Long distance becomes face to face!!!Please, comment. No one gets paid for writing this stuff. My payment is knowing that people like you get off reading my stuff. That I can get you sexually aroused, just with words!! I am not gay, but for me, this is singularly about power. If you want some of it back, leave a comment!!*******************************************************************************Kay told me about a friend she had back in college. She had been married to a guy that was big, funny and loved sex!! But being his friend’s husband… The story is fiction, but the feelings and all, according to her, were very close to this one day…Okay, I will admit it. My relationship with Wade has always been a little strange. He is married to my best friend Cindy who lives about four hours from us and from the first day we met, we have always picked and tormented each other. After 2 years of knowing each other and sometimes stepping way over the line, it recently took a huge leap over the line.You see, my husband Steve is my best friend. Call it soul mates, call it BFF, whatever. We mesh so well together in every area… but one. Sex. I have a drive that if it were put on a track would be an Indy car high. His, is more of a sulky horse run. Now to his credit, he is very open minded to me suggesting and saying and even doing some rather freaky things, but …. We just don’t quite mesh in this one areaOn the other hand, Wade has always been WAY over the top sexually. I swear, the guy could hold a conversation with the pope and steer it to sex within 60 seconds. But Ann, his wife and my friend can take it or leave it. He complains that he only gets sexual release 3 or 4 times a week and I laugh and tell him that I get it that often a quarter, suck it up!!!So over the years Wade and I have struck up MANY conversations over the internet chat lines about sex. I swear, he can’t get any work done because the second we start chatting, I know I cannot get any of the things I have to do done because he derails everything to sex. The bad thing has always been that we can chat about it for hours on end and we have found that many of our dreams are similar, but… Yeah, that’s right. We are married, but not to each other. But still, we have each talked about maybe someday, and my husband is supportive, as long as he knows about it and has the option to participate, watch or be gone. The sticking point is Ann will not even entertain the thought of sharing Wade, so…. It is all just pie in the sky.So the other day, as Wade and I were ending another of our long hot chat sessions discussing different bondage scenes we would each like to play out, I made the comment, “Too bad you are so far away. Steve is going to be working all day and I don’t have to. I guess we will just have to chat again tomorrow.”He groaned and we laughed and I said I was going to go get a shower, which always seems to drive him insane and then I logged off and went about the rest of my day as a free-lance reporter.So the next morning I kiss Steve good-bye and he took an overnight bag and his computer out to the company car and headed out to his next inspection. I closed the door, got my second cup of coffee and headed off to the computer in a particularly frustrated and horny mood. Fortunately, Wade responded immediately to my greeting and we were soon chatting about our spouses and jobs and then of course to sex.Now, please understand, my computer is just off of the master bedroom where NO ONE can see me, so I putter around most days in a cotton tee shirt and panties only. If it is winter, there are definitely sweat pants and flannel shirts involved but it is FAR from what I figure Wade thinks. And I oblige him by talking about my nipples poking through the sheer fabric of my light gauzy nightie, while actually cuddling up in my sweats!! It is an old game, but one that always entertains us bothHe seemed to be really in the mood today and kept the focus on what I wanted, which I appreciated and even obliged and soon, I have to admit, I was ignoring the stack of bills I was supposed to be working through and instead was doing some porn surfing while waiting for his next statement.“Would you really want me to do that to you?” he asked after a particularly graphic exchange, and I thought what the hell, so I said, “Yeah, but it is kind of hard to happen when we are 200 miles apart.”I heard the front door open at that moment and read the words, “I’m not 200 miles away.” Appear on my screen.”Well, talk about shitting your pants!! First, I was not certain who was at the door and secondly, I was NOT dressed for company. Yet within a very few seconds there he was, standing in my doorway, phone in one hand! And an overnight bag in the other!! Of course I screamed at him in anger, surprise and frustration. It took me a minute to figure out that he was supposed to be out in the field that day, out of communication with Ann and at the last moment he called in sick, so work was not looking for him and… a simple drive later he was sitting on my street, waiting to see if anything would happen!!I about made something happen. I almost fethiye escort killed him!! I started to pull the sweatshirt on over my comfy (read threadbare) tee shirt when he reached out and caught my arm. “I didn’t just lie to my wife, waste a personal day at work and drive 4 hours to drink coffee.” His eyes looked into mine and I felt this lump about the size of a baseball in my throat that I could not even begin to swallow.