MakeoverMakeoverby Vickie TernIt really was the most amazing birthday my wife could ever have given me! Even now my eyes fill with tears just thinking about it. It seemed overwhelming two nights ago, when she first proposed it. But sincethen?She’d sat me down and told me the whole thing was arranged, never mindthanking her, there was nothing for me to do but enjoy myself. I wouldbe spending the whole of my birthday downtown, doing wonderful thingsall Saturday long dressed as Jenny. Being Jenny. And all of theevening too! Then she’d added as if an afterthought that we’d seeabout afterward.First a five hour appointment at the Transformation Salon, all morningand into the afternoon, where they’d make me over to look as pretty asI could be, “I mean really, not the way you usually look when you dressup,” she’d said. Then I’d go shopping for some really nice clothes toreplace all the second hand leftovers I usually wore, with aprofessional shopper from the Salon along to advise me. Then the wholeof Saturday night I would revel in a formal gown at the Annual BeauxArts Ball, again escorted courtesy of the Salon, looking gorgeous anddancing into the small hours and not expected home until the next day.Jessica encouraged me to stay up as late as I wished, sleep in Sundaymorning in a hotel she’d already booked, and only then think aboutcoming back home.Astonishing! We hadn’t been getting on at all well, not for the pastyear or so, anyhow. And until two nights ago Jessica’d wanted no partof any of this! Yet yesterday morning she’d awakened just before Ileft to keep my appointment at the Salon, and wished me a happy, happybirthday, and kissed me goodbye. This despite the fact that I wasalready wearing just a touch of mascara and lipstick. Usually shedespised seeing me in any kind of make-up, and she made no secret ofit. Yet, this time she said that she couldn’t wait to see me done upproperly by professionals. And she specifically asked me to drivehome still dressed. “Wear something especially pretty for me,” waswhat she’d said. “You’ll love deciding what. Women do you know!”Then as I left the house, “Have fun, honey. Come back lookinggorgeous. I’m curious what kind of a woman I live with!”So that’s what I’d done. Driving home, I wore my brand-new pastelflower- print silk mini, with the cute, crystal-pleated skirt that cameonly halfway down my thighs, barely covering my stocking tops butstill generous and clingy enough to preserve decency. I wantedJessica to see me looking a little sexy, and my legs are one of mybest features.And wearing my new blonde hairdo, that had altogether changed myappearance! The girls in the shop had handed me a man’s wig in my usualhair style almost as an afterthought, after spending hours coloring andcutting and primping and fussing my long hair into these sweeping highcurls. They assured me the wig would cover their work if it had to.”But don’t pretend to be that dark-haired man who came in here, exceptmaybe when you must,” they’d said. “Your hair’s been permed and stylednow, and it’s such an attractive shade, and it’s really veryflattering. And easy? Whenever you shake your head, you’ll find thatit shapes itself beautifully, every hair curling back into its properplace! You won’t really want to hide it!”And wearing the new, subtle facial make-up they’d taught me to applyquickly but appropriately for whatever the occasion or time of day, andwith my new long red nails glistening.All of this the incredible birthday surprise arranged by my darlingJessica! A complete turnabout for her! Only two days earlier, she’dhated my crossdressing! Or she’d said she did.I suppose I should have told her about it before we were married. Ishould have told her that my big sister and her friends had dressed meup like a girl when I was only 8 years old, just for fun. That despitethe tears and humiliation I’d loved it and had cried when they decidedthey shouldn’t have done it and wouldn’t ever again, and that they’doften done it for me afterward, with my heartfelt cooperation. That Iloved feeling I was one of them, one of the girls. That hardly a dayhad passed since then without my doing something to express thefeminine feelings they’d awakened, by my wearing secretly some near-natural shade of lipstick, or some delicate lace panties, something toplease the girl in me.Women’s clothes always felt deliciously sexy, though my wearing themhad nothing to do with attracting men. In fact, when I dressed to lookreally pretty, it made me feel all the more desirous of other women,those marvelous creatures who look that way as their birthright. I’dwanted to tell Jessica that this was one of the advantages mycrossdressing would bring to our marriage, that when I was dressed andmade up I’d be an especially ardent husband, and of course always herloving sister and best girlfriend.But when we first decided to get married, Jessica thought that neitherof us should discuss any of our previous sexual experiences, that weshould both begin fresh. “There are things about both of us, I’m sure,that neither of us wants to know.” That sounded sensible enough. Butsome months later when she came home early and found me wearing a plainblouse and a denim skirt, long hair pulled back in a bow, perfectlypresentable I thought, she was shocked and disgusted. She decidedshe’d married an effeminate man, and felt betrayed. I told her my pasthistory, about the joy I felt when I when I was pretending to be agirl, about my desire to be more than a husband to her. But thatdidn’t help at all.After much grief we did reach an understanding. I could prance andflounce as if I were a woman at TV conventions elsewhere and out of townif I had to, but I should never show myself to her as anything otherthan her husband. “My so-called husband,” she’d added, and there wasalways a faint mockery in her attitude toward me from then on. WhenI’d tried to discuss it, or to soften her edict, she’d only gottenfirmer, even contemptuous. “I don’t want to know!” she’d saidadamantly. “And I don’t want you ever to remind me!”Over the next few years our sex life diminished to very little. Her”so-called husband” could mount her when he felt he had to, but she gavehim very little encouragement or satisfaction, and fell asleep almostimmediately afterward. She did ask me to lick her cunt to orgasm,quite frequently, and that’s what I did whenever I found her lying backon a pile of pillows looking at me, waiting for me to dive onto herclit and her slit from down below. Jessica knew I would. That waswhat women did with each other, she pointed out. “That’s it,” she’dsay. “Yes, there, that’s it, Jenny, is that what you call yourself?That’s what would-be girls like you can do for real women like me.Never mind trying to be a man!” Humiliating me must have turned heron, because she’d get juicy almost as soon as my tongue reached intothat part of her. I’d swallow slick juices even while my lickingelicited more. “Oh, yes, drink it out of me!” she’d hiss, and Iwould. Then as she rose to orgasm, her heaves and