Living With My AuntieI’m a relatively normal guy in my mid-20s, and since moving in with my auntie, I have found myself fantasizing about her more and more. I moved in with her six months ago after getting a job near to where she lived.She’s in her early forties, never married but has a good social life with many friends, male and female but since moving in I have never knowing her have a man stop over or her stop out at a man’s house.We come and go as we wish, just like roommates but she does insist of having a meal together once a week. Something she promised to my mom and it’s usually on a Monday night when she cooks and she lights candles and has wine on the table.Aunt Sally is no stunner, but she does dress well and takes care to look as good as she can with being a slightly bigger built woman. She has tremendous breasts that fill out everything she wears and she has the body to go with them. After moving in I was a little surprised when I first saw my auntie just in her bra, knickers and black tights making breakfast that first morning, but now that has became our normal routine, eating breakfast just in our underwear and saving any spillages on our working clothes, so aunt Sally recommended to me. It’s very hard not to examining every inch of her body when she is sitting opposite you, with her full cup plain white bras and lacy big knickers covered with her black tights and showing off her sexy nylon clad shapely legs. But I am getting used to it.It was another Monday night and I came in to the smell of home cooking and aunt Sally suggested getting out of our work cloths and dressing more casual. I was always happy to get my suit and tie off as it happened and went to change.Sally walked in to my bedroom holding a shirt“I thought you might look nice in this tonight, I saw it on my lunch break today” she said handing me the shirt “Come and show me when you have it on”I walked along the landing to her open bedroom door and stopped dead in my tracks to see her bending over with her pale white naked arse fully exposed and on show to me. Her leg was lifted and parted as she threaded her foot through the opening of sexy looking black knickers, but best of all was the slightest glimpse of her hairy fanny just jutting down from between her legs.I watched as she pulled her knickers up to her waist then went barging in to her bedroom“Does the shirt look nice on me?” I asked while looking down and fiddling with my cuffTaking a sneaky peek, I watched her turn towards me then I lifted my head and made eye contact, pretending not to notice the small cup bra she was wearing, lifting and pushing her magnificent tits together for that ample cleavage effect.“Well what do you think?” I asked Aunt Sally lifted her hand and felt the material of the shirt near my collar where it was open. “That is a nice shirt,” she said as her hand continued and rubbed my shoulder, “It fits you very well”We looked at each other for a while longer as she continued running her hand down my arm.“Will you be a love and zip me up” aunt Sally then asked as she turned to the bed and picked up a red dress.“No problem” I said as I took in the magnificent view in front of me as she bent forward and lifted her feet thought the waist of her dress. How her tits did not fall from her bra, I will never know.Aunt Sally turned around and I was left staring at the top of her lacy knickers through the open V of her dress and was thrilled to grab the zip. It was a bit sticky and I had to put the flat palm of my hand on her arse while trying to pull the zip up.“It’s always been hard to do up” Aunt Sally said, “The only reason I’m trying it again is because you are here to help me”I continued pulling it up, up past her bra to the top when I suddenly got a whiff of her perfume and I breathed it in long and slow.“Thank‘s, now be a love and go and edirne escort make sure nothing is burning while I finish getting ready” Aunt Sally walked in to the kitchen looking stunning, her tremendous breasts filled her dress full with plenty of cleavage on show and she had added some black nylons tights to her legs. “I hope you are hungry,” she says as she leans over the table to pass my plate and I got another eye full of her breasts.“Always am with your food” I reply I poured the wine and we clinked glasses like we were on some date, then just laugh it off, but there was a different feeling to our meal tonight. We ate, we talked, we laughed, we held hands on top of the table in the candle light and the wine had put us both in a good mood.“Let’s leave the dishes for tomorrow and go and finish our wine in the living room” aunt Sally said as she stood up and pulled me up as well.She went and put some music on while I sat down then she came and sat next to me on the sofa, tight together so our legs were touching.I had my hand resting on my leg and it just seemed to happen so innocently when our hands started touching, softly at first then our finger intertwined with one and other. We looked at each other and the grip tightened and the rise and fall of her breasts increased.