Double Penetration

Growing up, I had a mad crush on Emmanuella “Manou” Jean-Pierre, the six-foot-tall, dark-skinned and tomboyish daughter of one of my father’s friends. We used to play together, but Manou was a lot closer to my older sister Annabelle since they were the same age. I was a year younger than them, and in the world of females, that’s a monumental difference. Chicks, man. They act as if twelve months difference is the end of the world.

Still, Manou and I were destined to be together. I could feel it in my bones. My name is Stephen Duchene and I got a story to share with you, dear reader. The story of how I found the lady I was destined to be with, when I least expected it. Basically, it’s about how life caught up with me and forced me to make the decisions I’d been delaying for the longest time. Follow my life through these lines, please. Learn from my mistakes. Might help you on your own path, who knows?

I was born in the City of Quartier Morin, northern Haiti, and left the island with my parents and sister in the summer of 1999. For the next fourteen years we lived in the City of Miami, Florida. I graduated from Miami Dade Community College, then transferred to the University of Central Florida, where I earned a criminal justice degree. These days, at the age of 27, I’m a Law student at Florida State University. Tall, burly and dopey-smiling, that’s me. A proud member of Miami’s Haitian community. I live in Little Haiti, which was considered “the hood” for the longest time, until gentrification changed its demographics.

My neighborhood used to be mostly Black, with a few Mexicans and Chinese people, but now it’s forty five percent White, with an assortment of minorities forming the remaining sixty percent. Actually, we’re not minorities anymore since, collectively, we outnumber White folks in the area. It’s a brand new day, ladies and gentlemen. I live in a nice two-bedroom apartment that I’m having trouble paying for since my ex-boyfriend Trevor Whitaker and I broke up for what might be the last time.

It’s not easy being Haitian and bisexual, and I used to hate myself because of my sexual orientation. The day I met Trevor is the day I stopped hating myself. Six-foot-one, lean and athletic, with caramel-hued skin, curly Black hair and lime-green eyes, Trevor was simply beautiful. Born in the City of Hartford, Connecticut, to a Haitian immigrant mother and a White American father, he’s got the unique good looks of a mixed brother. He was playing soccer for Bridgewater State University at the time we met. We hooked up, my first time with another man, and it’s an experience that changed my life.

Trevor Whitaker is bisexual, like myself, and totally comfortable with who he is. The dude had the guts to share his secret with his family and close friends. Me? I was beyond closeted. Hell, I was behind the closet. As a six-foot-four, burly and somewhat chubby, dark-skinned brother with a masculine swagger, I cultivated my personal image to avoid even throwing a hint of who and what I truly was. I dated a lot of females at school, and I made sure my friends and family knew it. Along came Trevor, and my carefully ordered life turned upside down. Yup, I fell in love with that man.

Trevor Whitaker is the man who brought me out of my shell. keçiören escort He’s the brother I introduced to my parents, Louis and Marielle Duchene, at our family home in South Miami, as my future partner. For three glorious years we were together. And then one day I came home to find Trevor getting busy with Jessica, a chubby middle-aged White woman who lived in our building. Yup, Trevor had Jessica face down and ass up on the bed we shared, and he was so into fucking her that he didn’t notice that I’d come home. Shocked, I just stood there, frozen. Trevor and Jessica looked up, saw me and Trevor disentangled himself from her, and came to me with a plethora of excuses. I took off. Thus ended our relationship.

When a long-time relationship ends, it can make you question many things. I decided to focus on school and work, and forget about Trevor’s cheating ass. I wasn’t looking for casual fun or serious relationships with anyone, male or female. The way I see it, people suck and when you trust them, all they do is betray that trust. I told my parents what happened between Trevor and I, and they were secretly thrilled about it. My father has never liked the fact that I swing both ways and he encouraged me to go back to dating women now that Trevor was out of my life.