spasms would engulfme, and she’d crush my head between her thighs while even moresecretions poured into my mouth.”Yes, that’s what you’re good for,” she’d say afterward. I had thefeeling that if it weren’t for my oral servicing she wouldn’t want mephysically at all. Maybe there was some unacknowledged lesbiantendency repressed in her? She welcomed my mouth to her crotch often,but remained quite uninterested in my cock.Anyhow, that’s how it all was until only two days ago.And now I was driving back fully dressed, looking rather lovely, Ithought, wearing the cute dress I’d bought yesterday just for her. Mybirthday was over, but I’d had such a good time I couldn’t bring myselfto end it. And I loved it that she didn’t expect it to end yet either.That she wanted to share my pleasure. And I wanted to show hereverything her thoughtfulness had purchased.Nearly everything. I couldn’t tell all. That escort she’d hired totake me to the ball, for example, Eric! Someone had to accompany me,she knew, no woman ever goes to a formal dance on her own. But I’dresented Eric when he first showed up at my hotel room exactly on time,because it was obvious at first glance that he was a magnificent hunkand he knew it. I’d thought Jessica was mocking my own manhood whenshe’d selected him to take me to the Ball from the Salon’s list ofeligibles. I’d thought she was using him to remind me of my owninadequacies as a male in her eyes, especially at that moment, dolledup as I was when I let him in, my hair perfected, my eyes and lipsalluringly painted, my earrings dangling down toward bare, powderedshoulders, and my figure set out in the most beautiful long ball gown,creamy taffeta with tiers and tiers of ruffles. When he smiled the mostcharming of smiles at me and introduced himself, and even kissed myhand, holding it just a moment longer than necessary, I felt downrighthostile.But it wasn’t an act! Throughout the evening Eric couldn’t have beenmore caring and attentive. He watched me as I whirled in the arms ofother men to whom he introduced me, nice men every one of them, none ofthem the dilletantes or oddities you’d expect to meet at a Beaux ArtsBall. It felt peculiar at first, being held and embraced by men, but Itried deliberately to make myself feel fragile and helpless andladylike, and that helped. I quickly got used to it. I even began toenjoy the power women seem to have over men, the way my partners triedto flatter or amuse or dance attendance around me.Eric also introduced me to some women he knew too, and they swept megiggling into their circle to ask me how well I knew Eric, and for howlong, and was he as cute in bed as…, and wasn’t he, well, youknow…. I didn’t know, but I replied with a vagueness they found allthe more provocative. His affectionate respect for me seemed to growmore intimate as the evening faded into the small morning hours, and Ireally began to feel cherished as a woman, not at all what I was, oneof the Salon’s male clients!By dawn, when he brought me to my door, I was half in love. He felt socomfortably familiar, and I felt so wonderfully feminine, that Ispontaneously kissed him good night! On the lips! He pulled my bodyinto his with his powerful arms, and I could feel his male sexhardening in his pants, and the thought crossed my mind that he must bebisexual, and I wondered what it would be like….But no, I wasn’t bisexual, and I was married, and that was that! Ibroke off, and kissed him again and smiled gratefully at him, andtwisted my body into the hotel room in a single deft hip movement, andclosed the door. Girls had done that to me when I’d dated them, andnow I’d done it! Even that felt so deliciously feminine! Still, hissteadfast conviction that I was the most beautiful woman at the ballhad made me feel that I was just that. It felt wonderful. I reallywas grateful.I could tell Jessica that much by way of thanking her. That I nowunderstood how women especially appreciate feeling cherished. I hopedthat whatever the reasons for her sudden change of heart, if she couldsee me looking really nice, tastefully dressed, well-groomed,delicately feminine even in the way I moved, sensitive in my feelings,she’d be more willing to accept me that way more often. Maybe finallyshe’d be willing to go out with me as if I really were one of hergirlfriends. She’d started attending different events with one oranother of the women she knew when she’d lost her respect for me, whenshe no longer liked being seen in public with me.Or maybe she could think of me as a sister. Maybe even as a reallesbian lover. I imagined us undressing and caressing each otherslowly, tenderly, our eyes locked adoringly, embracing, small smilesflickering on our faces. Me kissing and licking and sucking on herbreasts and her pussy with gentle delicacy, while she did the samewith me, whatever parts she could reach. I did so desperately want tolive at home sometimes as Jenny! That thought held me so entrancedthat I turned into our driveway before I came back to where I was.Which may be why I didn’t notice until I was parked alongside it thatthere was already another car in the driveway. A BMW. Who’d bevisiting us this Sunday afternoon? Did any of her girlfriends drive aBMW? No, the women we knew all drove sensible little cars, or if theywere mothers they drove vans. Had I asked our lawyer, or our insuranceman, or someone else, to look in on us on Sunday, and then just plainforgotten?A problem. What to do?I sat there feeling helpless, suddenly a little frightened. I was a manridiculously made up to look like a woman and dressed a little like atart, a so- called man who didn’t dare leave his car to enter his ownhome. If the BMW belonged to anyone who knew me, would he recognizeme? Was it likely? How long would it then take for the news to getaround town that I had spent Sunday driving around looking like aflaming pansy with my hair done up blonde. Could I live with thatreputation? I realized there was no way I could wash off the cosmeticsI’d so carefully rubbed and brushed and stroked onto my face a fewhours earlier. Nor change to male clothes and the dark- haired malewig, and walk to the front door disguised as myself. I realized that Ididn’t even have a pair of pants with me — I’d left the house yesterdaydressed like a woman headed for her Beauty Parlor appointment, nocompromise, and I’d never looked back! Was our back door open orlocked? Could I sneak in that way? I didn’t even know — I almostnever used it.A glimpse of my face in the car’s rear view mirror reminded me that whatI looked like was an unknown woman come to visit, well-turned out andquite at home with herself, a virtual stranger to the house and theneighborhood. My courage began to return. No one would ever recognizeme as this blonde in pretty curls and a cute dress. If they did, Icould pretend to be my own sister.That’s what I’d do. Most of this game, I’d told myself repeatedly inthe early days, is self-confidence. Persuade yourself that you arewhat you seem to be, act that way, bursa escort and others