When the doorbell rang Terry jumped. Having just graduated from high school he was killing time this Tuesday morning by watching an old TV show and thinking how stupid it was – he couldn’t imagine how his parents had enjoyed those things years ago.

At the door was his sister’s friend, Lindsay. “Jeri’s not home” he said, thinking she would be gone in a minute.

She asked, “Are your parents here?”

“Nope — they’re at work until late afternoon.” Terry thought that was an odd question as Lindsay didn’t usually interact with either his father or mother.

“Great! Can I come in and talk to you?”

“Sure,” Terry said, stepping away from the door.

“Good!” said Lindsay. “Terry, I need some help and I’ve got a serious question for you. Please help me!”

“What can I do?”

“Are you sure no one’s here?”

“Yeah, I’m sure. No one’s here but me,” Terry stated, a little annoyed that she was pestering him this way.

“Can we go to your bedroom, please?” Lindsay asked and sort of blushed.

“OK, let’s go,” Terry led the way through the house and up the stairs although Lindsay certainly knew the way. She and Jeri were a couple years older than Terry but Lindsay had spent lots of time in Jeri’s room after school and on occasional sleepovers. She’d not been in Terry’s room very often, however, and she looked around with curiosity; posters, books and the computer with all its strange attachments — it all seemed pretty typical for a teenaged boy. Finally she sat in the only chair available. Terry sat down on the bed and waited.

“I want to learn something, Terry, and I don’t really know how to ask. I’ve done some research on the internet but I need someone like you to talk to and to get some help.”

“What do you need, Lindsay?” He thought she’d ask some stupid question about her new iPad or the computer lab at the college.

“Well, Terry… Gosh, I don’t even know if I should ask! What I ask, will you keep it a secret, even from Jeri and your other pals?”

“Sure. It can’t be that bad, can it?” Terry’s interest was up now. What could he possibly know that was so secret?

“Ok, if you promise to never tell,” Lindsay said. “I want to watch — Oh, I just can’t ask!” – She giggled and blushed a little.

Terry said impatiently, “Come, on, Lindsay. Just ask!”

“OK, but don’t get mad.” She folded her hands in her lap and spoke softly, “Terry, I want to watch you masturbate!” Terry sort of gasped and didn’t quite know what to say. Lindsay continued “I think you probably do it – My brothers do and Jeri says she hears strange noises coming from your room and the bathroom. So I just want to watch one time — I won’t laugh and I promise won’t tell anyone. Oh, please?”

Terry was surprised to learn Jeri could hear him jacking off. He thought he’d been pretty quiet about his little ‘exercises’. Also he was pretty sure he wasn’t the only teenaged boy who had ever done those things in private so he asked “Why don’t you just watch one of your brothers?”

“I tried to, Terry! I asked John and he sort of beat me up and said not to talk about those things. He said it was dirty. Oh, please Terry, I want to see how to do it and see the stuff come out.”

“And how can I really know you’ll keep it a secret? And what do I get from putting on a show like that?”

“Well… I’d never talk to anyone about that! And, if you’ll let me watch,” she hesitated a little here, “I’ll let you see me with no clothes on — if you promise not to tell anyone.” She didn’t know if that would be much of an inducement to Terry. She didn’t think she was real pretty — just average, she thought, and she wasn’t really well developed although her breasts had blossomed nicely and she had grown some wispy little hairs between her legs.

Terry thought about her offer – but not for long. It was any teenaged boy’s dream to see someone of the opposite sex wearing no clothes. Just thinking about seeing her naked body was starting the growth in his pants. Finally he said “OK, Lindsay, but you’d better never say a word about what happens!”

Lindsay grinned and blushed again. “I’ll never say anything. Oh, thank you, Terry! I’m so excited!” and she jumped up, clapped her hands and kept grinning.

Terry got up and took his shirt off. Then he headed for the door. “Hey! Where are you going?” Lindsay cried.

“I need to get a washcloth from the bathroom. I’ll be right back.”

He was back in no time with a moistened rag – he kicked off his shoes and pulled his socks off. As he unfastened his belt he paused and asked “As you sure you’ll let me see all of you?”

“Yes, Terry,” she solemnly replied, “I promise! You’ll see everything.”

“OK.” After getting her assurances he continued to drop his pants. His growing boner had already made a bulge in his shorts and as he took off his pants Lindsay giggled again and put both her hands up to her face. She didn’t cover her eyes, of course. She wanted to see it all!

