All characters engaged in sexual activities are at least 18 years of age. Be forewarned, this story involves a very lucky and hugely gifted male who learns there can be a golden side to what he thought was a curse. If you can’t handle stories involving much bigger than average equipment then just move on to the next story. This story is total fiction so any resemblance to real persons or actions is totally coincidental.

The first time I felt different was when I was ten and my mom took my waist and leg measurements and bought me new blue jeans for school. When I put them on, with her help, I winced in pain. She asked me what was wrong and I said through gritted teeth, “Too tight, Mommy, too tight!” She put her fingers in the waist band and jiggled it as I grimaced again. She told me I had plenty of room and I said, “Not there, here,” and I pointed to my crotch.

My mom stood up and closed my bedroom door before she knelt before me and unsnapped then unzipped me. As soon as she tugged the jeans down just a little bit I moaned a sigh of relief. She looked at me with a very puzzled expression before pulling them down all the way. “Oh thank you Mommy,” I said, “the pain is gone now.”

“Okay, Jimmy, please point to exactly where it hurt you.” Mom raised her eyebrows when I pointed to my cock in my briefs. “You’re sure, honey?” Again I pointed with my finger right on my cock. She looked very nervous and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why. “Well, maybe these are too tight,” she said and tugged my underwear down to my knees.

I noticed mom was staring into my eyes as she did this and then still looking in my eyes she said, “Is this any better?” When I told her not really she said, “Let me get your dad.” He came in and pulled my pants back up making me wince in pain again. Taking one look at me he told me to take them off, then told my mom that I needed to have dress slacks instead of jeans…that I needed more room. She never bought me blue jeans again, and the kids at school teased me all the time about my ‘business suit’ like pants that I always wore.

I guess I should tell something about my family, so here’s a brief synopsis. Mom and dad got married when she was almost 14 ½ and he was 19, which resulted in my sister being born when mom was 15. I was born 10 days after mom’s 16th birthday. There were complications and mom could no longer have children. I am now a high school senior of 17, my sister Meg is 18 and goes to the local community college. My dad showed he is still just a little prick when he packed his bags 3 years ago and left to shack up with his 21 year old secretary. After he left that night, when my mom finally stopped crying she said to me, “I guess that really makes you the man of the house now.” I never caught the significance of her wordage till after my 18th birthday.

Just before my junior year started, I turned down an invitation from my grand father and my uncle to go fishing with them. My mom really thought I should go but I didn’t like leaving her alone so I stood firm in my decision. They called the day before heading back home telling me I’d really missed a great time as they had caught tons of trophy sized fish. I told them I’d believe it when they got home. They never made it. An over hours semi truck driver crossed the center line at 90 miles an hour and flattened grandpa’s F-150 pickup.

My mom told me after the funeral that I was now the man of the entire family. Grandma Karla had my mom when she was 18; she had my aunt four years later. Then her doctor found some cysts on her ovaries and had to remove them. So anyway, here I am, 17, almost 18, with Meg also 18 years old. Mom is 34; her birthday was eight days ago. My aunt Peg (who never had any kids) is a few months away from being untrustworthy (30) and my grandma is a very nice looking 52 years young.


It was a Friday night and I had a date with a new girl in school – none of the girls I’d grown up with would go out with me due to the rumors about my having a tube sock stuffed in my shorts. (Our school had no gym class and I wasn’t into sports so nobody there had a chance to know the truth.) Just before midnight that night I walked in the house, slammed the door then stormed off to my bedroom. Shortly my mom tapped on my door wanting to talk but I didn’t feel like talking. I felt like a freak and thought I should see a doctor to get my problem fixed. Tomorrow I’d be 18 and inherit some money from my Grandpa and I would use that to end my torment.

“Please, honey, let me in so we can talk. I know you are upset, maybe we can talk it over and you’ll feel better,” my mom said. After the fifth time pleading with me I unlocked the door and told her to come in if she had to. I was lying on my stomach on my bed when she entered the room. “Jimmy, what’s wrong, what happened tonight?”

“Oh, mom, it’s the same shit, just like always!” I said as I buried my head in my pillow.

“Jimmy, you always say that but you’ve never told me just what the ‘shit’ was the first time. It’s just ‘the same shit’ what ever that is. How can I pendik escort help you if I don’t know what it was to begin with?” Mom’s face was painted with anguish and I could tell she really wanted to help me with whatever was bothering me.

