Mall Story 3Sung-Hee was helping her sister close up the restaurant for the night. She was a bit disappointed that she could not have joined her friends at the party, but family came first and of course, that meant the c***dren came second. Her mom had already left, with Sam the Guard walking her to the bank to deposit the money before going home to make dinner, and her father leaving shortly afterward once he had finished in the kitchen.That left the 2 daughters Sung-Hee and Jang-Mi to clean up the front and restock everything for the next day. She was just considering that maybe after work she would go to the party after all. She would be arriving a bit late, but that was better than nothing. And it would give her some time with Vince, as she had been looking forward to spending some time with him before one of the girls called in sick and she had to take her place.Jang-Mi giggled and said, “Don’t look now, but your boyfriend is watching us.” Sung-Hee looked up and saw Vince sitting at a table not far away. She giggled and smiled, waving at him. “Go ahead and go see him, I can finish up here.” Sung-Hee smiled and gave her big sister a hug. Kissing her cheek she went ahead and took off the apron she wore and went out into the eating area of the food court.And it was a good thing, because Jang-Mi saw Sam the Guard walking over towards her sister’s boyfriend. “Sam, you come here please?” She called out as he was by the counter, and he came over and smiled.“Yes Judy?” he said with a smile.“Oh, you not worry about him, Vince is Susie’s boyfriend. She go to talk with him, and together they both leave soon.”“Oh, OK. Thanks, I was about to run him off as the mall is closed. But if he is here for her I guess that’s OK then. You girls almost done? You are the last ones here tonight.”“Yes, we almost done, just few things left to do then Susie and I both go. Susie I think go to party with her boyfriend, I go home and read.”“What, no boyfriend to go out with tonight? It’s Friday night, I would have thought you would be going out also Judy.”Jang-Mi smiled shyly and shook her head. “No, no boyfriend for me. Last boyfriend not like I work so late like this. But is part of job, mom and dad not speak English so good, so I have to work many hours to do things they can not.”As Jung-Mi said that she looked at Sam a bit closer, was he flirting with her? She looked at him a bit closer than she had before, and he was not a bad looking guy. He looked to be around 35, a bit older than most guys she dated but also in very good shape.“Well, you should insist that they get better, or find somebody else that speaks Korean. That way you have time for things like that, can’t have you boyfriendless. Then you will be like me, spending all your nights alone in this mall with nobody to go home to.”Jung-Mi giggled and looked over at Sam a bit closer. “You know we are Korean, Sam? How you know that, we tell most we Chinese because they think we only serve dog otherwise.”Sam grinned, and said “Oh no, they would never think that. At least I never would, since I have never seen Bosintang on the menu as of yet.” Jung-Mi giggled, placing her hand in front of her face.“You know Bosintang? Am surprised, not many know that here.”Sam smiled, and in a badly accented but understandable accent said “I try Bosintang, but not like it. More mint than I like.”Jung-Mi clapped, astonished. “I not know you speak Korean! Why you not say before? That nice, you only one I know that speak Korean not of family and people at church.”“Oh, I only know a little. I was at Yongsan for 4 years long ago, and at Daegu until about 3 years ago. I spent a lot of time in Korea, but only learned a little of the language. I knew you all were Korean the first time I heard you guys talking, but you also all tried so hard to speak in English so I never said anything.”With a smile Jung-Mi placed her hand on the back of Sam’s that was on the counter. “Thank you, that nice of you. But you should try with Mamma and Pappa sometime, I bet it nice surprise for them. You know, he cook in North Korean Army once. He use boat and come South, then meet mamma and now have us.”Sung-Hee came over and giggled as she whispered into her older sister’s ear. Both girls giggled, and Jang-Mi nodded. Giving her older sister a hug Sung-Hee then went back to Vince and hand in hand they left the food court.“I take it you are letting Susie leave early?”“Yes, she go to party with boyfriend she say. Not sure as is late, but she will be happier if I let her go. Otherwise she moody.”Sam laughed, watching the younger sister walking off with her boyfriend. “Well, how much do you have left to do here?”“I almost done now, just add more cups and prepare papers for tomorrow. Maybe 30 minutes.”“OK, I will be back before then Judy. Can I ask, what is your real name? I have tried to catch it but never have.”