Who runs on Saturday morning?

After we got back, I went to work but skipped lunch to get home on time for our double date.

Lori was in the kitchen talking to Mom when I walked in. After a quick kiss and a wrinkled nose, she shooed me away to go get cleaned up. Of course she had picked out my clothes – shorts and a pullover. I guess it matched her skirt and a button up.

We drove over to Britt’s and picked up the girls. I have to admit, I stared at them both! Brittany was wearing a dark blue low cut scoop-necked dress that buttoned up the front and fell to about mid-thigh. She looked stunning! It didn’t hurt that it looked like she was a bounce away from flopping out of her top! Brooke wore a deep purple wrap-around that really hugged her petite frame with a plunging V neckline that beautifully showed off the swell of her small breasts.

One glance at Lori and I saw she was equally impressed! I stared to ask if we weren’t under dressed, Lori shook her head, “No. This is for them.”

The B’s climbed in with Brooke behind me with Britt sitting in the middle, next to her. It was hard not to watch as she kept pulling up on the front of the dress to make sure everything stayed covered. Brooke finally grabbed her hand and told her to stop. “You look beautiful. Leave it alone so I can see.”

I offered that they both looked gorgeous and that I should have dressed better! That caused them to laugh and kind of broke the tension. Before we were turning onto Main Street, all three girls were talking about their clothes and getting ready. I tossed in something every now and then but mostly listened to them talk.

Dinner and a movie was the plan.

We ate at Fridays! Brooke’s favorite. They were both anxious, at first, to be seen ‘in public’. I understood! I had gone to dinner and shopping several times over the years with Lori and never thought anything about it until we started dating. Somehow that changed how I thought people looked at us in public. It didn’t but I still felt nervous at the time. I just happened to see them both reach for each other’s hand as we waited to be seated and it look as if the contact alone calmed them both down.

We took so much time over dinner that we ended up missing our movie so Lori suggested that we go on over to the theater and see if there wasn’t another movie we wanted see.

Walking through the mall, Britt drew eyes; she was a tall, tan, healthy blonde teen with large natural breasts that bounced at each step…the blind would have looked at her!

However, Brittany had become comfortable in her dress and hadn’t realized the show she was putting on, until some jerk came up to hit on her. It was hilarious how quickly and completely she turned him down! Then she saw herself in the mirror of a nearby store. You could see her confidence waiver but before she had a chance to say anything, Brooke told her to forget the creep and then something about ‘special place’ . Whatever it was Britt looked surprised then looked around to see who else might have heard!

After that, she grabbed Brooke’s hand and headed for the theater where the girls picked an older movie that we hadn’t seen but was getting ready to start.

Lori led us to the back of the theater. As we sat down, I reminded her of our promise to Brittany not to ‘do stuff’. She gave me a pouty face and kissed me, “I didn’t forget what I promised Brooke.” but wouldn’t explain what that meant.

It was a bad movie. I guess that explained the empty theater. Cheesy acting, bad dialog; It was pretty clear from the beginning we had chosen poorly.

I still had a great time.

Somewhere around 40 minutes in Lori started rubbing my thigh. I had my arm around her and could just reach her breast.

Probably 10 minutes later Lori had opened my shorts, slipping her hand in to rub me. She also shifted closer so I could slip my hand into her shirt, making me glad she hadn’t worn a bra.

The theater had maybe 15 other people, all seated below us, so a short time later Lori had me out and was proudly stroking me.

I worried about the girls but a quick glance showed me that they were occupied: Brooke had her hand in Brittany’s mostly unbuttoned dress as they made out.

Minutes later, Lori ducked her head and began to quietly take me into her mouth. I scooted to the edge of my seat to allow her more room; she took it as an invitation to pull my shorts down!

Keeping only a nominal lookout, I watched as she slowly bobbed her head and seemed to lose herself in giving me a blowjob!

Another quick look over at the Bs and I saw Brittany had pushed Brooke back and was nearly on top of her with her hand in Brooke’s dress.

Lori stopped long enough to lift her head and look over at the girls. Rising, she kissed me, “I want you in me.” she whispered.

“Can you be quiet?”

Closing her eyes for a minute she grinned “Do you really care?” before she quickly climbed up, straddled me, and lowered herself. That’s how I discovered she also wasn’t wearing panties! As her heat enveloped tuzla escort me, I was the one in danger of calling out!

Feet in the seats on either side, she held onto the back of my chair and slowly rode up and down. I was in heaven! Lori closed her eyes and lowered her head as she concentrated on remaining quiet.

