Most of her days began the same. Today was no different. She was up early to make coffee and start breakfast for her husband. Moving through her beautiful home, straightening and re-arranging items, she once again felt overwhelming contentment and happiness. Finally, going to the bedroom to wake her husband, she sighed deeply. It was a glorious room. She had spent long hours making it perfect, a special bower to encompass all the love and satisfaction she felt. It was already a sunny day and long rays of light fell on the carpet and warmed the air. There, in the bed, her husband, Daniel, was still sleeping.

She studied his face. That face had changed her world. He was not traditionally handsome. Rather, he was incredibly beautiful, at least to her. His features, taken separately, were probably very ordinary, but their sum was absolutely breathtaking. His golden brown hair fell softly onto his forehead, like a little boy lost in dreams. His tanned skin was smooth and cool, scented with him, constantly tempting. She imagined his eyes, silver-grey, a color she had never seen before or since. Watching him sleep, she knew that everything about him attracted her, melted her. It wasn’t just his looks, Daniel was a total package. She could listen to him for hours, his words pouring over her, filling and satisfying her mind as he filled and satisfied her body with lovemaking.

Now, she leaned over him, tickling his cheek with her long curls. He woke smoothly, smiling, reaching up and capturing her in his arms. “Ah, Sophie! Good morning, Love.”

When he pulled her down beside him, she sighed happily. She loved the feel of him, the touch of him. Even his morning breath was fresh and delicious. His lips touched hers, tentatively. She responded with ardor, pressing her body along his, feeling his manhood swell and nestle against her. This was something she never tired of, her total capitulation to his touch. She needed him as much as he needed her. They were well-matched. She had already showered and was dressed in a soft, short, silky gown. His hands moved up and down her body, rearranging the fragile fabric, finding her naked flesh.

She nestled in his arms for long minutes, enjoying the feel of his mouth on hers, his tongue teasing and probing, awakening her desires. It was difficult, but she finally pulled away, moved from his embrace and slid out of the bed. He remained there, his arms outstretched, his eyes glistening with lust.

She went into the bathroom, filling her mouth with minty mouthwash, then spitting it out. She returned to the bed, kneeling beside it, beckoning Daniel to sit in front of her. Sophie positioned herself between his legs, pushing them even further apart, resting her warm palms on his thighs. “Lie back, Darling. But be sure you have lots of pillows, I want you to see everything…..”

She bent to his open thighs. Running her tongue up the warm flesh, she left a trail of cool moisture. Her mouth moved eagerly, searching for the prize she knew awaited her. She nibbled his tender skin, heard his moans as he anticipated her movements. Her tongue traced along his groin, moving up and down, licking and stroking. She could almost feel his cock bobbing over her, getting impatient, wanting attention.

She would have lingered over his deliciously soft thighs, but she wanted to bath his cock with her still-tingling mouth, wanted to make him gasp with pleasure. She smiled up at him, moving her mouth to the crying tip of his straining dick, swirling her tongue around the glistening head. God, she loved this. She loved the velvety feel of the head, the veined smoothness of the shaft. She loved that first taste of pre-come, knowing it would start flowing now, dripping onto her chin and fingers.

At first, Daniel was content to lie back and watch Sophie as she lavished his cock with her minty tongue. He loved to see her licking and sucking him, loved to watch her face as she consumed his erection, as it disappeared into her dainty mouth. He marveled at the joy on her face as she pleasured him. He always felt she was exactly where she wanted to be. And again, he delighted in the fact that his very ladylike wife, his prim and proper mate, could be so extremely happy sucking his cock and allowing him to explode deep in her throat.

Even as these thoughts raced through his mind, Sophie began to blow him in earnest. She began bobbing up and down, sucking and illegal bahis licking and nibbling. Soon she added that little humming sound, deep in her throat, that always drove him crazy. She knew exactly how to pleasure him. When she added her little warm hands, began caressing and probing his aching balls, he was unable to control himself and came, sending warm torrents down her throat. She continued to suck him, making sure she collected every drop before slowing down and just licking him clean, again becoming dainty and demure. Finally, his cock was cleaned to her satisfaction. She looked up then, smiling. Her tongue slipped out to lick a tiny drop of come that had settled on her lip. She closed her eyes, savoring that taste of him.

Sophie stood, leaning far over to kiss his mouth, and whisper “Good morning, my love.” Shen she turned and sashayed into the kitchen to get his breakfast on the table.

Daniel went to the shower to get ready for his day. As he washed, he relived those moments with Sophie, the way she voraciously sucked his cock any time of the day or night. He would wake sometimes to find her between his legs, happily licking and nibbling his engorged dick, her eyes closed, half-asleep. Sometimes, he wished he could tell his friends about her, about the wanton side of her that delighted him so thoroughly, but he knew he never would. While all his friends liked her, he could tell they wondered about her, exactly what she was like. She appeared to be a quiet, thoughtful, extremely genteel lady. He loved the secret side of her that only he knew.

