Sometimes things just happen, and happen in ways and places we never expect.

It all started when I finally decided to switch gyms from the overpriced sweat locker I had been going too forever. One of my friends told about this nice quiet gym on the edge of town, open 24/7, with lots of machines and very few stupid assholes who don’t take a hint.

They even have a section for martial arts in one end, so I could practice my Kempo if the mood strikes me. They even allow sparring provided you let the gym supervisors know beforehand. Best of all cute guys that you would actually like to meet come to this gym.

One in particular stands out, He is tall, lean and muscular. He is a few years older than you, but he can’t be more than 25. His name is Greg or something like that, you’ve heard it called a few times across the gym. With dark hair he is quiet and serious looking with a calm smile that gently exudes confidence in whatever he is doing.

On the occasions you cross paths headed for the same machine he always nod slightly and lets you go first. He seems like a regular fixture at the gym and almost every time you go he is there. Always the same routine for him running for an hour, then weights showing surprising strength from his lighter frame. His rash-guard doing nothing to hide the fact that he is pure muscle, with his cut shoulders and arms doing more than some of the much larger regulars.

What stands him out however besides whatever is hiding in his slightly loose fight shorts. Most of his workout is spent on the blue mats on the far end of the gym just besides the treadmills. Practicing strange exercises you had never seen before. It’s clearly some kind of martial art, some portions even remind you of Kempo.

The exercises are alien to you and you can’t place what martial are he is trained in. The fluid movements are tantalizing, graceful and clearly designed to work all parts of the body at once. You often find on the treadmills so you can get a view of him. Even after you leave the gym you find your thoughts wandering back to his lean chiseled body and his exotic martial art.

You almost missed a step and went sprawling out on the treadmill that time he was balanced upside down on his shoulders and his shirt fell down, giving you a great view and proving that what is beneath the rash-guard isn’t a facade.

After at least an hour of his fluid exercises he switches to a second set of movements, this on much more clear in its intent. Swift punch and kick forms similar to kickboxing, the forms show amazing balance, it’s so flowing it almost looks like lethal kind of dance the way he moves. He never utters a sound, his breathing steady and his calm expression never dissipating.

You know he takes note of you watching him from the treadmills, he will pause for a moment while he takes in that he is being watched. When hes returns to his routine he has a slight ataşehir escort redness behind his ears.

Over time you find yourself looking for him in the gym and as he trains, you find yourself wondering what else those strong legs might be good for. Wondering what hides inside those shorts, biting back how much you want to sink your teeth into that lean body. Shortly after warmth starts spreading between your legs and you enjoy feeling how your panties rub against your clit as you jog.

Staring intently it was almost as if you could glimpse something sizable in his shorts. Thank god you wore black today, no one will notice the wet spot. Before long you find yourself working yourself up on how to talk to him. It’s not unusual for you to be shy but something about him flustered you.

Tonight however was different, you don’t know what came over you but you came dressed to kill. Tight shorts instead of your regular gym pants, tight tank top, light bra and no panties. Everyone in the gym takes notices and while half the time you catch a couple people checking you out, today it would be hard to find someone who wasn’t openly doing so. You even caught Greg catching a glimpse, you stuck your tongue out at him. Knowing he was busted, you were rewarded when he gave you an apologetic smile and an uncharacteristic wink. Anxious and eager to keep going farther you press him for more and approach the edge of the crash mats.

“What style is that? I’m a Kempo black belt but I’ve never seen movements like yours? I see you do it all the time but I don’t know what you practice.” You inquire half curious, half using it as an excuse to talk to him.

Shrugging his shoulders, the rolling muscles distracting you from fully paying attention to the answer “Well the ground work is Russian Sambo, the strikes are mostly from Savate. Of course I’ve picked up few other tricks here and there.”

“Do you think you could teach me some? I’d love to learn some ground work. In reality you just want to get up close and personal with guy that has been inadvertently teasing you the past month. “Kempo does a lot of stand-up but not a lot of ground work.” Pleased at how well you made it sound innocent and hoping to god he says yes.

“I’d love too But I will need to see what your skills are, why don’t we start with something easy. No strikes, just try to knock me down anyway you can.”

“Okay” you replied thinking this will be cake, he can’t weigh more than 160 pounds and you know some good take-downs from Kempo. Leaning against him and putting as much force as you can into the strong form. It felt like pushing against a brick wall, every time you moved he would adjust ever so slightly. Take-downs were equally useless, he would just shift his weight keep you from upsetting his center of balance.

Frustration at you own ineffectiveness made you sloppy and before you could react, he snaked kadıköy escort bayan both arms under your own suddenly and pulled you to him. Chests pressed together, your breasts against his hard body. Your nipples hardened as you felt his shorts brush against yours.

