Love Thy Neighborfirst time oral sex blow job Rick gets hired on to work in the neighbor’s yard and garden/It was 1970. I had just turned 17 when we moved to a new town. We hadspent the weekend moving furniture and unpacking boxes. Mom and dad hadgone to work, leaving me home to finish up, when the doorbell rang. I opened the door see who was there. Before me was an absolute babe! She looked to be around thirty five. Tall, jet black, shoulder length hair, tight blouse, tight slacks, amazing looking rack, killer ass, carrying a plate full of cookies.“Hi! My name is Karen Burleson. I’m your next door neighbor!” she saidsmiling as she thrust the plate forward. “Welcome to the neighborhood!”Trying not to stare, I took the cookies, stammering something about myfolks not being home, and thanks for the cookies. Then, remembering mymanners, I invited her in. As she walked by, I couldn’t help but stareat the most delicious ass I’d ever seen, which, in turn, caused apainfully hard boner to form in my pants.“I’m…I’m Rick. Rick DiBennedetto. are at work. They shoulde home after five.Before I had the chance to rearrange my shorts, she turned, extendingher hand. “Nice to meet you Rick!” she answered, smiling as her eyesglossed over the bulge in my pants. “I just thought you could usesomething sweet while you unpack. Chocolate chip! Fresh baked this morning.”“Gee….thanks! Thanks again! ” I said smiling back, trying unsuccessfullynot to stare at her blouse, which seemed to be fighting a losing battleto stay buttoned.“Hey! If you’re not busy this summer, could you mow my lawn? And maybesome other chores? I just don’t have the time!” she said as she headedfor the door, her luscious ass swaying with each step. “That is, if it’sOK with your parents.”“Well…well..sure! I don’t have anything going, anyway! I’d be happy to!”I replied.“Why don’t you stop by tomorrow. And I’ll show you exactly what I need.OK?” she said as she turned, stared at my tented crotch, and smiled.I immediately headed for my bedroom, grabbing a box marked ‘baseballcards’ from under the bed. Opening the box, I pulled out a dog earedcopy of an old skin mag. I had found. Flipped it open to photo of ayoung, large breasted girl, bent at the waist, ass in the air, and acome hither look in her eye. Unzipping my pants, I pulled out my cockand started stroking. In no time, I grunted and spewed warm cum all overmy fist. After cleaning up, I returned to my task of unpacking, notwanting my folks to think that I’d done nothing all day.Before we get any further, let me tell you a little more about me. As Isaid, I’m s*******n, tall and lanky, which is a nice way of saying Iqualified to be the Biafra poster c***d. Physically, I was all man, butsomewhat embarrassed to wear a Speedo because it didn’t leave a lot ofroom for expansion. I was very shy, and felt awkward around girls,probably due to the number of times we moved when I was younger. I hadno brothers or sisters to give me advice, so I didn’t get very social. Istudied, I ran cross country and swam competitively, excelling at both,but when it came to girls, the phrase ‘socially under-developed’ wasquite apt. Don’t get me wrong, I knew the mechanics. I just didn’t get alot of practice, so, at s*******n, I was still very much a virgin.That evening, I told my folks about the neighbor and the cookies, andabout the job offer. They were thrilled that I would have something tooccupy my time until school started.The next morning, I went to the neighbors house, rang her doorbell,expecting Ms Burleson to open it wearing I don’t know what. A bathrobe?A negligee? Skin tight Capri’s?The shock on my face was unmistakable! There before me was middle agedman in a wheelchair! “You must be Rick!” he said “Here to do some yardwork for us. As you can see, it‘s a little difficult for me to push alawn mower”“Umm….yeah!” I stammered.“I’m Jim! Jim Burleson. Nice to meet you.” he said extending his hand.“Umm …yeah! Nice to meet you too!” I answered shaking his hand.Over his shoulder, he yelled, “Honey! Rick is here!” Then turning in atight circle, his massive hands deftly maneuvering the chair, he headedfor the living room. To me he said, “Come on in!”I followed him in and sat down, waiting for his wife to appear. She madeher entrance a moment later with a plate of Apple Danish. Wearing herhair up, red Capri pants that looked very much like they had beenpainted on, and a print shirt that had been tied below her ample bust. Igot an instant hard-on as she bent over, offering me something to eat.