He dressed for work and went to the kitchen, just as a wonderful breakfast was placed on the table. Sophie was in her ‘housewife’ mode, zipping around the room, making the meal, watering her plants, and dancing to the radio. She was dressed for the day too. She wore a simple dress which just skimmed her shapely figure. Her makeup was subdued, her hair long and natural. Lately, tiny streaks of silver wove through the dark brown curls, a striking look that she couldn’t have gotten in any beauty shop. He could smell her vanilla scent despite the delicious breakfast. Sophie did not like a lot of jewelry and wore only a string of pearls and her wedding band. She looked, as always, very elegant and very desirable. He asked about her plans for the day.

“Oh, the usual. Groceries, cleaners, drop books at the library, lunch with the girls. Nothing too terribly exciting. Anything special you would like for dinner?”

They continued chatting, filling in the day for each other, working together on the grocery list. Daniel finished eating and kissed her goodbye. After he left, Sophie cleaned the kitchen and prepared to leave too.

Some days, whimsically, Sophie wondered what a private detective would think if he followed her around. Her days used to be so boring, so dull, she imagined he would charge extra because of the monotony. Today, she got into her car, placing her lists on the seat with the books to return. She began driving around town, checking off errands as she completed them. Finally, all that was left was the trip to the grocery. She planned to leave the groceries until the very last, just before going home.

Sighing deeply, Sophie turned onto a lovely residential street, pulling into a driveway about midway down the block. The garage door opened as if by magic and Sophie pulled in, the door closing automatically behind her. Happily leaving all her lists in the car, Sophie walked into the house through the kitchen door. Just stepping into the house made her feel lighter. In this house, nothing was expected of her. It was her retreat, her special place, and she reveled in her time here.

She walked through the kitchen, unzipping and dropping her dress before she had even crossed the room. In the dining room, she left her shoes. By the living room, she had removed her pearls and her slip. As she entered the bedroom, she was wearing only a pale pink demi-bra and a pink garter belt, fastened to sheer ivory stockings. Sophie hadn’t worn panties and her thick dark curlies were framed beautifully. She had large, full breasts with dark areola, lovely nipples. In a demi-bra, she seemed to be in danger of overflowing. Her nipples pressed against the fragile fabric and threatened to pop through. Sophie stood in the doorway, framed beautifully, her breath quickening at the sight of Martin in the huge bed.

Martin illegal bahis siteleri was her lover. He gave her everything she wanted, anytime she wanted it. She only had to call or email him and he was waiting for her, waiting with a hard cock to please her. Today was no different.

She walked smoothly to the bed, her hips undulating with desire. Martin moved to the edge of the bed, naked and erect, to greet her. They rarely spoke. Conversation was not what brought them together. They were both guided by lust. They knew how to please each other, exactly what to do to satisfy the need that raged in both of them.

She stood between his legs and his arms went around her hips, pulling her close. He kissed her smooth tummy, his chin lightly pressing against her mound. His fingers moved expertly to her back, releasing the tiny hooks and pulling her bra open. She stood still, allowing him to slip the straps over her arms and drop it to the floor. He leaned back, opening his mouth expectantly. Sophie held her breast in one hand and leaned forward to feed him. She loved the way he looked, his eyes already closing in anticipation of the delight of nursing on her. She brushed her erect nipple along his lips, teasing him, causing him to open his mouth even further. His tongue flicked her engorged breast, sending shivers through her body and starting her juices flowing. Finally, she reached behind his head and pulled him forward, pressing his face into her soft breast, feeling his mouth clamp down on her nipple. He sucked deeply, pulling her into his heat, his mouth working busily.

Sophie’s fingers wound into his hair, holding him there. Her hips had already started dancing, her wet pussy aching and swelling. He knew exactly how to suck her nipples. The combination of pleasure and slight pain was perfect. And he loved her breasts, loved the fullness and weight of them. Now, she released his head and held the other breast for him. He pulled away from the first and delved into the second soft cushion, greedy sounds coming from deep in his throat. He alternated nipples, moving his head back and forth as she held them together and enjoyed his attentions.

Martin’s hands were free to roam along her near-naked body, cupping her bare ass, sliding down her soft thighs. His fingers moved between the cheeks, searching for that tiny, tight hole that gave her so much pleasure. Her legs spread, allowing him access to anything he wanted. He lightly circled her asshole, listening to her moans of pleasure as he continued to nip and lick her hardened nipples. He could feel how wet she was, touch the moisture that was coating her inner thighs.

Sophie pulled away and moved beside him. She looked at him with lust-glazed eyes and crawled onto the bed, until her head rested on the comforter and her knees were on the edge of the mattress. She had her ass high in the air, again perfectly framed by the garter belt. The long fasteners pressed into her pale flesh, the stockings felt sexy beneath his cheek as he began kissing her.