will always take you atyour word. Often enough.I opened the car door, swung my legs onto the pavement, stood up,straightened my skirt — it really was rather short, I thought, but nowthere was nothing for it — and began to click my way toward the frontdoor in my new heels. At the last minute I remembered to tuck my purseunder my arm. I was my sister, or maybe a friend, come to call on mywife. Unpacking and showing Jessica all of the pretty purchases she’dgotten me for my birthday would have to wait until the mystery of theBMW was solved. Maybe there was no one visiting, only someone usingour driveway to visit one of our neighbors? Before I realized Ishouldn’t, I mindlessly unlocked the front door with my own key and letmyself in. What if anyone inside had noticed?No one did. There was no one there! Not in the downstairs hallway,anyhow. Nor in the living room, though someone had been there — thecouch cushions, normally plumped up, were punched way down, and therewere a few used wine glasses on the end table and on the mantle. HadJessica held a birthday party for me here last night, and not invitedme? I looked in the kitchen. An ice bucket with water in it sat onthe counter, and two empty pizza boxes were tucked next to the trash.A six-pack of beer in the fridge, and a few more of empties on the backporch. Jessica’d had some people in all right, for an informal party.OK, that was fair, while I was dancing the night away at the Ball.Could it have been such a late party that she was still asleep? I wentupstairs and quietly cracked open our bedroom door.There she was, a gentle smile eased across her sleeping face, lying onher stomach atop the bed covers, completely naked, the cleft of her asslifted high up by some pillows tucked underneath her hips, her left armsprawled and dangling down over the edge of the bed, her right armlying lightly across a long bulge next to her. I looked more closelyin the dim light. The bulge became a sleeping man. Also naked. Noquestion, that’s what it was. He was. A man lay there on his back, astrange man, his hair mussed over a handsome forehead, snoring gently.I looked down and saw that his legs were spread across the bed and overhers as if he owned both. There was dark, curly hair across his armsand chest and belly, concentrated on his crotch. There they werematted and drenched with milky clots and glossy smears and stains.Love-juices, lots of them, some still shiny in streaks on his belly andspread like salad dressing along his thighs. Lots of it! And therewas a huge cock, fully exposed. It lay diagonally across that wethaystack of pubic hair and spent cum, relaxed and at ease with itselffor the moment.I stared down at it and began to feel very peculiar, tense, strange!That thing had been inside my wife, my own Jessica. To judge by themess of thick cum surrounding it they had had sex repeatedly, quite afew times! It was a gigantic sausage, that cock, massive in length andbulk, and even though for the moment it was soft, it remainedplentifully plump. I looked over and saw that Jessica’s rear end wasstreaked with the same sticky, shiny stuff, that there was a pool of itbetween her cheeks and running down her thighs! She’d been fuckinghim! How long had they been at it? How many times? I couldn’t takemy eyes off that enormous prick of his, my enemy, my betrayer! I feltshocked! The bottom dropped out of my stomach, and my bowels clutched!My knees momentarily buckled inside their nylons.My nylons! I was still Jenny! A woman! Trapped! I had no choice! Iwas shocked but I didn’t dare play out the role my instincts demanded!I didn’t dare enact the outraged husband of an adulterer, a victim ofinfidelity who has just caught his wife and her lover in flagrante.Not dressed and looking the way I was! Like a woman! It was tooshameful! Too ridiculous! Jokes at my expense would spread out fromthis bedroom and across the city in no time at all! And if I attemptedany kind of high dudgeon, Jessica would take one look at me andcollapse into hysterical laughter. I knew it! No, I didn’t dareindulge myself. There could be no fury, no jealous wrath, noindignation, and no sorrow nor tears either. No presumption of injuredinnocence. Instead, I needed to hide myself behind the way I lookedand hope I wouldn’t be seen! And hope to deal with it, even the scorein some way.What would a woman like me do walking into a scene like this? She’d bea worldly-wise, sophisticated friend, because what was I doing there atall if that isn’t what I was? All I could think of, instinctively, wasthat she’d feel girlishly intrigued and amused! She’d giggle and makea joke! My eyes were now wide open, and my mouth too! I covered myred lips with my red- tipped fingers and just stared at them! No jokeoccurred to me. Was it too late to back out?The man opened his eyes and then lay there, looking at me calmly,mildly, with not the slightest change of expression. We looked at eachother. Then Jessica opened her eyes and saw me, and her eyes widenedslightly. A moment’s pause, then a slow smile spread across her face.She lay there without moving, appraising my appearance. Her smilebecame a welcoming grin!”Why hello, Jennifer, honey,” she said. “Don’t you look nice? That newhairdo is everything I’d hoped it would be. So feminine and becoming!You’ll love taking care of it.”A perverse streak in me suddenly felt pleased to hear this, that herreaction was exactly what I’d hoped all the while I’d been driving home.I actually reached up and touched the curls on the back of my neck afew times with the palm of my hand! I couldn’t help it! Why wasn’t Ifurious?”Thank you, Jessica,” I replied in the smallest voice I’ve ever heardcome out of my mouth. Then inexplicably I heard myself add, “I alreadylove it!”Now that this potential confrontation was a scene between two womenfriends, one of them me, Jessica seemed to relax. “I really wasn’texpecting you for another few hours, Jenny. I thought that maybe youand Eric would still be…busy with each other. No? You dated thefabulous Eric and yet managed to come back with your virtue intact?Remarkable! But why? Well, no matter. As you can see, I’ve been busytoo, in other ways.”She’d set me up with Eric for more than just a date? She’d planned forme to be away from home and involved with…a man, so she could spendher whole time here uninterrupted with this man? My mind tumbled inupon itself!”I see you’ve finally met Hal. Isn’t he gorgeous? Hal, this is Jenny,my husband’s sister, and I guess at the moment she’s also my nearest anddearest girlfriend! You remember, I’ve told you all about her.”Hal just continued to look at me impassively, his face composed. “Hi,Jenny,” he said ingratiatingly in a melodious baritone. “I’ve heardlots of good things about you. I’m glad we’re finally getting a chanceto meet. Pardon me for not getting up, but you can see the way it is.”I found my voice. It was high-pitched and strangled. Stay calm! “Yes,I can see the way it is,” I said. “You don’t have to get up for me.”Then, “It looks like you’ve already