Having covered my face in her cum, Michelle stepped away. Looking behind she saw me wiping my face and licking her juices off of my fingers.

She bent over the bonnet of the car and with her right hand parted her pussy lips so I could see how flushed her pussy was.

“Come and have a good look” she said.

She bent over further and said “Does that look good to you?”

She gave a dirty little laugh and I could feel my cock swelling.

“How deep would you like to get in there?”

“Real, nice and deep, wouldn’t you?”

She rocked her arse backwards and forwards with her fingers still pulling her lips apart so I could see her pussy in all its glory.

She moved her hand and allowed her pussy lips to close back up before she turned round and walked over to a nearby leather couch. She lay back on the couch, almost lying down with her legs spread so that I could see her pussy. She smiled and said “I just love tormenting you. You’re so easy to play with.”

She cupped her right hand on her right boob while she looked down at her pussy lips. Taking her left hand she ran her fingers round her pussy, teasing her clit.

“I bet you’d like to come and have a play with this, wouldn’t you?”

I could feel my cock bulging and wanting to release my cum, into her, onto her to just see her taste it.

She murmured as she continued to play with her pussy, teasing her clit and pulling at her swollen lips.

“Does this look like fun to you?” she said.

I smiled as she arched her back and pulled her lips open again, exposing her swollen lips and her pink pussy. Rubbing her fingers in a circular motion on her clit and murmuring as she did so.

“Are you getting a good long look?” she said.

She laughed and moved round on the couch canlı bahis şirketleri so that her firm bum was facing towards me. She stood up, bending right over and running her hands up and down the backs of her legs as she said “Take a good look.” “I’ll open my lips nice and wide for you, so that you can fit that big cock of yours inside.”

She pulled her lips wide exposing the inside of her pussy, I just wanted to fill it, to feel her lips around my swollen cock, to feel the release of my cum deep into her hole.

She released her fingers again and turned round, laying back on the couch. Smiling and laughing she opened her legs wide. Again she used her left hand to pull open her pussy lips and she looked at me.

“Do you think you could get your big cock in there?”

I smiled as she said “I bet you could couldn’t you?”

“You could fit it right in there, deep inside.” She murmured again as she played with her pussy, running her fingers round her clit and up and down her swollen pussy lips.

She then stuck her fingers of her left hand in her mouth before running them round her pussy again. “I just want to have a little rub. Do you like to watch me play with myself” she asked.

“I love it” I said.

My cock felt like it would explode but I knew that she was going to make me wait to get anywhere near her. I didn’t mind she was putting on a good show for me and I would make it worth her while.

She flung her head back as she continued rubbing herself. She looked up at me “You like to watch don’t you? I love to be watched” she said as she then stuck her left index finger into her mouth. Sucking it in and out as she looked at me.

Moving her left hand back to her pussy she grabbed her right boob with her right hand and rocked her hips canlı kaçak iddaa backwards and forwards as he rubbed her swollen pussy lips. Her head arched back again as she enjoyed the moment. Momentarily she pulled her lips open and said “Do you like that, nice and pink for you.”

With that she slipped her left middle finger deep into her pussy. I didn’t know how much more of this I could take without either wanking or letting her feel my cock inside her.

She started to finger her pussy in and out with a slow rhythm. “I bet you’re thinking what you could do to me right now aren’t you?”

I smiled and thought to myself “If only you knew.”

Rubbing her pussy she opened her legs wider. “I could do with a real hard pounding” she said. “But you’ll have to wait and be patient.”

She turned round again and bent over, exposing her pink pussy and rubbing it with her fingers. Slipping her fingers in and out. In and out, getting faster, I watched amazed as she teased and pleased her pussy. Pulling at her lips one minute to rubbing her swollen lips the next.

“Oh yeah” she said as she licked her fingers.

She turned round and got onto the sofa. She then squatted so that I could see her pussy and her nice, brown erect nipples. As she squatted she rubbed her pussy,

“I just love rubbing my clit while I’m being watched.”

Head tilted back she said “It does something very, very naughty to me.”

“It makes me feel like such a bad, bad girl.”

“I bet you love a bad girl don’t you.” She licked her fingers as she looked at me and then she was rubbing herself again, open her lips and then rubbing then. Bouncing up and down as she rubbed herself.

“Imagine I’m bouncing on top of your hard cock” she said as she smiled at me. “Show me your canlı kaçak bahis big hard cock”.

I pulled at my throbbing cock so that she could see it. Hard and veiny with pre-cum on the tip. She smiled and licked her lips.

She continued bouncing up and down, rubbing her pussy lips at the same time. She then lay back and sucked her fingers again. Thinking she’d finished I moved towards her.

“Not so fast Mr Photographer, I haven’t finished yet.”

She slipped her fingers back into her pussy and round her lips then licked them before rubbing them round her erect nipples. Flicking her nipples hard and fast. Sucking her fingers again before slipping them into her pussy. Now she rubbed harder and faster, murmuring as she teased herself.

Her clit was hard like a bullet as she pounded it with her fingers and then she slowly slid a couple of fingers in before rubbing again. “Oh it feels good” she said as she pulled at her pussy lips.

She then lay right on her back, bucking her hips up and down as she rubbed her swollen lips and her clit. I was mesmerised by her. She was completely in the moment enjoying teasing and pleasing herself. She opened her legs wide so that she could rub herself harder and then slip some fingers in again.

I didn’t think it was going to end. Fingers were being thrust in and out of her pussy as she said “You want to get really deep inside don’t you?”

I longed just to slide my throbbing cock into her knowing that soon I’d be able to do that. Not before she rubbed her pussy hard and fast again. Teasing her clit and gasping as she was nearing her climax. Then her fingers got faster as she rubbed harder, swopping her hands over and opening her legs wide again.

She bucked her hips and whimpered as she rubbed her clit harder and harder. Her breathing was shallow as she rubbed harder and harder, “oh my god” she said as her hips bucked one last time and she lay back and climaxed.

Licking her fingers she looked at me and said “That was fun wasn’t it. What’s next?”



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