His mouth moved eagerly, his lips made a trail up her inner thigh, anxious to reach his destination. He found her tight little hole and slowly circled it with his extended tongue. He knew she loved this. He circled and circled, moving his tongue closer to the prize with each rotation. Finally, he was there, he could feel the puckered skin under his mouth. Now, he flicked his tongue up and down, back and forth, feeling her hips thrusting wildly against his face. He paused for the smallest second, then pushed the tip of his tongue into her ass. Her cries of delight filled the air. Again and again, he thrust forward, moving deeper and deeper into that incredible pink place, feeling the hot, silken walls surrounding his probing tongue and sucking it even deeper.

Her hips were frantic now. She was screaming his name, begging him to help her, to let her come. His mouth pushed against her ass, his tongue deep inside the darkness, his mind reeling with the pleasure of her response. He slid one hand up between her wet thighs and slipped his fingers into her swollen pussy. He found her clit, distended and throbbing, and began to massage it. He didn’t waste time being gentle, he knew she was beyond gentleness. He rubbed against it, using many fingers, pushing and twisting, knowing she needed to feel it all through the haze of lust that had settled over both of them. He continued to canlı bahis siteleri fuck her ass with his tongue while she screamed, cried, begged. His fingers slid from her clit, into her hot cunt. All four fingers fit into her easily. He began to match the rhythm of his tongue, fucking her ass and cunt together. Her hips were wild now, her voice a hoarse whisper.

He waited. Martin knew her well and knew she wouldn’t be able to wait much longer. He felt her thighs begin to press together, nearly pushing his face away. He knew the exact moment to thrust forward and how it would feel to be captured by her straining legs, held in place against her sweet ass, his hand locked between the soft flesh. He loved it. She was screaming nearly constantly now, her voice a ragged whisper as she continued to beg for release. His fingers wriggled inside her, twisting and probing, filling her completely. Still, he waited. Her body was a thing in motion, unable to stop, striving for completion. Then, he felt it. Her entire body stilled, her breathing stopped, even the moans and cries ceased. The massive orgasm tore through her and she bucked against him, her body leaking fragrant juices over his face and hands. He continued, licking and fucking, as she finally began to slow to a weak throb. He slid his tongue from her, removed his sticky fingers from inside her.

Placing his hands on her hips, he stood. He guided his engorged cock to her soaking pussy, slipping it easily into the still-pulsing pinkness. He thrust deeply over and over, coating his dick with her slippery juices. He loved being enveloped by her. It was so tempting to just continue, to be deep within her, filling her with the come he so needed to release. But he had other plans. Right now, he continued to thrust, feeling her muscles relax as she slowly returned to sanity.

He pulled out of her wet pussy and turned her onto her back with nearly one motion. He loved the satisfied, unfocused look on her face. She pushed herself further back on the bed, until she was comfortable. Her body was totally relaxed. Her nipples, which had been hard before, were still engorged from the orgasm, standing straight and tight. Her chest was flushed and still heaving.

That was what Martin wanted. He wanted those breasts. He straddled her nearly limp body, moving up until his cock rested between them. Those lovely full, warm breasts! He moved his wet cock slightly, rubbing her soft flesh. Ah, she knew! She reached up, holding her breasts together, holding them side by side, invitingly.

Martin slid his cock between them again. He was so hard, so wet and slick. He slid easily between her breasts, the velvety head appearing with each stroke. She licked him with her pink tongue on each upsweep, watched intently with each downstroke. He was so excited! He lifted his hand to his face, inhaling the musky smell of her on his fingers, sucking them deeply into his mouth. Still his hips moved, as he thrust between those full breasts, as he fucked her repeatedly.

He didn’t have much control left. She was lightly fingering her hard nipples as she held her breasts together. Now the words poured from her mouth, her sweet good-girl mouth, dirty words of desire and lust. He continued to slide between her breasts, reaching behind him occasionally and dipping his fingers into her swollen pussy for an exploration of her soft wetness. He moved faster, his cock a blur as he slid back and forth, up and down between the soft pillows of flesh. He felt himself tightening, felt his balls ready to explode.

Sophie looked into his eyes, watched and gauged. His fingers were tapping on her still-sensitive clit, causing her to wriggle against his hand, ready once more to come. She felt it building, felt it reach the point of ecstacy. Watching him, knowing his orgasm was pending, she found herself coming again. Her body spasmed under him, her nipples distended and hardened again. She reached up to twist them, to pinch them as she screamed his name.

That was his cue. He couldn’t wait any longer. His cock began throbbing, sending streams of come all over her chest and chin, gooey and hot. He loved this, to see his come all over her, to touch it and rub it into her flesh, to place his sticky fingers into her mouth and watch her suck them clean.

As he caught his breath, he stretched out beside her in the bed, holding her and enjoying her warmth. Soon, his breathing turned to soft snores as he fell asleep.

Sophie waited until he slept soundly, then climbed from the bed, washed up, dressed carefully, and left.

She still needed to go to the grocery store before going home.




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