“If I have wasted my day, or misread the opportunity, say so now and I will walk out the door and no one will ever know. But if you ever want to live out your fantasy, if you ever want to experience a full day of pulse-pounding sex, then kiss me and let the games begin.”My heart was still pounding so hard I almost told him to get back in his car and beat off. I mean, it was one thing for us to share fantasies and include each other in them…this was something completely different. But then I looked up into his eyes and I saw in there one thing. He wanted me. He was lusting for me! He wanted to do things with me and to me!! Unspeakable things. After 2 years of marriage, that fire is not seen in Steve’s eyes. Hell, after the firs5 year I had not seen that look! And now it was there, at the entrance to my bedroom, on the face of a man who knew my innermost and darkest thoughts and desires. A man I trusted. A man that said he wanted to make those dark thoughts memories etched into to the deepest recesses of my mind.I stepped up to him and kissed him lightly on the cheek. And then I stepped back. He had not moved to try to take me in his arms or to hold me. He had not tried to kiss me. He just stared at me.“Without a smile he said simply, “take off your shirt and panties, I want to inspect my slave.” I stared at him and the unblinking dark eyes that burned into mine and I felt my hands moving, almost, but not quite, of their own choosing to gather up the hem of the shirt and begin pulling it up over my torso.The fabric and the whole scene had my nipples pointing out hard as rock and the soft material only caused me to want him all the more. As my shirt came off over my head, he turned to the desk chair I had been sitting at and he put his bag down, opened a zipper and removed a bright red studded collar.“Turn around” he commanded and I felt him step up behind me and reach around my shoulders. With fingers that I noticed were shaking, he placed the collar around my neck and locked it in place. It was not tight, but it was there, and I closed my eyes as its tiny weight felt like so much more upon me.“I said the panties too.” He whispered in my ear and I could hear his own excitement and nervousness at what was happening. I complied. And as I bent to take them from around my ankles, I brushed my ass against his tight stone washed jeans and I could feel the bulge held behind them.He turned and moved his bag to the floor and then sat in my chair and said, “Come here, and let me inspect you.” I did and I was painfully aware that my breasts were now directly at his eye level.He lifted my left breast with his left hand and then without warning slapped the side of my breast lightly. It stung, but he was careful not to strike my nipple or any other sensitive tissue, but I yelped in surprise. “Did I hurt you?” He asked honestly. I shook my head no to which he said, “Our safe word today is ‘married’. If at any time, the pain is more than you want, the scene is not what you want or you are scared or just want to stop, say the word ‘married’ and I will stop immediately. Do you understand?” I nodded again, and with a smile, he slapped my breast again.He then lifted my right breast and checked under it (being a full D-cup and having had 2 c***dren years earlier, the girls can cover a lot of ground). He shook his head and then slapped that breast as well.“You need a shower,” he announced. “Go clean up EVERY PART of you. I will be inspecting you when you are done, now go!” I turned on my heel and walked immediately into the shower and began running the water. I turned to see him walking to the bed and begin pulling all of the sheets and I wondered what I was in for. My mind raced as the water sprayed across my flesh. “What am I doing?!?” I kept asking and I would almost be confident enough that this was not going to happen that I’d be ready to call out and tell him to leave… and then parts of me would ache for his touch.When he looked at me, his dark eyes seemed to read my very thoughts. He knew my desires, my vulnerabilities and he had always promised to do more to me than I could ever have dreamed and take me higher than I knew possible. And now he was in my bedroom doing God knew what and I was shaking like a school girl.I quickly washed most of my body but took my time doing my ass and pussy. Years before I had said something about having enjoyed some anal sex and I was certain that would be part of it all. My hand shook as I shaved every hair below my waistline in hopes that this would fulfill a fantasy of his that I knew he had. I used my most fragrant conditioner on my hair and despite the warmth of the water that was playing over me, I trembled escort fethiye in anticipation over what I was about to experience.The moment the shower was off, he was there. He