Part 3

Madhavi’s version :

Rahul has been telling you about the fun we have been having so far. I think any narrative only from one point-of-view is incomplete, so I told Rahul that I too wish to narrate what happened during the trip. Here goes …

As Rahul has told you, after dinner I wanted to cuddle-up with him. Since the berth wasn’t wide enough for us to sleep side by side, I first tried to sleep in a spoon fashion, with my Jaanu’s arm around me, holding one of my tits in his palm, and my ass in his crotch. Sleep was difficult with Rahul squeezing my boobs, caressing my tummy, slipping his hands on to the vee of my legs, caressing my pussy mound, his hands creeping up again to my nipples, his hands trying to hold both my nipples in the fingers of one hand, twisting my nipples gently. I was wet with my pussy juices. His cock was rock hard, trying to drill a hole in my ass. I was soooo turned on that sleeping was the last thought in my mind. I asked Rahul “Jaanu, sone ka program hai ki nahin (Dalrling, do you plan to sleep or not)?”

Rahul replied “Madhavu, my darling, tum itni sexy ho ki main tumhari is pyari deh ke saath chipak ke sone ki koshish to kar raha hoon, par tumhari har cheez itni manmohak hai ki haath sab se pyar karne se baaz nahin aate (Madhavu, you are so sexy that I want to glue myself to your lovely body and try to sleep, but, every part of your body is so pleasing that my hands automatically drift to caress your body). Is liye sona bahut mushkil ho raha hai (so it is becoming very difficult to sleep). Par, yaad rahe ki kal hamein minimum time mein apna kaam poora karna hai, taaki ham kucch ghoom saken aur picchle itne dino ki paari jo pending padi hai, uska bhi lutf uthain (But, remember that tomorrow we have to finish our official work as early as possible so that we can do some sight-seeing, and of course so much of love-making is pending for so many days, so we have to enjoy that too). Tum aisa karo ki mere upar leit jaao (why don’t you lay on top of me). Tum itni halki-phulki ho ki mujhe tumhara bojh kucch bhi nahin lagta (you are so light that I love your weight on me). Mera seena tumhare mammon ke saath chipka hoga aur mere haath tumhare gol gol chootaron par honge (my chest will be glued to your tits and my hands will lovingly fondle your rounded ass-cheeks). Isi lutf mein neend aa jaayegi (I will be enjoying it so much that the satisfaction itself will lull me to sleep).” I turned, kissed him passionately on his lips, which he reciprocated with even more passion and hugged me and turned with me lying on the top of him. I made small movements that his lund was rubbing against my pussy lips, which flared up my passion, and I wanted to put his cock into my pussy, but, heeding to his advice, I stopped the movement. He seemed to be disappointed, but, soon we were deep asleep in each others’ arms.

By the time the train got Baroda, it was 8 a.m. next morning. We took a taxi to the Hotel. I sat in the lobby as he was registering for the room. I was keeping a distance from him so that, just in case anyone I knew would not link both of us up, though the Hotel employees assumed that I was his wife. Rahul too knew that he would have to be extremely careful because anyone who knew him could also know his wife and tell her.

Yet I was intrigued with this man. He was not the most handsome man in the world but what attracted me to him? He was caring and understood my wants though I did keep him guessing or stringing him along without revealing the burning passion I had for him. He had a quick sense of wit, humor and knew just how to push the right buttons to make my body quiver. I decided that since he was being absolutely frank and down-to-earth with me, even I should be forthright and tell him what I felt for him. I knew some of it may hurt him, especially the part that I finally wanted to get married and lead my own life, but, at the same time I did not want to lose Rahul. Rahul is a sensitive guy, who did not push me into anything, and he always took care of my needs before he expressed any need of his. In fact one of my many turn-ons was the fact that Rahul would allow me take the first step whenever we crossed a line that we had not ventured beyond earlier. I yearn to take charge at times, and start the love-making, gradually exciting him with my actions, my moans and my passion while caressing his magnificient cock or guiding and inserting his cock into my super-wet pussy. I decided that this trip will give me ample opportunity to enact my fantasies and give Rahul the super-orgasm that he always gave me.