Honestly, I wish I could make straight people understand male bisexuality. I was born bisexual. I’ll be bisexual until the day that I die. If I’m with a female, and I like sex with her, and enjoy our relationship, I am still bisexual. I cannot become straight. If I’m with a man, and I enjoy a relationship with him, I am still bisexual. I cannot become gay. Even when I was sharing a bed with Trevor, I still jerked off thinking about big-booty Black girls or curvy Hispanic women. That’s just the way I feel. Please try to understand.

One Friday afternoon, out of the blue, I went to visit my parents. My sister Annabelle was back in town, since her fling with some Chinese dude named Andrew Lee from San Francisco didn’t work out. Guess who my sister brought with her? Her old friend Emmanuella “Manou” Jean-Pierre, the proverbial gal next door. The one we played with when we were younger. Apparently, Manou left Haiti in 2004 and spent the next ten years in San Francisco, California. After graduating with her MBA from San Francisco State University, Manou got hired by Excelsior Tech and relocated to Miami because of her new job. Good for her.

Man, I must say, the sight of Manou triggered all kinds of memories and feelings in me. I hadn’t seen this gal in fourteen years. The awkward tomboy I remembered had grown into a tall, curvaceous cutie with thick thighs, a big round ass and the kind of ripe, cone-shaped tits that would give naughty ideas to a gay man. Hot damn. I hadn’t felt this aroused in the presence of a female since Minnie, the Asian chick I dated before embarking on a relationship with Trevor. Manou was all smiles upon seeing me. I was happy to see her too. My parents definitely noticed the way Manou and I reacted to each other. I swear, the whole thing was a setup!

Since Manou was new in town and Annabelle was returning to Frisco, I offered to be the lady’s guide. Thus, Manou and I began spending a lot of time together. I must say, Manou keçiören escort bayan was definitely good company. Smart, friendly and funny, she knew how to make me laugh. Even before my thing with Trevor, I’d never exactly been the type of brother that Black women liked. I’m a glorified nerd, not a jock or a thug. I like chess, and comic books, and crime shows. I don’t know Jack about rap, hip hop, sports or ‘urban’ culture. Lucky for me, Manou didn’t like those type of brothers.

One night, we were sitting in the food court of Dolphin Mall, eating some Chinese food, when Manou asked me why I was still single. I hesitated, looked into those dark lovely eyes of hers and wondered if I should tell her the truth. Manou grinned and told me that with all the cute guys and hot girls in Miami, a sinfully sexy brother like me ought to make up his mind. When those words left her full lips, I stared at Manou, stunned. Grinning, Manou told me that she asked Annabelle about me and my nosy sister gave her plenty of dirt on me.

I wasn’t sure how to react to that. Honestly, now that my one and only gay relationship was over, I’d gone back into the closet. No more gay bars, gay parades or gay activities. I went back to going to church, hanging out on campus, and playing soccer with undergraduate friends in the park on weekends. Regular guy stuff. I wasn’t chasing females, but I wasn’t chasing dudes either. I was just enjoying some me time. I like my privacy. It’s one of the things that I value the most.

The fact that my nosy sister Annabelle basically ousted me to Manou bugged me. Sensing my discomfort, Manou gently laid her hand on me and smiled. In a very husky, sexy voice, the tall Haitian beauty told me that she found bisexual guys hot. If lightning had struck me then and there, I wouldn’t have been more shocked. Understand that in my dealings with the Haitian community, I’d never met a Haitian female who liked bisexual brothers before. Smiling, Manou waited for my answer. I returned her smile, and told her to tell me more. What can I say? Manou intrigues me.

The six-foot-tall, gorgeous sister sitting across from me was full of surprises. Apparently, living in San Francisco changed Manou from a cloistered Catholic gal into a kinky and very outgoing, frisky lady. The more she told me about her sexual adventures in the worlds of BDSM and same-sex couples, the more turned on I became. Smiling, I told Manou that she was definitely my type of gal. The lady smiled, and then she kissed me. Yup, Manou planted one on me right in the middle of the food court, with everybody watching.

