My niece was attending college not far from us and she would occasionally come visit us for the weekend. Her mother lived several hundred miles away. Her mother and my wife are identical twins. Her father was killed in an auto accident at an early age, and left her mother with a lot of money. Her mother had never remarried, but was a well-know socialite and had many boy friends, not needing a husband to support her. Mandy apparently had a liberal education growing up. Her mother was very open with her, she being an only child, and they had a great relationship.

Mandy was attending summer school, and her apartment roommate was away for the season, so she would come over and spend the weekend and enjoy our swimming pool. I would occasionally steal glances at her lying on a float in the pool sunbathing. She was stunningly beautiful, as were her mother and aunt, my wife. She had dark blonde hair that would bleach in the sun, beautiful blue eyes, and light golden tan skin. Her father had been blonde; her mother and my wife were striking brunettes. I often had fantasies about making love to her. She and my wife, Tracey, were great friends, and I would often overhear them joking and talking about sex.

My wife and I had developed a rather dull, routine sex life. Usually while I was in the bathroom shaving she would come sit on a chair next to me where she would apply her makeup, and she would take my limp dick out of my shorts and suck on it, making it big and hard. I was in pretty good shape for my age, except for a slight paunch, but my best asset was a thick 71/2 inch dick with a big purple head when aroused. She would suck on it for a while, then would stand, dropping her robe, and would bend over at the hips, holding onto the sink, and I would enter her from behind. I would reach around her and caress one of her large dangling breasts, gently pinching her nipple.

With the other hand I would reach down between her thighs and stroke her clit, while slowing plunging my dick all the way in and out. After a few minutes I would get close to having an orgasm, and would pull my dick out and rest a few seconds, waiting for the urge erenköy escort to subside. She would take my big wet dick in her mouth and suck me off, licking her pussy juice off of it. I would cum in her mouth, and she would swallow it, thereby not making a big mess to clean up. I think she loved sucking cock more than anything else. We hardly ever had sex any other part of the day, since we both had very demanding careers and were usually too tired in the evening.

I was pretty sure she was having an affair with a guy she worked with, and at first it bothered me, but I thought what the hell, I had had a couple of affairs myself. Anyway it didn’t appear to be too serious or a threat to out marriage-she was probably just sucking his cock and doing the same thing we did, but in the office instead of the bathroom. Like I said, she loved to suck cock, and apparently would climax while doing it. We never talked about sex much, and we had never been very adventurous. She seemed to be satisfied with what we did, but I wasn’t; I wanted more but wasn’t too sure what I wanted.

One Saturday when Mandy was visiting, showing off her beautiful bikini-clad body in the pool, I decided I would grill some steaks in the evening. After we ate dinner and drank a couple of glasses of wine, we watched TV for a while, and I became very sleepy and decided to go to bed. They said they were going to bed soon. After I slept a couple of hours I awoke and had a huge erection and was horny as hell.

Tracey was soundly asleep beside me, so I went to my study at the opposite end of the house and turned on the TV. I decided to slip a porno tape in the VCR, and took my dick out of my shorts and slowly began stroking it while watching the action on the tape. Then I tucked my dick back in my shorts and went to the kitchen and got a bottle of wine and a glass and went back to the study and resumed stroking while sipping the wine. I was sitting on the small sofa in the study engrossed in the movie and my dick and feeling warm from the wine, when I heard a small voice over my shoulder.

“Uncle Dan, what a naughty boy you are!” I was totally göztepe escort shocked and tried to put my dick back in my shorts, not succeeding because of my fumbling hands and the size of my dick. She said, “Oh, don’t do that, leave it out!” and came around the sofa and sat down beside me. She was wearing a very short sheer nightgown with nothing underneath, and I could easily see her round firm breasts bulging underneath it. She put one arm around my shoulders, shoving her breasts a few inches from my face, and reached down with her other hand and grabbed my cock. She slowly stroked it up and down and said, “Damn, Aunt Tracey said you were really hung…I always wanted to see for myself.”

I could barely talk I was so nervous, but managed to say, “Mandy, we shouldn’t be doing this. You’re my niece!”

She said, “Oh, phooey, so what, besides I’m just your niece by marriage. You know what? I’ve always thought you were sexy as hell, and I’ve seen the bulge in your pants while you were watching me in the pool. Just relax!” Then she reached over and planted a big kiss on me, sticking her tongue deep in my mouth. After kissing passionately for a while I started reciprocating with my tongue. I couldn’t help it! She then started tonguing and nibbling on my ear, sending shivers through my body.

I reached over with my hand and started caressing her back through the nightie and my hand wandered down to her incredibly firm round smooth ass and I gently squeezed one of her buns. She then bounced up and took off her nightie and reached down and pulled off my shorts. “There!” she said, and knelt down between my legs and put my cock in her mouth, tonguing the head. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven! She held my dick with one hand and started massaging her clit with the other, moaning as she did it. She then bounced up and told me to lie down on the sofa and she straddled my face and bent over and resumed sucking my cock.

I was confronted by a beautiful pink pussy with soft dark blonde hair. She had perfumed it and the mix of that with the natural scent of her secretions was delicious. I buried my face in her kadıköy escort pussy and began vigorously licking it, pulling the lips apart with my fingers, and plunging my tongue through the opening. She was rocking back and forth with the rhythm of my licking. I stuck the tip of my tongue under the hood of her clit and licked it, causing her to moan loudly.

That was about all I could take, and I said hoarsely, “Mandy, I’m going to cum.” She took my cock out of her mouth and cupped her hand over the head, and I shot off in the palm of her hand, while she was stroking with the other hand. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever had. As I lay spent, she sat up and began rubbing my cum on her breasts and licking her hand. She said, “Yum, that was good!”

We then shared a glass of wine while watching the porno flick that was still playing. I lay there speechless while she was engrossed in the movie. She was sitting beside me and started rubbing her clit. This caused some stirring in my groin, and I could feel my cock coming alive again. She reached over and started playing with my semi-erect cock and my balls while watching the movie and playing with her pussy. We passed the glass of wine back and forth, and I refilled it. On the movie there two women doing 69 while a guy was fucking the one on top in the ass. She said, “Damn, that looks like fun. Have you ever done that?” I said I hadn’t and she said she would like to do that sometime.

By that time my dick was fully erect, and she got on my lap facing me with her knees on either side of my thighs, and grasped my dick and started rubbing it against the wet lips of her pussy. She slowly pushed the big head inside her vagina, and said, “Ooooh.”

It was a very tight fit, and she would ride up and down, slowly lubricating the shaft and pushing it in deeper. She leaned forward pushing her tits in my face, and twisted back and forth, putting one nipple then the other in my mouth. She soon had my cock buried inside her and began bouncing up and down, while I cupped her 2 breasts together and tongued the nipples. Then she got up, turned around facing away from me and sat back down, slowly engulfing my cock in her pussy again. She was rocking back and forth on my lap and I had a beautiful view of her curvaceous back and ass.

I had the second shock of the night when I heard, “Mandy, what are you doing to my husband?”

To Be Continued…



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