We checked into the room and no sooner the bell-boy left our baggage, I headed straight into his arms. I raised my arms and looped them around his neck and started gently rubbing myself against him. His hands too were not idle, immediately clutched my ass, kneading my ass-cheeks in a circular motion, which sent electric shocks to my pussy. I started grinding my pussy against illegal bahis the protrusion in his pants and my breath became heavier. I was excited and wanted him to take me there and then, but, my thoughts were broken by Rahul saying “Madhavu Rani, jaldi se tayyar ho jaao (sonu, my princess, get ready fast). Main ek Taxi hire kar raha hoon aur tumhe tumhare customer ke paas drop kar doonga (I am hiring a cab and will drop you at your client’s place). Tum mujhe apne customer ka phone number de do (Give me your client’s phone number). Main jaise hi free ho gaya, tumhe phone kar ke pick karne ka plan bana loonga (The moment I get free, I’ll call you and we can plan when and how to pick you up).”

I told him that while he can drop me at the customer’s premises, he should not phone or pick me up, since the customer knew a lot of our colleagues, and stories may get around. I told him that after finishing the work, I will tell the customer that he should get me an Auto-rickshaw for the market. After getting into the Auto-rickshaw, I’ll tell the driver to bring me to the Hotel, while the client will think I am out shopping. He agreed and soon we both took our showers and ordered breakfast (to keep our passions in check, we took our baths separately and dressed inside the bathroom, which was quite spacious since it was a 5-star Hotel). After breakfast, he dropped me at the customer’s place.

I returned to our room and waited for Rahul to return. My thoughts wandered to him, and I felt my pussy getting wet. “What’s the matter with me?,” I thought to myself. I waited for some time, debating with myself whether I should play with myself a bit. I pressed my boobs and caressed my thighs. Then I pulled the draw-string of my salwaar, slipped my hand into my panties and started caressing the protruding lips of my pussy. I wanted this trip to be special, so I had gone to a beauty parlour in my city, on the day we had to catch the train and got my legs and arms depilated. I had also wanted to shave my pussy, but never got around it. I decided to have a look at my pussy to see what made Rahul so excited on seeing it that he was all over it while kissing, licking, tongue-fucking or finger-fucking it, inspite of the pussy-hair. I was just admiring my pussy with these thoughts when the phone rang. It scared me, so I dropped it on the carpeted floor and I became embarrassed. “He – Hello,” I said as I picked up the receiver from the floor. It was Rahul.

“If I say you have a beautiful body, would you hold it against me,” I heard him say. A gush of fluid escaped from my pussy. My body was trembling as I began apologizing for dropping the phone and stammering various things into the mouthpiece. “What am I saying,” I thought to myself.

“Main dus minute mein pahunch raha hoon. Ghoomne jaana hai kya (I’ll pick you up in ten minutes. Do you want to go sight-seeing)?”, he asked. It was only 5pm as I glanced at my watch, just the right time to explore the markets. “Uummm, don’t you” I was interrupted by his saying he would be in the room soon and we could discuss it. Before I could answer, he hung up. I rushed to the bathroom to clean up. I knew my panties would be soaked from all the fluid that had escaped my pussy as we talked. “What in the hell is the matter with me?” I wondered to myself. I decided to wear my Levi jeans and a tee-shirt, since it was pleasantly warm outside. Just as I was finishing the last button on my Levis, a soft knock was heard at the door.

I opened it and my knees started to buckle. He had on his formal clothes, and I had not realized how wonderful I thought he looked. He did not have the looks of a film star, but, to my eyes, he did look smart and handsome. “Well, do I just stand here for the duration, or do I get invited in?”, Rahul joked. I stepped back and he walked in past me as I closed the door. My pussy was soaked and my knees could barely keep my legs from buckling beneath me.

He looked around me room and walked over to the shades and pulled them shut. “There’s no sense of advertising the fact that we are together in this room, for whatever reason”, he said. “Come over here,” he commanded. I flew to him and our lips met.

I was helpless in his arms. Those big hands virtually covered my back as he placed them around me and his strength practically crushed the breath out of me. He was not a big man but obviously was strong and caring. The kiss lasted for, it seemed, an hour. He picked me up and carried me to the bed and laid me down before our lips separated. I was already breathing hard and my body was in flames. His lips began caressing the sides of my neck and reached my ear lobes. His hands had found my breasts and were gently squeezing them. I wanted to say something but could not find the breath to do so. I was totally his to do with as he saw fit. I knew, somehow, that he would not be cruel to me nor ask me to do anything that I did not want to do. I trusted this man implicitly.