“Jung-Mi.”“Jung-Mi, a lovely name. Shall I call you that then?”Jung-Mi smiled, and put her hand on Sam’s again and squeezed. “No, but thank you. I am American now, I need to have American name. My sister is Sung-Hee, but she prefer Susie when not at home. We not ashamed of names, but this is our home, we want to be like any other American now.”“Alright Judy, if I am not back come on up to the security office. That way I can walk you to your car and do a sweep outside. That is part of my job once everybody else has left.”“Okie-dokie, I do that. Thank you Sam.” She felt a nice glow as he placed his other hand on top of hers before walking away.Jung-Mi watched him walking away, and realized that she really did like the older man. Of course, she also realized that the girls in her family all tended to be attracted to older men. Vince was 2 years older than her sister. And she did not mention to Sam that the boat her father had used was a landing craft, her father decided to remain behind after North Korea lost the war, and settled down in the South. Her mamma was his second wife, his first died trying to have a baby and her mom was almost 20 years adapazarı escort younger than her husband.15 minutes later she had everything finished, and turning off the lights she got 2 cups of soda and went to the security office. It was in a small hallway near the bathrooms, and she knocked on the door when she got there. Sam opened it and smiled when she handed him the soda. He thanked her and asked her to come in as he had a few things left before he could walk her out.Jung-Mi walked in and watched as he was writing in a notebook. It was her first time there, and it was surprising. One wall was full of TV monitors, with a kind of TV terminal in front. And along another wall was a bank of VCR’s, with stacks of tapes next to it. Along another wall were a row of wood benches, with a railing just over waist-high in front.“Sam, what those for?”Sam looked up and smiled. “Those are in case we catch somebody and need to hold them for the police. We can’t actually lock them up, but we can hold them in handcuffs. That rail makes it hard for them to get away, as it is almost impossible to jump it in handcuffs. If they try to run, they have to come out the opening, which is by me so I can stop them.”“That’s very clever!” Jung-Mi said, admiring the ingenuity. “You hold them, but not seem like you hold them.”“Exactly. If it was up to me I would have a cage here for them, but this is as close as I am allowed.”“You say you in Army, and now you are guard. Must be big change.”Sam rolled the chair over to the bank of monitors and was going through them one at a time. “Oh, not really. Is mostly the same thing, paperwork. I retired about 3 years ago, so do this now instead of sitting in my chair getting fat.”“Oh, tell your wife to not let you get fat then!”Sam chuckled, and Jung-Mi watched the larger TV in front of him going through several cameras, each showing a different view of the mall and the parking lot. “No wife, no girlfriend. Just me and my cat, but he is lazier than I am.”“Wait, go back!” Jung-Mi exclaimed. Sam clicked back and sure enough, there was Vince’s car at the far end of the parking lot. “That Vince’s Car, hope he not broke down.”Sam switched to another camera, and this showed a partial view from the passenger front. He zoomed in, then suddenly switched cameras. “Everything OK Sam? Is Susie in trouble?” Jung-Mi asked, sounding slightly worried.Sam stuttered, then took a drink of the soda she brought him. “Uhhhh, she seems fine Judy, I do not think your sister is in any trouble.”“How you know? Maybe she hurt, bring them back again, I want to see she alright!”Sam ran through his mind quickly what he saw in the monitor before he turned it off. He did see Vince in the car, he was in the driver seat. However, he did not see Susie, and Vince’s seat was pushed all the way back. It did not take a scientist to realize what was probably going on in there. “No Judy, they are fine, you probably do not want to see.”Jung-Mi stepped up right behind Sam and placed her hands on his shoulders. “Yes I do, you put camera on now or I go outside to see myself!”Sam did as asked. And taking a longer view, he saw Vince had one of his hands reached out across the passenger side of his car, but the angle of the camera did not let him see much more. “Judy was behind him, trying to make sense of the picture. “I see Vince, but not Susie. You zoom in? Can make bigger please Sam? Want to see Susie is alright.”Sam sighed softly, and turned the knob on top of the camera control. Moving the stick a little as he did so, he watched as the camera zoomed in. The picture got a bit fuzzier, but soon the front windshield was filling most of the view.And he heard Judy gasp softly. Now it was obvious