Lucy had the cab pull up to the curb of the post office; she had all her mail delivered here instead of at her home. She told him to wait while she exited and slowly walked up to steps and into the main lobby. Most of the male employees knew her and smiled; always eager to see her body. Today was no exception; she wore a curve fitting sheer silk dress that ended just at the top of her thighs and swayed delightfully as she walked.

Lucy was one of the few top paid escorts on the West Coast. Her body had not always been considered beautiful and she had gone to great lengths to change herself. When she had first moved west, she was overweight, plain, wore glasses and quiet. Since then, with the help of her friend and lover; Alice, along with the aid of plastic surgery, lasik, diet and exercise; she had become every man’s dream date.

Her brown “mousy” hair was now a deep golden brown with lighter gold highlights. The overweight figure was developed into one that was slim and curvy. Lucy’s breasts had been reduced from a C to a B as well as uplifted, firm and perky. No longer needing glasses; now her crystal blue eyes were bright and knowing; her tan covered her entire body.


Lucy moved to the West Coast after graduation and was looking forward to starting a new life. She was sure she would land a great job and settle into a new career. Unfortunately, she noticed that no matter how well her interview went, the job always went to some beautiful girl with less experience. Six months into job searching saw her savings dwindling to almost nothing.

One day Lucy had just finished another interview and was waiting on an elevator. She already knew that she didn’t get the position simply because there were just too many sexy beautiful girls in the room vying for the same job. She was almost in tears as she waited for the elevator to convey her to the downstairs lobby.

As she stood by the elevator with her head down in disappointment, she heard a door open at the end of the hall and then someone was standing beside her; she knew it was a woman from the four inch heels of her shoes. She glanced over to see yet another gorgeous woman. She was probably about five foot seven, brunette and dressed in a very short sexy dark blue dress.

The elevator finally arranged and both women entered.

“What floor?” asked Lucy.

“Lobby,” said the brunette.

The elevator started its slow decent and then suddenly stopped. The lights flickered a moment and then went out.

“Probably just a brown out,” said the woman. “Hope you’re not claustrophobic?”

Lucy shook her head and then realized that neither of them could see. “Ah … no, I’m not.”

Alice could detect sadness in this stranger’s voice. “Is there something wrong?” and she reached out to touch Lucy’s shoulder and back.

Lucy heaved a great sigh, “I suppose you work here too.” It seemed easier to talk to this stranger in the pitch black elevator. “I can’t seem to find a job. I just can’t compete with all you pretty women no matter if I better qualified. I’m almost out of money which means I’ll have to go back home which is the last thing I want to do.” Then Lucy lost it and started crying.

The woman moved up behind Lucy and wrapped her arms around the young woman, turned her around and let Lucy cry on her shoulder. “No, I don’t work here. I was just meeting someone and now I’m leaving,” she said soothingly to Lucy. “By the way, my name is Alice … Alice Connors.”

Lucy started sniffling back her tears. “I’m sorry I blurted out like that. My name is Alice Brown. I moved here six months ago sure to find a new life and career, but my parents weren’t happy about it. Now all I get is a lot of ‘I told you so’ comments from them.”

Alice smiled, “Say, once we get out of here, we’ll go to my house. I think you need a friend right now; someone you can talk too.”

Lucy didn’t know why she would trust this stranger, but Alice’s arms just made her feel safe and comfortable. She’d only made one other friend here of one of the tenants in her building, but knew she would be at work now. “Yes, I think I would like that,” she said.

The lights suddenly came on and Lucy looked into Alice’s blue eyes. Her first thought was that they were the same color as her own. She smiled and stepped back out of her arms. The doors opened at the lobby, both women exited and then Alice hailed a cab outside. Lucy noticed that the trip brought them to an expensive part of town with lots of high priced condos one of which was Alice’s.

Lucy followed Alice inside and was again impressed with its beautiful furnishings. She thought Alice must be very rich to afford luxury like this. “You have a very beautiful place,” commented Lucy.

“Thank you,” said Alice. “How about some Irish coffee and we’ll talk?” she asked.

Lucy didn’t consume much alcohol, but didn’t want to refuse this generous woman. “Yeah …Ah, that’ll be fine.”

Alice made the coffees and brought them to the living room, sat on the couch and patted the place next to her. “So, what’s your area of expertise?”

“I’m illegal bahis a Business Management major, but, so far, I don’t have any work experience and no one seems to want to give me any,” said Lucy and then took a sip on the coffee. It was strong and warming.