Terry slipped his tighty-whities down to his ankles and kicked them loose. His penis was growing rapidly and now he blushed. As his penis rose some pre-cum oozed out the tip. Doing as he usually did, he wiped illegal bahis the pre-cum off his cock with his index finger and then licked it. Lindsay was quite red and grinning but didn’t say anything about Terry’s tasting his own liquid. They both just stood for a minute with him lightly touching his cock every few seconds and Lindsay looking wide-eyed at the first erect penis she’d ever seen. She still had her hands up to her mouth, which was hanging open slightly in awe of Terry’s manhood.

After about half a minute Terry broke the silence. “Lindsay, you said I could see all of you… How about now?” Lindsay sat down in the chair and hesitated. She couldn’t take her eyes off Terry’s hard-on. Terry said “Lindsay?” That prodded her into starting to strip her clothes off. First were her shoes and socks. Her painted toenails were cute but that was not at all what Terry wanted to see. Then she unbuttoned the waist of her blue jeans and pulled her blouse out of the pants. She unbuttoned the top button of her blouse but then moved to the bottom button and continued to undo them. She foolishly thought working from the bottom would prolong the time it took to undress. Of course, it didn’t really take long to have all the buttons open. She’d never done this in front of a boy before — so she didn’t know any sexy ways to reveal herself to Terry. So she just opened the shirt letting him see her dainty little bra and her nice flat belly. She was glad she’d taken the time to wear some nice underthings. She folded the blouse on the desk behind her.

Pausing she said to Terry “You promise not to tell anyone?”

“Jesus, Lindsay! Here I am, as naked as can be, with a hard-on, about ready to cum my brains out and you’re worried about me seeing your nice little boobies?”

“Well they’re not little! They’re medium sized!” she pouted. “I’m just a little nervous right now. I’ve never been completely naked in front of anyone before.”

“Take your time, Lindsay. You look so pretty right now!” Terry said, stroking his cock slowly one time. Lindsay continued by unbuttoning the other buttons on her jeans and slipped them to her knees. She was wearing pretty pink panties, low riders matching the color of her bra. She stepped out of her jeans, folded them and turned slightly to the side to put the pants on the desk with her blouse. As she turned Terry got a look at her nicely shaped bottom and the top of her butt-crack. He took another slow stroke on his boner!

Lindsay returned to face him again, unhooked her bra and held it to herself briefly, then slipped a strap off one shoulder and then the other.

“OK, Terry…” she said as she dropped the bra off her breasts. She giggled, turned red again and placed the bra on top of her blouse. She quickly slipped her panties down and bent over slightly to take them off. Terry noticed how her nice boobies swayed gently as she moved. She placed the panties on the pile of her other clothes, turned to face Terry and thrust her hands in the air, palms up. “Here I am, Terry! All of me!”

Terry was so excited about his first time seeing a completely naked girl! And she was live too, right in his own bedroom, — not just some photo on the internet. Another little drop of pre-cum oozed out of the head of his dick and he treated it just like the first one — he licked it off his finger tip! He watched her boobs as they moved up and down as she breathed. Her breasts were perfect he thought, although he hadn’t seen very many and couldn’t be considered a good judge of nice titties. They weren’t so big that they sagged – they sort of stood out on her chest like little apples and contrasted nicely with her flat stomach. The nipples hadn’t fully formed all the way yet but as Terry watched they seemed to grow a little. He also glimpsed her newly exposed lips through just a little dark curly hair. He’d never been this excited before!

Lindsay didn’t know what to do, except to stand in one spot. Her bright red color was starting to loose some of it’s redness as she put her hands on her hips. She was not very comfortable letting Terry see her like this but she was enjoying seeing his hard cock and ball sack.

“OK, Terry. Now I’m naked… and you’re naked… so let’s see what boys do.”

Terry spread his legs and bent his knees a little to open some space for his ball sack to bounce up and down as he masturbated. First he wiped a little more pre-cum off his cock and tasted it. He liked its’ neutral flavor and syrup-like consistency; then he spit into the palm of his hand and wrapped it around his boner. He stroked a few times and again moistened his palm with some spit. Continuing to stroke himself he looked at Lindsay. He liked the looks of her pussy and her titties. He noticed that her eyes were riveted to his cock and her hands had returned to cover her mouth. But she was smiling widely and sort of bobbing up and down in time with Terry’s strokes. As his hand yanked his cock on the up stroke his ball sack was pulled upwards as well; then it met his fist on the down stroke, knocking his balls backwards. He enjoyed that feeling and had taken several months to perfect just the right speed of his strokes. He needed a little more moisture illegal bahis siteleri on his cock to keep the motion going along smoothly so he started to spit in his hand again but stopped and, as he held that hand out to Lindsay, he said “Spit in my hand — quick!” Lindsay worked up some saliva and held his hand as she spit into his palm. Once he had her saliva he grabbed his cock again and stroked rapidly. It really turned him on to have someone else’s moisture on his cock and that drove him on faster and faster. His cock was so hard and pointing straight at Lindsay who was still watching eagerly. He put his other hand out to Lindsay and said “More spit, please” and she delivered a small mouthful to his palm. He quickly switched hands and kept stroking, grinning from ear to ear. He was quite happy to be showing off his well practiced skill to this pretty young girl.