that what he suspected was indeed happening. Vince was laying back, and the darkness he had glimpsed was indeed Susie’s head. But it was not in the passenger seat, it was bobbing up and down in Vince’s lap. Judy’s fingers were now digging into his shoulders, and she whispered softly “That dirty tramp, he in her mouth!” Sam tried to move to another camera, but Judy told him to leave it in place.After about 5 minutes Susie and Vince took a break, and her head popped up again in the monitor. And during that time, her sister had been pressing her mound against the back of the chair. Jung-Mi barely recognized what she was doing, simply wanting to feel pressure there.Sam said the show was over, and stood up so he could walk the girl to her car. He had to make sure he saved that tape, it would be added to the others in his collection. But he stopped when he heard Judy hiss again. He turned back to look, and Judy was now bent over the back of the chair, her tight bottom looking fantastic in those jeans. She was still watching the monitor, so he stepped behind her and looked over her shoulder.Susie had laid her seat back, and was now kneeling on it, And Vince’s hands are around her waist from behind, fiddling with her belt in the front. “That dirty tramp, she tell me she not doing things with him. She lie to me.” Sam watched a few more minutes until he saw her jeans being pulled down her thighs.“Judy, we should stop watching now. Your sister would not like that.”“Oh, I am not stopping. She once watch me and a boyfriend, and tease me for month after. She even make me do things like clean the house so she not tell on me. No, I am watching, so now I can do the same back to her.” Jung-Mi looked over her shoulder and saw Sam was right behind her. She smiled inside, feeling warmer as she realized it had been many months since she had a boyfriend. And Sam was a good looking man, strong and kind, but also gentle and masculine.She watched the screen again and saw Vince was behind Sung-Hee, with his face against her bottom. “Ohh, he lick her Sam! He lick my sister!” Her breath was now low and breathy, and she could tell Sam was right behind her now, their bodies almost touching. Feeling naughty she pressed her bottom back against him.He always wore those loose black slacks when escort adapazarı she saw them, but pressing back she sighed in her mind as she felt her bottom against his cock. It felt like a nice one, and was very hard. Sam tried to move back, but Jung-Mi pushed back also, refusing to stop pressing against it. Just the feeling of the erection was causing her to get even more excited.Sam tried to resist, but after a moment decided to stop. Judy was 25, and if she wanted to tease him as her sister got porked, let her have her fun. He decided he could just add that to the mix when he got home that night and watched the video again. He lowered his hands to her hips and used the additional leverage to press himself tighter against the small Korean girl.By this time Vince had stopped licking Susie’s pussy, and was upright behind her, unfastening his own jeans. Jung-Mi watched this and realized that in addition to getting damp herself, her sister was going to get fucked. “Oh that tramp, she tease me saying I was bad girl for letting my boyfriend fuck me, and now she is gonna get fucked. Oh she is bad girl too!” Sam moaned softly and reached one of his hands up to caress her back. It had been years since he had been with a young Korean girl like this.Sam remembered Ara, his girlfriend before he left. She was a dancer at one of the clubs, but not a prostitute. But they got to flirting, then more than flirting his last 6 months in the country. She had a cute son, an Amerasian. The son of Ara and some guy she had been with 4 years before, and a cute k**. And on most weekends days off when her son was sleeping, he would entertain his mom by giving her what she said she had been missing. But both knew from the start it was only for a while. He was not wanting to settle in Korea, and she was not willing to leave. But they pleased each other and it worked out good for both of them.Judy was a little younger than Ara’s 28, and Sam realized Ara would actually be 32 now. And as he watched Vince slip himself inside Judy’s little sister, the big sister was rolling her hips, feeling his cock being pressed tighter by those tight jeans grinding him between her ass cheeks.With a groan, Sam reached forward and grasped Judy’s breast. Half expecting her to smack his hand away and slap him, he was pleased when instead she moaned softly and ground her bottom back even harder. He cupped the lovely teacup-sized breast in his hand, delighting in the size of her petite breast, and the hard and large nipple that she had been hiding under her loose blouses and bras.Judy was on fire now, watching Vince’s