Mala – The Village LadyHi, I am Mala, lived in remote sided village with my husband Jai. We mostly work in own field, daily things is accessed easily. The market of village of around 10kms far from our house. In free days from field, Jai said me to go city which is far from 1860kms and earned some money. We both have cheap android phone, and internet is quite good. After jai moved in city, I was bored at cottage as nobody is near to me. I gave water to crops, in evening I took bathe in tube-well water which is situated near by cottage. In night Jai called me over video chat and we talked lot of hours, sometimes when Jai was alone on rented room, he showed me his 5” dick and masturbated for me, same I did, I showed him my nude body, and masturbated by cucumber, bottle-guard or fingers. This was quite satisfactory in those days.One day my father in law (FIL) visited our house, my FIL is lived in other village which is around 200kms far from this field. He shocked to know that Jai was moved to city to earn from more than a month. I served him meal and water. He took and moved to near tube-well as he exhausted very much.In night, when Jai called me, I completely forgot about my FIL and started dirty and nude chat with Jai. My FIL awaked to hear our discussion, he wanted to talk Jai, so he entered inside but till that time, Jai already disconnected the call. He stunned and shocked when he saw me naked. I pulled out radish from my vagina, covered myself from blanket and asked shyly, “Bapu! Do you need anything?”My FIL smirked with lusty smile and replied, “No Bahu! But I think you really need something to satisfy yourself. And I am here to fulfil your every desire if you allow.”His horny big boner came out from his lungi. He removed is lungi and became bottomless. He had double sized dick from Jai. His 9” erected boner still covered in foreskin. His big massive balls (testicles) hanged between his muscular legs. Finally my lust won and my grip on blanket loosed, I was again naked in front of him. I said to him, “Bapu! Come and make your Bahu happy.”My FIL started kissing and sucked my tongue. After 41 days, I touched a real man again. His body smelled like Jai. Soon his tongue moved to my boobs, he put my nipples on his mouth and sucked like hungry and massaged rounded my boobs. After sometimes he came on my navel and licked it. But when he moved his mouth over my vagina, I shocked and backed reverse and said, “Bapu! it is dirty thing. Do not do this, it’s for your dick only.”My FIL smiled and asked, “Who say this to you, Bahu? Is it my idiot Jai? It means you never get real pleasure of sex. And I suppose you never suck the dick too??”I hesitated and replied, “Yes, Bapu, you are right.”He grabbed my butts and said, “Just enjoy Bahu.” And started licking and sucking my vagina. OMG! This was awesome pleasure to me first time. He made me moaning loudly. I requested him, “Bapu, Oohhhh! Ummms! Do it more fast, I love your tongue play.” Soon my vagina discharged her white fluid first time, I got orgasm and satisfaction.Then my FIL moved over my mouth and said, “Bahu, now is your turn, come on and enjoy your first taste of cock.” I was quite happy that time, so I took his semi erected dick in my mouth. A pissy fishy smell filled in my nostrils, his dick became grow to full hard boner, the red head of his dick came out from foreskin, his unwashed cock head covered with thick layers of creamy white cheese type smegma. I was first timer sucked, so I was aware what to lick or what to spit. I ate and swallowed his smegma, that taste was awesome. I sucked his dick like as I sucked teat for milk sometime.My FIL moaned and grabbed my head and pumping his cock like fucking, sudden he used his full force and entered his complete dick in my mouth, his cock stuck in my throat, my eyes was wide open and became wet with pleasure and pain. I tried to push him, but his grip was so strong. He said, “Shhhhhs! Keep quite Bahu, I am not Jai, I am his Baap.” Then he started pissing in the same condition, his warm piss directly poured inside me. I tried to resist but not got success. When he pulled back his dick, I tasted some of piss drops, it was awesome also, but I did not like his way. bakırköy escort I became angry of him, so he sat again on floor and said, “Bahu, please piss your anger in mouth.” Then he drank my piss and lifted me in his hand and put on his hard dick and started topple down. He fucked me hard more than ½ hour. And finally he flooded over my face and boobs and licked his own cum. Then we both slept in each other’s arms.In morning, we both went together in field for potty, sat in cropped filed in-front of each other and saw each other to defecate. Then my FIL cleaned his bottom with water and stood and my water mug spread accidently. I shouted, “Bapu, what are done? Now can I clean myself?” He smiled and moved to my back and started pissing, I cleaned my bottom with his warm piss.”Then we backed to cottage, washed our hands. Then my FIL removed his clothes and naked entered in tube-well. He called me to come and bathed with him naked too. I bathed naked with Jai many times, so I removed my clothes and bathed with him. He hugged me tightly under the flow of water, and put his finger in my butt-hole. Soon his two more finger inside it and drilled it fast. My asshole became clean. I felt cold water into my rectum pouch. Then he put on me on wall of tube-well, I supposed he licked my vagina from backside but he started to lick my asshole. Due to this I squirted the water which was filled in my rectum in his mouth. After giving me 10 minutes rimming, he inserted his cock in my butt-hole. I