“Here.” she said, “Have some pastry! Got to keep your strength up!”Needless to say, I blushed when she looked up and saw my gaze riveted toher luscious breasts barely encased in her blouse, instead of the canlı bahis plateof food. She just smiled as she looked at me, then shifted her attentionto her husband.I knew I’d been busted! At least by her, …and probably him. I could onlythink that I’d just blown an employment opportunity. How could I explainthis to my folks?I ate quickly, excused myself, and asked where the mower was. Karenreplied that it was in the garage. The yard was large, with lots oftrees and gardens, so it wasn’t a simple back and forth quick mowingjob. It took most of the morning to complete. About halfway through Ijust had to take off my tee shirt as it was soaked with sweat. Shortlythereafter, I noticed Karen, leaning on the back of her couch, staringout the living room window. I assumed she was checking on me to see thatI wasn’t goofing off. A couple of minutes later, I noticed that she wasstill there, in the same position, but with her eyes scrunched closed,and her mouth open, as if she were saying something. Strange! I thought.But, what the hell! As long as she pays me! And I kept on working.Around noon, she came outside, complimenting me on the nice job I haddone on the grass. Thanking her, I noticed that the red Capri’s weremissing. In their place was a denim skirt. She smiled at me and said,“Why don’t you come on inside and get some lunch?”“That’s OK Mrs. Burleson, I’ve got some stuff at home I can eat.” Ianswered.“Nonsense!” she replied, “Lunch is part of the package!” She turned andstrode back to the house. Not wanting to piss off my new employer on thefirst day, I followed, admiring the way her ass moved as a stiffyformed, yet again in my cut-offs.There was a plate full of sandwiches on the kitchen table, along withthree cans of Coke. She helped herself to two of each, placing one on aplate in her husbands lap, and sitting in a leather easy chair acrossfrom the living room couch, where I sat by default. We engaged in a lotof small talk, while we ate, most of it centered around me. Subjectslike, ‘did I have a girlfriend’ (no!), ‘what sports am I into’(basketball and lacrosse!), ‘where I was from’ (all over!). Stuff like that.It was then that I noticed that Mrs. Burleson, or Karen, as she insistedI call her had shifted her position so I could see up her skirt. Typicalteenage boy that I was, the sight transformed the flaccid tool in mypants into an uncomfortable lump. I tried looking away, but my gazealways returned. Especially when she moved again and I was able to seethat she wore no panties! There! Before my very eyes was a grown femalepussy, complete with a dark vee of hair pointing directly at her poutingpink lips!I tore my stare from under her skirt and looked at her face. Bustedagain! She had seen me staring, and just smiled a Mona Lisa smile thatscreamed, ‘I know what you’re looking at young man’ and she didabsolutely nothing to hide the view.Her husband seemed oblivious to what was going on, excusing himself togo listen to music in his stereo room, leaving Karen and I alone in theliving room. I was both nervous and excited at the same time. She openedher legs a little wider, smiled and asked, “Like what you see?”I turned beet red, stammering, trying not to stare, but unable to keepmy eyes off the warm pink flower of her womanhood. Finally able to forma string of words that made sense, I replied, “But…..what about yourhusband?”Moving her hand from the arm of the chair, she slid it up her thigh, hermiddle finger rubbing the length of her slit. “Jim? Poor man! Ever sincehis accident, well, everything below the waist…is a waste. He can’t getit up anymore! He tries to please me, but….well…you know, a woman hasneeds too!.” By now her middle finger had separated her lips and wasburied deep in her gash. “Would you like a closer look?”Completely mesmerized by the scene before me, I nodded imperceptively,my shorts tenting painfully, my mind racing, trying to understand whatwas unfolding in front of me.She pulled the finger from her pussy, looked at the glistening digit,lifted it to her lips, and sucked it clean. She stood up, walked over tothe couch, lifting her skirt. Standing in front of me, her neatlytrimmed pussy inches from my face. “Go ahead! Touch it! Kiss it if youwant!” she whispered.I was at a total loss! I’d only seen this in magazines! I’d imaginedwhat it would look like in person, how it would feel, taste, and smell.I looked up into her eyes, my dilemma clearly visible.She looked down, realizing that I was clueless as to what I should do.Then softly, she said, “You’re a virgin, aren’t you Rick?”“Ummm! Yes Ma’am!” I croaked, breathing in the scented air emanatingfrom her visibly moist pussy.