been up most of the night.” Did Imean that dig? Was my tone bitter? Jealous? I hoped it soundedteasing. Forcibly I shut myself up!”Yes, doesn’t it,” Hal said, amused. “But that’s the way it always iswhen I’m with a beautiful woman. It won’t quit!” He began to smile,comfortably charming, pleased with himself, obviously trying to soundpleasant. He looked me in the eyes directly, as if we were meetingalone with each other across a crowded room, not across the naked bodyof another man’s wife, my wife, his lover, with himself alongside herequally naked, Did he know who I was?.”I’ll be downstairs,” I said weakly. It was all I could think ofsaying.”Oh, don’t go, Jenny honey” Jessica said, her face still smilingbroadly. She tried to turn onto her back and failed. “Hal, I love theweight of your legs on me, any time, baby, but….?” He shifted off herobligingly, leaning over to kiss her shoulder at the same time. Shereached back to run her hand up his neck and ruffle his hair. “You aresuch a dear,” she said to him, articulating each word with a restrainedferocity I’d never heard from her before. Then she turned to lean onone elbow and stare again at me.”Jenny dear, this is the marvelous man I’ve been talking about formonths now! Everyone knows about him. Nearly everyone.” She looked atme, now somehow vastly amused. “But somehow you’ve never met, haveyou? Well, now that you have met, aren’t you the least little bitcurious to find out more about him? Why don’t you just sit down overthere” — she indicated the overstuffed slipper chair she kept next tothe bed — “and we’ll just visit and get acquainted. Please?”She looked at me levelly. The smile had gone from her face, and herbrows were now drawn closer together. Was she threatening me? Toexpose me? I couldn’t take the chance. I’d lost any initiative Imight have had anyhow. Utterly. I came into the room meekly, smoothedmy skirt across my rump primly, and sat down. Now I couldn’t look atHal, so I just looked at Jessica. I was confused and angry with myselfas well as her. They’d been seeing each other for months? But whatcould I have done? What could I do even now? Hal was so…physicalcompared with me. That dong lying across his crotch was bigger softthan mine ever gets even when it’s hard! And standing up he’d havetowered a full head over me!”I can’t get over how nice you look, Jennifer,” she said. “Better thanI’ve ever seen you! Your cheeks are positively glowing! And that’s awonderful dress, it suits you so well! So sexy! Are you sure thatEric…? No? What a pity? Well, maybe we can…?””Maybe we can,” Hal broke in suddenly. “That’s not a bad idea at all!””No, I don’t think so,” I blurted out. But what didn’t I think?”Maybe we can double-date some time,” Jessica finished. “Hal is allmine, Jenny. I don’t mean to share him.” She said this firmly, andthere was no doubt about it. “There are a lot of other guys out thereeager to amuse women who’ve recently gotten rid of their husbands theway you have. Are you rid of yours for good, Jenny? I know mine won’tdare to show his face around here ever again if he knows what’s goodfor him.” She sat up stiffly and looked me directly in the eyes,until she saw that her point had been hammered home. Then she relaxed.”You really need to loosen up a little, Jenny, now that the man in yourlife doesn’t matter to you any more. Try out some new things. See howyou like them. See how much better some men are than other men, doingsome things. Better than some women in making someone like you happy.”She tensed and stretched herself, and the lower part of her body beganto writhe reminiscently, as if Hal’s cock was somehow back inside it.”Pardon me a moment, honey. The john! I feel so full! I’m leakingfront and rear, no matter which way I turn! I really must tidy up alittle. This time there’s no husband around to do it for me!”She smiled a deeply satisfied smile and stood up, still stark naked,clothed in her self-satisfaction, and she swaggered into our bathroomand closed the door behind her. I realized that she had been speakingto Hal, not to me, reassuring him that there was no chance of anunexpected confrontation while she was gone from the room. I supposethere wasn’t.Now Hal turned toward me and propped himself on his elbow, and looked meover closely. A flash of teeth gleamed as he turned on a radiantpersonality and beamed it at me from close range. He seemed so utterlyself- confident, so powerful! I shrank back within myself, my eyeswidening, a little fearful.”Jennifer,” he intoned in a lulling, rich voice. I had to listen.”That’s an absolutely ravishing name, Jennifer. Jess will be in therefor a while, Jenny. There’s a lot of me way down deep inside hershe’ll want to clean out. Her husband used to do it for her, she toldme. I suppose it was her way of getting back at him for something oranother. Or maybe he liked doing it. But that was all the more reasonfor her to want me to fill her to overflowing.”What was he talking about?”I can cum quite a few times before I need a rest, did you know that,Jenny? Quite a few! Jessica loves to use those pussy muscles of hers tosqueeze cum out of me again and again, till nothing’s left. But Ialways have more. Have you ever done that, Jenny? Squeeze a man,over and over until there’s nothing more he can squeeze into you?”He sounded so persuasive I almost nodded ‘Yes.’ It was terrifying, theforce of his questioning! I just shook my head.”Jessica’s husband used his mouth. Have you ever cleaned out a womanwith your mouth, Jenny?”This time I nodded. I don’t know why. Because I had? It was none ofhis business. But I couldn’t help myself.”You like the way women taste? I’ll bet you do. How about men? Do youlike the way men taste?”I didn’t like the way this interrogation was going, but I couldn’t turnit in another direction. I had to be Jennifer, a woman, Jessica’sgirlfriend, comfortable enough about sex to walk in on a naked coupleand then sit down and chat with them. I was a woman. I had topersuade myself or no one else would believe me. If Hal caught on thatI was Jessica’s despised husband, the ridicule I’d have to endure fromboth of them would be unbearable. Yet, taste a man? I couldn’t reply.Hal sat up like a great-maned lion rising from rest, and slowly swunghis legs over the edge of the bed. Now his face wasn’t three feet away.He leaned slightly forward and reached over and grasped my shoulders asif to reassure me. Then gently, ever so gently, he began to pull metoward him out of my chair. I found myself down on my knees in frontof his knees, looking up into his eyes.”Do you like the way men taste, Jennifer?” he repeated, looking into myeyes with a kindly, mild expression on his face. “I see you do. Wouldyou like to taste me, Jennifer? Would you like to use your pretty redmouth to squeeze my juices out of me, until they’re all inside you?”He gave the faintest tug to my shoulders, and my head nodded. His cockwas bursa escort bayan just under my nose.I looked down at it, and at his black, tangled pubic hair, coated andstreaked with