Feeling bold, I unbuttoned her shirt then moved my hands to her breasts but her head popped up on contact, “No no no no!” she pleaded softly, “I can’t…I’ll cum…I’ll scream…no, God…you can’t!” breathing hard “Let me, let me just…Oh God! Michael!” I felt her body tense and muscles flutter as she started to cum. Knowing what could happen, I slid my hands around her, pulling her close into a kiss. As our lips met, she clamped down and groaned loud enough that we were surely heard over the movie as she rode me through her orgasm!

Eventually breaking away from our kiss, she leaned back and shuddered as she quietly came again then smiled before leaning in back to whisper “Your Dirty Girl wants your cum. Can you do that for me? Can you fill my pussy full of your cum!”

I think I said something witty like ‘Fuck me!’ which caused her to giggle and grind against me until my dick felt like it grew at least another inch before it exploded deep inside of her! Lori clamped her lips to mine and thrust her tongue inside as she shook and came again!

When she finally pulled back, she had a huge grin on her face and mouthed “I love you!” I nodded in agreement and pulled her close for another kiss. Several minutes passed before I heard “We need to do this again!”

Yeah, I agreed, the possibility of being discovered had added a thrill to our lovemaking. I thought it again, maybe there was something to her need to show off!

We heard a soft moan and looked over to see that Brittany still had her hand in Brooke’s top but had moved so that she was kneeling on the floor with her head under Brooke’s skirt! Brooke had one foot braced on the seat in front of her with one hand gripping the armrest while the other was tangled in Brittany’s hair, pulling her in! It looked like we’d caught her in the middle of her orgasm as she quietly writhed in pleasure emitting soft gasps and groans.

Lori giggled into my ear. “That looks so hot! I wonder…” but cut herself off. Which caused me to wonder what that was about but she was right, it was pretty damn hot!

Brooke had always been the quietest one in our group and it was easy to mistake that for being shy, she wasn’t. Brooke liked to sit back and watch people and only participate after she had prepared herself. So, when she pulled Brittany up by her hair into a passionate kiss before releasing her, I wasn’t all that surprised.

What did surprise me was how cold she seemed to act immediately after the kiss. Straightening her clothes and hair before leaning back in her seat, Brooke made sure she was settled before motioning Brittany to sit next to her. Climbing into her seat, Brittany started to wipe her face but Brooke grabbed her hand and shook her head, then, when she began to re-button her top, Brooke stopped her saying “Later”.

Brittany was still breathing heavily when she finally noticed us watching them. With a nervous lick of her lips, she looked around to see who else might have seen until Brooke told her to sit back and relax. Brooke returned her attention to the movie almost ignoring Brittany.

Grinding herself against me for a few minutes more, Lori suddenly lifted herself off and knelt before me. Eyes only for my glistening, semi-erect dick, she took me deep into her mouth. I thought she was going to try to get me off again but she just took me down to the base then off, causing me to moan! I almost grabbed her head to keep her in place but I didn’t know how much time we had so I reluctantly allowed her to stuff me back into my pants.

Crawling back into her seat she echoed my thoughts. “Don’t worry. I’m going to suck you cock later.” She said it just loud enough that I’m sure half the theater heard! I know I heard Brittney giggle!

Turns out that we didn’t have time because the movie ended a few minutes later.

Brittany walked down the steps with her head down, acting almost ashamed, until Brooke stopped her. With a finger under her chin, Brooke lifted until Britt was looking her in the eyes. Head cocked to the side, Brooke whispered something causing Brittany to nod then straighten up and stand tall. Brooke then buttoned up Britt’s dress, making sure she was decent before grabbing her hand. Together they walked out of the theater and to the girl’s bathroom.

I looked to Lori who said “We need to make a play date with them!” before following them.

My wait was short as Lori quickly returned after having applied a fresh coat of lipstick. She’d also re-buttoned her shirt so she wasn’t hanging out but there was no question that she wasn’t wearing a bra. “Why didn’t you tell me my tits were hanging out!” she asked in quiet mock outrage! I just laughed! Then, as the Bs came out of the bathroom, Lori leaned in for a quick kiss and whispered, tuzla escort bayan “You sure came a lot! I can feel it dripping and sliding down my thighs! If I’m not careful, everyone’s gonna see!” Before I could reply, she led the way out. Yeah, I looked! but I couldn’t see anything!

No side exit this time, Lori insisted we walk thru the mall

All the stores were closed and there weren’t many people but Lori and the Bs window-shopped and talked as we made our way out to the truck, leaving me to trail behind

Brooke fell back to walk with me; I could tell she wanted to ask me something so we made small-talk as she gathered her courage.

