Love and the MafiaGina, Tony, Joey and Serena pulled in through the gates of the Ferriera family Mansion. Just as they entered the through the automatic gates and they were closing behind them something came hurling at her BMW and hit the side of it. Gina slammed on the breaks as Tony jumped out of the passenger side, Joey and Serena out of the back seat. They had all just came from a small little party that involved lots of alcohol and d**gs.”Who’s was it? Who the fuck just hit her God damn car? I swear to God if you don’t come out and tell me I will find you and breaking your fucking fingers!” Tony yelled, Joey behind him backing him up, why Serena had got out of the car, Gina had no idea but she did and she hovered behind him. Nobody answered him so fed up and frustrated Tony turned around and leaned into the car. “Listen babe, I’m going to walk the rest of the way up. Get situated and meet me up there.” He stated, leaned in kissing her before shutting the door and walking to where his father and fellow mobsters stood.Gina turned attention now to the back door where Joey stood looking a little green. “Come on Joey!” Tony yelled back, “Ok Ton, I’ll be right behind you.” Joey yelled back but his words were forced before he started gagging. “Ah Joey fucking really? I told you not to do those last three shots! I fucking told you! Get away from my God damn car before he mess it up! Will ya, geez.” Gina yelled at him, he came back in few and turned following Tony. Serena began to get back into the car before she stopped short, “ew.””Ew? Ew what?” Gina asked peering down into her backseat to see that Joey had in fact got a little on her car. “Fucking great, awesome. Go get a towel and clean it up.” Serena gave Gina a look like, ‘are you k**ding me? that’s disgusting.’ “No I am not k**ding you, get a fucking towel and clean it up. You want to be his chick right?” Gina asked, Serena simply nodded with a shocked look upon her face. “Alright then, clean up your man’s shit. Alright you got two fucking choices clean the puke up or get the fuck out of my car!” Gina stated, tears began to swell up in her Serena’s eyes. “Times up get the fuck outta my car, you fucking whore get the fuck outta my car!” Gina yelled, her temper rising and Serena getting the brunt of it. Serena slowly stepped back shutting the door and Gina pulled up, parking the car but not shutting off the engine. She slowly stepped out, her stilettos the first to be seen. She slowly got out of the car, straightened her pencil skirt and silk, sleeveless button up top before heading directly for Serena.”You better listen and you better listen good. You want to be Joey’s lady then you better straighten the fuck up. What part of you are his and he owns you don’t you seem to grasp? He shits, you wipe his ass, he pukes you clean it up, you cook, you clean, and when he wants to fuck you better lay down and spread your God damn legs for him! He looks at other women and possibly fuck them you suck it the fuck up! If that’s a little too much to handle then I suggested you turn your skinny ass the fuck around and leave! If you can handle it, you know where to find me and let me tell you something else.” She paused getting right in the girls face, “you ever disobey me again or give me an attitude, you will fucking regret it because you’ll be dealing with me. Got me?” And with that Gina turned around and began to head back toward the car, leaving the girl speechless and in tears. “Yo Vinny, clean that shit up will ya and then drive it up to park it?””Sure thing Gina, right away.” Vinny stated coming out from where he was standing and doing exactly as he was asked. Gina then walked the rest of the way, knowing the car was in good hands. Tony’s father gave her that car for her birthday this year, she wasn’t in a very good mood any more. Annoyed by something her car on top of Joey puking on it and then his want to be girl talking smack and trying to act hard, like she was some big shit. Now she was ticked and irritable. She fethiye escort spotted Tony standing talking to a group of his buddies. Gina walked up to Luciano, hugging him and giving a kiss on the cheek. “Hello Papa.” Gina stated with a grin.”Gina my girl. I see you handle the situation of Joey’s girl, you did it very nicely.” Luciano stated, proud to call Gina his daughter knowing she kept every girl in line, he had nothing to worry about. And he also knew that his son was well taken care of and loved by Gina, he got his hands full for sure with a feisty one with Gina’s mother being full Spanish and her father being a full Italian she had an attitude on her and a confidence about her like no other. He raised Gina and her four brothers has his own in thank you for what Lorenzo sacrificed for him.”Thank you Papa, I’m happy that I did what you want.” Gina replied. “As you always do Gina.” Luciano replied before kissing her cheek again letting her know she could leave. Gina nodded, said hello to the rest of the group before walking up behind Tony, running her hands up his back to his shoulders squeezing softly. Tony tilted his head back to see it was her, the boys nodded their hellos before disappearing. Tony turned wrapping his arms around her waist bring her into him, his hand automatically on her ass. He slowly and deeply kissed her lips, “there’s my woman.” Tony stated, “what’s wrong baby?” He asked knowing by her forced