“Then lets do this right!” she said, taking my hand and leading me toher bedroom.Once inside, bahis siteleri I went to close the door behind us and she said, “Leave itopen!” as she led me to the bed. Kneeling down in front of me sheunsnapped my cut-offs, yanked them down to my ankles and fished my cockfrom my boxers. “This looks delicious!” she exclaimed as she pulled myshaft and balls through the fly of my underwear. Rubbing the shaftagainst her cheek, she added, “Hot, big, and hard, just the way I like it!”She gently squeezed it, smiling as a drop of pre-cum formed at the slit.She kissed the crown smearing my essence all over her lips before takingthe helmet in her mouth, moaning as her lips ovalled around it.I thought I was going to lose it right then and there! Watching as shesucked more and more of me into her mouth, my hips squirmed and I didn’tknow what to do with my hands. Part of me wanted to grab her head andplunge my dick into her face and part of me just wanted to let her do asshe wanted, knowing that the outcome would be like nothing I’d everexperienced before.She got about two-thirds of the way down my shaft before I felt mycockhead bump the back of her throat. She slowly pulled off, letting mysaliva soaked penis plop out of her mouth. “God! It’s been too fuckinglong!” she panted as she wrapped her hand around my manhood and startedto rub up and down my length. Her lips found my left nut and she suckedthe orb into her mouth with another muffled moan. My hips began rocking,my cock sliding through her fisted hand and I let out a moan of my own.I could feel her tongue swirl around my testicle as she jacked my shaft.She let go of my left, kissed my right ball, and slid her tongue slowlyup my cock, following a big blue vein. Sliding her tongue onto theunderside, she teased the spot where my shaft and helmet merged, hermouth open, her eyes twinkling with lust. “Cum in my mouth, Rick! I wantto taste you!” she said as she continued to slide her hand up and downmy dick.I felt like I was going to explode. And then I did! Grunting like a wilda****l, I felt the life giving syrup course through my cock and watchedthrough half closed eyes as it squirted onto her tongue and slid intothe back of her throat.Weak in the knees, I fell backward onto the bed, not believing howintense an orgasm I’d just had. Karen rose from the floor and sat nextto me, licking her lips. She said, “I don’t know who enjoyed that more,me or you.”“I think me!” I croaked.“Well then, I think you owe me some pleasure then.” she answered.“But, I….I don’t know what to do?” I confessed.“That’s OK! I’ll teach you!” she said as she started to unbutton her blouse.I watched in awe as she peeled the blouse off exposing a lace coveredbra and two of the most magnificent breasts imaginable. Then she turnedaround, asking if I would be so kind as to unclasp the bra.“Ummm…..yeah!” I stammered as I fumbled with the four clasps.“Now slide your hands inside!”As I cupped the orbs with my hands, her nipples stabbing into my palms,I said, “Oh God! They’re so soft….so warm!”Leaning back into me, she placed her hands over mine, and whispered inmy ear, “The like to be played with. Pinched. Fondled. Kissed. Sucked!”Turning my head, our lips met. My hands, almost involuntarily, clenched,kneading the ample flesh of her chest. Her lips opened in a long, lowmoan as her tongue slid up against my teeth. My fingers stroked hereturgid nipples, gently pulling the rosy pink buds as her skurt clad assground against my reviving manhood..Breaking the kiss, she asked me to help her out of her last remainingpiece of clothing. I reluctantly let go of her right breast and unzippedthe skirt, feeling more than seeing it drop to the floor. She turnedagain and pushed me onto the bed.“Now, I’m going to teach you how to pleasure a woman!” she purred as shecrawled up my prone body until her neatly trimmed, moist, and meatypussy was directly oner my face. “Like what you see, Rick?” she askedlowering herself to within an inch of my nose.Staring up into the bedewed folds of her womanhood, I nodded, unwillingto take my eyes off her. It was like a Georgia O’Keefe painting come tolife!“Go ahead! Kiss it!” she said, “It won’t bite!”“But, what about your husband?” I asked, somewhat afraid if what hishands could do to me if they got hold of me.She smiled as I lifted my head until my lips barely brushed the moistflesh of her near hairless pussy. “Don’t you worry about Jim! I’m surehe doesn’t mind!” I breathed in her musky aroma and sighed as my tonguetouched the damp folds. I felt her hand on the back of my head, holdingme in place as my tongue explored her outer surfaces. The taste of hersweet, musky pussy was something totally foreign to me. And I loved it!My tongue probed deeper. She tasted stronger, güvenilir bahis I pushed my tongue andface into the soft, wetness.