LISA AND THE SECRETDaddy walked up behind me and put his hands on my hips as I started doing the dishes. He pulled me close to him so that his front pressed up against my back. I smiled and slowly put the dish I was washing down. He said, “Hello, angel.” I could hear the smile in his voice and I replied, “Hi, Daddy.” I turned to face him but he pressed me into the counter and kissed me softly. I smiled into his kiss and returned it. I opened my mouth and teased his lips with my tongue but he pulled away with a grin and said, “Sweetheart, what do you think of letting your sister in on our secret? I know how you feel about her so don’t blush like that.” He lifted my chin to look at his smiling face. I smiled back at him and nodded. He continued, “Okay, angel, but I think we might have to do a bit of convincing with her, you will help me, right?” “Yes, Daddy.” I replied licked my lips slowly as he grabbed my hand and lead me to my little sister’s room. He nodded at me and I opened the door slowly. She was on her bed, playing a videogame, fingers rapidly pressing buttons and didn’t seem to notice me slip in. I walked up behind her and grabbed her shoulders, pulling her swiftly to the bed. She squealed in surprise and dropped the controller so that it clacked on the floor. “Hey!” She said, realizing it was me. “I’m gonna die!” She struggled to get up and reach the controller but I straddled her and held her to the bed. I leaned in close to her and said quietly, “Daddy and I have been keeping a secret from you that we wanted to let you in on.” She got quiet and quit struggling, “What are you talking about?” She snapped at me, eyes darting to her character’s rapidly depleting health bar. Though I was only a couple years older than her, I was stronger and able to hold both of her hands above her head as I whispered to her, “You haven’t noticed how he and I look at each other? Or you for that matter?” I kissed her lips softly but she pulled away and looked at me almost horrified. “What?!” She squirmed again and at this point her character gave a slight death cry and the announcer said, ‘GAME OVER’ as Daddy walked in. “Honey,” he said to her, “It’s true. Your sister and I love each other, and you, in a slightly less than orthodox manner. We just want to share it with you. Let your sister help you with your clothes.” He finished as he began to strip bare. I let go of her arms and began to take her shirt off. She struggled but gave up as my legs squeezed tighter canlı bahis against her hips. Soon her top and soft breasts were bare. Daddy walked over and pulled her onto her knees and kissed her as I pulled her skirt and panties off, showing off her soft down covered pussy. She squirmed against Daddy’s kiss. I quickly stripped seated myself near the edge of the bed, my calves dangling off and pulled her to my lap, between my legs. She shut her legs tightly and struggled to stand but I held her arms and chest tightly and whispered to her, “Stop struggling, we want to share this with you today even if you’re not interested.” She stopped but whined, especially as Daddy said to me, “Well angel, what will we do with your sister right now?” I said, “How about we let her suck your cock, Daddy?” He smiled and stood in front of us, his engorged cock inches from her face. I said to her, “Open your mouth, honey.” She shook her head and I gripped her hair and pressed her face to Daddy’s crotch so that his cock pressed up against her lips and held her there. “Open your mouth and suck.” I said more firmly as I grabbed a nipple. She only whimpered so I twisted the nipple hard so that she opened her mouth to cry and Daddy slipped his cock in. She tried to pull away but my hand held her firmly. Daddy looked to me and nodded. I said to her, “Either Daddy and fuck your mouth or you can suck him off and trust me, you’d rather be sucking.” She looked at me out of the corner of her eye, tears welling up and nodded very slightly. I helped her along the first few strokes, holding her hair and pressing her down and pulling her back until she built up a rhythm. I cautiously let go of her hair but she didn’t stop, just occasionally whimpered. I pried her thighs apart with my hands and ran my fingers up and down her slit, surprised at the moistness I felt. I chuckled and said, “Oooo, does my little sister like sucking on cocks?” She turned bright red and whimpered louder as I stuck a finger in her tight pussy and whispered, not expecting an answer, “So, are you a virgin?” Daddy stroked Lisa’s hair gently and encouraged her saying, “It’s okay baby, don’t cry, you’re doing great.” I rubbed her little clit and massaged her breasts lightly, playing gently with the nipples. She put a little more effort into her sucking as Daddy encouraged her with his words and me with her own body. My lips found her shoulders and kissed and sucked on them gently. Daddy began sighing comfortably but pulled bahis siteleri away. Lisa swallowed hard, not used to the taste or so much saliva but I only stepped