Is there any such thing as a truly platonic relationship? Most honest men will tell you “hell no”. The rest will lie because they’re trying to get some sex from a woman who’s “just a friend.” I suspect women know the deal as well, but most of them lie about it to protect the virtuous portrait of them that men like to paint.

Like millions of people before them, Maria and Alex had what they liked to call a platonic relationship. They talked, hung out, shared secrets, laughed, joked, and above all else, they lived by the rule, “no stirrer in the honeypot.” Now there was immense sexual attraction and tension between the two of them, but they’d both been good about pretending that it wasn’t really an issue.

Another Saturday night had rolled around and as usual, Maria and Alex had found themselves without dates for the evening. So, it was no surprise when the 10pm call from Maria came thru with the directive, “let’s hit a movie, a club, something, ‘cuz I don’t want to sit in the house tonight.” Thirty minutes later Alex was at her door, and within an hour, they were out on the dance floor, drinks in hand, having a great, no pressure kind of time that “friends” are supposed to be able to have.

The evening wore on, and by their fourth club, they were both pretty wasted. Over the sound of screeching gears (Maria couldn’t drive a stick well, and Alex was too fucked up to drive), they agreed that they’d head back to his place, sleep off a night’s worth of B-52’s, Margaritas, and Hurricanes and Alex would take her back home in them morning. Never a simpler arrangement had been made.

“Now, I don’t want you to get mad, but I’ve been wondering this for a long time”, Alex said while sitting on the edge of his sofa. He had that silly grin he always wore when he was drunk and Maria was more than eager to entertain his foolishness when he was like this because he was always so funny. illegal bahis He motioned her close towards him so that she stood right in front of him. Without warning, Alex ran his hands up the back of Maria’s thigh, up her skirt, and came to rest on the cheeks of her ass. The only thing that interrupted her utter shock was the words, “I’ll be damned, you don’t wear underwear”. In one of her hornier moments, she’d made that confession to him, but never in her wildest dreams had she expected for it to come back to haunt her like this.

The real kicker was that despite her shock she liked it. It had been months since a man had laid a hand on her body and she missed the feeling quite a bit. So, Maria put on her best stern face, looked Alex in the eye and said “what are you doing, have you forgotten our honey-pot rule?” Being charged up on courage juice, Alex didn’t hesitate to offer up “I know the rule and I intend to abide by it, I’m just having some fun” as his response.

Maria’s courage was up high as well, so she decided to take Alex’s action and escalate. She reached down, grabbed his right hand from under her skirt, and she brought it around to the front. She carefully adjusted his fingers straight out and then placed them on just the right spot of her clit. Now Alex was shocked. He was shocked by how this young lady had just called him out and shocked at the fact that she was so wet. He decided to go with it though. With his hand in Maria’s he became her pleasure toy and he watched as she motioned his hand to make her happy.

The thing about a platonic relationship is that you can’t acknowledge obvious things like how your friend has amazing tits. They both knew she had amazing tits but they never talked to each other about them. Since shyness was officially out the window, Alex used his free hand to unbutton Maria’s blouse and then unlatch her bra (the clasp was on the front). illegal bahis siteleri What he saw brought his eyes to a bulge and his dick to attention. There they were firm, large, full, beautifully colored, and full, round tits. Maria let out a combination moan/sigh when the cool air hit her hard, heated nipples. She pushed his fingers a little deeper inside herself as she did. In response, Alex began to lightly caress her beautiful breasts. Maria responded by moving more closely to him, close enough so that Alex could lean forward and touches his tongue to the nipple. His warm breath and moist mouth brought up a passionate response. She used his hand to stroke herself even more intensely.

Maria soon began to lose herself in the good feeling. She masturbated often, usually with a vibrator, but nothing compared to the human touch and this touch was just the thing for her. As she felt her body succumb to the touch with more and more intensity, she began to say things out loud, to no one in particular. Soon, a blathering flow, some in English, some in Spanish, came from her mouth. No matter the language, Alex knew that she was close to orgasm. Some languages were universal. Being the good friend he was, he sucked on her nipples just a little harder and assisted her in applying pressure to her taut clit as she approached her orgasm. He had to admit, she was a loud one. He had his hand back now. It was slick and wet with the sweat and juices of her efforts of the past few minutes. She was panting now, trying to catch her breath as he licked her sweetness from his fingers.

Maria had beautiful pouty lips and a wide tongue. Those were two of the things he’d first noticed about her. It was something he was full-well appreciating as she clamped the lips tight around his dick while at the same time using her tongue to tease the bottom of the shaft. The only thing more intense than the canlı bahis siteleri feeling of her doing it, was the sight of her eyes, cold and concentrating, staring into his, while she did it. Up and down, from head to base, lips closed TIGHT, oh so tight around him. Within minutes, he felt himself, ready to cum, and Maria knew this.

She knew, but what wasn’t clear is if she cared. After all, she’d told him time and time again, that she didn’t like cum anywhere near her face, much less in her mouth, but you’d hardly believe that the way she was sucking right now. The kiss of death came when she added her hand to the mix. Now her mouth and tongue followed right along as her hand stroked him with a tight grip. He didn’t last long and it was as she was on an upstroke that she felt that familiar spasm first in her hand than next against her lips. She knew what followed and instead of backing away, she sucked harder like a straw in an extra thick milk shake.

She’d spent him good and she knew it. Now, she was teasing him in her moment of triumph. She stuck her tongue out at him to show her “prize” and then she brought it back in her mouth and feigned swallowing motions. Again, and again, she teased him and giggled at her own enjoyment. Alex smiled as well, wondering how long she was going to keep up the joke before going to spit it out. Finally, he decided to have the last laugh. He leapt forward and playfully tackled Maria to the floor. Then, as she lay on her back, he started to tickle her. Maria was caught, because she was giggling to hard to talk and if she talked to tell him to stop, she’d have to swallow, and, and, and, she closed her eyes and swallowed. Satisfied that he’d gotten the last laugh, Alex lay down next to her, pulled her close and they allowed the effects of alcohol and the euphoria of orgasm to take hold. They were asleep in minutes.

Maria awoke in Alex’s bed late the next morning. It was hard to differentiate if her memories were of a dream or if something real had happened between them. She’d resolved to figure that out just as soon as she got something to drink to get the aftertaste out of her mouth.



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