By illegal bahis siteleri now, my blouse was fully opened and his hands were exploring my stomach and had already caressed my legs. I felt him following my zipper down to my crotch and the juices in my pussy were drenching my panties. I wondered if they would soak through my jeans. As his hand applied just slight pressure to my pussy, I came for the first time. My body arched against his touch and my breathing became erratic. Flames shot up the front of my body, piercing my breasts and bringing a blush to my face. I was sweating profusely and was totally out of control.

Rahul began to take off his clothes as he caressed my body with his lips. He moved away from me to remove his pants and I sat up on the bed. “I hope you don’t like big breasts,” I said, “If you do, you’re going to be really disappointed by mine.” He finished removing his pants and returned to making love to me.

“Anything more than a mouthful is excess,” he whispered to reassure me that he would not be disappointed. He removed me bra and his lips met me nipples and began caressing them with gentleness, yet firmness I had never before experienced. His had again found my crotch and I came again. Not the full climax I would feel later but still, enough to take my breath away and cause me to feel the flames of desire shoot from my pussy to my breasts where my lover was working intently. My nipples caused huge contractions in my pussy each time my lover sucked on them. My hips gyrated with each sucking action, pushing my pussy into the hand that was gently massaging it through my jeans.

I felt the button to my jeans give way and the zipper practically unzipped itself. A hand crept under my panties and I felt a finger caress the tip of my clit. “Oh Maaaaa, I’m cumming again,” I thought to myself as another wave of contractions, flames, muscle spasms and breathlessness overtook me. I was reveling in the hands of my lover. I raised myself slightly as he moved lower and began to remove the jeans and panties from my body. When they came off, I raised myself and removed my blouse and bra that were just hanging on my body. I saw his erect cock standing out from his body. I reached for it and began massaging it. I felt a finger at my clit and it began to rub up and down my wet slit. I knew I was ready for entry as the hand slid easily up and down my vaginal entry. Suddenly, the finger slipped inside me as my lover sucked my left breast into his mouth. I shuddered as I was almost overwhelmed into a fourth climax.

My lover worked his lips and tongue down my stomach as he slowly arranged himself between my legs. It was an equisite sensation when he parted my pubic hair and blew air on my slit. Then I felt his tongue on my clit as he slowly licked it. Suddenly, my clit was sucked into his mouth, his tongue flicked it back and forth mercilessly as his fingers worked inside my pussy. “Hai Rabba…. Oooooh Maaaa ….. Aur, Aur (Oh God …. More …. More….),” I thought as I came again. The waves of excitement came from deeper within this time. The waves sucked at my breath, my nipples became so tight they seemed to be caressed by just the air flowing over them. I bucked at the tongue which continued to flick my clit. Sweat was streaming down the sides of my head and beaded up on my stomach. I had never been felt so excited and sexy like this before.

The waves began to subside and my breath started to return to normal. I felt him lift himself from my clit and dragged himself to a position above me. As I opened my eyes, I felt his cock enter my pussy. His lips met mine and his tongue began to reach towards the depths of my throat. I could taste my juices on his tongue as he rhythmically began fucking me. With each stroke, I could feel his pubic hair mingling with mine and his pelvis rubbing on my clit. I knew I was in for one of the strongest climaxes I had ever experienced. His tongue began tickling the sides of my neck and working toward my ear lobes. One of his hands had grasped my left nipple and was slowly squeezing it, driving waves of excitement from my breast toward my pussy. I could feel the fire beginning to build in my clit as he began to increase the strokes he used in fucking me. My toes started to close, my knees began slowly to straighten, my stomach was beginning to tighten. I had never been here before. Suddenly, my breath left. The fire from my clit met the waves leaving my breasts in the middle of my stomach. My toes completely curled up. My buttocks heaved in excitement and my legs wrapped around my lover as I pulled him harder and harder into my pussy. Slowly soft moans began escaping my lips. They became louder until I was screaming.

I bucked with my lover and my whole body spasmed against the this climax. I had never had a feeling such as this. I thought I would pass out as I lost track of time, space and everything. I felt as if I couldn’t breath, yet I could canlı bahis siteleri hear screams of joy coming from my mouth. As he exploded inside me, I felt myself lift another notch up the climax ladder. “How far can this go,” I wondered as I screamed louder. I could not quit bucking and swaying against the force that was bringing me to this feeling. I wanted it to last forever, but it began to subside.