After a minute or so of vigorous stroking Terry asked Lindsay if she wanted him to shoot his wad into the air or if she would rather that he captured it in his hands and then swallow it. Lindsay laughed out loud and shouted “Oh, Terry!” and laughed again. “Just let it shoot!” and she continued watching intently.

Terry knew he was almost ready to cum. He would be getting off much sooner than usual — Having a pretty audience somehow sped up the process. A few more strokes would do it! Switching back to the hand he usually used, a half dozen strokes was all it took. He shouted “I’m going to cum, Lindsay!” and she clapped her hands. Just then a long rope of pearly white jizz shot out of the head of his dick. Lindsay squealed and jumped back. Terry’s body continued to pump out his hot jizz and it shot across the space between him and Lindsay. As it landed on Terry’s carpeted floor he was glad he’d brought the wet washcloth. This wasn’t exactly the first time Terry had sprayed cum around his room! Finally, after six or seven surges, Terry had no more cum in his system. He stopped stroking about half way through his ejaculation but continued holding his cock. As he squirted out the last of the cum he gradually softened. He milked the last drops of cum from his dick into his hand and licked it into his mouth. He was so satisfied and he couldn’t remember having a better time jacking off!

Terry sat down on his bed and grinned at Lindsay. She giggled a little and asked to keep watching his dick some more. Terry knew she could look as long as she wanted — he loved the idea of having a girl being part of his fun. Just then Lindsay said “Hey! Here’s a little of your cum on my leg! How did that get there?”

Terry looked and, sure enough saw a little blob of fresh cum on her thigh. As she was about to wipe it off he said “Hey! Wait!” Then he jumped over to her and held her thigh as he licked the cum off of her. She didn’t pull away from his touch so he took a long glance at her teenaged pussy!

She asked “Doesn’t that stuff taste bad?”

He said no, that it didn’t really have a taste as far as he could tell. “It’s warm when it first shoots out, but it doesn’t taste like anything. I don’t mind tasting it or swallowing it.”

Lindsay was still interested in seeing what else she might learn from this boy.

“Can I touch you?” she asked. She wasn’t sure exactly what she wanted but touching his penis was what she was focused on right now. She jumped up and approached Terry. It had been a couple minutes since he’d had his first orgasm of the day and he had become pretty soft and limp.

Terry lay back on his bed and spread his legs. “Sure Lindsay… Touch all you want!” He didn’t want to seem too anxious but he was ready for something more! Lindsay put her hands on his thighs and slowly moved them up to his limp cock. She touched the skin along its shaft and then ran her finger around the rim of the head and then pulled the slit open. Letting go of the penis she moved her hands to his balls. She felt each of them and reckoned they felt like big almonds. She felt the skin of the sack and liked its softness. As she felt all Terry’s private parts she noticed that his cock was beginning to grow again. Growing only slightly but definitely beginning to get stiff!

“Can I keep touching it?” she asked him. She was pretty interested in how this part of Terry’s body worked.

Terry grinned and said “Oh, Yeah! It feels good to have you doing that.” Lindsay moved her hands back to the shaft that was becoming harder as she manipulated it and his balls. Terry suggested “Use a little moisture on it, Lindsay!” She spit in her palm as she’d seen him do and rubbed the spit around with one hand. His cock grew and grew, of course, with all the action she was giving it. Terry lay back with his eyes closed for a while. Then he realized that with his eyes closed he was missing looking at Lindsay’s naked little body. As he stared at her titties his cock was growing toward its most hard state. Lindsay kept using her spit to keep Terry moist and she enjoyed making it hard for him.

Pretty soon a little more pre-cum oozed out of the tip and she asked “Can I taste that?”