“Oh God, Rick! That feels so good! Tongue fuck my cunt!” she said. Itcame out as a request, but the hand on my head, pulling me closer feltlike a command. A command I was perfectly wiling to follow. Her hipsrolled, smearing her essence all over my face. My tongue drilled in andout, lapping the juices that seeped from within, covering her withdoglike kisses as she used my face for her personal gratification.I wrapped my arms around her thighs as she ground herself against me,pushing the bridge of my nose up against the hood of her clit. It seemedto make her grind harder, moan louder. I shifted my face a bit,capturing the the flaps of her hood between my lips.Sucking gently onthe flavorful flesh, I feathered my tongue against the bottom of it.“Yes! Yes! That’s it! That’s it Suck my clit! Oh, fuck Yes!” shebabbled, fondling one of her breasts with one hand and holding my headwith the other. I could feel her legs trembling as I continued my oralassault, and could hear her ragged breathing as I looked upward, pasther breasts, to her flushed face. Her eyes half closed, her mouth slack,her hand mashing her breast, babbling almost incoherently. “Oh God!..OhGod!..Don’t stop! Make me cum, Rick! Make me cum!….Pleeeease!”Rasping my tongue against the underside of her clit sent her over theedge.She clamped her thighs around my head, a fistful of my hair in herhand, bathing my face in her warm juices. She let go of everything androlled off me onto the center of the bed, both hands clutching herpussy, her legs curled into the fetal position, rocking back and forthas her orgasm swept through her. Slowly, she uncurled, her breath stillin ragged pants.Having never witnessed this before, I asked if she was alright. Pullingher hands from her crotch, she held my head, pulled it to her breast andreplied “Of course! You dear, dear boy! That was the most incredibleorgasm I’ve ever had!”As I smiled, my lips brushed against her turgid nipple. The scent ofsweet perfume, Chanel No.5, I think, sparked a need in me, and I suckedthe dusty rose colored bud in my mouth and gently nursed for a minute orso.She pulled my head from her breast ans whispered, “ I’ve just got tohave you inside me Rick!”Planting my feet on the floor, I stood between her outstretched legs, mypainfully erect penis mere inches from her moist cleft. I pressed itagainst her swollen clit, slowly rocking my hips, teasing her.Arching her hups upward, she captured the mushroom head of my manhoodjust inside. “Fuck me, Rick!” she whispered.Tentatively, I pushed inward, weatching as her damp lips swallowed mycock, inch by glorious inch. Groaning with the intense pleasure she wasgiving me until my testicles nestled against the cheeks of her ass.“Oh God! It’s been sooo long!” she crooned as she reached for my hands.She pulled my right hand to her breast, pressing her stiff nipple intomy palm. My left hand was pulled to the matted hairs of her trimmedbush. She guided my thumb to the hood of her clit, helping me rub it.Looking me in the eye, she added, “Now, fuck me like there’s no tomorrow!”My eyes darted from hers to her heaving breasts, down to where ourbodies were conjoined and back to her lust filled face. I pulled outuntil only the helmet was lodged in her hungry cunt, my shaft glisteningwith her pearly essence. Scrunching my hand on her breast I lungedforward until our bodies slapped together, my thumb drawing circlesaround her clit.Her breath caught in her throat, her eyes widened in surprise, and thenshe smiled. “Fuck me!” she demanded, “Fuck me like a dog in heat!”Her hips rose to meet my next thrust, her breasts wobbled as our bodiesmet. Her cunt felt like warm velvet as it caressed my cock. I was inheaven! How could it possibly get better than this?The sucking sound of her cunt and my cock filled the air, competing withthe mixture of perfume and her honey , as we rutted like wild a****ls. Ipulled on her nipples, strummed her clit, filling her with my meat, thenpulling it out, only to be urged back in by her ecstatic moans and themagnetic draw of her voracious cunt.Too soon, my young, inexperienced body gave in to the demands of thisgorgeous woman’s coaxing and I grunted as I felt my cock expand deepinside her. Pumping my seed into her fertile womb until I felt it oozeout around my still stiff penis, soaking the bed sheets and my testiclesin the combined juices of our just completed fuck.Weak in the knees from the intensity of the act, I lay down on top ofher. Holding my head to her breast as the last dregs of my sperm enteredher body she and I lay there entwined, only the sound of our breathingbreaking the silence.Something made me lift my head, and I turned to look behind me. There,in the door, staring at the two of us in his bed, his large handsgripping the wheels of his chair, was Karen‘s husband , Jim.



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