I surprised her by flipping over, my hand grabbing my shorts shrouded crotch as I yelled “This, mom, this is my shit, it has ruined my life and I’m sick of it! As soon as I get my inheritance I’m getting my life back!” Then I quickly rolled back onto my stomach.

My mom slowly reached out and lightly stroked my arm saying, “I don’t understand what you’re talking about! Please talk to me, please, let’s go down to the kitchen and talk comfortably.”

“Oh all right, mom.” I answered. “Let me put on my sweats and I’ll be right down.”

I entered the kitchen and mom was sitting at the table still in her nightgown. It looked new to me, a lacy shear violet thing that showed a lot of her 36D cleavage. I sat down and gulped when she leaned towards me asking what I had meant before. My throat was suddenly dry and my eyes were flitting everywhere in an effort to not let on that I wanted to stare at her beautiful breasts. I tried to speak but was too dry to get anything out.

Mom noticed my problem and said, “I’m thirsty too, I’ll get us both a Coke.” She then walked to the refrigerator and I noticed her gown reached just to mid thigh on her long shapely legs, she is 5’10” and 125 pounds of mostly legs and boobs. When she opened the fridge the light came on, then she bent to get the drinks and had to bend way down to reach them on the bottom shelf. Her gown practically disappeared with the refrigerator light behind her and I salivated watching her luscious tits hanging sexily off her chest. She stood up smiling at me as she held up two cans of Coke then walked back and sat across from me. I swear my eyes were locked on her nipples as they jiggled and swayed as she crossed the room.

Mom blushed and said, “I’m sorry, honey, I’ve never worn this before. Maybe I should go get a robe…”

“No, you’re fine. It’s my problem, not yours.” I said. Then I cleared my throat before, “It’s a really pretty color, mom, you look really good in it. Um, I mean, er…”

“Thank you, but enough about my gown. Now back to why we’re down here, just what about doing something to your crotch to get your life back”

After seeing her body through her back lit gown, my cock had risen it’s ugly head and was still begging for attention, so I stood up and thrust my hips out saying, “This! This damned thing has ruined every chance I’ve ever had to have a steady girlfriend! Once they find out about it, BOOM, date over! I’m sick of it! I’ve felt like a freak of nature ever since I stopped wearing blue jeans when I was ten. TEN! I hate it!”

Mom was trying to speak but gibberish was all that came out, her eyes still locked on my huge tent in my sweat pants. Slowly she finally said, “Oh Jimmy, young girls don’t realize what a beautiful thing a huge cock can be! Trust me, as they get older they will crave a cock like yours!”

“Mom, did you just call THIS ‘beautiful’?” I asked in disbelief. “You have got to be kidding me!”

In answer she leaned out to get closer to my tented sweats. This gave me an unobstructed look down her cleavage and I could see one rock hard nipple. On seeing that my cock twitched and my mother moaned before me. “Oh son, I never knew you felt so bad. Please, just let me see it.” Then her shaking hands reached for my waist band and started tugging my sweats down. The elastic caught on my cock and bent it way down, so my mom pulled it forward and then quickly slipped it over the tip. Freed from its confines my cock smacked her under her chin as it reached for my stomach, where the tip stopped about two inches above my belly button.

“Oh my god!” she cried out and I was certain it had repulsed her. Then she surprised the shit out of me when she licked her lips before breathlessly asking, “May I son, oh please may I?” Before I was able to comprehend the question mom reached out and grasped it in both hands. A shudder went through her body and I thought she must be cold. Her hands on my shaft felt better than anything I had ever felt, then she upped the ante as she tightened her grip while stroking up and down the entire shaft.

“Oh mom! Oooooooooooh” I moaned as she stroked me. Mom smiled up at me as she stroked me again, then looked down and saw a drop of precum on my cock head. Looking straight in my eyes mom leaned in and licked the drop off of me, causing me to groan loudly as my knees weakened.

Her eyes then went back to my shaft as she stroked me two more times. This was feeling better than anything before ever had. Suddenly my mom said, “I haven’t been with a man since your father left us. And it’s now 12: 45 A. M. so you are officially 18, so forgive me son, but, happy birthday!” With that said she lowered her lips to my cock and swirled her tongue around the head before she sucked in mightily on me and my cock slid to the back of her mouth suadiye escort and tickled her tonsils.

