I know you want this to happen.

For seven years and a series of flirtatious and semi-awkward encounters during which emotions often ran so high they spilled out and became arguments or strange moments or playful and inappropriate touches, you have wanted this to happen.

If you hadn’t, there’s no way you would have arranged things for me to be in your hotel room, you away from home on a business trip, me with an open-ended time commitment and with no way anyone could know where we are, or what could happen between us. If you didn’t want this, there’s no way you’d have had so much of the wine that I brought, no way you’d have told me that embarrassing story that made you sexy and vulnerable at the same time, and definitely no way you’d have put your head on my shoulder while we checked out porn on the Wi-Fi in your room.

You smell so good. I know you do, because that’s one of our little jokes, where I lean in — too close — and smell your hair and skin, grazing my lips and the tip of my nose across your skin — minimal contact guaranteed to cause goosebumps, pretending it’s an accident, or a kidding joke — that it means nothing and is going nowhere. It has no importance, so it’s not worth even considering it as anything other than a simple flirtation between good friends who have known each other for a while, working and playing and eating and drinking and spending time together. But flirtation is like a joke made at someone else’s expense — there’s always a little bit of truth to it.

I know you want this, want me, because of the way your knees buckle and you push your hips toward me when I step close to you to say good-bye. You don’t want me to leave.You rub your ass along the wall and arch your back and lift your chin and you couldn’t be a more open invitation to me if you tried. And you are trying. You’re trying to seduce me, to get me in your room, in your bed, inside you, fucking you, kissing you, biting you and holding you close enough that our mutual desire bonds us forever — or at least for tonight.

So I give in. I kiss you, tentatively at first, one kiss followed by another, then taking your lower lip in mine and sucking briefly, like a signature. I explore your mouth, tasting you, then pushing my tongue in there, kissing you harder, bringing your body closer to mine. You moan into my mouth, and I move away from your mouth and to your neck just below your ear, kissing my way down to your collarbone illegal bahis and moving my lips along that, breathing you in, tasting your skin, your perfume, your desire. Your shoes are off already, and so it is with very little effort that I unbuckle your jeans and push them down to your hips. They fall the rest of the way to the floor on their own, and I step on them as you pull your feet free. They are quickly forgotten. As I continue to kiss your neck and ears, sucking on your earlobes and moving back to your hot mouth, I push my hand inside your panties, running my fingers through your trimmed bush and gently but firmly pushing my way into your pussy. You are already so wet and my cock hardens instantly thinking about how long you’ve been waiting for this.

I suck on your lips and tongue, looking into your eyes as my fingers part your pussy lips and explore you, stroking your labia and finding your clit easily. My thumb dwells there, circling, and then I begin to stroke the entirety of your pussy with four fingers, but focused on your clit, rubbing you with your own juices, getting you wetter, more excited. You’re beyond caring already, nearly out of your mind with desire, so horny you’d do anything I asked. I break the kiss and guide you over to the hotel bed. You lay down and give me a questioning look. I remove your panties with both hands and take a moment to look at your beautiful body, quivering hips and waiting pussy lips, short hair and smooth as silk legs. I kneel down before you and kiss your clit, taking it between my lips, sucking, and licking it while it’s inside my mouth. My fingers explore you, spreading you out, and without letting you out of my mouth I begin to lick your clit in circles, first, then more quickly up and down, from the opening of your pussy all the way up, and then back down.

The first time I drop my tongue down to your pretty little asshole you tremble and jump, nearly pulling away, but I hold your hips and keep you here with me. Your resistance fades as I rim you, it feels so good and taboo and perfect. I know this about you — you love to break taboos. My tongue darts back and forth, exploring every inch of your ass and pussy and clit and licking your pussy lips and kissing your clit and tasting you and drinking you in. I slide three fingers into your pussy finally and push downward, filling you up. I once again suck your clit into my mouth and lick it, slowly and then faster, faster, illegal bahis siteleri and I pump my fingers, fucking you, as your leg muscles lock up and you grab my hair with your fingers and your body shudders, clamped down on the bed with the strength of your orgasm — you have waited for this so long, and when you come for me, it’s hard and from a place deep within your body.