“What you thinking” she asked“How nice you look tonight” I said then paused before finding the courage “And how I would like to kiss you” I finally said in a slow, almost whisperHer grip tightened around my fingers and I could hear her breathing more heavily “Please do.” She said with a soft voice. We leaned together gently until our lips touched and slowly kissed each other, then our mouths started to open with tongues seeking each other. We embraced tightly on the sofa and kissed like new lovers, unable to get enough of each other. We broke our kiss with two large sighs, still with our fingers entwining together“We’re are both adults” Aunt Sally said softly “Anything we do is our choice”I moved in to kiss her again and it was no different from the first kiss, our tongues touched and we kissed and kissed until we had to break for a breath.Aunt Sally stood up and held her hand out“Just if you want to,” she saidMy cock was straining in my trousers as I stood up and I saw the expression of delight on her face as she looked down on me. She took my hand and I followed her upstairs and in to her bedroom, standing near the bed we hugged and kissed then she started to unbutton my shirt and soon had it off me. She rubbed my shoulders and slid her hands down over my naked chest then quickly undid my trousers.I stood in front of my auntie only in my boxers with a bulge pointed straight at her. She reached in the slit and grabbed my cock gently, then moaned and kissed me hard.As we hugged, I reached around to the zip of the dress and started to slide it back down. Sally stepped backwards from our hug and kiss and flirtatiously started to slide the arms of her dress off her shoulders and down her arms. It slid off her hands and fell to the floor; I retched out and felt the fullness of her bra, feeling the soft lacy material of her cup.“Do you like it? I just bought them today” aunt Sally said“Very nice” I said while staring at her tits“They match my knickers” she said and stepped back one more stepI looked down then I noticed she was wearing black hold-up stockings as well, she must have seen the big smile I had.“I thought you would like stocking as well” she saidShe moved closer and continued to kiss me as my hands felt down her back and over her silky smooth knickers covering her arse. Then I felt her hands go inside the waist of my boxers this time and gripped me tight in her soft hand.Aunt Sally started to slide my boxers off with her spare hand then pulled me by the cock nearer to the bed and sat ağrı escort down. She didn’t let go of my cock and one handed somehow managed to slide my boxers to around my feet.My cock was now only inches from her face when she looked up at me with that familiar smile. She licked her lips and kept her tongue out as she licked my now exposed cock end. I moaned in response as my cock swelled in her tight grip then she took my cock in her mouth.Her lips closed around my shaft as my bulbous cock end now filled her mouth and I could feel her tongue swishing back and forth, over and around the mushroom shaped end. She just knew how much play she could give before making me come and pulled off jus at the right time.She leaned back on the bed in her bra, knickers and stockings and pulled me on top of her between her parted legs. My cock pressed sexily on her black lacy knickers, stabbing at the closed door of her pussy as we kissed some more. I slid a strap off her shoulder while still kissing and Sally helped by pulling the cup of her bra over her tit. I lifted up to see her large expose breast and took in the view of her enormous nipple and immediately sucked it in to my mouth.Sally let out a loud moan and her heavy breathing kept pushing her big naked tit more in to my face as I kept sucking and licking on it. She grabbed my head and pushed me on to her other now exposed tit and nipple and let out another moan as I set to work on that one.I kissed back up her soft wobbly tits and on to her mouth again, to where she kissed back with even more passion while I continued to dry hump her with my cock against the softest, silkiest knicker clad pussy I have encountered. Sally moaned aloud then I felt her hand pushing me to go down her body, eventually kissing my way on to her knickers, which were starting to show a damp patch where my cock had been prodding at her pussy. I put my nose against her pussy and inhaled then kissed her pussy through her knickers while making them even more wet. Sally bucked up, rubbing and twisting her pussy in to my face.