hips moving back and forth, obviously pistoning his cock into her sister. And it had been so long, oh so long since she had felt that herself. And Sam’s hands were just as she had imagined, strong yet gentle. His fingers were pinching and playing with her nipples, and each jolt seemed to go right down between her thighs. And his cock against her ass felt huge. She thought about bringing him off like this for a few minutes, feeling him against her ass like this and throbbing as he came. But she realized she wanted more. No, she NEEDED more.So reaching down, she popped the buttons on her jeans, and started to tug them down. Sam moved back a bit and when he saw what she was doing started to help. Soon both sisters had their jeans around their knees, as well as their panties. Without taking her eyes off of the monitor Jung-Mi reached back and opened the black slacks that Sam was wearing.“Boxers,” she realized, And with a smile, Jung-Mi fished his cock out through the opening and aimed it where she needed it.Sam was in heaven, Judy was actually wanting him to fuck her! But suddenly his mind came at least a little alert as he felt the head of his cock press against her tight little lips. “Judy, stop, I need to get a rubber first. I want this too, but we don’t want to make a baby.”Jung-Mi moaned, and pushed his fat head between her lips, feeling them split apart, wanting his entrance into her. “No, no stop Sam, no rubber. You in me, in me now,” she moaned. Sam tried to pull back, but she tightened her grip on his cock, almost painfully tight to keep him from doing so. “No, not stop, you in me Sam, in me now. I take shot, no baby. Take shot each time new season start, so not baby in me. So you put in me now.”Sam realized she was talking about Depo-Provera, or some other quarterly fertility blocking injection. So he stopped fighting, and let her pull him into her opening. God, she was tight! And also wet, as her hand moved away and he pushed the head inside of her. Then he heard Judy give a soft grunt as he pushed in deeper. He pulled out until only the head was inside and pushed again, hearing another grunt that seemed to come from deep in her throat.“Fuck she is tight!” Sam thought to himself when he was finally all the way inside. He was holding her hips again and started to move slowly in and out. He watched over her shoulder and saw Vince was pumping even faster into Susie. “Look Judy, you and your sister are both getting fucked right now. See her ass rocking, and Vince moving faster? But I bet I can last longer.”Judy moaned, and as Sam sped up her moan turned into a series of grunts. He looked down and saw his cock appearing then disappearing in her tight little ass. The ass he had secretly lusted over for over a year. An ass that looked almost perfect to him. Slim and slender almost like a boy, but still obviously that of a girl. No, a woman. His cock was now wet from tip to base, and he was sliding it in at the same speed, not daring to speed up for fear this would end if he did.Jung-Mi was embarrassed but unable to stop the noises. After so long, she had a boy inside of her again. “No, not a boy. A man!” she corrected herself, realizing that Sam was the largest penis she had ever had inside, and it felt amazing. She could never help the noises she made when she was being loved, and her first boyfriend had even called her “Dwaeji”, Korean for pig because of adapazarı escort bayan the noises she made when she was trying to be quiet.Then Sam did something that made her lust for him tonight turn into something else. She felt his right hand move off of her hip, and down between her thighs. Another moan escaped her lips as his fingers slid over her straight black hairs and between them, finding her secret pearl. She parted her thighs a bit more as he started to rub her.On the screen, it looked like the two in the car were almost done. Vince was pumping his ass even faster, and after another minute Jung-Mi was climbing the mountain towards her peak, and Vince pushed in hard and held himself inside of his lover. “Oh the dirty tramp, she let him spend in her!” Jung-Mi softly moaned. But when Vince moved over into his seat and sat again she realized he had a rubber on. She watched him peel it off and use napkins to wipe himself off. And looking at her little sister again, she knew she was not satisfied. The look of both pleasure and annoyance was obvious on her face.But Jung-Mi was not going to have that problem, Sam was pumping faster now, that lovely feeling of a well-stretched love tube and the caresses on her pearl were more than enough. Between grunts she moaned “Faster, oh faster Sam, faster.” His finger was moving perfectly, and with a gasping moan she felt herself arrive at the peak of the mountain, her flower clutching Sam tightly and arching her back.Sam at that time