Lessons II     Zach Peters sat at the table staring at the paper he’d just reviewed, he was mildly surprised that all of the problems had been completed correctly.  He was having problems concentrating after what had happened out back by the pool.  He;d allowed things to go way past what they should have, and it was messing with his mind.  He became aware that Devon, his student was watching him from the doorway as he looked up.     “How did I do, Devon asked, quietly?”  Zach looked at him, and nodded, actually, you did fine he answered. Maybe I can get  you to do it again.  Zach smiled aware of the double meaning of what he said.  Devon moved into the room and stopped at the table.  He examined the sheet of math problems carefully, going over each, aware of his tutor’s gaze but not acknowledging it.  He glanced down at his tutors lap, and watched as the towel lying across his lap began to move of it’s own volition.  Slowly without shifting his position Devon saw Zach Peters penis sit up in his lap like a disturbed Cobra.  Neither said a word, at first, Devon smiled and looked his tutor in the face.  He felt his own body responding.       Without a word Devon stepped closer to his tutor reached down into his lap and took ahold of the emergent member.  Zach placed his arm around the boy as he felt the boys  hands begin to massage his member.  Peters leaned back in the chair to give the boy room to work, Damn he thought, we shouldn’t be doing this, he thought to himself,  but he didn’t stop it, couldn’t stop it.  He was surprised when Devon bent down and kissed him on the lips.   a quick soft kiss.  Because he kept leaning in on him Zach turned in the chair and leaned back a little more as Devon slowly dropped to his knees, moved the covering towel and began kissing and licking his Phallus.  He licked it like a lollipop, up one side down the other, making it wet, then he covered the glans.  Zach sucked air in thru his teeth as he felt his student bobbing in his lap, the boy taking in more and more of his dick with each bounce.  Devon moved closer to his target and made a tight seal around Zach’s stalk.  ‘Good, he uttered as he let loose a breath thru his teeth so damn good..  He wrapped both hands around the boys head as he found himself flexing his hips back and forth in rhythm of his bouncing.  Each time he felt his glans moving over the boys tongue, or rubbing against his pallet.  With a twist of his neck Zach could feel the velvet smoothness as his little head rubbed along the boys inner cheek.   Ooooh, he uttered, feeling the pressure deep in his gut.  Ooohh yess, he said issuing a strong breath from deep in his chest.  Yes, oh yeah, baby..he sucked in  a large breath.  Damn, he thought, it’s been so long, such a long time, but today, damn, today this k** is gonna make me……    bursa escort Devon had stopped and pulled away, Zach looked down surprised as he felt his wet and ragging penis waving wet waiting, and untouched.  “What. . . what happened, Zach asked catching his breath a little.  With a smile Devon evaded the frantic reach Zach tried.  Hey he asked with a grin, can I take a quick shower before I have to go?   ‘A shower?  Zach still half surprised asked, yeah sure?  Devon fairly bounced up to his feet. ‘Good, he said with a smile turned quickly and went out of the room to the bathroom at the end of the hall.  Zach sat  stunned for a moment , and a bit confused as the boy left the room.  What the Fuck?’ he thought, I mean what the actual fuck?’   After a few moments he  regained his composure stood up and went to the bedroom where their clothes were. He heard the water running  in the bathroom as he got to his room.       Standing in front of his mirror he slowly ran his towel over his body.  The sexual tension he felt previously persisted and the towel moving over his body caused it to flare up instead dying out.  He watched his reflection.as his penis rose up again as he wiped himself down.  He noticed Devon standing in the doorway watching him as he preened in front of the mirror.  Hey, you have a little notion I can use? Devon asked.  Zach nodded to the bottle on the dresser near the bed.  Devon went to it and pumped out a glob of the lotion and began applying it to his skin.  Zach moved a seat in the corner and sat down.       Devon watched  the reflection of Zach sitting in the chair naked watching him.  He noted that he was still hard and it almost seemed getting harder.  Devon began applying another glob of lotion slowly bending over as he applied the concoction to his lower body.  When he stood up he knew Zach’s eyes hadn’t wandered still tracking his every move.  Devon picked up the bottle and walked over to Zach.  ‘Could I ask you to do my back, he asked quietly?’  For a moment Zach didn’t move.  Then slowly he reached up pumped a glob of lotion onto his hands and stood up behind his student.     Remembering how Devon had applied his sunscreen Zach did the same.  First along the shoulders, then slowly down his back.  He worked the boys muscles, squeezing them, kneading them.  When he got to Devon’s  lower back he applied more lotion to his hands, then as Devon had done Zach went to his knees and began the application liberally of the lotion.  Down his hips, around his globular ass and down the back of his thighs.  Devon opened his stance and his body swayed with each rub.  Zach hesitated only lightly and ran his hands up and down the crease of Devon’s ass.          Another glob of lotion, and Zach reached around to Devon’s front.  He found that the boy was quite tumescent.  escort bursa Not as large as Zach, but not to small either.  