I could hear the screaming and moaning beginning to subside but the rhythm of fucking was still making my pussy and clit cause me to drag my lover deeper and deeper into my pussy, which was drenched with my juices. Harder and harder I pulled at him. Slowly, I regained some of my consciousness. I could see the sweat on his chest and I began to feel my breaths coming in somewhat of a regular fashion. My lover began to slow his strokes and caress my face and forehead. Slowly his lips found mine and his tongue eased itself into my mouth. The spasms in my stomach muscles began to subside and the slow strokes in and out of my pussy began to feel like rhythmical interludes. My toes uncurled and my legs slowly dropped to the bed.

“Looks to me like you enjoyed that,” he said as he lowered himself to the side of me. I tried to say something but my throat was so dry, not a sound came out. I felt as if my throat was sore as I cleared it trying to get some moisture to my vocal cords. Suddenly, he was up and returned with a glass of water for me. I drank a little and, as he lay down beside me, put my head in his arms.

“That was wonderful,” I breathed. “I have never, ever, cum like that before. Where did you learn to do all those things?” I asked. “Oh, you were just all excited because this was after such a long time,” Rahul said.

“What’s for dinner?”, he asked. I looked at my watch. “My God,” I thought, “Its 9:30.”

“Its already 9:30!” I exclaimed, “the last time I looked at my watch, it was only 5:00.” “Time flies when you’re having fun”, he said. “Maybe we should just order from Room-service?” Rahul said with a question in his voice.

“Or we could just skip dinner altogether,” I volunteered. “You mean you think you could handle some more of what we just did?” he asked. “Well, maybe not right now – but we could discuss it”, I giggled.

We passed the night, making love three more times. Each time, he managed to make me cum. I could not imagine cumming that many times in one night. It had never happened to me and I didn’t know what to make of this man who just walked into me life and practically took me over. I always knew that sex was very important to me, but this man had awakened things within my body that I didn’t know existed. Little did I know how much effect these feelings would have on my body as the weeks and years progressed.

The next morning, Rahul was up before me and I came awake when I heard the sound of the toilet flush. I was feeling very horny and the events of the previous evening started an itch in my heart – nothing to talk about my pussy and boobs – both of which yearned to be taken again. I stayed in bed till Rahul came out, and as soon as he came out of the bathroom, he saw that I was awake. He immediately climbed on to the bed and started caressing my face, going down my neck to my boobs, saying “Maine to abhi bahut saara duddhu peena hai (I still have to drink all the milk that is there)”. He strarted sucking my nipples and I kept pushing my left breast into his mouth. When very strong feelings of excitement started developing, I tried to push his mouth away, but, he gently latched on to my nipple, which got extended, till it slipped through his teeth. Ooooooooooh Maaaaa ….what an exquisite pain, which excited me to even higher level of horniness. I immediately offered the other breast to him saying “yeh wala duddhu jealous feel kar raha hai (this tit is feeling jealous)”. He took the right breast and repeated the treatment my left breast had received earlier. Then he took both my boobs and squeezed them together, giving small loving bites to my nipples and laving them with his tongue. My hips started making involuntary movements, up and down, rubbing my pussy against his thigh. His hands went under me and clutched my ass cheeks, kneading them in rhythm with my hip movements.

After a few minutes of this, his hand slipped from the back, between my legs and started caressing the protruding lips of my pussy. “Madhavu, tum itni pyari or sexy ho, par main tumhari pussy ko nanga dekhna chahta hoon (Madhavu, you are so lovely, so sexy, but I want to see your naked pussy).” I said “Par maine to pussy ko kisi cheez se cover nahin kiya (But, I haven’t covered my pussy with anything).” He combed my pussy hair through his fingers and said “Mera matlab tumhari pussy ke baalon se tha (I meant your pubic hair). Main inki shave karoonga (I want to shave them). Mujhe pata hai ki bina baalon ki Madhavu ki pussy bahut sexy hogi aur love-making mein bhi aur mazaa aayega, kyonki pussy aur lund maharaj ka milan acchi tarah ho sakega (I know that without the pubic hair, your pussy will look sexier and during love-making, we will enjoy it even more, because our pubes can rub against each other and feel each other thoroughly).”



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