Married Couple Jump Start Sex LifeI’m a average 40 year old married man for the last 15 years. Like often the case are sex life was going doll. Rachel & I have had sex all kinds of way’s. We’ve done the latex& leather fetish, sexy lingerie&heels, whips&handcuffs, every position imaginable. But in the last year we barley had sex at all. We still loved each other but sex had become doll.The fall of 2010 I started a new season of pickup hockey. Every Saturday morning I go to the local rink and play some ice hockey. So my first Saturday I noticed my new team mate, Jeff. He sat on the bench just across from me in the changing room. When he took off his close to get dressed my jaw dropped wide open. Jeff had a huge penis. I had never seen one so big. It was so long and fat. Don’t get me wrong I’m a strait dude, but Jeff’s penis was incredibly big. Lots of us in room would stare at it, but know one would admit to be starring at Jeff’s large cock.Later that night wile having super with Rachel, I told her all about my new team mate and his large penis. She asked questions like if it had a curve in it & if it was pretty to look at. I tried to give her all the details that I could. Half a bottle of wine later I asked Rachel if she would like to ride a cock that size. She answered “Fuck ya” every woman would want to try penis like that, even the married women. She said jokingly . tuzla escort She mentioned how she would ride a monster cock. “ I would insert just the tip of the penis in and see how sensitive he is, then slowly insert the rest of the penis shaft until he open’s my pussy wide . Once that happens I ride that big cock hard and fast.” At the end of are conversation I had a hard on that I could hang towels on. Rachel’s story got me so horny that I was ready to masturbate.That night as I was sleeping. I dreamt that Rachel was having sex with Jeff and I was watching every moment of it. It was so exiting to me. I did not feel like this sexual for over a year. As the weeks went by Rachel would ask about Jeff, after all she had not met him yet. I suspected that Jeff was in her dreams too now & she would be curious to meet him. Jeff & I had become good friend now . I thought it would be a good idea I invite him over for a drink after the game so that Rachel could meet the man be hide are sexual dreams.Saturday after the hockey game I invited Jeff home for drinks. In the car ride back home I had to tell Jeff little about what he was going to get into & why Rachel would be so curious to meet him. At first Jeff was a little shy about the hole thing, but later he under stood. He told me this kinda thing happens often to him. When women find out about how big his penis is they want to test him tuzla escort bayan out. He’s had Husbands & boy friend ask him to have sex all the time. He confessed to me that he has had sex with 100 women before simply because of his over size large penis. In the end he was comfortable in this situation.. When we arrived home I introduced Jeff to Rachel. Rachel was dressed little more sexy then usually. She was wearing a short black skirt with her strap y heels & a fresh red pedicure, low cut top. Jeff came inside side the house and sat on the long couch & Rachel sat right next to him. I went to fix them some drinks and took my time so they could get to know each other a little. When I got back Rachel had taken off her heels and folded her lags om the couch. I sat on the chair just across from them. Rachel’s fresh pedicure turned out to be a good idea because Jeff has a fetish for w omens feet. Jeff had asked is he could give Rachel a foot massage & Rachel put her beautiful feet just under his nose. Rachel gave Jeff just enough time with her feet so he would be little exited . When the time was right, Rachel started to rub her foot up and down his leg.After 20 min of foot teasing Jeff, Rachel Said “ OK Jeff I did something for you , now you do something for me. Take off all your close and lye down naked on the carpet” Rachel “close your eye’s and think of massaging feet” escort tuzla Rachel gets on her knee’s next to Jeff and begins to lick the tip of his penis. With her right hand she slowly starts to stroke the shaft of the penis. Rachel looks over at me and asks me to get the baby oil and put some of it on Jeff’s balls, Then she rubs his oily balls like a massage. You would think that I would be jealous of Rachel giving Jeff a perfect blow job but there was no time for that. I was harder than a rock and only getting harder as I watched Rachel & Jeff fucking . Now Rachel got on top of Jeff and guided the tip of his huge penis inside her. She had started riding Jeff. I could not take the pressure in my ball no longer I pulled out my cock and started jerking off fast, in seconds I cum all over my self. I looked at Rachel and she was still riding Jeff but fast now. Rachel’s loud moaning got me horny again. Finally Jeff screams out his cum filling up Rachel’s pussy by the in side. Rachel out of breath walks back to the couch sits down spreads her legs to show me her cum filled pussy and says, “This is your chance to suck the juices out of my pussy” I dropped to my knees in front of Rachel and didn’t stop sucking until she was clean up.Jeff stayed over a little longer, then he went home. Rachel jumped in the shower and when she came out with her PJ’s on, she was ready for bed. I joined her in bed to discus the wild fun we just had. I told her how I liked it and how horny it made me. She was just happy she could help me find my MOJO again. Having Jeff come over real y did help are sex life.



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