Alice listened as Lucy poured her heart out. Lucy didn’t know why, but it just felt easy to talk with Alice. She also noticed that every time Alice touched her, her body was becoming sexually excited and this confused her as well. Being a virgin, she didn’t have any experience with sex at all.

After about an hour and three coffees later, Lucy felt quite relaxed and comfortable. She gave Alice a warm smile, “Thank you Alice for hearing me out. I’ve only made one other friend while I’ve been here.”

Alice reached over and gave Lucy a hug and then lightly kissed her on the lips.

Lucy was surprised by the kiss because it sent a surge of sexual excitement through her body. Her eyes got wide and she blushed.

“Have you ever considered changing your looks?” asked Alice.

“Changing my looks?” questioned Lucy.

“Take off your glasses,” directed Alice.

Lucy took off her glasses and looked over into Alice’s eyes.

“Just what I thought,” said Alice.

“What do you mean?” Alice responded.

“I think you could be beautiful, even more than those silly girls applying for those jobs you spoke of. In fact, I think you’re already a beautiful person Lucy. You just need some self esteem. Hmmm, tell you what, why don’t you move in with me and let’s transform you into what you want to be?”

Lucy was taken back at the generous offer and since her funds were low, she agreed. Alice called her a cab to take her home to pack and paid the cabbie in advance. A week later found Lucy moved in to one of Alice’s guest rooms. Alice took it upon herself to be Lucy’s personal trainer. Diet, exercise followed with different trips to different clinics to discuss procedures to indeed transform her.

In all the time that Lucy lived with Alice, she had noticed, with envy, that Alice had a lot of dates. One afternoon Lucy inquired from Alice about her boyfriends. “You really have a lot of boyfriends Alice; anyone you’re really serious about?”

Alice laughed which made Lucy blush, “None of them are my boyfriends Lucy. I’m an escort and they pay to have me appear with them in public.”

Lucy’s eyes got wide, “You’re a prostitute then?”

Alice smiled a knowing smile, “I’m paid well sometimes when they want sex after the ‘official’ contract date is over for a little fun and games.”

“Wow!” said Lucy and then confessed that she was a virgin and didn’t know anything about sex.

“I suspected as much,” said Alice. “Question is; do you want to learn? I mean, you have really come a long way since that first day. Hell, you’d even give me a run for the money Lucy as far as looks are concerned.”

Lucy blushed, but thought about what Alice was saying. She was indeed one of the gorgeous women that seemed to be in abundance here, but she also lacked any sexual experience. She also had come quite accustomed to living in the lifestyle that Alice could afford and knew that even if she could now land a job, she would never make enough to live like she did.

“If I wanted to be an escort Alice, how would I go about it?” asked Lucy.

“Are you serious?” asked Alice.

Lucy blushed, “Yes.”

Alice smiled and moved out of her chair to sit next to Lucy on the couch. “You want me to teach you about sex? Are you sure this is the route you want to take? Don’t get me wrong Lucy, I’d love to teach you and there’s been many a night that I’ve wanted to have sex with you. It’s just that I’ve never known anyone who just walks away once they’ve started to be an escort.”

Lucy looked into Alice’s eyes. ‘She wanted to have sex with me!’ she thought. “I’ve never had anyone who wanted me Alice. I was just too fat and plain. You’ve help me a lot in the looks department and brought me a long way in how to dress and all, but even I know how naive and inexperienced I am when it comes to sex and men.”

Lucy smiled, “Yes, I would like you teach me. You know what it’s all about and I don’t. I trust you Alice … with my life. I just want to say one other thing. Ever since that first day, I’ve had certain sexual feelings for you that I don’t understand. I know I’m not a lesbian because my body tells me that I am attracted to men.”

Alice gave a light laugh, “Honey, I’m not a lesbian either, but I enjoy sex with both too. Each can be a fulfilling experience and to be bi in the escort game, just means you can make more money. Let’s see, you’re already on the pill so that solves the problem of you not getting pregnant. Let’s go to my room for the start of your education.”

Alice put out her hand to Lucy and Lucy placed her hand into Alice’s. They got up and went upstairs to Alice’s room. The first thing Alice did was bring out a box from her closet; it contained different sex toys and a variety of condoms. Alice first explained to her about different condoms and illegal bahis siteleri to always carry a supply of her own. She showed her how to use them by bringing out a life like dildo of a rather large penis and had Lucy practice on it.

“That’s so huge!” said Lucy.