my wife’s dried cum. And with his. All this time hisprick was growing, and it now stood tall between his legs like somemassive tower, its foreskin slipping back even as I looked down on it.It was now as fat as my wrist! Its plump purple cock head brushedagainst my lips. I tried not to flinch away.”My God!” I said. I’d never seen such a cock! It was more like ahorse’s than a man’s!”Yes, Jennifer. Many women make this their God! Taste me, Jennifer.Lick me, Jennifer. You know you want to. Open your mouth and leanforward.”Could I rebel at this point? Make a scene? I leaned forward.”That’s it! Ahhhh! That’s it, Jennifer! Lick me again. Now take thehead of my cock into your mouth, Jennifer. Your pretty red mouth!Open wide! And take hold of my cock with your pretty hands, with yourpretty red-tipped fingers, Jennifer, both hands, and pull on it gently,gently, Jennifer. That’s it! And begin to suck on my cock, Jennifer.Purse your lips around me and suck. Ahhhh! That’s it!”I did it. I couldn’t help myself. I didn’t seem to have a mind of myown. My cheeks sank in, and for the first time my tongue felt thestrange velvety texture of a man’s cock head He tasted familiar. Ipuzzled it. Of course. This prick was covered with Jessica’s cum. Hetasted like Jessica.Then all of a sudden it hit me. He tasted like Jessica. But he wasalso soaked in his own cum, the cum this very cock had been pumping intoJessica’s pussy over and over, all day today and probably yesterday too.The smell and taste was blended with Jessica’s, and they smelled andtasted so very familiar! What had Jessica done? All the while Ithought that my own skilled mouth and tongue were exciting her vaginato prodigious lubrication, it was never her cum, it was their cum!She’d come home fresh from fucking him, and it amused her to allow me,her proper, lawful husband, to clean him out of her! What a suckerI’d been! Their juices were spread over his genitals even now, I couldsee, clotted and matted on his shaft and his groin and his balls. Theslick gouts of their secretions squished as I began to pull and pushon his prick with both my hands.Once again I was licking up the evidence of her infidelity, his thickcloudy sperm laced with her clear secretions, but this time directly,sucking his cock at first hand instead of at one remove. That was allI was good for, she’d told me often enough. “Oh, yes,” she’d moan, asmy tongue sank deep into her pussy and slurped at the slick sap itfound there. “Suck on it! That’s what you’re good for!” To give lipservice to her betrayals.I’d thought she felt affection for me each time I buried my face betweenher legs. But it was really only spite! She’d been avenging herself onme, because she’d decided I wasn’t man enough for her.I felt cheapened, cheated, used. As my resentment grew, a bleak angerbegan to rise from deep within me. And as that anger began to feed onitself, I half- forgot what I was doing. The outrageous injustice ofit! The petty maliciousness! The gratuitous humiliation! Did Ideserve this? How can I get even? Tense, furious, I began to clenchand pump and suck on Hal’s massive prick.Hal felt something profound happening, and began in turn to push at mewith his hips, to headfuck my mouth. In a mindless fury I brought mymouth down onto his massive prick as hard as I could, to push him back,and he then thrust into me even more strenuously! His breathing andmine both grew shorter.That bitch, I was thinking! My birthday present! Sending me away toget a Makeover and then to the Ball like Cinderella, eager to geldmyself into a lady by my own desire, to dream of grace and beauty, allso she could feel free to fuck her brains out uninterrupted in thisvery bed! With a stud who even now thought he was getting a great headjob, I was sure of it, from Jessica’s best friend, the sister of thehusband he had cuckolded how many times whenever they met, how manytimes met, over how many months? Could I count that high? I nowpulled on that monster staff with my mouth and with both hands! It wasnow huge, practically a baseball bat. Infuriated, I sucked down deeponto the thick head and as much of the shank I could reach. My jawached wide open, and my lips stretched full to contain and then pulsateon him. I couldn’t help myself! That nasty, spiteful bitch! Hal’swhole body stiffened, and he half-lifted himself from the bed.And then all of a sudden spurt after spurt poured into me. He came! Hedeluged into my mouth. I scarcely noticed! In a blind rage, Iswallowed him mindlessly as fast as I could to keep from drowning orchoking. His spunk leaked all around my stretched lips even while Imilked even more out of him with my fist! It was Jessica’s taste allright! My own wife! Using me with such contempt! I couldn’t blameHal, he was as he was, a hot prick with an easy pussy to plunge into.A vindictive pussy! But even as I was gulping his sperm and swallowingit and then gulping air, and Hal kept spouting more into me, ten,twelve, fifteen pulsing gushes with no end yet in sight, I wasthinking, how can I get even with her?And it came to me! I was a woman now. As far as Hal was concerned,anyhow, and Jessica wasn’t ready to expose me. How can women avengethemselves on other women who betray their trust? They can return thefavor and steal the other woman’s man! Hal was an incredible man, withthat cock of his, but still, only a man, easily led by that same cock.From the way he came on to me the moment Jessica left the room, I knewI could seduce him away from her at least long enough to empty hisballs and deprive her of any more pleasure this weekend, thank you!Two can play that game!I glanced up at him, and saw that he had no idea my furious paroxysmswere about Jessica. He thought all that intensity was passionatedevotion to his prick! He was leaning back now almost in a trance, hiseyeballs rolled back. I realized only now that with each spurt of cumhe had been crying out guttural noises of unspeakable joy. He stillhadn’t caught his breath, but as he glimpsed me looking up at him, helooked down and managed to gasp “God, Jenny! God! You give greathead! The greatest! The greatest ever! Never like this before!Lady, you do get into it!”Then while he was still floating in his euphoria, my wet lips stillsliding along his long cock, his breath returned. He said, “My God,Jenny! You suck cock like there was no tomorrow, no more ever again.Your mouth is absolutely insatiable! Whatever can you be like when youfuck?”I took my mouth from around his huge tool, and as it melted back tobecome a fat sausage once again, I said in the most suggestive, overripevoice I could muster, “That’s for me to know, Hal baby, and for you tofind out if you can!” For the first time since I’d arrived home, wasit hours ago?, I smiled.Then as I slowly got up off my knees and sat down again in the slipperchair, I had the satisfaction of seeing Hal reach for my hand to assistme — he was such a gentleman. But there was a new light gleaming inhis eyes. And I noticed that the extraordinary tube of meat in his laphad