shouted with pain, “Bapu, it is hurt, don’t do this.” But he not stopped and continuously fucked my asshole. Soon pain became pleasure, I enjoyed the assfucking. Then he dumped his cum inside my asshole and filled my rectum. Then he sucked and swallowed his cum from there.After taking lunch, he returned to his home after my lot of request. After two days of new kinky pleasure and sex, I was alone again. But my FIL opened my hesitation of sex. In night I requested to Jai for pissing, he shocked but he did. Sudden he disconnected video call and came over voice chat. I heard murmured sound of lady on call.I understood that he was going to sex with other lady. I showed him my liberty and said to come again on video chat and showed his enjoyment of fucking to me. He also agreed after some talk and put his camera on table and showed me the live feed of sex. He also learnt the oral sex in city. He and his room friends fucked her together. After sex they cummed in the mouth of that lady. When she left, he told me that she a prostitute and he did sex with her many times. After call was disconnect, I saw his friends’ dick in my dream.After two restless days, my two younger bros Sibba and Sannu came to meet me. They came here due to some work, so they stayed with for next two days. My lust became me nudist infornt of them. They easily took the glimpse of my boobs, and I saw their bulge reactions before moving ahead. Their bugles became bulky to see my cleavage.After sometime when they lied over floor for rest, I sat on floor and started cutting vegetable for lunch. My sitting position allowed them to see my vagina very clearly. I saw his growing bulge and reacted like innocent and said, “Oye! You both are peeping my vagina??” They replied, “No, no sis, you are worng.” I asked, “Then why your nikkar having tent??” They both were adjusted and tried hide their bulge.Then I said smirk fully, “Till then food is prepare, I take a bathe.” They both also came out and sat outside. Sibba asked, “Where you go for bathe, Di?” I replied, “I take bathe in my own tube-well bhai.” Then Sannu said, “Ohhh! Then we have to move inside till you take shower.” I said, “No issue bhai, till now you both see my boobs and vagina, so I have nothing to hide.” And then I removed my clothes and entered naked in tube-well in front of them. They both massaged their dick over from nikkar. So I said, “You both also take bathe with me, if you need a shower?” They quickly removed their cloth, and jumped inside tube-well. They had 9”-10” menhood with heavy hanging balls but not like my FIL.I knew that I initiated first to open the more, I took them in hands and started massage, and I beşiktaş escort said, “You both have big dicks from your jija.” Sannu said, “Di, I wanna fuck you before marriage but you never invite me like today.” Sibbo bent me on his dick and said, “Di, come on, suck my shaft.” Soon the scene was change, Sibbo enjoyed blowjob and Sannu licked and sucked my asshole and vagina. I aksed, “Sannu, you liked your sis asshole??” Sannu replied prompt, “Di, your asshole is better than Sibbo.”I shocked, “You both are GAY??”Then Sibbo revealed the truth and said, “Di, we are daily pepper of you, when you bath or change the cloth, but never dare to tell you, so we both mutually satisfy each other.”I said, “Don’t make me fool, how a man can suck the dick??” Before a finish my line, Sannu took Sibbo’s cock and started sucking him. I said, “Why you never tell me the truth? If you tell me before, I never allow to you become GAY.”Sannu said, “There is nothing bad Di, we enjoy a lot anytime when we need.” Till then Sibbo started to fuck me, his boner drilled me hard, sudden Sannu inserted his back in my asshole. They made me sandwich. I enjoyed the double penetration form my own younger bros. Sannu cummed inside me but Sibbo cummed over me due to safe side. He did not want to make his own sis pregnant anyhow.Then we took lunch and slept. In evening they helped me in field. In night they fucked me thrice and in morning they went for their work.Then again came after their work in evening. After having meal, they took some rest for energize themselves for fucking me. Before they did start, Jai called me, after sometime I said to him, “Jai darling, mobile battery is down anytime, so I‘ll call you to after recharging it.” As I put my mobile on table, they both jumped over me and licked like wild a****ls. Sannu started fucking me, while Sibbo moved outside. I asked him, “Where you go?” He told me that need to piss first before fuck me. I told him to stop and said, “Bhai, can you quench the thirst of your elder sis??” He surprised and backed near me and asked, “Di, you really wanna drink my piss?” I took his dick mouth and he started piss in my mouth and drank his all salty urine. Then he joined Sannu and fucked me with him.Two days we did enjoy a lot then they moved to home village to leave me alone.Next morning became so good for me. Jai came home on one week leaves. He fucked me many times in a day but I was addicted to 9” massive boner. But I really enjoyed when he gave me oral pleasure. Soon one week was fly. Jai again backed to work.I was alone again. After some time, mango farm attached with our field rented. A man with his family came there. This farm around 2kms far away from my house, but attached with our fields. They came in early morning in our field for potty. And I had no issue with that. One day I reached nearby the farm, where our fields end. I saw some smoke between crops. In our filed, cemented open tunnel were there for crop irrigation. I walked in water tunnel and reached the end of that tunnel where