Hand in hand, Manou and I left the Copley Mall food court and took the train back to where I live. Once we got to my place, we had an afternoon delight. Manou took charge from the get go, ladies and gentlemen. Sitting me down on my bed, the sexy Haitian sister began to undress. I feasted my eyes on her dark, curvaceous and absolutely sexy body. My eyes drank in her ripe, full breasts, her thick thighs, bushy pussy and most of all, her thick, heart-shaped ass. I’m always a sucker for a nice ass, ladies and gentlemen. I don’t care if it longs to a woman or a dude. A nice ass is a nice ass.

Manou told me to kiss her ass and I did just that. escort keçiören I kissed her big Black booty, and then proceeded to lick her pussy from behind. Putting Manou on all fours on the king-sized bed, I licked her pussy and fingered her asshole like there was no tomorrow. Manou moaned and panted as I treated her cunt and derriere with the attention they so richly deserved. While fingering her pussy, I stuck my tongue into Manou’s asshole. Old habits die hard, man. I used to lick Trevor’s ass. I must say, Manou is the first female whose asshole I licked. Fortunately for me, the lady’s derriere was clean and her asshole tasted wonderful. My tongue and fingers had her crying out in pleasure in no time.

Afterwards, a very thankful Manou knelt before me and sucked my dick before rolling a condom on me. I smiled at Manou as the tall, sexy Haitian cutie got on top of me and impaled her cunt on my hard dick. I put my hands upon Manou’s wide hips and thrust into her. I hadn’t fucked a female in a long time. I definitely wanted to make up for lost time. I slammed my dick into Manou’s hot, tight cunt and fucked her like sex was going out of style. Manou’s squeales were music to my ears.

At some point, I put her on all fours, smacked her big Black booty and rammed my dick into her pussy while pulling her long, neatly braided Black hair. I can’t recall the last time I got this aggressive with anyone, male or female, seriously. Manou brings out the beast in me. I didn’t think of it at the time but Manou is the first Haitian female I’ve ever fucked. I typically date Asian women and Hispanic women since white females are too flaky and Black women are usually too bossy. Manou is the type of Black female I always wanted but could never find. A Black woman who’s tall, strong and sexy, and got ambition and smarts, but who submits to her man in the bedroom.

As I slammed my dick into her cunt, Manou moaned and begged me for more. I liked that, smacking her ass and pulling her hair while ramming my dick into her. The fact that such a tall, strong Black female was submitting to me in the bedroom thrilled me. I guess I’m the dominant type. When Trevor and I were together, I used to stuff him like a thanksgiving turkey. Manou was freakier than I thought, man. At some point, the sexy Black Amazon asked me to fuck her in the ass. What do you think I said? Happily I lubricated Manou’s asshole with Aloe cream and then worked my dick into her asshole. This was my first time doing a woman in the ass and I liked it so much that I swore it wouldn’t be my last. Manou’s asshole gripped my dick tighter than Trevor’s ass ever did. And I loved it. Unfortunately, that caused me to cum too quickly. After fucking Manou’s asshole for ten minutes, the pressure of her ass on my dick got to me and I came.

Afterwards, Manou and I lay side by side on the bed, panting happily. I looked at the tall, curvaceous Haitian sister who rested her head on my hairy chest. I smiled contentedly at her, and thanked my lucky stars that our paths crossed. Afterwards, Manou and I showered together, a fun experience, then I put her in a cab. Before leaving, Manou kissed me and asked me to go to the movies with her Friday. I happily agreed, gave her derriere a firm slap, then opened the cab door for her as the cabbie grinned. Waving Manou goodbye, I grinned from ear to ear as I walked back to my apartment. And that’s how it all began, ladies and gentlemen. My relationship with the kinky, feisty Haitian woman who was destined to become my wife and the mother of my brats. Fate is a funny thing, eh?



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