With one hand holding his students member, worked his hand between the boys legs to fondle his nut sack.  He glanced into he mirror on his dresser and saw that the boy had his hands locked behind his head and his eyes closed as he swayed in time to his tutors rubbing.  Zach turned him, and forced the boy to lean forward until he reached out and placed his hands on the bed.  Then he started with the kisses. followed each with a squeeze or lick as he turned and positioned him.  He knew what he wanted, knew what he was going to do when he was squarely behind the boy, he squatted for a moment and began kissing and licking each thigh alternately.  He held the boys throbbing and wet member as he licked wetly across each thigh, and his balls.     Zach nudged the boys thighs wider, then changed his target, he would swallow his member, making it wet, then he would attack his scrotum, and lick along his ‘taint’ across his bunghole,  ‘uuuhh, the boy uttered leaning his head back.  uuummmm yes, he uttered as Zach applied it again, and again.  Then with both hands pushing his globes apart, Zach dove in with his tongue. Tongue fucking the boy with deep searching strokes of his tongue.  Pl . . please, the boy moaned, leg spread, bouncing upward on his toes.  Zach stood up, he felt the need flowing thru the boy, felt his own need like an ache, Zach stepped closer, positioned himself behind his ‘lover’, aching, shaking he slowly pushed himself inside the boy.  He felt his body slowly envelope his member, when he felt he couldn’t advance further he stopped and held the boy close.  Devon slowly let out a breath slowly, he moaned, please, slowly.’       For moments they remained intertwined, Zach could feel Devon attempting to accept his lover’s member.  Zach holding him closely rocked only slightly forward and back moving only slightly farther inside.  They paused, and Zach backed off a bit, then inched forward again.  Before each inward thrust Zach kissed the boy’s neck he would stop when the boy sucked in more air.  Then he felt Devon wiggle his ass, only slightly, but he felt it.  As if it was the signal he was waiting for Zach drew back and slammed forward.  When his hip slammed into the boy he drew back again, and again, almost out, forward again, soon the slap, slap slap, of hip against hip filled the room.  Devon felt the rocking and quaking as the bed lurched on the floor  He watched in the mirror as he could see Zachs rhythmic movements.  Devon reveled in the fullness of his phallus, and could feel an urge building deep in his nether regions.  ‘Oh, he sighed, oh, good, so good, he was working his ass to augment the thrust of his lover, lightly bending his knees changing, bursa escort bayan their angle of thrust, even the depth.  He started shaking, he could feel it.  Oh he uttered in an  high voice, oh what?’  He began shaking, his knees quaked, Devon placed his hands over Zach’s trying to regain some bit of control.  He was barely aware of his own eruption spewing from his body.  For moments he continued to quake and his body fell forward almost spent onto the bed.       Zach waited, watching his lover’s reflection in the mirror until he looked up.  Move forward he said, onto the bed, now.  It was an order, and Devon immediately lifted himself onto the mattress.  Not allowing their bodies to separate Zach followed immediately behind him.  Quickly he guided his lover into the expected position.  He forced Devon forward, then down on his elbows, ass high in the air.  He ran his hands up and down the boys back a couple of times, Zach feeling consumed by a passion he’d rarely felt, but now, now he was ready.  Leaning forward, feeling himself buried in the depths of his lover he started, slowly at first, then building his speed, each stroke varied in depth, he was aware of the bed squeaking from their efforts, he used the recoil of the mattress and felt each deep thrust as he looked down and watched his entry deeply, completely.  He didn’t know why, but in mid actin he stepped over and found himself entering the boy from a side angle.  one hand on the boys shoulder, balancing himself on his ass.  He heard the boy moan, not in pain but pleasure.  It was what he missed, he thought, but wanted so badly.  That minute, that moment, the heat, the smell, the sound of hip slapping on hip.  It built, slowly, until he felt himself stiffen even more, then erupt deeper,harder than he ever had..  His eyes fluttered, he  rocked forward, buried himself as deep as possible into the boys love cavern and let his passion flow.       Zach Peters, stepped back, breathing heavily he looked down at his student, his lover.  Devon went down flat on to his stomach.  He was in that aftermath state of not good, but great, sex.  Zach collapsed onto the bed beside Devon, each watched the other both contemplating what was next.  Zach rolled over onto his back, his tent pole slowly deflating, while Devon looked him over.  ‘I. .I’ve never gotten that far before Devon said softly’  Never cum, so hard, like that.  Zach laughed, I have to say I haven’t either.  It’s been a while for me as well’.  They lay silent for moments each  lost in their own thoughts.  The slowly, without a word, Devon slowly levered himself around on the bed and began licking Zach’s penis.  Zach surprised watched as the boy worked his tongue up and down his deflated member.  He closed his eyes and lay back.  Moments later his eyes opened and he looked down in disbelief, he saw the bouncing head, but felt it as he himself slowly inflated from the boys efforts.  Are you k**ding me, he thought as he watched the boy raise up on all fours and climb between his legs.



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