I pull my fingers out of you and taste them. I let you see. I stand up in front of you, and you sit and pull off your top and bra, exposing your whole body to me now. You lie on your stomach on the bed with your head level with my waistband and unbuckle my pants as I kick off my shoes and socks. You take your time, looking up at me, to unzip my fly and let my pants fall away. My erection strains at my boxers, and you kiss it gently on the tip. You do not do this. You don’t like giving head, and this has been one of our private naughty conversations in the past. You pull my boxers down over my cock, freeing it and pushing them down to the floor. Incredibly, you lick the drop of pre-ejaculate from the head of my dick like it belongs to you, and just as suddenly, my whole cock disappears into your mouth as you look up at me.

I vanish in the sensation of it as you cradle my balls in one hand and suck my dick with your eager mouth. Over and over, you traverse my shaft, smothering me in your mouth, massaging and making me shake with your tongue. As you lick and suck, I lean over you and run my hands down your back, kneading the muscles there. You pull me close, your hands on my ass, and I grab your beautiful ass in turn, feeling the strong cheeks in my hands, spreading them apart, making you wet all over again. You are licking me the length of my hard cock, and I’m not going to last much longer, and I let you know this. You roll suddenly over on your back, and I can see your beautiful breasts and stomach and body as my cock goes down your throat. I pinch your nipples gently between my fingers and rub your tits, and you quake with desire and double your efforts, and in a moment, I’m coming hard inside your mouth and you swallow every bit and pull your head away smiling at me, a crooked, passionate, near-thoughtless smile that makes me hot all over again for you.

You kneel on the bed, bringing our faces even, and you kiss me again, tasting your pussy on me as I can taste my come in your mouth. I turn your back to me so I can kiss your neck and shoulders, canlı bahis siteleri my hands coming around to caress your breasts and you rub your ass provocatively against my newly hardening cock. I know what else you want. You’re far from done, and it doesn’t take much teasing like that to get me ready to go again. I gently push you forward on the bed so that you’re on all fours. My hands rub down your back to your gorgeous ass, and I spread your cheeks apart, opening you up to me. I take my cock in my hand and slide it down to your clit, rubbing you there, then sliding it back up in your wetness to just outside your hole. You back up into me, but I tease you some more first, sliding it up and down, getting me harder, getting you wetter, listening to the impatience in your breathing, in the way you toss your hair.

At last, I bring my cock up to your pussy and push the full length inside, leaning over your back and pulling you to me, my hands gripping your hips as I fuck you from behind. You moan in pleasure for me as we ride for a few minutes slowly, me grinding my cock against you, filling you up from inside, enjoying your body and the thrill of the act, and you, grinding back with your hips and ass just as hard, pulling me into you, luxuriating in the feeling of fullness, of completeness, of fucking. You fall forward on the bed, gripping the bedspread into gathered knots with both hands, grunting and breathing through clenched teeth, feeling me behind you, tensing as I speed up, fucking you harder, coiling your back and leg muscles, squeezing my cock inside you, finally coming with a full-body shudder and rocking back against me, spent.

But I’m not done. There is one more taboo to break, one more place to go. I lean forward and pull out of your pussy and bring my cockhead up to your ass. It is already so wet, and I use my hand to bring more of your juices up to your ass. I rub the head of my cock around your asshole and you take a deep, shuddering breath and relax for me. In less than a minute, I have pushed my whole way inside you, and rest there for a minute, feeling your tightness, enjoying your body, letting you get used to me in this new place. I then slowly begin to slide in and out of your ass, and all over again, I’m feeling you grasping me and letting go. We’re both noisy with the sensations of everything breaking down, and when I come hard into your ass it feels like the whole world quakes and lifts itself away and the anticipation of seven years flows through me and back into you.

We lay together on the bed after, naked and spent, out of wine and not talking, just enjoying the silence and contemplating what happened and what happens now.



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