I never knew when she slid off her chair onto her knees before me but there she was on her knees worshipping at what was quickly becoming her alter. On the third down stroke of her mouth on my shaft, she opened her throat and I slid my entire rock hard shaft down her slender throat. I groaned in pleasure as the sweet sensations of her tongue and throat swept me towards an early orgasm. Mom was bobbing her face on my shaft as her nose kept being buried in my pubic hairs.

Nobody had ever touched my cock before but me and this felt – and looked – totally unbelievable. A quick glance at the clock showed only 7 minutes had past, but oh what a seven minutes! My hips were thrusting on their own and mom was giving me the blowjob of the century. I looked down at my mom and noticed I had my hands holding her head to me, not that I needed to. “Oh god, mom, I think I’m going to cum!” I shouted out.

She looked up at me and she grunted out “um hum” or something like it. It was hard to tell with my entire cock down her throat. She stared straight into my eyes as she intensified her efforts while her hands pulled my ass closer to her chin. Her head was pulling back till only an inch or two was inside her wonderful mouth then she would slam back onto me till my shaft bottomed out against her chin and nose. All the while her tongue was swirling all over my happy stick.

She pulled back and tried to smile before, working in tandem, she slammed back onto me while I thrust my hips hard into her face. I came! Oh shit but it was good! My groan echoed throughout the house as my sperm raced up and out of my cock, shooting straight into her stomach. My eyes were closed tight on my first two spurts but after that I looked down and watched my mom suck, stroke, love and worship my cock as she coaxed another 4 spurts into her throat and mouth. I continued twitching as she continued madly sucking and licking the first 3 inches of my shaft while she used both hands to forcefully stroke my cock as she moaned with each extra drop that she managed to get. I had to brace myself with a hand on the table or I would have fallen for sure.

Even though my mom knew I had no more cum to give her, she continued gently sucking my cock head, her tongue roaming tightly around the rim of my helmet. “Oh shit, that was fantastic, mom! I never knew this would feel so good!” She sucked hard on me again and the sensation was just too much for me. “No mom, oh shit, no more! Oh fuck!” Mercifully, she took pity on me and gently pulled her mouth off of my totally drained cock. A small drop of cum was on her chin and she scooped it up on a finger and then licked the entire finger off with gusto. My mom then kissed my tip before slipping down to sit on the floor. I slowly dropped to the floor beside her.

“WOW! That was so nice! You taste really good son. Yummy!” Mom’s chest was still heaving as though she’d just run a marathon. She looked so sexy. “Now, um, can you tell me more about that nasty problem that you want to get rid of?”

My face must have turned seven shades of red before I said “As far back as I can remember, all this thing had caused me was grief and pain. I couldn’t wear the jeans I wanted to, all the guys laughed at me and the girls…well…they mostly wouldn’t even date me. That’s why I was so hopeful for my date with Maureen tonight. We were making out and having a good time until she touched my cock, and once again it was ‘I’ve got a headache, take me home now’. No girl has ever really touched it. The moment they found out how big it was, they all had to get away from me. Sometimes I felt like a Leper or maybe worse.”

I must have looked awfully sad cause my mom was suddenly hugging me and stroking my face telling me everything would okay. “Jimmy, they were just young girls who had no idea what a treasure they had before them.” I looked at her in disbelief and she said, “Let’s go back upstairs and finish this talk in my room. Bring your drink.” Then she got up while dragging her fingers the entire length of my shaft before she grabbed her Coke and walked sexily from the room. I quickly followed her and found her in her room on her bed.

“Why did you put your sweats back on? Take them right off, young man,” mom instructed as she patted the bed beside her. I quickly pulled them over my hard cock, slipped them off and got on the bed next to her. “Much better, Jimmy. So you are telling me that none of your dates wanted anything to do with your fabulous cock?”

“Fabulous! None of them found it to be fabulous! None of them wanted anything to do with it!” I told her. “You were the first, um, girl to like it and, er, definitely the first to go down on me. Wow! That was the best birthday present ever!”

My mom looked at my cock bobbing above my waist before she said, “That wasn’t your only present, it was just a preview of things to come. I love you Jimmy.” Then my mom leaned over and kissed me fully on my lips before tuzla escort her tongue snaked into my mouth and latched onto my own. As we kissed she climbed over me and straddled my waist. I looked down in shock to see the tip of my cock, squeezed flat against my stomach, poking out from under her sexy gown. Mom shivered again before she grabbed the hem of her nightgown and quickly pulled it over her head and tossed it aside.

