long agothis is not a lie i allway fancied my my matebut he was datin my sister he came round mine to playstation i couldnt take it so i just said i real want to suck ure cock at first he just looked so isaid it again this time he got realy defensive thats wrong u poof just wen iwas about to run he g****d canlı bahis and shoved his big cock deep in to my mouth never felt so alive istarted to feel funny but in a good way i came with out even touching my self and he shot to the back of mouth we lay there not able to look at eachother the bahis siteleri next day he grap me everyones out we measured our cock great hes bigger then me only by a bit i was 7 and him 7 halfr he laughed took me by surprize and slid my cock up his arse he said be gentle i could not as to horny i güvenilir bahis thrusted like no tommorow with each thrust he moaned and shot his load all on the flooor just wen i was about to everyone came home so inever got to come fortunate he and my sister werent close and me and her r fine my mum and the boys mum still freinds who hang out often alas its beeen 2 years since i seen him but saw him the other day heasked for my number i said no as he now is engaged and starting a family oh well plenty of sexy guys out there



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