could not hold off any longer, her tight clenching was more than he could handle and with a thrust so her bottom was mashed against his groin he came, jets of his sperm flooding inside of Judy. He barely even realized when he moaned out “Saranghae Jung-Mi!” as he felt himself gushing into her tightcunt.Jung-Mi was watching her sister pulling up her panties and jeans, her orgasm just starting to ebb when she felt Sam pounding her faster. Then, oh god, he moaned he loved her! Just as she felt his throbbing deep inside her inner being as the fluid of love was entering her body he moaned he loved her! And it was with even more warmth that she accepted that love, feeling the beautiful wetness that the liquid of creation flowing into her.And although no life would come from this, she felt a warm glow deep inside her bowels from this. They were both breathing fast, and she saw Vince start his car and start to drive away. A minute or two later Sam slipped out of her, and she moaned, feeling both empty, but also his gift of love flowing out of her.Jung-Mi quickly pulled up her panties and jeans, and after fastening them saw Sam sitting in another office chair across the room. He was breathing hard but had at least taken the time to tuck himself in before sitting. Jung-Mi walked over and curled up in his lap, and for the first time kissed him.His big strong arms cuddled her small frame against him, and she felt like a kitten being cuddled by a bear. They kissed for quite a while, completely losing themselves in it. Especially when her tongue darted against his lips, and he opened them to welcome it inside. But finally they parted, both breathing heavily and looked into each other’s eyes.“Wow,” Sam softly said. “I have no idea what came over me, but that was amazing Judy.”Giggling, she responded “So, Judy again I am? I only Jung-Mi when you love me?”Sam sighed, and she felt amazing as he squeezed her even tighter. “Yes, I admit I said I loved you. Honestly, I have wanted you for a long time baby. But you are so young, and I am so old. I know this will likely never happen again, but at least for this one night I got to love you.”Jung-Mi looked up into his eyes and saw more than a hint of sadness in them. She kissed him long and tenderly and shook her head. “Oh no, not if I say no to not again. I not know if I love you, but I like you Sam. And I like this, you very good, make sure I enjoy also. I have boyfriends before, but none so gentle and caring for me and not just them. Now we will see if this become love, but it is very strong like. So feel free to say “Saranghae” next time, and maybe I say it in return.”Sam held her even tighter, almost unable to believe this night. The Korean word for “I love you” just slipped out, but he could not deny that he did feel a lot for this lovely girl. “So, you want to see me again?” he softly asked.“Oh yes, I want see you again! And again, and again, and again, and again! You best lover I ever have, and you not worry about age. Mamma is young enough to be Pappa’s daughter, but they still love each other. We see each other again, and see if we lovers or just friends who fuck. And if I am right, you bring me to place Susie not reach tonight. She look frustrated when leave.”Sam chuckled, and kissed the lovely girl in his lap again. Then making sure they were both dressed properly he walked her to her car, and with another long soft kiss she drove away. Sam did his rounds outside, finding nothing of interest.Then going back to the office after making sure all the doors were locked he went back to the security office. He pulled the two tapes and put them in his bag, then put in fresh ones. He then sprayed some air freshener around, then propped the door open to make sure none of their scent remained inside.An hour and a half later his relief showed up, so he went through the routine of briefing him on the night before as he rewound each of the tapes. Then hitting record again he and his relied finished the turnover routine, and looking at the camera that Jung-Mi had not noticed inside the office he whistled as he picked up his bag and headed to his car.The entire time wondering what was to come in the future. His life in the Army had always prevented him from having a family in the past. Moving every few years, knowing from early on he was going to be career. But now, there was nothing stopping him from having a wife. Hell, maybe even a family.And he could certainly do a lot worse than a hot Korean girl, with a pussy that clenched like a vise and seemed to get off on other people having sex. Maybe he would have her over for dinner sometime, and he could show her the 40 or so tapes he had brought home from work.It was amazing sometimes what you could see inside of a suburban shopping mall.



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