“Oh god, mom, you’re body is beautiful!” I said as my eyes scanned her trim and toned frame. She had her bare pussy – when did she take off her panties? – directly on my shaft. Her pubic hair was trimmed short and shaped like an arrow pointing the way to her slit. Looking up I saw her trim belly, above that were her full luscious breasts. Her boobs were full and ripe, definitely much more than a full hand full each, and capped with quarter sized aureoles each of which sported a rock hard nipple pointing out about ¾ of an inch. “Honest, mom, I never knew you were so hot!”

“Why thank you Jimmy, normally I’d say it’s a good thing not to notice one’s mother, but not right now!” She kissed me again as her hand reached down to find my cock. My hands had found her breasts and were squeezing them both making her moan. “Oooo, that feels so nice. Now it’s time to make my little boy feel really nice.” She had positioned her pussy opening over my cock head and slowly slid her hot and wet body down onto me.

“Oh god, mom! You feel really good!” I gasped.

She had a dreamy look as she slid further onto me saying, “You don’t feel so bad yourself. Oh god it’s been so long since I had a cock inside me.” Mom wiggled her butt on me and corrected the angle before she sank fully onto me. “Oh fuckkkkkkkkkk, that’s soooooo good, Jimmy!” She sat motionless, my 11 inch shaft firmly inside her hungry cunt. Finally she started rising up off of me before sliding back down till I again was deep inside her.

She moved slowly for about 3 or 4 long strokes before her body stiffened as she arched her back, screaming my name. I couldn’t believe how tight her pussy muscles were. As her cry ended she started bucking wildly on my shaft fucking me for all she was worth. Quickly she tensed again as moans emanated from deep inside of her and her orgasm slammed through her body for the second time in a minute.

After she recovered from her cum, mom kissed me as she again moved her hips on my cock. Then she rose up so she could really lift high above me before she would squeeze tight around my cock and pound her pussy back down onto me. Even though I had just cum in her mouth not more than 15 minutes ago, if she kept that up I knew I’d be cumming again soon. “Oh god mom, that feels so damned good! Don’t stop, please, I never want it to end!” I cried out as my body tingled in pleasure. My hips started thrusting up in time with her down strokes and we were both panting hard.

Mom looked down at me as her hands held my hands to her breasts and said, “Oh god, Jimmy, that’s it! Fuck mommy, fuck me with your beautiful cock. OH god, fuck me and make me cum.” Her head was rolling on her shoulders and her eyes rolled back into her head as moans slipped from her clenched teeth. Suddenly her eyes shot wide open as she looked right into mine, her breath caught in her throat. Her hips were wiggling on my pelvis as she continued pounding her pussy onto me. “Oh Jimmy, I’m going to cum again! YES! God right there!” she cried as I lifted my hips high off the bed forcing even more of my cock into her. “Oh so good, oh fuck, oh my god, yes, Jimmy fuck me hard, ohgodJIMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYFUCKKKKMEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” Her body shook wildly above me as her orgasm slammed her like a tidal wave.

Seeing and feeling her cum pushed me over the edge and I cried out as I started pumping my cum into her cunt. This started mom on another new climax as her pussy muscles went nuts squeezing and grabbing my cock hard as it pumped and spurted inside of her. “FUCK YES! Oh Jimmy I’m cumming again!!!! Oh so good, oh shit, never so good! Oh. Oh. Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Then she collapsed onto my chest, her pussy continuing to spasm around my deeply buried cock. We hugged to each other as our bodies slowly recovered from our mutual orgasms.

My mom lifted her head a couple times and kissed me gently before laying her head back on my chest as we held each other in our post coital bliss. My cock was still firmly encased in her well fucked pussy and I was in no hurry to change that. I heard her moan softly and noticed she was asleep on top of me. Gently I kissed her on the top of her head and hugged her before I too fell asleep.


Light was just starting to filter in through the window when I awoke, at first not sure what the light weight was on my chest. Then I smelled my mom’s shampoo and realized that my dream was not a dream. I looked down towards my feet and saw my mother’s naked body stretched out on top of me. When I wiggled slightly I realized my shrunken cock was still held captive inside her pussy. When I moved again the sensations made my semi-hard cock start to regain its full size. I started thrusting gently into her and heard her moan before she tensed above me. Her body quickly relaxed and she looked up to my face saying, “That is a nice way to wake up. I could really get used to that.” Then she kissed me and started rotating her hips on me, fucking back at me.



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