expression that something was wrong.”I frustrated and annoyed, some fuck head hits my car, then Joey’s fat ass pukes on it and then his girl wants to give me fucking lip.” Gina started but was quickly hushed by Tony’s finger being pushed upon her lips. “Shh let me make this all better, come on.” Tony stated, taking her hand and leading her toward the house. They went through a side door in which he allowed her in first, “listen I don’t want anyone coming in here to me unless its absolutely important and necessary, you got me?” Tony asked the two guys who were standing in front of the door way. “You got it Tony.” They both replied.Tony satisfied with the answer and that they were going to have complete privacy followed Gina inside. He gently pushed Gina up against the wall next to the door which sat unlocked. He lifted her arms up, he kept his hands on her wrists as he leaned in and kissed her, pressing his body against hers. A soft moan escaped her as he kissed her, she could feel against her leg that he was already semi hard in anticipation of having her and pleasing her. Anything to make her happy. See they’re relationship was different than most mobsters and their girls. He was completely faithful to her and truthful. Told her everything, trusted her with his life, they were equals but she still knew her place and that he owned her. She owned him too though, she could talk her mind, she definitely not one to be seen and not heard but she wasn’t scolded for it either. She kept the big issues for behind closed doors where little things she said whenever.Slowly Tony brought his hands down as his lips moved to her neck, she arched her head back so he had better access to her sweet spot on her neck. She kept her hands up, knowing that’s what he wanted. His hands finally made it down to her chest as he massaged her breasts through her silk top and bra. Tony took a hold of either side of the button up top and ripped it open revealing her full c-cup breasts sitting perfectly in her black lacy bra which was easy access considering it only had the under-wire and the rest of see through lace. She had a thong to match on he was sure of it. Just as he was about go to town on her breasts the door bust open and Tony turned standing between her and the door anger on his face, he better not have seen her. That was for his eyes only. “I thought I told you that NO ONE came in here unless it was an emergency?!” Tony yelled out.”I-I’m sorry Tony, its just that….” The man in front of him stammered.”I don’t care, can’t you harass my father for a little bit or escort fethiye go find Giovanni ask him. I want privacy! Got me?” Tony stated taking steps toward the guy who was backing out of the door and Tony stuck his head out looking at the two who let him in. “And I have one more fucking person interrupt me I am slitting you from ear to fucking ear!” Tony yelled, slammed the door and locked it. He turned toward Gina once again who hadn’t left the position she was left in, a grin came across his face no longer angry. “Now where were we?” He asked as he walked back toward her. Tony slid his fingers into the top part of the bra and slowly pulled each side down revealing her erect nipples. He bent down and slowly pulled one of the nipples into his mouth, sucking and nibbling as she moaned, his other hand massaging the other revealed breast. Pinching and teasing the other nipple, or grabbing her entire tit, wetness rushing to her lacy thong and with every moan he knew she was getting wetter and wetter, as he got harder and harder. He couldn’t wait to slide his rigid, hard cock into her slippery, wet pussy. But the point was to satisfy her right now, he then switched breasts as she moaned some more, her hands now on his shoulders gripping at them. His hand moved down and up under her pencil skirt, his fingers filling her moisture between her thighs as he snuck a finger under the fabric and in between her pussy lips, making instant wetness hit her and cover his fingers. As his one hand played with her cunt, his other on played with her tit and he began to kiss her, shoving his tongue into her mouth, her fingers entwined with his hair now.Gina then stopped him taking his hands up, she pushed gently against his toned chest and pushed him back until he hit the table. He unbuttoned his shirt as she did so, her bottom lips being pinched between her teeth, sex in her eyes. Once they stopped she ran her hands up his chest and under the button up shirt and pushed it off his shoulders and arms. Before taking the bottom heim of his white undershirt and lifted it up and over his head. Revealing his perfectly toned six pack and two lines going in an angle toward his groin. A happy trail leading from his belly button to his hard cock. Light hair on his chest, revealing his tattoos and his silver metal cross that was about medium size was the only thing left hanging against his nakedness. Slowly Gina dropped to her knees, one hand still on his chest and the other slowly unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. She knew how big he was but it didn’t matter the moment she saw it, was the instantly she couldn’t wait to feel him inside of her. He knew how to do everything right, just as she knew what to do for him.Her hand around his shaft, she slowly put his cock into her hot, wet mouth, taking his complete length in, till it hit the back of her