reversed itself. Incredibly, it was rising to my new challenge.Freshly slick and shiny, smooth and slippery with my saliva and withhis own fresh cum, it was once again growing. In fact it was alreadyhuge, judging by ordinary standards.But I’ll handle it, I told myself! Somehow! I am going to fix thatprick so Jessica’s quim feels like a slab of sloppy supermarket liverwhen he next gets into it. She’d tried to fob me off on Eric while shewas fucking this man? Well, right now I have a neat, tight, virginalass, never entered, and I’m wearing my prettiest panties. ForJessica, I’d thought when I put them on this morning, but now they’refor you, Hal. And my cock and balls are well hidden under thatsanitary pad I put on this morning in sisterly solidarity with Jessica,so my secret’s safe enough. Now I’m going to get back at Jessica! Forthe next hour I’m going to make my ass a cock-hungry slut to this stud!I’ll empty those balls so he needs at least a week to refill them!Whatever it takes! That bitch! I’ve got to do it!I was about to reach for the growth in Hal’s lap, to lift him gently byit, and turn him, and mount the bed so he could mount me. It was awonderful power I felt at that moment, that of a woman who knows she’sdesired. But just then I realized I’d heard no sounds from thebathroom for some time. I paused and listened. There came a click onthe door, and then it opened. Jessica had returned. I muttered aloud”It’s me now for the next hour, Hal baby, not that cunt Jessica! Canyou deal with that?”Hal heard. He broke into a slow grin, glanced at me and saw theintensity of feeling in my face, decided it was for him and should berewarded and enjoyed, turned to Jessica, and said in a slow drawl,”Well, honey, you sure took your time. I’ll bet there’s room for lotsmore of me in there now. I figured you’d gone downstairs to callJanice to set up something for tonight. Shouldn’t you? Or will yourhusband be home by then?””You’re right,” Jessica replied. “I forgot! I’d better now. But I’llbe a while. You know how Janice loves to talk.”Who was Janice? One of those friends she’s always seeing when I’mpaying no attention to her comings and goings?”You two’ll be OK for a while?” She glanced at me, a little sternly Ithought. “Getting to know each other, are you?””We’ll be fine,” Hal said, a little complacently I thought. “It’ll be awhile anyhow.” He was telling her he wasn’t able to fuck again rightaway. I knew better.”All right,” Jessica said, now looking at me directly. “Magnificent,isn’t he, Jenny dear?” She came down hard on “dear,” sounding exactlythe way she did whenever finding fault with me as her husband.”Remember, look but don’t touch. If you have to, pick on someone yourown size! You have to work up to someone like Hal, honey. And you’llnever really be woman enough for him!”That’s what you think, I thought, looking back at her calmly. I battedmy eyes at her a few times but said nothing. Hal chuckled. Jessicalooked at me a moment longer, trying to reinforce her warning Ithought. “Fix your lipstick, honey!” was all she said. “You’ve smearedit!” Then she left.A moment later we heard a phone dialing down below in the kitchen, andJessica began to talk to someone, her words indistinct but her voiceplaying arpeggios and tinkling with laughter now and then. She’ll besome time, I thought. She always is when she’s in that good a mood andtalking that way. I suppose she thinks Hal needs to recover some morebefore she can resume with him.”Is that true, what she said about me?” I asked Hal?”It could be, Jenny. Your cunt doesn’t open real wide? It’s nevercelebrated itself with someone like me?”I’d better begin fast and not look back! “Hal, forget my cunt for now!I want my ass wrapped all around that cock!” Sound really horny, I toldmyself, and he’ll be all the more eager. “Right now! I want to suckall of those juices into my ass. There’s lots of room in there forthat thing of yours, and for all the spunk in the world! But theopening’s a bit tight. Do you think….?”He was eager now all right! “Sweetheart, trust me, when we’re throughyour ass will feel as loose as a bed sheet. Anything slipped into youwill feel like it was born there!”Still, I felt a little apprehensive. How exactly did this even thescore with Jessica? Would I get torn up? Who was revenging himself onwho? Or herself? Was this worth it?Hal took my hand tenderly in his and placed it on his dong, which hadfinally become fully erect, and stood out like a young stallion’s. Igripped it gently. “That’s it, little lady,” he crooned. Thatmellifluous, persuasive voice of his had returned. “Feel familiar?This is your old friend. Ask your hands and your mouth, they alreadyknow, don’t they? So does your tummy, doesn’t it? Now all you needto do is slip off your panties and pull up that pretty skirt and lieback here on this bed and relax and enjoy yourself.”His other hand took mine and lifted it as if he were a gentleman aboutto lead me into my first dance at a grand ball. Just as if it werestill last night. With the same feeling of enchantment, I rose frommy chair. He turned me and settled me on my back on the bed, and thenleaned over me.”Now, this cream I’ve got here will soothe you and help those musclesrelax. Once it’s between your cheeks I’ll slip right past those pantiesof yours and into your rosebud with no fuss or trouble at all, Jennyhoney. Do you want to massage it in yourself?”I shook my head. I felt helpless to move. It felt warm and slippery ashe slathered some onto my anus. Then I felt a full feeling, “comfy”was exactly the word for it.”You see, Jenny. Already three fingers inside you, and all you feel isnice, isn’t that so? Limp and loose as a goose. I’d fist you, but mycock ‘ll stretch you the same amount anyhow. Ready?”He lifted my legs to his shoulders gently, and snugged my kneesalongside his ears. Then gazed down at me reassuringly. Suddenly Ifelt so vulnerable, so helpless. I had to trust him. There came adull poking on my anus. then more pressure, then more, then suddenlythe most overwhelming full feeling I have ever felt in my life! Wasthat him already inside me? It was as if the most enormous turd in theworld were in there trying to get out, or get in, and I groaned aloud.”Now I’m in you, sweetheart, but just barely. If you feel like pushing,Jenny baby, just push! That’s how I’ll get more of me into you. Justsay when.”His cock was in me! I felt an unexpected rapture suddenly blossom outfrom it! I’m a real woman! I said to myself. I’ve got the biggest cockin the world in me, and I’ve stolen my wife’s lover away from her, andnow I’m going to fuck him to death! It felt marvelous!”More!” I said in a choking voice, as if it were my throat and not myass that was now filled to the brim. “More, Hal baby! Fuck me!” Ipushed my whole bottom toward him as best I could. He leaned forward,and escort bursa then like a long freight train slowly moving into a tunnel thatgiant prick entered me, little by little, slowly, interminably itseemed. Finally at long last I could feel his thighs pressing