up my ministrations, feeling her body reacting to them. Color rose in her cheeks and my hand was wet with her juices. I could feel my own wetting her ass between my legs and I moaned with longing into her shoulder as I sucked. Daddy smiled and picked her up from my lap and told me to move out of the way. I stood to the side as he laid her down on the bed and crawled over her himself, looking lovingly at her. He said to her, “Honey, are you a virgin? Be honest.” She nodded very slowly, almost trying to sink into the bed. “Okay, this is going to be a little uncomfortable at first but I’ll do my best to make it as enjoyable as possible for your first time.” I came up closer and put his cock at her opening and helped him slip it in very slowly. She gasped and gripped the sheets and he paused, having slipped himself all the way in. He started very slowly, her occasionally gasping uncomfortably. I curled up next to her and suckled on her nipples and stroked her hair as he continued. When her gasps subsided he worked himself up a bit faster, thrusting himself in fully each time. She began to moan and her fingers still gripped the sheets but she appeared less in pain than in pleasure. I moved to her neck and sucked and licked. Daddy was groaning, the tightness of her virgin pussy pulled wonderfully on his cock. He said to me, “Quick, angel, come take me in your mouth.” I swiftly crawled over to him and as he pulled out of Lisa, I took him in my mouth and sucked. Almost immediately he came and I swallowed, tasting both him and her on my tongue. Lisa lay panting, watching wide-eyed as I obviously suckled on his cock, licking it clean and enjoying myself. Daddy, stroked my hair and when I’d finished, kissed me gently. He kissed Lisa on the forehead and told her, “Lay still, sweetheart. I have another surprise for you, to take some of the sting out of your newly opened pussy and as a treat for your sister.” I lay next to Lisa, stroking her body. She relaxed some and pulled me a little closer. Daddy returned shortly with our friendly lab. Lisa smiled but then her face took on one of caution. I smiled happily as Daddy said to me, “Okay, honey, get your as in the air and your tongue at your sister’s cunt. I don’t think you’ve done your fair share of licking and sucking today.” I put my face between Lisa’s güvenilir bahis legs and began to lick and suck as Daddy put our lab’s nose to my cunt. The dog began licking, his hot, long tongue running up from my clit to my asshole. I moaned in pleasure as he licked my sex in long, warm strokes. I nibbled and sucked gently on Lisa’s clit, making her gasp and moan as I lapped at her sore lips and stuck my tongue in her slightly widened opening, lapping at her juices and teasing her gently. I was rocking into the dog’s tongue and he was obviously getting excited himself, long cock starting to slip out of his sheath, helped by Daddy. I moaned in anticipation and suckled and licked harder as Lisa arched her back and Daddy helped the lab mount me, putting his long cock into my dripping cunt. The lab began to fuck me hard in the manner of dogs, fast and deep, his long cock ramming into the back of my cunt, making me cry out in pleasure. I sucked hard on Lisa’s clit and she came, covering my chin in her sticky cum but I didn’t stop licking at her slit, the dog’s action pushing my face into her cunt, my tongue making it farther in than it normally might. Lisa moaned and squirmed but this time, rubbing her crotch against my face in pleasure. Daddy watched us with a smile, making sure the dog didn’t get too frantic. I grabbed the bed sheets and tensed as I came, the dog still fucking me hard and fast. I whimpered and kept sucking and licking at Lisa, urging her into a second orgasm as I licked her slit and rubbed her clit. I stopped and we both panted as I came again, Daddy stopping the dog from knotting me but still allowing him to cum and let his hot doggie cum drip out of me as I still knelt with my ass in the air and my face between her legs. Daddy let the dog out of the room but I stayed how I was, smiling up at Lisa, who smiled back at me faintly. Daddy returned and said, “Good, I was hoping you’d not moved. Lisa, don’t you want to kiss your sister for taking such good care of you?” Lisa didn’t look like she particularly wanted to kiss me but I got onto my hands and knees and she knelt and kissed me. I deepened my kiss and she responded, her tongue shyly touching against my lips and tongue. Daddy wiped some lube up my ass. I jumped as he placed his cock at my tight ass and slowly pushed it in, taking my ass in long, wet strokes. I kissed Lisa harder in my passion, feeling him in my ass and the cum dripping from my cunt. He fucked me hard, leaning over me as we kissed, grunting and moaning at my tight ass. Finally, he cums and I feel the hot cum not only in my cunt but my ass as well. I moan happily as he pulls out and pulls us both to him, kissing us on the forehead.



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