“I’ve got under-hooks” he smiled pleased with himself “My arms locked and I’m stronger, you won’t be able to get me to off balance now.”

Feeling his weight pressing against you, you suddenly let yourself fall backwards pull him down with you. His face landed neatly in your crotch, stunned at his sudden intimate proximity to you. He didn’t react or move at all, so you flip over on top of his back and claim your victory by sitting on his chest.

“Very clever, you win this round” he said pleasant surprise plastered across his face. “So you want to learn how to play on the ground then? First rule, when you pass a guard control the arms.” Leaning forward and wrapping his arms around your hips he flips you over. Now he is on top, your body pressed against his and now you really get to feel what he is made of. His hard-on pressing into you through your shorts and sending a jolt to your pussy.

Then before you can react he leans forward and slides up past your legs and trapping an arm between two of his. “Got you cutie” He smirked.

“Best two out of three you insist” you insist as he releases you and smiles.

“Now I will show you how to guard on the ground.” Wrapping your legs around his waist. “The idea here is to gain dominate position, I will try to put you into a hold. While you do everything you can to prevent it.” Guiding you with his hands, he gives instructions. “Lock your legs and use them to hold be me back.”

As you lock your legs you become acutely aware that his hard-on is now just several inches from

being able to slip inside you. Trying to concentrate and focus but finding it hard as he starts to move forward rubbing the bulge in his shorts against your pussy and as you push him back you find it now rubbing against your ass.

Working his way forward and using my arms he sneaks past one leg and creeping forward past your defenses. Refusing to lose again a sudden thought comes to your mind and your grab the bulge in my pants and literally grab him by the shaft. “That’s cheating” he chuckled and smiled.

“You said do everything to stop you and I stopped you!” you grin wickedly. The gym at a glance was now deserted.

“Not yet little lady let’s see if you can maintain your guard under stress.” His hands moved to your chest and started teasing your breasts. While using a leg to press gently down on your shorts and rubbing against your clit through the material. The dampness is starting to became noticeable and it was becoming very hard to not moan from all the attention. It didn’t help having his nice cock grasped with between your fingers through his shorts.

One escort maltepe of your hands reached down pulling off his shorts and giving you access to him. His left hand pulls your tank top and bra down exposing your nipples. His body presses your weight downward and shifting the weight backward as he presses his cock against your pussy lips through the fabric. His head moves to your chest his lips closing around your nipple. Biting it gently, causing you to gasp in pain and pleasure. Knowing full well that others can easily enter the gym and discover you at any time, you find suddenly you don’t care. All you care about as you tug you shorts down is getting that hard dick between your legs.

Pulling him toward the offering in mock wrestling, allowing one hand to runs down the shaft that will soon be inside you. While his hands runs over your pussy, slipping the tip of a finger down the moist length and sliding a finger inside you. Your already so worked up you clamp down on the intruder, and your hips rock slightly sliding it in and out a half inch.

Then where there was one now two fingers appear and these make their presence felt by pressing deep inside, until a third appears at your asshole teasing slightly, testing your reaction. Finding no resistance it slips itself inside the tight opening and he eagerly proceeds to finger both your willing holes.

You begin to climb up to a climax and sensing a change in your heavy breathing, he shifts forward. Placing the head of his hard shaft at your entrance and slamming himself into you. The need that has been clawing at you is finally fulfilled as he thrusts his hips into yours, bottoming out and causing you to squeal in delight. Breaking your hands free, you dig your fingernails into his back and trying to pull him deeper into you while he fucks the life out of you right there on the gym floor.

So much teasing doesn’t let you last long you quick cum, once then twice in succession at the end of the relentless shaft. Driving deep with those strong legs, giving you exactly what you have been fantasizing about since you first caught eye of the flowing movements. That hard conditioning now transferred to slamming his hard shaft into you with a speed and intensity that shoots pleasure through your body.

Finally as a third orgasm washes over you, you get so tight it sends him over the edge. He cums with you, in your now thoroughly fucked pussy sticky warmth explodes inside you. Spent he collapses on top of you, and you wrap an arm around his neck and lean forward “I win” You say as you hold him gently in the choke-hold.

He replies with a muffled “You win.”

After a few moment we recompose ourselves and realize being half naked in a gym is a bad idea and we re-cloth, you pulling your shorts up, his seed dripping from your pussy.

Smiling that same calm smile and never taking his eyes off you. “If you ever want some more lessons, i’d love to try and get past that guard again and I’ve a private sparring mat at my place” He offered.

“I’m free tomorrow.” You say with a smile

“Sounds perfect, Pick you up at 7?” Greg asked holding your smile with one of his own.

“It’s a date”



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