againstmy rump.”Aaahhhhhhhh!” I sighed out in deep satisfaction. “Full” was no longerthe word for how my bottom felt. My whole body had expanded around him!Now I was complete! Altogether a part of him, and he was a part of me!What bliss! He began to withdraw, as gradually and majestically as hehad entered me, and I felt myself becoming myself again. But empty,because now I knew that I was no longer full.Then it began again, the return to that marvelous fulfillment. Of apromise of ecstasy to come. My anointing! I groaned. Then again,louder! When all of him had entered me and snugged into me, I criedout my desire and joy!That monster cock then set up a slow, sedate, steady rhythm, strokinginto and out of me, in and out. Now at the furthest reach of his in-stroke Hal’s shoulders pressed heavily against my thighs and lifted myhips even higher up, my ass pressed even closer against his groin, andhe plunged even deeper into me. Then with the outstroke the wholelower half of my body came down onto the bed, and I felt vacated,emptied, but nostalgic with the knowledge of his departure. Then ithappened yet again. He returned, and as he reached into the deepestpart of my bowels and I felt him pressing his whole groin against myass I pushed as hard as I could into him, with the most deliciouslittle wiggle at the end of my thrust, seeking…something namelessjust beyond. My cock stayed flaccid underneath my sanitary pad, but Icould feel further down, deeper, that I was beginning to approach aclimax I could not have imagined. It was as if my anus and bowelsthemselves were knotting up and squeezing into my whole body the juicesof pure pleasure.We settled into that ecstatic rhythm, our two bodies become one,glorious! I opened my eyes. All I could see at first was his headbetween my nylon- stockinged thighs, his eyes tight closed, his hairhanging damp over his forehead, his face concentrating intently. ThenI caught a movement from the corner of my eye, and turned my head,careful not to break my body’s enchantment.There, sitting in the slipper chair alongside the bed was my wifeJessica! She was watching the two of us with relaxed curiosity,altogether undisturbed by what she was seeing.At that very moment Hal began his magnificent progress back into mybowels, and I had to give him my full attention. But when he began towithdraw I looked over at my wife again. She didn’t seem irritated orjealous at all! In fact there was no mistaking it, she was gloating.Could I be wrong? This wasn’t at all what I had planned! Nor what shehad planned for her weekend? Was I misreading a scowl of jealousy? Wasthe pleasure her boyfriend was now finding in my body, and I wasfinding each time my cheeks and hips spread wide to accommodate thatcock, was it bitter to her, a thorn in her side?Not at all. To my shocked amazement, as she watched us in relaxed ease,she smiled. She was happy for me?”He’s really into it now, isn’t he?” she said, apparently to me.”Yes, he is,” I said in between my sighs and cries and grunts ofsatisfaction. That wonderful feeling was now building and building,reaching closer to…something nameless! I didn’t want Hal to stop,not now, not ever. I didn’t mind rubbing it in. “And he’s wonderful!”I added. The more green- eyed the monster gnawing at her, the better.Which may be why I didn’t hear at first that Hal, on the deepestpressure of his in stroke, my ass cheeks high up and pushing into him,said on a wheezing grunt as he slammed that meat a last fraction of aninch further into my vitals, “Yes!” In fact I didn’t realize Hal hadsaid “Yes” at all until he added, “He sure is!””He bought it!” my wife responded to Hal. “He really bought it!”I was about to answer her “Yes” again when the full meaning of Hal’sunnecessary remark entered my understanding. I opened my eyes again,after wriggling the last excruciating deliciousness out of the lastounce of pressure from Hal’s sweet cock and balls, my last wriggle ofgratitude pushing into him, my last effort to prolong my delight beforeHal withdrew and the whole cycle began again. I was shocked when I sawthat Jessica was sitting there looking into Hal’s eyes, not mine, thatshe was talking to Hal! In this exchange I was no more than a piece ofmeat Hal was fucking, as far as she was concerned. It was as if Iweren’t even there. She was talking to her lover. “I told you he’dbuy it!” she added.Hal pulled back and paused for an infinitesimal second before resuminghis fucking rhythm. I couldn’t help it, my asshole lunged at him,unable to wait. He then began his long slow re-entry yet again, and Iwas almost out of my head with joy.”Yes you did, sweetheart,” Hal said as he concentrated on re-enteringme, his eyes fixed in some middle distance. “And he feels just great!Just great! I’d never have believed you could pull this off!””He was easy,” my wife replied. She leaned back and looked up at theceiling, her hands now clasped behind her head, in a reminiscent mood.I stared at her a little wild eyed, though my mind remained between myhips. “He’s always been easy. Half the time I’ve gone out he’s neverlooked up to ask why I’m so dolled up just to visit friends. He’s sopredictable! But now we can both get dolled up to visit you togetherwhenever you’d like a three- way. I’m so glad you’re enjoying him, Hal,and I’m even more glad he’s enjoying you! It makes everything so mucheasier!”Glad? I didn’t want her to be, but I was pinned helpless now, and hadto ride this thing to completion. Hal increased the pace, driving hisbody into my ass repeatedly, over and over, reaching for thatintangible trigger that would fire off his orgasm. My hips werethrusting more wildly too, around and into that marvelous fat pole,faster and faster as a yearning built up in me.Suddenly there I was! I reached up and achieved a high plateau, tensewith desire, and then I felt some deep set of abdominal muscles begin tothrob in glory, and I couldn’t help it, I began to moan and then callout and finally to scream, and my still-soft prick began to throbsomehow, and then to leak some kind of fluid into my napkin and mypanties just as I felt Hal throb within me, and give a last mightylunge, and I felt his hot sperm shoot high up into my guts. And shootand shoot and shoot, until finally he began to ease off. I realizedonly then that my knees had been pushed all the way to my own earsduring this last cataclysmic double orgasm. He hadn’t yet begun toshrink and withdraw, but already his sperm overflowed my ass and mycrotch, and mixed in with mine, and began to soak my panties and myskirt. We both began breathing a little more regularly. It was over.And deep within me, I regretted it. I wanted more.”Well, you did it, honey,” Jessica said to Hal, looking impassively atmy round eyes staring back at her. “I knew if there was any woman inhim at all he’d never be able to resist getting that big thing of yoursinside him once he saw it. I never could resist a really big cockmyself! I can’t begin to count how many big guys stuffed themselvesinto me before I got married, or