“Take them off” she moaned Sally dug her feet in to the bed while she lifted her arse up and I pulled her sexy black lacy knickers down off her hips and exposing her large hairy bush. I continued down over her stocking tops, which were patterned with red flowers that I had not noticed.As soon as her arse hit the bed, her feet were lifted up for me to remove her knickers from. As soon as they were off, she spread her legs and gave me a view of her heavenly pussy with big fat lips bulging through the dense hair.I kissed my way up from her knee, kissing the smooth soft material of her stockings until her stocking tops. There I kissed the bare-naked flesh bulging over the elasticated top, swapping from one leg to the other while listening to her purr softly. I moved up her thighs and placed soft gentle kisses on her pussy lips that bulged out from her dense hair then teased her with my tongue with soft licks up her slit and on to her clit. She exhaled hard and long as I licked her clit some more, just circling around her button with my tongue.I moved down on to her lips again, licking her as I explored between them, pushing my tongue deep in to her moist pussy. She ran her hands through my hair as I repaid the favour of glorious oral sex. The more I darted my tongue back and forth the more she twisted and bucked on the bed and pushed her pussy hard in to my face. I felt the warm wetness of her pussy lube that started to make a wet sloppy noise against my tongue.Aunt Sally held my head firmly between her raised stocking clad legs and I could sense by the pressures she used, she was near to coming.“Arrrrrrrrrrrrr Christ Yeeeessssssssssssss” she cried out when I felt a sudden new rush of wetness and warmth on my tongue and her legs began ardahan escort to shudder around my head.“Arrrrrrrrrrr Yessssssssssssss” she panted over and over while I tasted her delicious pussy juice, licking and sucking as much as I could in to my mouth. The inner workings of her pussy pulsed and contracted around my tongue in time with the shuddering of her legs.Eventually her grip softened and I lifted my head up to see a wide beaming smile across her face then slowly moved up her body, kissing her tummy and tits on the way up her.I hovered over her as my cock played and teased with the wet lips of her pussy, just softly parting them then pulling back out before having another stab. Then aunt Sally pulled me down and drove her tongue deep in my mouth as I pushed my cock deep into her pussy for the first time and it felt like a warm moist velvet glove. She grunted strongly through our sealed lips with her tongue continuing to fight with mine. Then after a couple of minutes, I pulled out of our kiss and rose up on my arms and started to use the full length of my cock, in and out of her.I was fucking her with long slow meaningful thrusts; every bit of my cock went inside her with an extra push on the last inch. Aunt Sally moaned under me then I felt her lift her smooth stocking clad legs over mine and knotted us together.She grunted more as the pace increased with long deep meaningful grunts coming from her, our eyes met and she pulled me back down on top of her again. Her kissing was wild and passionate and her tongue fought a merry fight with mine.Her breathing was heavy through our kissing while panting and moaning at the same time. I pushed my hands under her shoulders and held on to her body as I thrusted long, deep and hard in to my auntie. I could feel our body’s rubbing together and pushing down on to her clit, then I felt her fingers on my back.I started to moan, knowing the inevitable was about to happed; I could feel the spunk boiling up in my balls and broke our kiss.“Should I pull out,” I panted“No just come in me,” aunt Sally moaned as I felt her nails dig in to my back as she held on tighter. ”Arrrrrrrrrrr yessssssssssssssssss”The sexually tension was overwhelming, as aunt sally’s legs tightened even harder and the bed started to squeak.“Yesssssssssssss, Yessssssssssss” she moanedMy thrusting was short and rapid now, like a jackhammer pounding away and still holding on tight to her shoulders.I could feel my load working up my shaft, swelling more and more as the pressure built, then that sudden release, as I came. Aunt Sally screamed out “Arrr fuck Yesssssssssss” as her nails scrapped across my back.Her stocking clad feet moved on to my arse and she hung on for dear life, keeping us tight together as I filled her love hole with my cream. Pump after pump shot from my twitching cock and in to her now warm moist pussy.Her Body was shaking under me while her hands and feet dug in hard and shook also. Her pussy was now like a pulsating milking machine, drawing my sap up my trunk in waves.I lay there on top, head down the side of her neck, panting hard, listening to aunt Sally moan in pleasure while all my strength was being used by my coming cock. Eventually her grip softened from her legs and hand but our breathing was still labouring. I felt my well-used cock soften in her and she knew it was over and moved her feet back down on to the bed. I lifted up slowly, peeling our sticky bodies apart; we looked at each other before she pulled my head back down and frantically kissed me.Five minutes past before I eventually rolled off and lay next to her then we started softly touching and feeling each other’s body’s, both laughing and smiling. Aunt Sally eventually sat up and turned her back to me.“Do you want to undo me?” she askedI gripped both bra straps then saw the label, 38E as I undid the hooks then let the straps go as aunt Sally then pulled it off. She turned and I got to see her magnificent tits in there full glory as she bent over and kissed me. We fell asleep in each others arms that night and I have never been back in my bed for over three weeks now.The End



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