“It’ll fit,” said Alice. “In fact, I’ll be using it on you today. The last thing you want is for one of your clients to bust you cherry. It can be painful and you’re not there to be in pain. Now, take off your clothes and come over to the bed.”

Lucy stripped off her clothes and so did Alice. Alice leaned in and kissed Lucy lightly on the lips and then slipped her tongue into Lucy’s mouth for a deep sensuous kiss.

Lucy once again felt a surge of sexual energy run through her body and she passionately kissed Alice back. Alice lightly traced her hands over Lucy’s body and then cupped her breasts running her thumbs down along her nipples. Lucy gave a soft moan and arched her back thrusting her breasts out further.

They both crawled into bed and Alice had Lucy get on her back. She covered Lucy with her body pressing her shaved cunt against Lucy’s and gently started to rock up and down applying a sensual pressure against their clits while kissing her deeply. She gave Lucy kisses along her neck and shoulders then down to her breasts and nipples.

Alice sucked Lucy’s nipple into her mouth gently at first, but then started to increase pressure. Lucy moaned and grabbed Alice’s head while arching her back. Alice worked over her nipple then moved on to the other. While her mouth brought the other one to the same hardened bud, her fingers were manipulating the first.

Lucy started moaning louder and louder. Alice eased down the bed kissing Lucy’s abdomen, hips, naval and then to the top of your mound. She kissed all around Lucy’s little vertical strip where she was shaved. She finally started to lick her swollen puffy lips slowly. Lucy was already wet when Alice spread open her legs.

Alice had Lucy raise her hips and put a pillow under her ass. She dove her tongue into Lucy’s hot tight hole and began to tongue fuck her reaching in as far as her tongue would go licking and massaging the walls of her small opening. Lucy was thrashing her head back and forth with her fists wadded into the sheet.

Alice inserted her finger and Lucy’s cunt immediately clutched at her finger. Alice started to slowly finger fuck Lucy’s opening while her tongue swirled and teased her clit. When Alice slipped in a second finger, Lucy started to hump against her hand. Lucy was close to coming so Alice inserted a third finger and then clamped down on her clit. She sucked Lucy’s clit hard and started to nibble at the sensitive bud.

Lucy climaxed hard and her body started to shake, but Alice didn’t stop. She kept fucking her with her fingers while applying administrations to her clit to bring Lucy back up. When Lucy was nearing her second orgasm, Alice reached for the eight inch dildo sitting on the bed. When Lucy was nearing her peak, Alice removed her fingers and quickly replaced them with the dildo.

Alice gently inserted the head of the dildo into Lucy’s tight hole and then waited for her to get accustomed to the feel and width. She gently started the in and out motions which caused Lucy to hump. Every time Lucy humped forward, Alice inserted a little more of the artificial cock until she bumped in to Lucy’s hymen.

“It’ll hurt for a little bit, but I’ll make sure you receive pleasure Lucy,” said Alice.

On Lucy’s next hump, Alice pushed the dildo all the way in while still sucking and nibbling Lucy’s clit. Lucy gave a scream at the insertion and a trickle of blood oozed around the dildo. Alice gently pushed against the dildo without withdrawing it letting Lucy’s pain turn to pleasure.

Once Lucy started to hump again, Alice worked the dildo in slow steady strokes. When Lucy started thrashing again with her orgasm nearing, Alice started pumping the dildo in faster and harder until Lucy climaxed and her juices seeped around the dildo. Then Alice’s hand stilled and she withdrew her face from Lucy’s cunt; watching as she slowly came down from her sexual high. Alice slowly removed the dildo and laid it on the bed. She curled up next to Lucy and cuddled her against her body.

Lucy’s eyes eventually fluttered open and a smile crossed her face, “Wow!” Alice smiled at her friend and now lover and kissed Lucy deeply.

Over the next week, Lucy learned a lot about how to please a woman sexually as well as lessons on how the handle men, then came the next step of her training.

“I just got off the phone with Eric and Mike. They both work for the escort service also and they’ll be here this evening,” said Alice. “Phase two, honey. I let them know about you and enlisted their help. Tonight you practice on the real thing,” and Alice gave a little laugh.

Lucy gave her a smile and was excited about actually being with a man for sex. “Which one do I get?”

Alice laughed, “I think I’ll start you out with Eric. His penis is rather large, in fact both are rather large, canlı bahis siteleri but he’ll guide you in knowing how to give a decent blow job; better than on a dildo. At some point, you’ll be taking both of them. You’ve got to know how to do a double.”

