Playing in the ocean, the sun warming my face and shoulders, the soft breeze is refreshing. The waves break on my body. The to and fro, the push and pull of the water is almost sensuous, as if yearning for my body. The chill in the salt water is invigorating, stirring my blood, my well-being. I’m enjoying the challenge of the water’s resistance, the battle to stand my ground against the tide!

Then I submerge and relax, come up for air and ride a wave into the shore. When I stand and walk out of the water you are there with a towel, wrapping me up, holding me. The chilly morning air caresses us, bringing up goose bumps on our flesh. We walk, arms around each other, back to the house. I stay on the patio sitting on the bench swing and you bring out fresh, steaming coffee for us. We sit together listening to the waves; the “shhhh” sound of the water is soothing. The sea gulls drift over the air currents and call to each other of schools of fish as they dive for breakfast. The salt air and aroma of the coffee are enticing; the warmth of our bodies close to each other is so comforting. You put your arm around me and I lean against you resting my head on your chest. We feel so peaceful and happily content. Our senses are aroused by the sight of the early sunlight casting a shine on everything, the scents of our surroundings, the sound of nature’s songs of water and birds, the taste of fresh coffee. I love feeling the sweet pleasure of snuggling with you.

After I finish my coffee I give you a quick kiss on the cheek, whisper a thank you for the java, and go into the house to take a shower. A few moments later you follow me. I’m standing with my back to the door and drop my towel to the floor. I slide the straps of my bathing suit over my shoulders, then slip the suit down my tan legs, reaching down to turn on the water. I brush the tangles out of my hair then reach into the tub to test the temperature of the water. Seeing me slightly bent over towards the tuzla escort faucet you enter the bathroom and rest your hands on my hips. I laugh softly and continue to adjust the water. Your hands slide up my sides and as I stand straight your hands find my full breasts. The heat of your hands feels so good, penetrating my cold skin as you cup my breasts. For a few moments you just hold them, feeling their weight and shape, stroking my hard nipples with your thumbs. You pull me back against your body and wrap me in a warm, strong embrace.

Leaning your head down you kiss my shoulder then kiss up my neck to my cheek. I turn my head to look up at you and we kiss on the lips, softly, sensuously. Your hot, strong hands return to my breasts fondling them, teasing my pink buds causing ripples of excitement to cascade throughout my entire body. I can feel the stirrings of arousal all the way to my pussy, inside and out. My juices begin to flow in anticipation. I can feel the hardness in your groin against my ass. You kiss my cheek and run your hand down my back to caress my round buttocks. Reaching down to my thigh you raise my leg so my foot rests on the side of the tub. You lick your lips, tasting the ocean salt from my skin.

Then I feel your fingertips sliding along the curve of my ass, pressing my anus, teasing my pussy. I shiver and take in a sharp breath! You slip your fingertips from my vagina through the little vulva curves up to my clit. I arch my back pushing against your fingers, rubbing my ass against your hard cock. With your other hand you are playing with my breast, teasing my nipple between your thumb and finger, pinching. Mmmmm…I’m moaning with pleasure! I have to reach out to the wall in front of me to keep from falling; I’m beginning to melt from your tender touch.

With one hand I reach behind me and rub your bulging shaft through the cloth of your pants. I unzip your pants and slide my hand past the elastic of your shorts to find your hot, tuzla escort bayan hard penis. As my cool fingers encircle your cock you moan then deeply inhale; slowly releasing your sigh, I can feel your breath on the back of my neck. As you slide your pants down, I tease your balls, softly raking with my nails. I can feel your scrotum tighten, just a little! Your cock feels insistent against me. I’m so wet, so hungry for you. I just want to feel you deep inside me! I reach down to shut off the water. The steam is swirling around us. I’m squirming my ass against you…I want you so badly! I want to feel you, kiss you, touch you, to hold you. But you keep me with my back turned, playing with me, pushing me a little forward, closer to the wall.

You bend your knees and guide your rock hard rod up into my pussy. Oh, your shaft is so thick, filling me up! I’m moaning as you move slowly in and out. This is almost an exquisite torture! I look to the side and watch us in the mirror, our two bodies merged together. What a beautiful site to behold, you pressed against me, our bodies and souls so deeply connected. You continue to play with my breasts with both of your hands as you softly bite along my shoulders and back of my neck. I slip my hand between my legs to feel your engorged cock slide in and out of me with my fingertips. “Ahhhh, it’s so wonderful feeling you with my fingers, feeling you fuck my pussy!” my voice is a breathy whisper. We are so hot and juicy. You moan when you feel my fingers tease your shaft as you pump like a piston into my succulent pussy. You turn your head to also watch our reflection in the mirror; we smile at each other, our eyes sparkling, the lovers’ flush in our cheeks. “Darling, you are my sweet, wonderful woman,” you whisper as you lean down and nibble my ear lobe.

I’m beginning to feel a little overcome by the deep emotional and physical reactions surging through me. “Please, may we go to the bed, I can’t stand here, I’m going escort tuzla to fall!” I whisper. You give a hard push in my pussy then pull out and lead me to the bed. I lie on my back and you kneel between my legs and raise them up – my ankles resting on your shoulders, your hands firmly holding onto my hips. Again, you slowly slide your shaft into my pussy, then tease my clit with your fingertip. “Harder! Faster! Please… please!” I beg you. You just smile and continue the slow pace, enticing me, prolonging my sweet agony.

My stomach tightens and my breath quickens. I love to feel you fucking me! There is a heat spreading from my pussy, through my womb, up into my chest, all the way up to my scalp. I grasp your arms and hold on. I’m groaning as I feel the thick ridge of your cock head playing the inside of my sugar walls. Slowly stroking in and out; your attentions to my clit become more insistent. My fingers are digging into your arms as the exquisite sensations intensify and build up inside me. I’m burning up in your love! My pussy tightens around your long, hard shaft!

You groan and begin to thrust faster and harder. I look up into your face, our eyes lock. You smile down at me. “Ahhhhh, your pussy is so fucking hot!” You growl as you slam harder into me, colliding with my cervix. I can feel your beautiful balls banging against my anus. I cry out and tears are slipping down my cheeks. It’s so overwhelming, the love and passion. I’m falling over the edge and taking you with me! As my orgasm explodes, my pussy pulsates, squeezing your luscious cock. You groan loudly and I feel your come break free inside me! You continue to pound hard for a several more moments then just hold deep inside and let yourself completely go. I moan and push my hips up as I feel your cock throbbing with your orgasm!

You let my legs down then scoop me up in your arms. It feels wonderful for you to hold me, feeling our deep fast breaths, our damp skin against each other, melting into each other. We kiss and whisper our love to each other. I could stay this way forever; feeling your cock inside me, your arms wrapped around me, our skin hot and moist. We are complete in and with each other.



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