load all over my hair, my face and me. My Master began to release his cum up my ass. I could feel it dripping down the side of my leg.As they took some towels to clean themselves off I remained on the table. They went back to their seats with their drinks and cigars and began to discuss office talk. It was as if I were simply a piece of furniture.Suddenly my Master instructed me to put another show on for them. I began and could feel I was on the edge to cum. Thinking of all that just took place I got more excited making my nipples erect.“Such a whore you have here” the short man said güvenilir bahis to Master, “if ever you decided to sell her let me know!”“Glad my slut pleased you, maybe we one day circumstances may change” my Master said. My heart sank, hadn’t I done all that he wanted? How could he consider selling me off?“Hey bitch I want to see you cum” the tall man said to me. “you hear me whore I want to see it!” He began to pull and twist my nipples. “Cum harder, fucker. The hardest you’ve ever cum. I want your entire body cumming. Do not stop…understand? You are nothing but cunt.” I nodded, wild eyed and convulsed as the two men moved in for a closer look.My nipples were swollen and my tits seemed at their max.”Continue to cum slut you hear what these men want!,” my Master directed.I fell to the floor, jerking and thrusting my hips squeezing my own tits, lost in an orgasm that felt as though it could have no end.After 15 minutes, and some interesting observations shared with the men, My Master returned his attention to me. I still shook, just less violently.”Is this slut still cumming for me?”, he questioned”uh huh…”. my voice was hoarse. i was nodding my head yes.”Stop now cow slut.” he commanded.My body stopped. It had been their aggression, which brought me over the edge so hard. My Master began to take pictures with his cell phone of his cum riddled sore slut and then handed me a towel. Smiling at me he took my collar off and leash. I knew that I had made him proud tonight.“Go clean home and clean yourself I will see you when I get there” he told me.I left the house leaving the men chuckling as I walked out looking at the picture on my Master’s phone. My hair was matted with cum, cum was all over me, and I was too sore to fasten the corset completely. I drove off heading for home with my tits exposed. What were the chances that a cop would pull me over before I get home…



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