how many afterward, come to think ofit. So why should he be able to hold himself back?”Hal still loomed over me, looking down into my face. I looked up athis, my legs high up, resting on his shoulders and back. I couldn’tmove. But I didn’t want to move!”Well, Jessica,” he said. “Maybe because he’s a man? Not every manfeels gets turned on by a large cock up his ass.” He smiled down at me.”Present company excepted, of course. I think it was your other ideathat did the trick, depend upon him to get jealous when he sees me, hisresentment that his wife has been fucking another man. Other men, Isuppose I should say. And of finding out that for months he’s beensucking other men’s cum out of his wife? That kind of thing can get aguy’s head fucked up! Not just his head!””He loved your taste inside me!” Jessica said. “Same as I’ve alwaysloved it! As long as he didn’t know what it was, that is! How did youbreak the news to him?””No problem. He figured it out while he was sucking my cock. Then hecouldn’t wait to get even with you, and that did it!””You got him to suck your cock?” She looked at me still pinned beneathhim, with what seemed new respect. “So I’m right too. It wasn’t justresentment. A cock like yours can bring out the girl in any man, Ibet!”She grinned at me and went on. “Well, a Makeover is what I wanted forhim, and that’s what happened! If he looks like a woman, and suckscock like a woman, and fucks like a woman, what do we call him?”She turned to me, while I just lay there. My legs were still high inthe air and my ass was still impaled by Hal’s cock, which hadn’t yetdeflated enough for me to slide free of it. His cum was leaking freelyout of my distended asshole now, though. In this position I couldn’teasily comment on anything they said. I just listened.”You know, Jenny,” she said. “I’d hoped that Eric would take yourcherry and teach you what it feels like to be a woman, so you’d stopplaying with your skirts and lipsticks whenever I’ve gone somewhereelse to fuck a real man, and fish or cut bait. I mean, join with therest of us girls and go all the way, or else quit pretending and giveit up and try to be a man after all! But now you’ve chosen, haven’tyou? I can tell just by looking at you. Who wouldn’t want to be awoman after that cock of Hal’s has been pushed deep into him? For thatmatter, now that you’ve seen what a real man’s cock looks like andyou’ve felt what it can do, you can’t really claim that you’re also aman, can you? Not any more you can’t. Especially now that you’vetaken it up the ass and loved it!”Thinking about Hal’s meat heated her up a little. “It really isgorgeous, Hal! I see it there crammed like a long cork into Jenny’sbottom, and I still can’t help myself! Is there anything left in itfor me for right now?”Hal turned, his face regretful. “Not right now, Jess. You know wellthat after a few days of steady screwing it can take me as long as ahalf hour to get it up again. I can maintain that pace for weeksprobably, the way I did last Christmas, when your husband was out oftown? Remember? But I do need a half hour’s breathing space now andthen.” He grinned. “Of course mouth-to-mouth resuscitation helpstoo.”Then he changed the subject. “Did you and Janice set it up for tonightwhile Jenny and I were up here getting it on?””Yes,” Jessica answered. “In fact, her brother’s in town, and Jenny’llbe just perfect for him. It’ll be wonderful, now that there’s no chanceany husband of mine’ll ever discover what’s going on and break in andmake a scene and spoil the fun. I should have done this years ago.”She toward me again. “Jenny, welcome to the club. For some time nowJanice and I and some other friends have been liberated women who loveto take vacations from our marriages now and then, and kick up ourheels by wrapping them around different men. Especially around Hal,this sweet man here with the prize cock that won’t ever quit. And nowyou’re one more of us!””He is indeed!” Hal commented, now finally pulling his softened sausageout of me and sitting back, then swinging his legs over the edge of thebed. My bottom felt…deprived! “I don’t doubt that he’ll want tojoin with you two any time we want to do a threesome! Dolled up likethis, Jenny is one of the hottest pieces of ass I’ve ever fucked!”Then slyly, “I’ll bet she misses me already.”Why did I feel complimented?”You know Jenny,” Jessica went on. “Our marriage is over.” Her voicewas kindly. She wanted to be helpful. “I don’t want you for a husband.But now that you’re not just playing at being a girl any more, I’d lovefor you to be my live-in girlfriend. Didn’t you once say you wantedthat?”I was listening.”You see, I’ve had only two options. Divorce you, or give you abirthday present that might make a difference. You may not know it, butyou’re not who you were. The girls at the Salon didn’t tell you, butthat blonde hairdo is now you! It’s way too elaborate to cover withthat little wig they gave you. That thing won’t cover anything. Andyou know now that your face is much too feminine when it’s made up foryou to wear it plain and unadorned, the way you did when you werepretending it was a man’s face. And I know you’re happier in skirtsthan you are in pants — that’s why you wear them so often.””But above all, you can’t tell me that you’ll never again want to havesex as a woman. That you’d rather fuck your life away as a man when youcould keep getting royally fucked like a few minutes ago, like a woman.Not from what I just saw.””So it seems to me that these are your options. Tomorrow you can go tothe office dolled up in your blonde perm, or you can shave your headand go bald, and either way you can face all the talk. Or tonight youcan go out with us and have fun, and sleep in tomorrow with Janice’sbrother. You two are all fixed up. From what we hear, he’s hung likeHal here, and he’s a charmer, and Janice tells me you’ve lucked outwith him, because his taste runs especially toward girls just like you.No need to worry about the office for a long time. The guys we knowalways seem to have enough for us, if we treat them right.”She sat back and waited for my response.I’d been set up! All along! I tried to be angry with her again, but Ifailed. I tried to resent Hal for being in on this conspiracy with her,but I couldn’t. I tried to hold myself in contempt for not standing upand walking out and leaving my slut wife to her infidelities, but Icouldn’t even do that. Jessica and Hal may have done this to suittheir own convenience, but I can’t say it was only their ownconvenience. I thought for a moment how much further this thing couldgo. Then I decided I’d think that through some other time.I sat up and surveyed the ruins of my new silk dress, stained and stickywith cum from all three of us, and I began wondering what else I had towear that would do, among other purchases still in the car. I wonderedwhat Janice was like, but I figured I’d find out soon enough.”Tell me more about Janice’s brother,” I said. “Is he cute?”End



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