Like Lori and I, Brooke and Britt had been best friends for a long time. They had both dated guys but had become increasingly frustrated with, what Brooke called, the lack of emotional attachment. She went on to thank me for helping them with their first real date, explaining that they had talked about going out but had always been too scared, telling me they’d been to each other’s house but nothing so bold as an actual date. Prom was, well, they still had to hide everything! And the last time they went to the movies she felt like they were sneaking around so it didn’t feel like a date.

Brooke then told me how scared she’d been the night they’d finally gotten together. She hadn’t thought of herself as ‘gay’, she still didn’t, but she couldn’t get Brittany out of her mind, admitting she had chickened out several times before the pool party. Then it just happened! Telling Brittany she liked her was the scariest thing she’d ever done! and when Brittany confessed her attraction as well, it was all she could do not to start kissing her and never stop! Brooke was so matter-of-fact in how she explained to me how they both decided that they wanted to see what it was like. Neither had sworn off guys, yet.

She kept going on and on about it all and it became hard not to laugh because Brooke never babbled.

As we walked out into the parking lot, she finally screwed up the courage. “Did you…are you…she, Lori…is she really going to…?” I waited. “What Vanessa said at lunch yesterday? That you gave Lori permission to, uh…” she couldn’t finish.

Her awkwardness caused me to laugh, “I didn’t really give permission.”

“So she’s not going to?” she looked so disappointed!

“Lori!” I called. She and Britt had gotten ahead of us. They stopped and waited.

“Brooke was asking me about you and Vanessa.”

“I just…I mean, she just threw it out there! I didn’t even know she was into that. Or, uh, that you were.” stammered Brooke.

Tall, blonde Brittany looked like she was trying to shrink but paid close attention to what we were saying then gaping like a fish when I asked “Brittany? How much did you see yesterday?”

Lori waited with a smile on her face. Brooke looked confused. I’d wondered if Britt had said anything.

“I think I saw Lori, uh, kissing Vanessa’s boobs.” Lori just nodded.

“No way!” blurted Brooke. “Where? When? Why didn’t you tell me?”

I also wondered the last.

Trapped, Brittany responded, “Yesterday, in Study Hall.” Lori was grinning.

“You’re making that up!”

“OH NO! It happened.” confirmed Lori. “Vanessa damn near stripped and we both got a little carried away.” she sidled up and gave me a peck on the cheek. “If Mike hadn’t pulled me, us, out of there we would have probably been naked on the floor.”

Brittany nodded. So, she had seen more than I thought.

Turning her attention back to Lori, Brooke began, “Why do you act like…?”

Lori laughed. “What? Like a slut? Because I am!” at Brooke’s look of shock, she clarified, “For Mike. I’m his Dirty Girl! I thought you knew that! You saw my tattoo thing. Besides, it’s fun!” Brooke looked away but Lori pursued. “Admit it. You enjoyed the hell out of Brittany going down on you in the theater.”

Brooke opened her mouth to protest but couldn’t, blushing. “You’re so wanton!”

“Uh-huh!” agreed Lori and spun with her arms wide. Walking up to Brooke, she said “Look at her.” pointing at Brittany. “Isn’t she beautiful? Why would you ever be ashamed to be seen with her?”

“I’m not!” she protested, “We’re just not ready for everyone to know.”

Brittany startled me when she asked, “Lori? Are you and Vanessa having sex?”

Lori turned around and looked to me before, “It’s complicated.”

“But, she really is your, uh, slave?” asked Brooke.

“She really is.”

“Why?” pressed Brittany.

“Because that’s what she wants.” answered Lori. “Initially, it was because she lied to me. I promised to make her life a living hell. I even slapped her so hard that I knocked her down! She wanted it.”

“What’s changed?”

“I discovered the truth. Now she knows she has to do what I tell her because she chooses to accept it.” I could hear the grin in her voice as she said, “You will not believe what I have planned for her next week.”

Brooke said “Mike told me that you weren’t going to be allowed to uh, you know.”

“That’s escort tuzla not what you asked and that’s not what I answered.” I called back as we climbed into the truck.

Lori was on her knees facing the back seat so I snaked my arm between her legs and began rubbing her butt. She shifted so I was able to slide my fingers across her slit, wiggling as I did.

Brittany put it together first. “OHMYGOD! You already have!”

Brooke asked quietly “How was it?”

Without hesitation, “Delicious!”

“Man, I would have loved to see that.” breathed Brooke.