small water latch made in which 2-3 buckets water stored. I saw a nikkar and lungi placed over there. I moved forward more and saw the man who took the charge of farm, sat naked infront of me. He smoked while defecated. His dick was hanged between his legs. As he saw me, he tried to hide himself but I wanted his dick, so I turned and said, “Sorry, I can’t suppose anybody in my field like this position.”He requested me to go from there, and he was not come again in my fields. I said, “No issue for this, I also come here to do the same, can I join you?”He shocked and said, “Sorry, what you say? Do you want to join me for defecating? Are you alright?”I replied without turn, “Yes, if you have no problem with this.”He said, “This is your field, you can defecate anywhere as you want. I have no issue too. Or basically how can I object you?”I turned back, and removed my petticoat and sat infront of her for defecate. His eyes stuck over my vagina. I asked his name. He told me that his name was Hariya, he came with his family of total five members. They all helped him to secure the tress like watchdogs. We both stood same time and washed beylikdüzü escort ourselves. Then I invited him to my house when he was free from his family. He smiled and blinked his eyes and said, “Sure!”Then I backed to house and finished the daily jobs. In night Hariya came with desi daru bottle and sat with me for drink. Normally he drank at desi theka and then moved to farm. He said to me, “I suppose why I waste my time at theka, so I directly come here, so we drink together with lot of fun, am I right, Mala?”When he drank the daru, I started to sucked his cock, he enjoyed and said, “Bravo Mala janu, continue to lick my prick.” His dick was lot of smegma, so I asked him, “I suppose, you not fuck your wife from many days?” He said, “She is not like sex like you, she think sex only for birth.” “How stupid she is??” I thought and cleaned his dick and made it hard, and then he licked my vagina and started riding on me. Finally I received his cumshot in my mouth.Hariya came to my house 1-2 days in a week only when he needed daru. I managed myself anyways. Soon time arrived for farm medicine, I reminded Jai for this, and he was quite busy those days, so he asked his younger brother for this. Finally his younger brother Sonu came to my house. Sonu was daily wager, he came on leave of one week for farm medicine. Sonu not lived my FIL due to some dispute coz he was heavy drinker, but he obeyed Jai fully. He was muscular man. He asked, “Bhabhi, where is machine?? I want to finish asap.” I gave him machine and medicine. He prepared medicine and moved to fields. In noon he came to house for lunch. He was too much tired.I said to him, “Sonu bhaiya, you look tired. So you have to take shower first and relax.” I gave him Jai’s lungi to wear coz he did not come with any other luggage. When he went to back side where our tube-well situated for shower, I stalked him from window. But I was not lucky, he took shower in underwear. And he removed it under lungi. He came and took lunch. In evening he again went to field for spray the medicine. Then he went to market for buying daru. He came back and prepared for drinking. Till that time I finished talk with Jai, and I was only in petticoat without panty and deep cut blouse without bra as normally I wore in night. He came inside for water and glass.He saw me and said, “Wow! bhabhi you looks gorgeous and sexy.”I replied, “Really Sonu bhaiya, you think so?”He replied, “Yes bhabhi, it is true. Even I also marry that woman who looks like you.”I smirked with smile and said, “Bhaiya, are you flirting with me?” And I served the glass and water to him as he sat on floor. My cleavages even my nipples clearly visible to him as I was not wearing saari. He stared in my blouse and said, “Bhabhi, please make peg for me from your loving hands.”I sat on floor too and started making drink for him, I knew my position gave me glimpse of my vagina same as I did with Sibbo and Sannu. I easily read his reaction in lungi. He felt uncomfortable now. He did not control his erection specially in lungi.I said, “Bhaiya today was so hot day, and I feel very nervousness in this tight clothes. Can I remove it??”He replied, “Yes bhabhi, you make yourself comfortable. I also not feel good in this lungi.”That I wanted to hear from his mouth, I naked myself, and he was also naked himself too. Now we both stared naked body of each others. He had nice long and thick dick like his father.I said, “Ohho! bhaiya, you menhood is ready to fun??”He said to me, “And I suppose your wet vagina is allowed to me to play? Am I right bhabhi?”I replied with lust, “Yes bhaiya, come and fuck your thirsty bhabhi.”Then he grabbed my head and bent over his dick, and I started sucking his dick. First time I smelled the real menhood, no pissy and fishy even no smegma at all, completely cleaned. As his started growing, he oozed his precum in my mouth, it was yummy in taste. Then he licked my vagina and then he came over me and fucked me like slut. The sound were everywhere waived in house like –ahhhh, chooodo, jorse, mar gayi, ooouch, faachhh, puuuuch, etc.And last he asked me, “Bhabhi, you wanna pregnant or not??” As I denied, he pulled out his dick and put in my mouth and started squirt inside. Around 5 minutes, he stroked and squirted his semen in mouth. It was amazingly lot of in quantity.After this, he fucked me thrice in day till he stayed with me.[ Fetish, Piss, Smegma, Open Sex, Hungry Lady In Village, Lonely Woman, Hardcore, Group Sex, Taboo, Oral, Blowjob, Anal, Rimming ]



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