threw back the curtain and said, “Step out.” I did and was shocked. The air was freezing and with my flesh so wet, I immediately began to reach for my towel and dry off. His hand caught my wrist and he said. “I did not tell you to dry off. I said shower.” He then led me by the wrists to the doorway of the bath where I could feel the full blast of the air conditioner and I began to shiver uncontrollably. He quickly looped a rope around my wrists and then pushed me back against the door and threw the extra loop of rope over the top of the door. My hands were then raised above my head as he drew the slack over the door and tied it off with my hands high above my head!As he turned back to his black bag, I surveyed the room and was amazed at how busy he had been. The fitted cotton sheet Steve and I had slept on just a couple hours before was in a pile with the rest of our bed linens. In its place, a satiny black sheet was stretched across the bed and webbing straps were strategically located here and there beneath the mattress and coming up on top of the sheet.There were adult toys and vibrators on the bed and several vanilla candles that I did not recognize were placed throughout the room, burning with a sweet, soothing scent. There were also a couple of riding crops and whips as well as a couple of paddles that were lying on the floor next to the bed that made me more than a little nervous.When he turned around, he placed a blindfold over my eyes and told me to relax. I then felt his hands circle behind my neck and he began to rub a lotion into my still wet flesh. “I want you to relax. Trust me. You will enjoy this more than anything else you have ever experienced. … Or you will endure it and never fantasize about anything ever again.” He whispered in my ear as his hands moved smoothly up my arms. “I only want to make your dreams come true.”The scent of him filled me with longing. There was something a****listic about it and I realized that while I was shivering, he had been sweating and the smell of his clean sweat was intoxicating. The warmth of his body, even through his clothes, sheltered me from the cold air in the room, but his hands and strong fingers were sending very powerful waves of sensuality through the very core of me as he worked the warming oils into my muscles.He leaned in and kissed me and I pushed my body forward into him, longing to feel a man’s body against my naked flesh, but he stayed just out of reach. Instead he began to work the oil into the rest of my back and belly, quickly. His fingers left no skin unattended to and I turned crimson as I saw the unabashed lust on his face as he first cupped one breast and then the other and the nipples on them responded in such lewd manners.His fingers quickly worked down my body to between my legs and I did not resist him. In fact, I wanted him to touch me, to bring me off and to give me what he had promised so many times, but his fingers deftly avoided my attempts while succeeding in both lubricating my now bald mound and hungry lower lips.When he finished with my front he helped turn me around and he again was rubbing the oils on me and I was beginning to both be bored and frustrated. I wanted action, but he kept to his meticulous routine. He stopped and walked back to his case and then when he was behind me again, I felt him put a dark stocking cap over my head and eyes. “You are not surrendering enough to me. You keep anticipating what I am going to do and that is ruining it for both of us, so relax, trust me…and spread your legs.” He said in a voice that would have soothed any c***d and sent shivers down my spine. He was truly in charge and I had to let him do whatever or never experience what I wanted. I bit my lip and spread my feet apart.His shoe was between my feet and he nudged them further and further apart and then I heard a couple of clicks, like metal bars or the lock on an umbrella opening. Then I felt a furry cuff going around my right ankle and then another around my left. I tried to move my feet and discovered that he had placed my ankles in a spreader bar to keep them apart!! Wide apart.He stood and drizzled my bottom with more of the oil and then he began working the oil between my ass cheeks. His hands moves so easily over my flesh and tickled my exposed pussy lips from behind before sliding back to my dark cleft. Then, as I knew he would, he began working his finger into my tight back passage. He reminded me that it went easier if I relaxed, but I was cold, though he had turned off the arctic blast. I was bound, and immobile, but despite all of this, I knew he was right and soon I had taken one of his fingers deep into me.Then a hard object replaced his finger and I heard the sound of tape being unrolled. I felt athletic tape then being passed around my mid section as he said, “You have never been adequately trained in the joys of anal pleasure, so I have a way to insure that my little plug does not slide fethiye escort bayan out but stays nicely where it is.That was when I felt it suddenly buzz!! And he laughed at my start. “Oh yes. My toy has a special remote control device that is going to come in