throat. Slowly she moved her mouth up and down as her hand followed her mouth making the feeling intensify. He moaned, his head back and his hands, one entangled in her hair and the other gripping onto the table for dear life. “God damn it Gina, fuck.” He moaned as she sucked his cock, she deep throat-ed him and he almost lost it. She quickened her speed, he was the verge, he grip tightened in her hair and she got wetter knowing she was driving him crazy. So she deep throat-ed him again and again, before he moaned loudly and his seed was hitting the back of her throat. She swallowed every drop of it as he slowly brought her back up to him. He kissed her deeply as he turned her around, she was now leaning against the table and his still hard cock pressed against her bare stomach. He slowly went down, running his hands down her hips and then under her skirt pushing it up as he did so. He grabbed a hold of her thong pulling it down to her ankles, allowing her step out of them before he tossed them to the side. Her skirt sat perfectly on top of her hips as he stood up and pushed her back onto the table, her pussy glistened with her sweet necter. fethiye escort bayan A wide smile came upon his face as she laid back, her breasts rising and falling with each breath she took. He spread her legs, then slid a hand on her stomach as he slid his tongue between her pussy lips, sucking softly with his lips, he stuck his tongue into her pussy hole as she screamed out in pleasure and moisture hitting his lips. He stuck two fingers into her pussy as he licked her cunt as he finger fucked her hole. Her back arched, her hand in his hair and the other on top of his other hand that was squeezing her exposed tit. The first signs of an orgasm was wrecking her body as he speed up his fingers sliding easily in and out of her cunt hole. “Oh Tony baby don’t stop, I’m going to cum!” She moaned as the grip in his hair became tighter as well her pussy walls. He took out his fingers and began to suck as her orgasm took a hold of her her back arching, her other hand now digging into his bare shoulder and her feet wrapped around his head.Once Gina’s orgasm subsided and she began to catch her breath, Tony stood up licking his lips as he did so. She grinned up to him as she moved her hips up calling him to fuck her. As he grinned at her, his eyes wandered to her inviting pussy and he undid his belt, then button and let his pants and boxers fall to the floor around his ankles. He stepped forward, took a hold of her hips and slide her down the table closer to him. He propped his arms up under legs and leaned down to kiss her, just as his lips touched hers his cock slide inside of her. Gina’s breath catches as she is almost instantly sent over the edge again. She then wraps her legs around his waist as he leans forward and kissed her neck. She moves back and forth with him as his cock moves in and out, hard and slow out of her pussy. “Oh God Tony! I’m going to cum already.” She moans into his ear as she licks it and nibbles. Making his pace go faster, her fingers digging into his back makes him go deeper. “Ohhhhh” She screams as another orgasm rips through her body. Once that one was over he pulled out and pulled her off the table, his hands wrapped in her hair and he kisses her deeply. “Turn over baby.” Tony states almost breathlessly.Gina smiles as she turns around before bending over the top of the table, pushing her ass into the air, her stilettos giving more height. Revealing tattoos here and there upon her body. Tony growls, as his cock becomes even harder, he grabs a hold of her hips and rams it inside of her pussy, she lets out a scream of pleasure with his name mixed in. “Oh Gina you fuck so good.” Tony moans as he rams his cock in and out of her pussy, watching her ass bounce with every pound of his cock, hearing their skin slap together as he speeds up. Gina pushes up so that her body is now pressed against his, he wraps his arms around her grabbing a hold of her breasts and squeezes, he can feel her beginning to cum again so he grabs a hold of her hair and pulls back making her head come back and he kissed her neck, cheek and then lips. She moans against his mouth sending chills through him, he bends her over again as he quickens his thrusts on the verge of his own climax. The third orgasm went through her and she was about to have the biggest one yet, a few pounds and they were both moaning loudly as his seed being shot into her and pussy gripping his cock in her own climax.Sweat dripping off of them as he stays in her after they are both done cumming, both breathing heavily and catching their breath. He runs a hand up her back softly as she gets up once he pulls out of her and moves to the side to sit upon the table. She looks over to him and kisses him deeply, “I love you.” She says before walking over to the side, grabbing a pack of smokes lighting one up for herself and for Tony. “Thank you, I love you too.” Tony states taking the lite cigarette from her. Once they enjoyed their after sex cigarette, Gina slips her thong back on, straightened her pencil skirt back down and puts her breasts in place before buttoning up her shirt once more.”Ready babe?” Tony asks as he buttons up his own shirt. She nods and they head out the door ready to deal with whatever the Mafia wanted to throw at them.



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