“Sure — I think you’ll like it!” Terry was going crazy! Lindsay grabbed his cock and leaned up to lick the slit that was now canlı bahis siteleri well covered by the pre-cum. She licked it a couple more times which had the effect of making Terry even harder. He couldn’t believe the luck he had on this slow Tuesday morning — he’d gone from watching stupid TV shows to having a naked girl watching him jack off and then getting him started a second time! He was so glad he had not jacked off during his morning shower like he does sometimes!

He was pretty hard by now and Lindsay was rubbing her hands all over his cock and balls. He said “I’ll be ready to do it again in a couple minutes if you’re interested.”

Lindsay exclaimed “Yeah! I’m interested!” She blushed again just like she’d first done a half hour ago. Then she asked “Can I have another favor, Terry? Can I masturbate you this time? I’ve never done that before and you can tell me if I’m doing anything wrong.”

“You can do that if I can feel your boobies” he said.

Lindsay jumped up on the bed and positioned herself where he could touch her boobs and she could touch his cock. He also got a nice look at her pussy, too! All this touching and looking was making him so hard. He’d never been able to jerk off twice so quickly by himself and he was surprised how this young woman had affected him! Whatever the reason he was glad to be in this situation! Lindsay was licking the head of his cock every time something moist appeared — he loved watching her do that to say nothing of the sensations she gave him.

As Terry had been playing with Lindsay’s boobies he’d also been eyeing her pussy. Finally one hand reached out to that special place between her legs. Touching it softly he slowly felt the outline of one of her labia. She felt his touching too, spread her legs a little and smiled over at him. He said “Sorry” and stopped until she said “No, please keep touching” and he resumed his play. Soon enough he felt he was almost ready to cum again and told her so – he also asked for some more moisture. He was surprised to watch her little pink tongue trace up and down the shaft of his cock and make it glisten with her saliva. Then she began to stroke faster and to cradle his balls in her other hand.

So there they were — he was lying on his bed, she kneeling beside him, both stripped naked, with him feeling her titties and pussy and she holding his balls, jerking his cock and moistening it with her tongue from time to time. It didn’t take long, of course, for Terry to cum again. This time there wasn’t as much of his liquid but it still shot out pretty quickly. And this time Lindsay wasn’t sitting on the chair a few feet away from the business end of his cock — her face was almost right on it! When he went off the first pulse hit Lindsay on one of her cheeks! She squealed and jumped before the next one was ejected — the rest of them landed on Terry’s belly.

Lindsay looked at Terry’s belly. The little blobs of cum were beginning to run down toward his side. She quickly began to lick those little blobs before they’d run very far! Then she wiped her cheek and licked her finger clean. She looked at Terry and giggled again —

“Remember, you can’t tell anyone!” she said.

Terry said “Neither of us can tell! But maybe we can do it again sometime!” Lindsay turned back to Terry’s cock which was softening quickly. She put just the head end of it in her mouth, opened the slit with her tongue and drew out the last remaining bit of Terry’s cum. They were both enjoying the moment.

“Well! Don’t you two look cute?”

Both kids jerked their heads towards the open door. And who was standing there smiling but Jeri, Terry’s sister! She must have come in but neither of the two heard her and Terry had not closed the bedroom door when this session of exploring new places started an hour ago. Lindsay dropped Terry’s cock and jumped off the bed, scrambling for her clothes. Terry grabbed his bed sheets and tried to cover himself up but Jeri said “Wait, wait, wait! You’ve both been found out and I know what I saw. But your secret is safe with me.”

Jeri approached the two of them and reached out to hug Lindsay. Lindsay was surprised at this reaction — she didn’t expect Jeri to be so calm and polite to her. Lindsay was beginning to tear up and almost cried. “Oh, Jeri, I’m so sorry! This was all my fault. I don’t know what made me come in here!”

Jeri said “I know — you’re a healthy young woman interested in your body! There’s nothing wrong with that.”

Although Terry was startled by his sister’s sudden appearance he still was looking at Lindsay’s cute little body. And he began handling his cock again, although it didn’t seem ready to harden up very well. Then Jeri turned to him and put her arms around him and asked if he was OK. Another dumb looking grin from Terry confirmed that he had no problem. Jeri suggested they get dressed and offered the nearby bathroom to Lindsay. Lindsay grabbed her pile of clothes, sort of flashed Terry once more and headed for the bathroom, following Jeri. She didn’t notice that she’d dropped her panties out of the pile. Terry certainly noticed it, of course, and when Lindsay was out of sight he picked them up and sniffed the small panel where Lindsay’s pussy had been. He was inhaling her feminine odors and dreaming of the little pussy he’d just been fingering when Lindsay returned. She was still naked and laughed when she saw Terry with her panties up to his face.



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