Several minutes passed before Brittany asked “But aren’t you cheating on Mike?”

I answered, “No. Lori doesn’t do anything if I’m not there. She’s tempted but I trust her.”

“What about you, could you have sex with someone else?” asked Britt.

“I don’t want to.” I replied.

“What about Vanessa?” she pressed.

“I don’t want to.” I repeated. I’d been able to work two fingers into her and I swear it actually felt like Lori’s temperature rose with my answer.

Lori said “He’s gonna fuck her.” while working her hips.

“Why do you want me to do it so much?” I asked.

She turned to look at me “Because, then I get to suck your cum out of her hot little pussy! Satisfied?”

Both of the Bs gasped at her response. What could I say?

“Enough about us. What about you two?” Lori asked. She was working hard to sound normal but I could hear it in her voice. I used the base of my hand to rub against her clit causing her to shudder and let out a soft moan.

Brooke asked, “What do you mean?”

Sounding a little out of breath, “You’ve both been very interested in Vanessa,” Lori paused, “and, uungh, me. What are you guys thinking?”

A bit too quickly Brittany responded “Nothing!”

Brooke, however, sensing her opening, “We really want to watch you guys.”

“Brooke!” cried Brittany.

“What?” asked Brooke, “How many times have you told me that you want to see Lori naked?” That was a surprise! “And Vanessa?”

Britt huffed, “If we’re going to be honest, it’s you who wants to see Lori naked. I want to see Vanessa!”

Lori hung her head and really started rocking her pelvis back and forth on my hand openly. “Uuuuuhhh, God.” she groaned as she hunched forward, biting her lip.

“Lori?” asked Brooke. “Are you OK?”

“UUUUHH-HUH! Yesss.” she moaned, really bearing down so I could rub her clit.

“Are you…?” asked Brooke in disbelief.

Panting openly, Lori grinned wickedly, “Yeah. Mike’s got his fingers in my pussy!” Saying it set her off, “Oh my God. FUCK!” she was holding back vocally but she was grinding against my hand and fingers “Oh fuck me.” she breathed shuddering and whimpering through her climax.

As she came down, I wiggled my fingers causing Lori to laugh, “Stop that!” then looked back, playfully, “Sorry, that was rude, but I get sooo turned on when I’m watched.”

I could just hear Brooke say “Brittany likes it too.”

“Brooke…” hushed Britt.

Louder, “Deny it and I’ll make you stand in the street and strip! You know I’ll do it!”

“OK! Fine! I do! Satisfied?” then I heard a barely audible ‘Bitch’. Trying to turn it back to Lori, “Do you do that all the time?” asked Britt.

Lori’s giggle bloomed into a full laugh. “Yeah, as much as he lets me.”

“I still don’t get how can you be so casual?” from Brooke.

Lori leaned over and kissed me. “Because I’m easy!” laughing as she said it.

“You are not!” cried Brooke.

“I’ve already told you! I am for Mike.” she clarified. “Anyway, don’t you enjoy sex?”

“Brooke’s incredibly in bed!” said Britt.

“Hush, B.” she said quietly, then “Of course I like sex, I love it! It’s just…”

“Did you like the movie?” joked Lori.

Reluctantly, Brooke said “Yes, very much. I never thought I’d be able to get Britt to, you know, do that but then we saw you and…” she trailed off. “We can’t be as open as you are.”

“BULLSHIT! What’s stopping you?” asked Lori.

“What would people think? Besides, we’re still figuring things out.” she said.

Lori thought a moment and rose up so I could extract my fingers then “What are you guys going to do when you get home?”

Brittany answered, “If I’m lucky, Brooke will return the favor. She has a really wicked tongue!”

“Britt!” screamed Brooke.

“What? You can say what you want and I can’t?”

“Yes!” matter-of-factly, “About this, you know that.”

“Why does that bother you?” asked Lori.

“It’s just that…you know.” she said lamely.

“Nope! Don’t have a clue.” stated Lori. “Remember, you’re talking to the girl who just got off on her boyfriend’s fingers, right?”

Laughing, Brooke admitted, “Put it that way, I guess it is funny.”

“Does it feel good when Britt rubs your boobs?”

“I really like her nipples.” declared Britt. “They get so hard and really sensitive!”

“Hush, B.” from Brooke. “Yeah. I like it.”

We were almost out of the city but there were still plenty of streetlights around. The brief glance I got looked like they might be making out. Lori stayed perched, watching. I heard a moan followed by another, slightly louder. “You guys look so hot!”



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