Low Light Lesbian ExperimentationMachayla’s hand moved up my naked chest slowly, approaching my quivering nipples. The breath had left me when I lay on the bed beside her, letting her unbutton my pajama top and slowly pull it off, leaving me completely naked. The light by our bed cast long shadows on her pretty face and small boobs. I felt something for her I’d never thought possible, a sexual attraction and something like lust or avarice. I wanted her to want me. And she did. I could see it in her eyes as she looked down at my bare chest, then back up at my face.“We can never tell anyone about this,” I said, stating the obvious, more because the secret was erotic than any fear she’d tell a soul about us experimenting sexually. My sister is so beautiful. All the boys, and some of the girls, are in love bakırköy escort with her. But, here she was with me in bed, touching me, desiring me.“I know,” she whispered the warm breath from her mouth washing over my nipple as she took it between her lips. It felt so wonderful. She lovingly suckled a minute, her hand exploring my ribs and tummy, sending chill bumps up my arms. She moved to my other breast, licking and sucking as I watched her intently. She was somehow even more pretty in the low light. Her curiosity guided her around my body. Her hand found its way between my legs, where my vagina was dripping with anticipation. She glided over the slippery skin, dabbing my clit with her fingertips. I jumped slightly when she did this. She looked at my face and began beşiktaş escort to watch me as she made tiny circles with her finger, massaging my clit, then digging down between my lips, bringing more juice up to spread all over my sensitive flesh. My eyes fell closed at the power of it.”Does that feel good?” She asked me.I could barely answer, “So…so good, yess…” My hips were swaying with her. Sexual pleasure surged with each stroke of her fingers over my clit. She pushed a finger up inside me. I could feel her nails, gently scr****g my cervix, then pulling back across my g-spot. I gasped as she pushed in and out, thrusting into me with increasing intensity.“Oh…my god….” I uttered, a sort of meditation. She continued driving into me, then swirling and rubbing my beylikdüzü escort clit up and down. I looked into her eyes as I drank in the sensation. “Ohh, oh I’m close…” I whispered, moans escaping from my throat uncontrollably. Our eyes locked as I felt the orgasm growing and growing. “I’m gonna cum.” She watched me, entranced by my arousal. Then suddenly I was cumming, like a storm battering a house, it came on me. My eyes rolled back, then my body arched like the crescent moon. I convulsed and grasped at her. She continued to rub me, sustaining the climax for what seemed like forever. I was the instrument she played with a sexual intuitiveness that could only have come from our bond as sisters and her knowledge of how a girl’s body works. It was stellar. I writhed until I was spent. Then, I lay there, eyes shut tightly as the last of it swelled, then passed gently. I opened my eyes to the sight of her smiling at me as she licked her fingers, enjoying my flavor. “That was fun!” she said, giggling slightly. “I want to do it to you,” I said, only hoping I could give her as powerful an orgasm!



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