Lucy’s body was tingling with excitement over Alice’s words.

“Right now, let’s go. I’ve made us an appointment at the spa for the works,” said Alice.


Alice and Lucy were sitting in the living room with nothing on but their robes when Eric and Mike arrived. Introductions went around and both men smiled approvingly at Lucy. They went upstairs to Alice’s bedroom and Alice gave Lucy a knowing look; they both disrobed and the men removed their clothing.

Eric came over to Lucy and gave her a deep probing kiss while his hands roamed her body. Lucy gave little sighs of pleasure and her pussy became wetter. True to Alice’s word, Eric guided her on what turned on a man. He had her kneel on the floor and look into his eyes while she placed her mouth over the wide head of his cock.

Eric closed his eyes a moment enjoying the feel of Lucy’s hot mouth surrounding his cock. He opened his eyes and looked down into hers, “Now lick all of it soft and slow while still looking into my eyes.”

Lucy followed his instructions including licking and massaging his balls with her tongue and mouth. When she got back to the head of his cock, it was dripping pre-cum. She opened her mouth wide and very slowly rubbed the head down the length of her tongue and gave him a moan.

“Now suck it in baby,” he said. “When it hits the back of your throat, relax and try not to gag. Swallow and take it into your throat, but remember to get a deep breath first.”

Lucy had practiced this on Alice’s dildo and she already knew how to control her gag reflex now. She slowly started to suck Eric’s large cock into her mouth, took a breath and then slid it down her throat. She buried her nose into his black patch of pubic hair smelling his musky scent.

Eric moaned and thrust his hips forward. He closed his eyes and slowly started to fuck Lucy’s mouth. With each thrust forward, he met no resistance as his member slid into her throat. Lucy reached up and started to massage his balls with her hand while looking at his face. She thought he was quite good looking. She started humming sending vibrations along his hard shaft. Eric grabbed her head hard and started fucking faster and harder.

Lucy knew he was close and this would be her first taste of cum. Alice had already explained about swallowing so she had already prepared herself to do that. Lucy felt his balls tighten against his body and his member became harder and a bit wider.

“Oh God!!” shouted Eric.

Lucy took another deep breath as he plunged a final time shooting his first load into her throat. She eased away from the base of Eric’s cock and his remaining cum filled her mouth. She swallowed and tasted the slightly salt and bitter taste. She decided it wasn’t bad. When Eric was finished cumming, Lucy once again sucked him down burying her nose into his pubic patch. She gently suckled his cock and massaged his balls and was rewarded in feeling him start to grow hard again.

Eric moaned a looked down at Lucy and smiled. “Babe, you’re a natural.”

Lucy removed his semi-hard cock from her mouth with a wet plop and smiled up at Eric. She stood up and he kissed her again and then started to kiss her along her neck while tweaking her nipples. They both turned to the moans on the bed as Alice and Mike were hard at it; Mike fucking Alice hard and fast.

Since Alice had a king size bed, there was plenty of room for Eric and Lucy as well. Before getting on the bed, Eric turned to Lucy. “Alice said you needed lots of experiences, so do you want the first fuck to be gentle and slow or rough and fast?”

Lucy thought for a moment. ‘Probably most clients are rough and fast’ she thought. “Let’s do the rough and fast and later we’ll do the other.”

Eric smiled and then grabbed her roughly and pressed her to his chest. He started to kiss her neck roughly too and biting it. His fingers pinched down hard on her nipples and then pulling them taunt. She actually loved the sensations that he was causing her body to experience and she moaned.

He grabbed her ass hard and started to knead it pressing her into his now revived hard cock. Eric grabbed her hair hard, “On your hands and knees slut,” he ordered. Lucy crawled on the bed and stayed on her hands on knees.

“Let’s see how much of a slut you are,” he said as his fingers delved into her hot slick pussy. “That’s what I thought. Just a fucking whore,” he said as he withdrew his fingers and then slammed his hard throbbing cock into her pussy burying it in as his balls slapped against her pussy lips.

Lucy arched her back loving the sensations and dirty talk Eric was giving her. He grabbed her hair hard and started to fuck her as hard and fast as he could. He finally let go of her hair and his strong hand held her shoulder tightly while he pounded in and out of her. Eric reached under her and grabbed a nipple; pinching and pulling it hard. Lucy started moaning louder and humping back meeting Eric’s hard thrusts. She felt her orgasm start and then she trembled and shook while her vaginal walls squeezed around his cock.



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