handy. He set it to high for a moment and then stopped it completely and my nerves were suddenly in complete disarray.He stepped away from me for a moment and after a few minutes of moving around the room was behind me again. I was fairly certain he was naked, from the sounds I had heard and my heart raced at the thought of what he might do to me. The butt plug jumped to life at the base of my spine and I slammed my face and body into the door involuntarily at the jolt.He laughed. “This is going to be a lot of fun for us both!” And then he turned me back to him and gave the back door buzzer another quick jolt, which had me doing a pelvic thrust right out at him in surprise.I felt his breath on my breasts and I groaned. I had confessed many times over that my breasts are so erogenous to me that I can almost orgasm just from having my husband play with them and now, they were there for him. And he showed his talented skills to full affect by sucking, kissing and biting the soft flesh and the puckered skin I knew so well. At some point he fit a constricting band around the root of one breast and then the other and I could feel my breasts being held out from me in a way I had never thought possible.After what seemed like forever, and with my arms now almost painful, he finally stopped the assault on my chest. He undid the rope from the other side of the door and as I began to bring them down, he told me to hold them back upright again for a moment. Then, without warning he picked me up over his shoulder and carried me over to my bed and laid me on it!!The rush of blood into my arms and out of my body had an unexpected impact on my breasts which now tingled. I was a little disoriented for a moment and lost track of where Wade was but then he made himself known. He took some sort of wide flat plastic mat with nubs and taped them to each of my breasts. And then without any explanation sent me flying off into space as the pads turned out to have mini vibrators in them!!! I thought I was going to explode!!!But he was just getting started, I felt a splash of a hot sensation on a fore arm, and then the upper arm. I cried out, “What the hell is that?” and he just laughed and then I felt a little splash on my chest and I smelled the candle wax!! He did not dribble much, but each time I jumped and wiggled and that seemed to only inflame his lust.He was flicking the anal vibrator on and off more often now and the buzzing on my breasts had me at a soaking edge of orgasm when I felt him drag me down the silky sheets until my butt was almost hanging over the edge. He grabbed hold of the spreader bar and raised my ankles and before I could say a thing, I felt his cock at the edge of my swollen and wet sex.He slid it all of the way into me in one savage thrust! I screamed. I could not help it! It was such a shock! He felt like I had two cocks in my pussy while that now constantly buzzing vibe in my back door was causing me to believe there was a cock there as well.And then he fucked me. Back and forth he rammed its length into me and I felt his huge full balls slap against me to the point where I was ready to beg for him to rub my clit!! He would ease back, leaving just the tip wedged inside of me. He grabbed me by the waist to open me up and I raised my hips trying to gain more of a purchase on his man flesh. Faster and faster he fed it to me between my soft lower lips and then his flesh lodged itself deep in my belly. I had his entire length filling the core of me and melting me from within. He made motions deep inside me without seeming to move his hips and I moaned in unrepentant desire to have him take me hard and fast again.Then he began all over again. He began to pound himself into my quivering flesh and I remember screaming at him, “God Yes!! Don’t stop, don’’t stop, Oh yes!!” I could feel my breasts jumping and the damn vibrations both behind me and on my chest were driving me to distraction and then it happened. I felt him stiffen and his warm jets of man gel filled me to overflowing.He fell out of me quickly and I was ever so close to cumming and yet was reduced to whimpering for release. Then I felt something huge begin to penetrate my vagina. He was filling me with some enormous tool and the combination of both our fluids and the oil had it deep in me in a matter of seconds. I felt him slowly building the stroke power and speed of the toy until I could no longer hold back and I screamed louder than I have for any reason before in my life!!After a few minutes and my mind started reassembling from the furthest recesses of the universe, I realized that he was undoing the knots at my wrists and that I could now move my ankles independently. I held up my head and he removed my hood. And we kissed. Passionately.A few minutes passed and then he said, “Go dry your hair, but don’t put on any clothes. We have a park to visit, and I want you there, my way…”*********************Ladies. Would this send you to the moon or to the grave? I’d love to hear feedback from guys and gals… Guys, do you have the guts to do this? Kay thinks this one is HOT!



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